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703897 tn?1248019974 My gum pain is starting to subside and the crown seems like is starting to stay in place, ajusting itself to the gums, but the crown keeps moving sideways when I eat. I get gaps between number 18 and 20 when this happens. #19 is the tooth the cap is on. I have attached pictures so you can see what I am talking about in my profile. Why does the cap keep moving sideways left to right and right to left when I eat making gaps appear between the teeth?
Avatar n tn it should be shaped like a tooth as much as possible
Avatar m tn Mind you I guess I meant buffing the backside and not the underside of the crown. The back of the crown is where it meets with the bottom tooth. But I'm still wondering. Is it common for the crown to move at all? Of course I'm merely talking a millimeter perhaps. 'and I only feel the movement if I place my finger over that crown whilst biting. Technically speaking, I 'Should' be able to bite into an Apple without worries, no?
703897 tn?1248019974 The crown appears overcontoured on buccal surface to me from the picture presented. Occlusal interference can only be detected by articulating paper with proper manipulation skill. However, the high spot identified by yourself is a common location of occlusal interference. If you feel crown moving, it's probably the crown is not well fitted or the whole tooth is moving. If your dentist can not solve your problem, you may need to see another dentist.
Avatar f tn I have a temporary crown. It didnt hurt for about 3 months. Then out of no were sometimes it is sore. Like even if I didnt eat anything har. My dentist had sheduled me for a crown adjustment.
Avatar m tn but instead to make it even, he then made the veneered tooth shorter than the crown tooth. I am so upset with they way they look now. What are the options do I have? should I ask him to replace the veneer? whould it make my gums recede more if i replace the veneer? Please advise. Thanks !
Avatar n tn Right before Thanksgving I was experiencing pain from a tooth with a 3 year crown. The crown felt lower as if it had shifted, there was pain sensitivity to hot/cold and it hurt when I bit down. The dentist sent me to an endodontist who discovered infection. I had a root canal done and was put on a regime of antibiotics for 10 days. The bite was off for some reason and that was adjusted as well. All the symptoms subsided except now there is a pain/soreness on the SIDES of the crowned tooth.
Avatar n tn I went to dentist B for a 2nd opinion and he says the same so I had the temp crown for tooth #3 put in appx 9/2011. I still have the pain after a while with temp crown. Dentist B sends me to an endodontic dentist. She is great this endodontic doctor but I am still not sure what to do. She says the tooth could have been fractured. She wants to do a root canal. It is now 11/2011 the pain has subsided but still somewhat there again only when i chew on that side.
Avatar n tn I've had two root canals done on the teeth on the lower right side of the mouth, the last four teeth on the back. Two teeth have root canals done on them while the other two are used to support the crown. The canals have been done for almost a year now, but one still hurts. One canal is fine, but the other one has been hurting continuously ever since it was done. The pain is usually not sharp, but a constant dull pain.
Avatar f tn Tonight, as I was flossing my teeth, I could not, initially get the floss between my tooth and the crown because the crown had moved! There is no pain and it is not wiggly. I was eventually able to floss the area, but I am very concerned. Will I have to have the crown replaced? Is a moving crown within the normal range of acceptability as long as there is no pain? What should I do?
Avatar m tn I got crown on my molar about 2 weeks ago and then the food started to get stuck between my tooth and the crown. I used to take it out with floss but that started to hurt a little. Now that one side of the gum (the outer side of the gum between tooth and the crown) remains swollen and hurts when I eat food - I guess the food gets in between and hurts. My dentist is on vacation for a week, any idea whats wrong here and what could possibly be the solution?
Avatar n tn I had new crowns put on my two front teeth. One had already had a root canal, many years ago. The other was a healthy tooth which the dentist recommended getting a crown for -- to get a "better match". The first crown put on this tooth had a crack on the face that could definitely be felt by the tongue. The dentist removed the crown and replaced it. For this second attempt, he filed the original tooth down even further.
Avatar n tn I recently had a cavity removed from a molar. Because it was quite deep, the dentist filled it with a sedative filling and we waited two weeks to see if I experienced any sensitivity. During that time I did not have any sensitivity to cold or hot and the tooth felt fine. Originally, I was told that the remaining tooth structure was about 2 to 3 mm away from the root and that if it did not become sensitive, the tooth would be restored with an onlay.
Avatar m tn The recommendation for the crown depends on the location of the tooth, the perceived forces that the tooth is subjected to, and the amount of healthy/sound tooth structure that remains. Your tooth is compromised due to cavity and fracture .Further weakening has occurred due to the root canal procedure which has created a hole in the middle of the tooth.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that my tooth will not recover after being filed down for a crown? The tooth was perfectly fine until it was prepped for a crown. I have highly sensitive teeth, I have undergone 3 root canals already and suffer from TMJ. I am leary of getting the permanent crown on if my tooth does not quit hurting even though he said he can go through the back and do a root canal. what are my options? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I recently had a dental crown fitted. The dentist has made a long dental crown, over Tooth 16, extending to Tooth 14 so that the gap left by Tooth 15 is covered by the crown. It is a procelain on metal crown. I am not comfortable with the crown, there is a very tiny gap, near the gum on the inside/back part of the crown, where food gets stuck and I have to use my tongue to remove it or use a tooth pick.
Avatar n tn Many stronger cements draw moisture out of the tooth and can leave it very sensitive. If your tooth was prepared correctly so that the crown tucks under your gums, it should never leak or decay. Rest assured, your tooth should be just fine. I would be more concerned about the fracture under the crown. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Even if I never bite anything harder than apples, will that tooth still fracture without a crown as the tooth gets more brittle and worn? Thanks so much for keeping this forum up!
Avatar f tn I am wondering what are all the pros and cons for veneers vs crown, for a root canaled tooth. My tooth has a largish filling on the side in addition to the root canal, so my prime worry is whether a veneer can protect my tooth against getting cracked or damaged. Cost wise they both are about the same, I will be going for metal free ceramic crown/veneer. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn It may be that the crown does not fit properly or that the bite is off. Did the tooth hurt immediately after the crown was placed (even in the temporary crown) or did it take a while? Sometimes it does take a while for a root canal to be necessary. Is there any radiographic evidence of infection at the apex(tip) of the tooth. If it is not the bite or fit of the crown, it sounds like a root canal would be the way to go. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn Afterwords I had a temporary crown put on the tooth. No pain or toothache post root canal.The tooth was tender after the procedure so I didn't chew on that side. In December, I had the permanent crown placed on the tooth. The crown immediately felt tight and gave me the sensation it was pressing on the gums around the crown. I continued to eat on the right side until the soreness went away. After about 7 days, I could chew on the left side and everything was fine for 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn After X-ray she told me i need crown for my tooth which were root-chanal. she worked on my 2 teeth no.9 and 11 and put crown. my tooth were not damage or decayed or not any craks. When i complain her she told me becuse my tooth were root-chanal and the stage after root-channal is crown. My question Is that really neccessary to put crown for teeth that isn't painful, damaged or cracked and just is root-chanal? Now i am in a really bad feeling .
Avatar n tn has this tooth been prepped for a crown yet? if not it should look like a tooth with a huge filling with no holes. if no crown prepping has been done i would advise you to be very careful until you can afford one. a root canal makes teeth especially molars fragile. the tooth might break if you wait to long. if the tooth has been prepped you should have a temporary crown that is only meant to last a month or two.
Avatar n tn I have managed to get an appointment with the relief dentist and was happy to be told all was well with the tooth and crown. The problem seems to be with the GAP created when the original tooth was made smaller for the crown. The Temporary crown does not fill this GAP between the tooth and the preceeding tooth. The gum here is inflamed, probably because of food that is been pushed downwards when I chew. I have been given a special gell to apply and all should come good.
Avatar n tn Hi, thank you for your reply, broken tooth very close to the root, crown put on, tooth ached, then a root canal. Almost 3 weeks later, when I tap the entire tooth and the underside of the tooth feels as though there is "nerve pain?, NO throbbing. I was told to wait. I have not bit down on my left side for more than 2 months. I had a "nerve" pain for a second today. Is it possible the root canal was not completed or the crown was not made right? Please advise???
Avatar n tn I had a abcessed tooth. i had just gotten braces and something got stuck in my tooth from my teeth moving. i knew i had it though it hurt extrmely bad. they went in and cleaned the area really good had to numb me 3 times and took xrays couldn't find anything. but like i said the pain was horrible. once they cleaned it they gave me a mouth wash that kept it clean and antibiotics. i felt much better that day.
Avatar f tn The only reason why I would wait for a crown would be if the wisdom tooth is in the way of making the crown and would make it more difficult for me to place the crown in. If that's the case, then I would recommend wating the 6 to 8 weeks to get a better fitting crown. Ideally, the easier it is for the dentist to do the work, the better the outcome will be.