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Avatar f tn if you are using wisdom teeth as an example of never having a tooth pulled and another tooth is the problem get the root canal. root canals sound scary but they cause minimal pain and its better for the overall health of your mouth to keep teeth if possible. good luck!
Avatar n tn I would see a root canal specialist to evaluate the tooth that is bothering you-- which seems NOT to be the tooth that already had a root canal procedure. He can check the wisdom tooth also while you are there.
Avatar m tn I had a root canal on the no. 32 tooth in 2002. In 2006 the tooth bagan to ache (especially after heavy flossing and pocket brushing with a proxabrush). My dentist referred me to a specialist who did a repair. What he found was that some gauze packing had been left from the earlier procedure and bacteria had formed as a result. Apparently my dentist didn't remove it during the follow-up visit and filling. Now again, 3 years later it is aching again.
Avatar n tn I am going to get my wisdom tooth pulled to see if it will allow the gum line to expose enough tooth for a crown 15 was cracked and i left it alone for a while decay was bad and after consult with endo he told me that he would have to see if he could find the canals--he did and root canal was painless and complete--everyone in the office has been great--The only thing i am worried about now is that i had the root canal and the dentist said to be careful not to crack the tooth --i am just worrie
Avatar m tn The dentist again replaced the filling but stated if after a week he was still experiencing pain he needed to go to an endodontist for a root canal. 5 days ago he went in and had the root canal. Now he is experiencing pain in the jaw and a migraine. All of these procedures have maxed out his dental benefits so we cannot continue this game where he goes in and has an expensive procedure performed for it not to work.
Avatar m tn Lump after root canal is generally associated with failed root canal treatment. If you wish to save the tooth, redo root canal is a viable option. There are U.S. trained dentists practising in beijing and shanhei.They may help you.
Avatar f tn I have a cavity in my back tooth it is the third tooth from the back. Many years ago I had a root canal on this tooth. Presently there is a large cavity in this tooth, however no pain but food gets trapped it often. If it is removed , is it necessary to replace it? What are my options?
Avatar f tn A few months ago I had a root canal on tooth #3 that still has not healed and is still very tender. The root canal was complicated and had to be treated at least two more times. This tooth is on the opposite side where I feel the pressure/pulling pain, but both problem areas are in the upper teeth. This pressure pain started around the same time I needed the root canal and seems to affect my upper teeth as if they were all under great pressure. Can pain be referred across the mouth?
Avatar m tn I saw an endodontist who told me I could do a root canal with a 70% chance of saving the tooth. He also told me that the crack could go too far for a root canal to even be done, but he wouldn't know until he started the work and got my tooth cleaned out. So it worries me the I may have to pay for the root canal even though he couldn't finish it and then pay to have it pulled.
Avatar n tn Its hard to say. Did you always have pain in that area? The crown could be producing a food impacting area where the gum tissue is getting irritated. Or the crown could be too "tall" and causing an early contact when you chew down, putting more pressure on the tooth and causing pain. I'm surprised they tried to save your wisdom tooth instead of just removing it.
Avatar n tn I am going to have my impacted wisdom tooth and another descending wisdom tooth pulled. They just came in. I have been having nothing but pains in my sinus/tooth/ear area ever since having a deep filling done, which turned into a root canal. It has been more than 2 months and I still feel awful? I am terrified to have the wisdom tooth surgery. Any chance my pains are related? I still have sensitivity in the root canal tooth, which my dentist told me was not possible. Ugh.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and have recently had a root canal on my #2 tooth, the last molar in front of my wisdom tooth. Because of the amount of decay in the middle of the tooth, the endodontist removed a lot of the middle and placed a temporary crown. In order for my dentist to place a permanent crown on my molar, he said a "core build up" is required, which jacks the price up to $650 total. Is this normal for permanent crowns?
Avatar n tn Tooth #16 is a wisdom tooth, which is generally indicated for extraction, unless specific condition dictates .
Avatar m tn After a few months, I started experiencing intense pains in the first molar when eating (not drinking), anything hot. I was referred to a root-canal specialist who believed he should redo the first root canal I had had on my first molar. Afterwards the heat pains subsided for about 2 months. Now they are back and occur even when drinking. What could be causing this pain? Could it be something besides the tooth? Maybe the gum? I have already been to 2 dentists and a specialist. Thanks.
Avatar n tn If this tooth is a wisdom tooth then I would not consider doing the rct unless it is a critical tooth and has sufficient bone support. If it is not important then I might consider filling it, if that doesn't work then extraction is a very viable option.
Avatar n tn I really can't diagnosis this need or lack of need for a root canal from this forum--Cheers
Avatar f tn I have never heard of being able to use your wisdom teeth in place of molars. I would have the root canal on the one tooth. Wisdom teeth are harder to reach, but you can keep them clean.
Avatar n tn m not too sure what caused it, but the option is to pull the tooth or to get a root canal done. I share the dog with someone and pay half for everything. While he has the money to do the root canal alone I still have to pay have, but I would rather just get the tooth pulled due to financial reason and the fact that I think it is common that dogs get their teeth pulled.
Avatar m tn He did advise the possibility of a fractured root (the tooth had a root canal and crown about 3 months ago) but wanted wait before settling on that conclusion. He had no explanation for the cracking sound. Does this sound familiar to anyone? The pain seems to be mostly in my jaw below the tooth and maybe not at the tooth itself - hard to tell... The pain intensifies with chewing on either side of even the softest of foods.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done on my wisdom tooth on my lower left jaw. That wisdom tooth was growing towards the tooth next to it and couldn't surface, so I had to have some dentist or surgeon try to pull it up before i could get braces. They were able to pull it up, but i guess it was too much trauma and caused some nerve damage. So i ended up having to get a root canal on it.
1470662 tn?1287789856 Prior to starting the root canal, the dental assistant took a panel x-ray. The x ray revealed an impacted wisdom tooth near my sinuses. The dentist referred me to an oral surgeon. I have been experiencing bad headaches and muscle/ joint/ body aches. Can an impacted tooth do that? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn They told me as it had healed the pain was probably coming from the adjacent tooth, so today I had a root canal done on that tooth (the first stage, the second will be in a few days). It has continued to be incredibly painful, almost more so, since (no improvement at all). He said it was quite inflamed. I grind my teeth, could that have something to do with it? I have now been on amoxicillyn with other antibiotics on and off for about 5 weeks so I don't know how I could have infection.
Avatar n tn I told him that the tooth hurts me and he sad, that it wasnt the tooth that wasnt hurting me, but the wisdom tooth by the side.So i decide to go to another dentist , where i use to go before, i couldnt treat this tooth with him becouse he doesnt have any kind of payment plan.This dentist took one ex ray from my tooth(rooth canal tooth) and he told me that the dentist that did the rooth canal didnt finish the rooth on my tooth, this is why i have pain now.They talk to each other.
Avatar f tn I am 17 years old and recently had a root canal done on a tooth. The dentist was baffled as to why the tooth was in such desperate need of a root canal, seeing as it was a "virgin" tooth. I have always had great oral hygiene. It has been weeks since the root canal and I am still having sensitivity pain, not only in that same area, but in many other areas, as well.
Avatar n tn In September the same symptoms started again, and another dentist said it was the tooth that I had root canal in 5 years ago had an infection and gave me penicillin, advising to perform the operation again. The pain subsided, but I did not follow the course of antibiotics properly. Three weeks later I went back to Bulgaria and saw two different dentists who both told me the route canal was perfect, and nothing else is visible on the X ray.
Avatar n tn ~~~why does my lower jaw still hurt after a root canal on my wisdom tooth. do you think it from the shots or just normal swelling from root canal it only hurts when i yawn or when i touch the outside of my lower left side of my jaw.its been 5 days after the root canal.~~~~~pls help This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421712'>jaw pain</a>.
Avatar f tn Replacing the tooth can be just as costly as saving it with a root canal. As Dr. Tsang mentioned, root canals have a very high success rate. Unless a tooth is not restorable, it is better to save it if it is at all possible.