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Avatar f tn if you are using wisdom teeth as an example of never having a tooth pulled and another tooth is the problem get the root canal. root canals sound scary but they cause minimal pain and its better for the overall health of your mouth to keep teeth if possible. good luck!
Avatar n tn I do not have insurance or medicaid. The dentist said that he felt a root canal and crown would be in order. He felt that this tooth was "beautiful" and would rather not extract due to possible complications later in the future. This would set me back $900! i know that thats pretty standard...however, i would struggle to get this money together and would rather just have it pulled.
Avatar n tn The tooth in question is second molar on my right side, right in front of where a wisdom tooth has begun to poke through. The dentist said that if I have the tooth extracted, it will give more room for the wisdom tooth to come through and hopefully avoid any potential problems in that department (though he was clear that it would not slide into that position so there would still be a gap).
Avatar n tn We were taking pano on each other and I noticed that I had a radiolucent area around the apex of tooth #19. This tooth had root canal done 3 years ago and I got a nice crown on it too. I visited my dentist regurlaly. I had no pain or discomfort prior to the pano that we took on Nov 18. Since then, I visited my dentist and he told me it is an abscess. I started the Amoxicillin on monday, I also noticed that I had a throbbing pain since last sunday.Well...
Avatar f tn hello doctor, (apologies in advance for the long question but i wanted to be precise) my high risk exposure was in MID AUGUST (17th?). a combination of unprotected/protected sex 3-4xs with male of unknown status (a few minutes of mild penetration then a condom for the finish...no ejaculation inside) but i'm not sure if i am experiencing symptoms of ARS or the HIV virus.
Avatar n tn I thought the problem was over but right after the root canal, my decayed wisdom tooth in the left began to hurt really bad and so after 3 weeks of agony, I finally returned to my dentist. She said that the decay is so bad she has to remove it on my 2nd trimester. I am still waiting for my OB's approval about this. Just holding on to my faith in God.
Avatar f tn I've had a very serious dental infection for 6 months. A failed root canal left infected root in the tooth, which caused a major infection, an abscess, a need for another root canal on a nearby tooth, and eventually the extraction of both teeth. I have had a fever for 6 months, since the onset of this infection. I have no other underlying illnesses, no health problems, no inflammatory illness. Prior to this I was healthy. I don't drink or smoke.
Avatar n tn Also accourding to my dentist, he recomended another silver filing because the amount of tooth structure he would have to remove would be less then a ceramic filling and the new silver filing could last anither 30 years. I was never told that the silver filing could crack my mplar. If I was aware of that I would not have followed his recomendation. I would like to save my molar. What should I do? Get a another dentist to look at my molar?
Avatar n tn My pain is related to the need for a root canal which has been put on hold for about a week due to the need for a specialist. thanks for any advice This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/350413'>prescription Narcotic and pregnancy</a>.
480448 tn?1426952138 I ALSO can actually FEEL that the tooth we did the root canal on is aching a bit. Now, the sore throat MAY indeed be totally unrelated, as my daughter has complained of a sore throat most of the week. That all leads me to believe basically, that once the atb's got a jump start, it helped enough to prehaps release some of the pressure that would have been there (if indeed this is dental related)...and in turn, that minimized pressure has made me be able to pinpoint symptoms MUCH better...
1793142 tn?1315382976 I kept going back to the dentist, sure they missed something because after the root canal and two fillings the pain got so much worse, I was sure I needed one or more root canals again. However, it was just my facial nerves going crazy and giving me the worst pain I have ever had... and this is saying a lot! After the pain, then that side of my face goes numb and I can't move it properly (as if I had a stroke.
Avatar f tn A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers. I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.
203342 tn?1328740807 So if you have major surgery and need painkillers or even just a terrible root canal and need just one after the procedure so it doesn't escalate, what is the alternative going to be? Will the Vicodan or Percoset ingredients be available separately .... ? Will patients really be better equipped to figure out the dosing of them together ? I am allergic to codeine ... so not sure what else is out there?
Avatar n tn It turns out that it was a wisdom tooth. yes a wisdom tooth,one that never really gave me any problems. this tooth still had a bit of gum growing over the back of it and aparently bits of food and other debris had gotten into it and there was the problem. I discovered this quite by accident ( that this was the source of the hives) as I bought a water pic and started using it, by the next day the hives had all but disapeared!
Avatar m tn Several weeks ago I had a severely infected tooth and had a root canal. I didn't have any pain meds prescribed and actually ibuprofen worked perfectly. Anyway. Also changing tha amount on the script is definitely addict behavior. Not trying to scold just being honest. That being said I don't have a clue how the case will be handled. I would expect for you to get off easy. Being honest with the officer will help. Let us know!
Avatar m tn even some thing as common as wisdom tooth removal that has triggered her symptoms) Some times we might think of such things as small since there is no outward bleeding or so... But it might have caused internal problems . Even if that was not the case in few cases symptoms spring up without any reason . anyways hang in there ...dont panic...keep calm. (I know it is easier said than done .
Avatar m tn DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD TO EITHER SIDE, OR THE INFECTION COULD GO INTO YOUR EAR CANAL. IF YOU FEEL SALINE GETTING INTO YOUR EARS, STOP DOING THE FLUSH. Some people, due to anatomical differences, can possibly get saline into their Eustachian tubes. If your Eustachian tubes get infected, it could lead to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD) which requires a lot of time to clear up. The first few times you do this, it may feel uncomfortable to have saline and water up your nose.
385668 tn?1301797480 OK, I'll now share with you my last surgical story. I haven't had too many surgical experiences, other than my wisdom teeth removals at age 18 and a few D&C's. Last year, severe abdominal pain (pancreatitis from my gallbladder) landed me in the hospital for 5 days, and that in itself was an experience, being on the other side of the IV pole...lol...and it's no secret that docs, nurses, and other medical professionals can sometimes make the worst patients.
Avatar n tn I too am having problems with ear pain, stiff neck, jaw pain, sinus pain and it all started with a fever and flu like symptoms. I am scheduled for a root canal on Thursday. I will let you know if it has all been related to my teeth. My dentist told me that the root of this tooth is very close to my sinuses. I felt like I had a sinus infection and an ear infection. The fever was two days after I had a crown put in.
Avatar n tn I have also had ear infections while I was a child and I also had a bad wisdom tooth on that side, which I wonder hasn't somehow affected the sinus cavity. I'm interested in hearing from anyone with similar problems who has found a "cure", or from any specialist who know what is going on - I've never been able to find an answer and this posting is the first I have ever found of something that I can relate to it - surprised to see so many others on here.