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Avatar n tn It is my sincere hope in communicating this information, that you will seek the advice of an Oral and Maxillofacial. Not every patient referred to me for wisdom tooth evaluation requires surgery; however, every patient should be aware of their condition. Information contained within this reply is intended solely for general educational purposes and is not intended nor implied to be a medical diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
Avatar n tn I think I have an infected tooth right above wer my wisdom tooth is beginning to come in at my jaw line below the gum reasons why I think the tooth is infected is because It gives off a foul smell hurts to the touch and my wisdom tooth has begin to stick out at the job line right below this infected tooth I'm only 20years of age and my insurance could take some time to kick in what should I do
405614 tn?1329147714 The extraction may flare things up worse for a while, but I think in the long run it will help. It's a wisdom tooth that was saved after I had the back molar pulled when I was young; my dentist thought I needed its chewing surface. Its at an odd angle, and chewing with it hitting the teeth on the upper jaw where my TN strikes seems to be causing problems.
Avatar f tn Within the hole, the exposed part has turned black and decayed, while the rest of the tooth shows the left over filling that was previously within the tooth. Just over the past month, this molar has gotten extremely painful and infected. I've gone to my dentist and obtained antibiotics to get rid of the infection and now have a root canal scheduled for November 20th. That alone costs $440.
Avatar n tn I had an appt. in June to have a wisdom tooth pulled, and when I informed my dentist that I was pregnant, she refused to perform the extraction. I begged, she was adamant! To Nanny: Take Tylenol for discomfort, eat soft foods, keep the hole packed with gauze, and do not sip drinks through a straw. The vaccuum created will dislodge the clot (aka dry socket, no fun at all). Did your dentist know that you were pregnant? If not, tell him/her now.
Avatar n tn The tooth in question is second molar on my right side, right in front of where a wisdom tooth has begun to poke through. The dentist said that if I have the tooth extracted, it will give more room for the wisdom tooth to come through and hopefully avoid any potential problems in that department (though he was clear that it would not slide into that position so there would still be a gap).
Avatar n tn With a gold crown I read that the molar only need 1 mm of tooth has to be removed for the crown to fit and a gold crown needs the least amount of tooth material to be removed. Is this true? Is a gold crown the most long lasting? Why do you recomend a root canal? Can I just have the tooth shaved for the gold crown without a root canal? When my next silver filing wears our what do you recomend for a replacement? Thank you foe all your help.
480448 tn?1426952138 I had two teeth extracted on Friday at the oral surgeon's office. Neither were the tooth I had the root canal in. One was on that same row, the molar all the way in the back, and the other was just a root tip on the right upper jaw from a tooth I lost years ago. The procedure went well, and the mouth soreness is pretty much resolved.
1793142 tn?1315382976 Does anyone else with autoimmune problems have severe tooth decay so bad teeth need to come out? My teeth have been having such severe decay that they need to come out. I take really good care of my teeth because I have had such problems but despite brushing, flossing, listerine daily, by the time of my next dental visit there is another tooth rotted.
147426 tn?1317269232 You all are so sweet and remind me why the only thing I really want to do with a day is spend it here! Thank you for your kind words, sharing your feelings, and letting me know that I was not just a loser who got a bad attitude and gave up. Somehow, I felt like with the MS I should feel pretty normal except for the symptoms. I really mean that. Kinda silly. Clearly part of my overall crumminess is depression, so my PCP and I doubled my Effexor.
748543 tn?1463449675 I will add that I had orthodontia as a teenager with 4 wisdom teeth and 4 additional teeth pulled. I have a smaller mandible so maybe this has an effect on my muscular symptoms.....I think a previous dentist mentioned there is a pretty small space to accommodate the musculature....then again the left side of my face is not spasming. Dear Mark, The last part of your letter was the beginning of your story not 2000, I beg to differ.
Avatar f tn A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers. I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.
Avatar m tn One of the causes of maxillary sinusitis is a tooth abscess that has leaked the infection into the maxillary sinus. The teeth may be X-rayed to find this. • Ethmoid sinuses. If infection occurs, you may get puffy eyes and pain between them. The sides of your nose may get tender to the touch, your nose may get stuffy, and you won’t be able to smell so well. You may also get a splitting headache, felt most intensely in the forehead. • Sphenoid sinuses.
Avatar f tn I recently had mono, pluerisy , bronchitis, pnemonia, and had an infected molar and several other problems however i notice that every time this happens to me . my righ tkidney hurts before it starts happening this has been going on for years with me and usually i drink some water and bam i'm good after always so the dehydrration theory and possiable unnoticed kidney infection could be the problem but howver i dont have an md.
Avatar n tn Before the onset, I had both an upper respiratory infection that caused me shortness of breath and a lot of dental work.....onlay on back molar that took them 5 weeks to get it right. Started as a strange strangulating sensation in my throat and then the sensation of an object in my throat. 11 months later, it has now progressed to pain from my jaw to my clavicle. It radiates down my left side to my breast. When the carotid artery is pressed, it almost makes me want to throw up.
Avatar m tn I just recently went to the dentist and had a tooth pulled. Other work still needs to be done but unable to afford it presently. However leading up to the tooth being pulled i was on heavy dosage of amoxicillian (875mg). currently though i am not taking any medication except Excedrin for occasional headaches. We recently had a exterminator spray our new apartment for tiny, ant infestation. So far it appears the ants are gone. We live in an apartment on ground floor.
162948 tn?1205256292 I desperately want my daughter to have a sibling close in age, and had I known this would happen, I never would've gotten it in the first place. Any advice, words of wisdom, would be highly appreciated.
1647691 tn?1363727302 It doesn't seem like it would get very good results and there would only be one egg vs several with a regular cycle, right? Just wondering...I've heard of it, but I don't know a lot about it. @beachdream...so glad you found us! I think your plan for choosing a new egg donor sounds like a good one.