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Avatar n tn I had a one molar taken out before so I can have room for my braces and another for the abscess so you are saying that this should be my last molar and my wisdom tooth should be growing there? What explains the cracked white looking patch towards the back of my mouth?
Avatar f tn an oral surgeon, got different opinions, but a common ground answer was that it is probably my wisdom tooth that is causing all this & a less doubt that the molar with the root canal may need to be re-treated again.
Avatar f tn After scaring me half to death, of course I said no to the crown for now. My question here is can a dentist remove an impacted wisdom tooth after the back molar has had a crown? I feel as if this temp filling is not going to hold up for 6 to 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn The lower left wisdom tooth is clearly impacted and should be the next tooth to come out; however for the upper two wisdom teeth combined with the already extracted 1st molar would there be a possibility of creating too much empty space to fill through brace-work? 3. The bills are quite hefty for all this work and she has no insurance over there; she would very much prefer to spread the cost out by delaying the braces until late August.
Avatar f tn Wisdom teeth are so far in the back of the mouth that they are difficult to brush, floss and do dental work on. Doesn't mean it's impossible, just more difficult. Generally we don't need these teeth and they just cause problems, which is why our modern society believes in extracting them. Sometimes, I've heard, if you lose another molar, the wisdom tooth can migrate into it's spot and take its place.
Avatar m tn After everything was done ,he told me my 2nd molar was pulled out along with the wisdom teeth. And he said he put it back in, hoping it will stabilize or grow some root back. Or else ill have to do something called "teeth bridge" to tie that 2nd molar with another teeth. What do I do now ? Do I have to pay for that extra things ?
Avatar n tn Previously my dentinst performed a root canal on this tooth to save it. I only have this tooth and a crowned molar on this side. I went to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning and expressed my concern. He X-rayed this side and said there wasn't anything visable or no infection(7/5). While cleaning my teeth that wisdom tooth was experiencing pain that brought tears to my eyes. The dentist prescribed Tylenol 3. The next day while brushing with warm water it hit the tooth with the crown.
Avatar f tn The molar that touches my wisdom tooth has its gum section on the front of the tooth detatched. It doesnt look like its receeding and it doesnt have any odd discoloration, just looks normal but detatched. My sister says that she had something like her gums detatching just to make room for adjustments on the new tooth. Is my gum just detatched to help me make my wisdom teeth to move better? Is it going to reattach later on?
Avatar m tn I have no cavaties that i know of(ive been to the dentist several times within the last six months) and its not due to my recent wisdom tooth extraction since ive had that issue well before i had my upper right wisdom tooth extraction. I like to jump rope as one of my many exercises but i no longer can due to this issue.
Avatar n tn This is an uupdate about the upper r 1st molar with a large cavity under the gumline with an impacted wisdom. I went to an oral sur. and he said that if he removed the 1st molar that tha molar should be fine as it would have plenty of room to grow in. So thats the course i took, Had the molar removed 7/31 finished the pennicilian vk on 8/2 things were feeling better. by 4/8 r. head pain was coming back, theres a hard bump on the outside gum of removed tooth that hurts.this is 8/8 r.
Avatar n tn About 6-8 months ago I noticed a bit of tooth coming from the front of my gums above my upper left molar in the very back. I researched this and heard that it may be a fragment of wisdom tooth left on accident, and is finally being released from the gums. So I waited. Then about 1-2 months later I realized this seems to be a full-blown molar growing in. I have searched around the net and not found anything about this, is this normal? Is this going to be a horrible procedure to fix?
Avatar n tn Is it the 3rd molar commonly called the wisdom tooth or the second molar? If it's the second molar, probably worth saving the tooth assuming you have a full complement of teeth. If you do not have an opposing tooth then you may consider having the extraction as opposed to a root canal therapy and crown.
Avatar m tn About 4 years ago I started experiencing pain in my left upper first molar when eating anything (not heat-related at this time). I was told it was due to a wisdom tooth that was still in the gum, so I had it removed. Then, when the pain remained, I had a root canal done on the molar. The pain remained, and I just dealt with it for a few years. Then I got an infection and was told that the pain and infection were related to my second molar (this was by a different dentist).
Avatar n tn The dentist said that if I have the tooth extracted, it will give more room for the wisdom tooth to come through and hopefully avoid any potential problems in that department (though he was clear that it would not slide into that position so there would still be a gap). When I asked what he thought I should do he just said "I'd be comfortable with extracting the tooth. Plus, root canal is very expensive." I really don't know what to do for the best.
Avatar m tn I have a wisdom tooth that is completely under the gum. It feels like it has either broken or maybe turned sideways. It has been bleeding a tiny bit but not a lot, can this lead to an infection......serious illness?
Avatar n tn Had a wisdom tooth removed. Less than a week later, the tooth next to the old wisdom (already worked on twice as the dentist said there was a cavity in it - filling caused pain when chewing so he redid the filling a 2nd time and still a problem) and the crowned molar next to it started throbbing. Feels like it's coming from the area between the crowned molar and the one next to the old wisdom tooth. So, I go back.
Avatar n tn i was kind of freaked out because i waited so long should've listened to the advice from betty sue gets married--i woul've taken better care of my teeth
Avatar m tn Wisdom tooth generally refers to permanent third molar, which erupts to oral cavity around the age of 18. Permanent first molar erupts at the age of 6. The dendition is probably deciduous teeth at age 5.Seeing a dentist to evaluate current dention is advised. if there is no organic pathology identified by ENT, it's possible tmj is the source of problem. Seeing a tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn I have a place on my gums, above my back most molar, in front of my wisdom tooh. I apparently had my wisdom teeth out almost 10 years ago and now it feels like i have one growing back. And where the place on my gums is, a hard piece, i assume a tooth, is erupting through. Is this possible? what is it?
1470528 tn?1324694321 Sounds like your wisdom tooth could be impacted. No biggie. Schedule an appointment with a Dental Professional and he will tell you the deal. Either way, it is coming out.
Avatar f tn I had my right upper and lower Wisdom teeth extracted along with the molar in front of my left upper wisdom tooth. Everything seemed to go fine and I seemed to heal well, My gums had even started to grow around one of the stitches in my upper left molar. I had my stitches out 9 days later. That was about a week ago, and now I noticed that the gums on my upper left side near the molar are a purple-ish color? It is also still sore when I swallow, but only on that upper left side.
Avatar n tn t necessarily front to back. The last tooth on the bottom would be the back molar, the last tooth on the top is the canine tooth. But at age 6, your first adult molar comes out behind your baby teeth. The 2nd molar which is in front of your wisdom teeth comes out at age 12. So my guess is that if its a back molar with a large cavity, it was probably your 6 yr old molar because I would be surprised to have that large a cavity on a molar that just came out at age 12.
Avatar f tn i went to the dentist last Thursday for a emergency appointment, said i had pain in i thought my wisdom tooth and my first molar on the same size which has a filling in. sent me home with pencillin and comfirmation it was just my wisdom tooth. following the allergic reaction that night i woke it horrid pain and needed another set of emergency dental work on the molar with the filling. i have a temporary filling now which i've been told will last two to three weeks.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and have recently had a root canal on my #2 tooth, the last molar in front of my wisdom tooth. Because of the amount of decay in the middle of the tooth, the endodontist removed a lot of the middle and placed a temporary crown. In order for my dentist to place a permanent crown on my molar, he said a "core build up" is required, which jacks the price up to $650 total. Is this normal for permanent crowns?
Avatar m tn I am having an ingrown 2nd molar still underneath the bone and has gone in the direction of pushing till the first molar. And the wisdom tooth has already came out but has came out in a diagonal way whereby it has blocked the way of the 2nd molar and yet the 2nd molar is still not grown out. Should i carry out an operation to take out the 2nd molar or should i just leave it and not do anything about it. By the way. the ingrown 2nd molar has not had much effect in major toothaches.
7879163 tn?1411591644 Yes had my wisdom tooth and the one before because the wisd