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Avatar n tn I have a place on my gums, above my back most molar, in front of my wisdom tooh. I apparently had my wisdom teeth out almost 10 years ago and now it feels like i have one growing back. And where the place on my gums is, a hard piece, i assume a tooth, is erupting through. Is this possible? what is it?
Avatar f tn The molar that touches my wisdom tooth has its gum section on the front of the tooth detatched. It doesnt look like its receeding and it doesnt have any odd discoloration, just looks normal but detatched. My sister says that she had something like her gums detatching just to make room for adjustments on the new tooth. Is my gum just detatched to help me make my wisdom teeth to move better? Is it going to reattach later on?
Avatar m tn he suggest if i extract the tooth beside the wisdom tooth (which is like only half expose from the gum), that might give the wisdom tooth space to grow, thus relieving the pain...so i did... After a week or so, the wound is ok and the gum starts to grow back... just when it seems like everything is going fine....i felt pain again... the pain was not from the wound area..it seems to come from the 2-3 teeths beside the extracted tooth... the pain was like inside the gum...
Avatar n tn Hi shar03! I am in no way a "certified" dental expert, however, when someone (myself included) spends countless hours on the internet trying to find the source of a "smell problem", you tend to learn a thing or two..... Anyway, it sounds to me that you MAY have what's called "impacted wisdom teeth." It's where your wisdom tooth/teeth are stuck between open and close in your gum.
Avatar n tn My wisdom tooth has been coming out and recently the gum started to swell up and now it's over the only piece that had come out. It's a bump and has red dots. It started 3 days ago. and now my head hurts and my ear that is on the same side of my swollen gum hurts as well. is this normal for wisdom teeth? if not what could it be?
Avatar m tn I have a wisdom tooth that is completely under the gum. It feels like it has either broken or maybe turned sideways. It has been bleeding a tiny bit but not a lot, can this lead to an infection......serious illness?
Avatar f tn My wisdom tooth is coming in and my gum around it is swollen and it hurts.. Anything I can do to bring the swelling down and take the pain away?
Avatar n tn My top right side at the back of my teeth is what seems to be bleeding, and giving out pus. There is no pain. A little uncomfortable feeling under my right jaw line. I have 24 teeth total. There is no wisdom tooth showing or appearing to be coming in. I am almost 22 years old. I have never had a wisdom tooth come in. I'm worried what it may be because i don't see a tooth, i'm thinking the worst that there's a rotten tooth inside my gum. Please someone help.
Avatar f tn it was growing on the outer edge on my gum close to my cheek and over lapping my very back tooth. I have had periods where the gum around the tooth swells and i get a lot of pain, the day i went for the extraction it was getting ready to swell again.
Avatar f tn I've been on antibiotics 3 X, every time I'm done, infection comes back, even after tooth extraction. Please see details below, I need your opinion. Thank You... Started with Left sore throat, then Gum Pain & hard white painful bump near #17 wisdom tooth. Got severe, hard to swallow, chew, painful. My reg. Dentist Rx'd Amoxicillin - took 6 days to start working. After swelling went down,did x-ray, he could not find any problem -tooth not abcessed.
Avatar m tn All seem to be reluctant to take out wisdom tooth. The tooth rests just over the back tooth and has chipped off the enamel of that tooth. My front teeth are beginning to buckle and am sure that it needs taking out. Please advise treatments for these problems and I can arrange to get it translated into Chinese.
Avatar n tn My upper right wisdom tooth has broken off, almost completely to the gum line. It's slightly rough at the surface of the gum. No pain or infection. I've gotten two different opinions - one is to leave it alone (for now), the other is that it is better to extract it now. Is it a good idea to have it extracted when it is not causing any current probem? Gum sometimes gets slightly irritated if I chew on it a lot. Your opinions would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn it could also be an absess, or perhaps a fragment of the wisdom tooth was left behind. have it x-rayed and checked out.
Avatar f tn the objective is not to let food particles accumulate around the affected tooth. For permanent solution...get the tooth extracted since it is a wisdom tooth or get the coronal flap removed.
Avatar m tn Thank Your for your input. I don't know where to begin. You say you had pain in your mouth prior to the surgery and worst after surgery, right? Well, I am not having any pain in my jaw, gum or wisdom tooth right now. It's too bad you are having too much pain and taking painkillers and antibiotics for it. When I open my jaw wide I hear little bone noises from my jaw.
Avatar f tn Okay so I have a gum infection around my wisdom tooth, pericoronitis. i've been on antibiotics, amoxicillin for 3 days now and not much has changed. my throat is starting to hurt so im scared the infection is spreading. i dont have dental insurance so i dont want to remove the tooth unless its the last resort. I want to get a operculectomy to remove the gums and hopefully it'll solve the infection. if it comes back, then i will really consider getting the tooth out.
Avatar f tn hey my daughter is 4 and has a tooth coming (where adults get there wisdom tooth) she also has a swollen gland on this side. I thouth the worse that she had cancer but had her at the ENT and he said he thinks it the tooth.
Avatar f tn I am 43, have impacted wisdom at bottom left, been warned about the numbness thing between lip and law already by oral surgeon. Tooth caught between nerve etc under gum. Its causing pain, but the hospital want me to try other options first in case its not the tooth he said, he told me to return to dentist in case its a leaky filling that could be causing the pain. Then to get it re filled first. I had Xray taken of wisdom, but its 8wk for the 3D Xray, I am in UK on nhs side.
11129330 tn?1430878608 I'm 34 weeks & I just noticed that my wisdom tooth is starting to come out, has anyone else's starting coming out during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn m 20 years old, i have a wisdom tooth poking out of my gum, and it hurts like hell, also one of my upper molars next to the new upcoming wisdom tooth is sharpening and loosing parts of it, is this normal?
Avatar n tn I am going to get my wisdom tooth pulled to see if it will allow the gum line to expose enough tooth for a crown 15 was cracked and i left it alone for a while decay was bad and after consult with endo he told me that he would have to see if he could find the canals--he did and root canal was painless and complete--everyone in the office has been great--The only thing i am worried about now is that i had the root canal and the dentist said to be careful not to crack the tooth --i am just worrie
Avatar m tn The abscess was caused by food that got into a pocket between his erupting wisdom tooth and gum (the gum got cleaned out). He was never unable to open his mouth or talk, so far no swollen lymph nodes or anything like that. His dentist originally said the infection was "minor" but I can't help but feel that it's a LOT more than minor if his cheek got irritated.
Avatar n tn i went to the dentist today and he cut it open and drained it. it was an absess that is way under the gum. thanks for the advice!
Avatar n tn I had both my top and my bottom left done and I just noticed a cut on my cheek next to my bottom left extracted wisdom tooth and also a white string looking thing coming out of my gum and tooth(the tooth in front of the bottom left extracted wisdom tooth) I tried to pull it out but when I do it hurts. Ive been rinsing with salt water taking my antibiotics and doing everything they told me to do so I dont know what this is. Is it normal? Should I go to the dentist asap?
Avatar f tn removed again 6 months ago. At the time the dentist thought the tooth beside where the wisdom tooth was extracted was the problem until I made him xray the wisdom tooth area because I could feel the chip next to the other tooth & the gum kept swelling up. That same area he cut open to remove the tooth chip healed nicely until it swelled up again 2 months ago to form a very tiny insignificant abscess on the gum which I popped & thought nothing more of until now.