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Avatar n tn can a impacted wisdom tooth cause numbness in the tongue and gum area
Avatar n tn The gum over the tooth has been cut off but the pain which started occuring after the gum flap was cut off is still there around the gum that surrounds my tooth and the ear which has been reducing.would there be possibilty of an infection or should i get my tooth extracted to avoid any further complications.I have been prescribed amoxicillin as well but i havent finished the entire dose.would the pain be gone eventually after the amoxicillin or should the tooth be extracted.please advise me.
Avatar m tn Hi I have a wisdom tooth that has broken through the gum that has become infected. It is causing pain and there is puss when i press the gum. My dentist gave me antibiotics which i will take but my concern is the flap of gum that is overhanging the tooth. It has on the end of a flap what i can only describe as a white wart that you might get on your finger. Can anyone tell me why this has appeared and is it something i should be concerned about.
Avatar n tn Hi there, A partially erupted wisdom tooth often has gum pouches over their tooth crowns and this excess gum tissue can get infected and cause pain. The gums swell and the opposing tooth can often bite into the swollen gums. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause headaches. Removal of wisdom tooth is the best treatment .Pain killers may help in relieving the pain. See a dentist if the symptoms are severe. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn I have no pain but I have noticed at the site where the tooth was pulled on the inside of my gum between gum a slight protrusion that feels a bit like a bone is there. Is this something I should worry about? or is this still not healed yet?Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn so I am 36 weeks and my wisdom tooth came out from my bottom right, I have really bad pain and my gum is swollen and a lil swollen from under my chin also, I was wondering if they would be able to pull it out if I go to the dentist?
Avatar f tn My wisdom tooth is coming in and my gum around it is swollen and it hurts.. Anything I can do to bring the swelling down and take the pain away?
Avatar n tn Hi doctor, I had my wisdom tooth removed for my right lower jaw side 2 and the 1/2 month ago, my stich removal was 1 and the 1/2 months ago. My wound looks healing but the place where the tooth roots sits still looks red, i not sure if i am exposed to virus like hiv if my gum still red, but no more bleeding. I get paronoid when i am eating or kissing someone, can i have oral sex without worry?
11129330 tn?1430882208 I'm 34 weeks & I just noticed that my wisdom tooth is starting to come out, has anyone else's starting coming out during pregnancy?
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, i would like to enquire if i had a wisdom tooth extraction about 1 and the 1/2 months ago, and sitch removal 3 weeks ago and when i see my wound in the mirror, it there is still a hole on the extracted tooth portion and it looks sore, however it is no longer bleeding.
Avatar n tn Well I had my wisdom tooth pulled on Monday.It had to be the worst experience.After 2 1/2 hrs of grinding,pulling,pushing and cutting,the doctor gave up and had to send me to someone else.My appt was at 9:00 and I left at 12:30.The next dentist couldn't get me in until 3:00.By the time I got to that appt all the numbing shots wore off and they had to numb me all over again.That dentist took another 1 1/2 hours to get it out.
Avatar f tn I never heard of pulling a tooth because of a tiny cavity. My dentist doesn't work like that. I lost one wisdom tooth because I injured it but the other three are fine and dandy and I intend to keep them. I don't understand this pull happy approach.
Avatar n tn I have an appointment scheduled for September 2nd for a wisdom tooth removal consultation as well as an invisalign consultation. How fast does gum recession usually happen? Will I be in pain the entire month? How fast can teeth move out of alignment? Basically, what can happen in a month? Being a 21-year-old female, I am very concerned about my appearance. I have read that gum recession will repair itself after the underlying cause is eliminated - is this true? How long would that take?
Avatar n tn I think my wisdom tooth is erupting stright. It has erupted for the most part but not entirely. due to this, my second molar is hurting. I also see an operculum which is also hurting. would the pain will go away soon or should have my wisdom tooth extracted? I am twenty five years old now. Please help!!
Avatar n tn I have never had a wisdom tooth come in. I'm worried what it may be because i don't see a tooth, i'm thinking the worst that there's a rotten tooth inside my gum. Please someone help.
Avatar n tn I immediately assumed it was my wisdom teeth (three of them are through the gum, one is not). The pain moved from my teeth to the side of my face, the base of my tongue, and down my throat. I started taking over-the-counter pain reliever and using numbing gel, and this helps, but the pain persisted. I finally called my dentist to ask what he thought, and he said it sounded like a piece of food was stuck under the gum where my wisdom teeth are coming through, and was causing discomfort.
Avatar m tn I have a wisdom tooth that is completely under the gum. It feels like it has either broken or maybe turned sideways. It has been bleeding a tiny bit but not a lot, can this lead to an infection......serious illness?
Avatar n tn i just had a wisdom tooth extraction and i feel pain a terrible one on my lower front tooth. the gum of that tooth is very low. i was wondering will that tooth come out and why is that pain???
Avatar f tn however on the other side my wisdom tooth is growing in there is somewhat of a hole in my gum and i can see and feel the tooth. what could the blood ball be? does it seem like something that can get worse? i dont have dental insurance at the moment and dont know how long before its too late to do something about whatever is going on.
Avatar n tn hi this is two q really i have had bad teeth for years i have a very bad phobia of dentists and have to be sedated in order to have fillings for example!
Avatar f tn My 23 year old son has a wisdom tooth coming in. He is experiencing some facial swelling on that side for 24 hours, had pain, less now, said he can only open his mouth about 1 inch or so. Any ideas? We have no dental insurance and he is only employed part time.
2133163 tn?1350521835 I'm 20 weeks and this morning I woke up to a painful tooth ache. I know wisdom teeth hurt but I never thought it would hurt during pregnancy. Has anyone been through this? Is there anything I can do besides going to the dentist?
Avatar n tn Based on information given by you the few possibilities of small swelling after wisdom tooth extraction are dry socket, bruise, wound, impacted tooth and gum disease. If it is bothering you a lot or the symptoms are severe seeking the opinion of a dentist will help. Do keep us posted. Best of luck and regards!
Avatar m tn I hope someone can help me. I had my bottom right wisdom tooth pulled over a YEAR ago and i had bad dry socket because im a smoker and didn't wait long enough to light up. I had gone back in and had the hole packed, but a couple weeks after, I had pieces of bone poking through the gum. I ended up pulling out 3 different pieces of bone and no more seemed to show up.
Avatar n tn Hi shar03! I am in no way a "certified" dental expert, however, when someone (myself included) spends countless hours on the internet trying to find the source of a "smell problem", you tend to learn a thing or two..... Anyway, it sounds to me that you MAY have what's called "impacted wisdom teeth." It's where your wisdom tooth/teeth are stuck between open and close in your gum.