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Avatar f tn I have a upper wisdom tooth that has a cavity in it, its not caused any problem, not crowded either. Can a wisdom tooth be filled, my lower one is.
Avatar f tn Upper wisdom tooth removal is totally different from that of lower wisdom tooth.Extraction of upper wisdom tooth generally takes no more than 10 miniutes. Post-op pain and complications are generally minimal. Patients generally take one or two doses of OTC pain killer. Antibiotics is rarely needed. Swelling is a rare occurence.Your dentist was absolutely right.
Avatar n tn I am going to get my wisdom tooth pulled to see if it will allow the gum line to expose enough tooth for a crown 15 was cracked and i left it alone for a while decay was bad and after consult with endo he told me that he would have to see if he could find the canals--he did and root canal was painless and complete--everyone in the office has been great--The only thing i am worried about now is that i had the root canal and the dentist said to be careful not to crack the tooth --i am just worrie
Avatar n tn I have had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and my tongue remained numb for one month. I am a Dental Nurse and know that wisdom tooth removal can cause temporary or permenant numbness of the tongue due to damage to the lingual nerve. If you are concerned, I would recommend going back to see you Dentist.
Avatar m tn That's hard to say. It depends on the situation and how close that tooth is to the nerve. Sometimes on a panoramic x-ray, the tooth will appear to be close to the nerve. Since the panoramic x-ray is two dimensions, it doesn't provide as much information as a CT scan which can be view in 3D on a computer screen. That would help the doctor determine where the tooth is more precisely.
Avatar f tn Waiting with wisdom teeth that are growing crooked can make the rest of your teeth go crooked as the wisdom tooth tries to push in. It can also give you a terribly nasty infection, pain in the jaw and tmj problems. All in all, I'd say have them out when there are no other problems but the simple tooth removal. Why wait until there is infection and impaction? If they can't get out because of other teeth and they are crooked, they are impacted. They can only cause a problem.
Avatar n tn Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me I had my Upper left Wisdom Tooth out almost 3 Weeks ago, just by normal extraction & I am still suffering with pain. I get earache in my left ear & pain behind my left eye, and when the pain comes on my teeth feel weird like I need to bite down, it's a bit hard to explain!
Avatar m tn I have but mine is with any thing that is salt! i had mine taken out in 08' and they left chipped peices of tooth still in there. right afterwards well the doc said it was the stiches. well two days later i had to dig the chipped peices out! and what not!
Avatar f tn Impacted lower wisdom tooth is rarely the culprit of temporomandibular disorder. However, removal of impacted wisdom tooth yields long term dental denefits.
Avatar m tn Thanks doctor. i am 26 now, my wisdom tooth teethes almost completely. is it safe to remove it. i am scared of jaw fracture :-). beside this wisdom tooth, there are 2 other ones but they are ok, not hurts me at all.
Avatar f tn ve got work done on my back tooth I wanted to get it pulled so bad but instead my dentist gave me a a new filling in my tooth and a ruconile he drilled the nerve out in my tooth he didn't put me to sleep or nothing but he did numb my mouth completely before he did this he had to get the okay from my doctor and you have to tell you dentist you are in fact pregnant because they take xrays of your mouth and I here that isn't good for the baby its best that you get that handled asap because
Avatar f tn I developed full blown TN after wisdom tooth removal-coincidence?
Avatar n tn I had both my top and my bottom left done and I just noticed a cut on my cheek next to my bottom left extracted wisdom tooth and also a white string looking thing coming out of my gum and tooth(the tooth in front of the bottom left extracted wisdom tooth) I tried to pull it out but when I do it hurts. Ive been rinsing with salt water taking my antibiotics and doing everything they told me to do so I dont know what this is. Is it normal? Should I go to the dentist asap?
Avatar f tn Almost 2 years ago I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed, ever since I have had problems with my jaw. My jaw now pops, clicks, grinds, and makes crunching noises as well as locks. It causes me a lot of pain at times and seems to now be very sensitive to cold weather. I also notice that when opening and closing my mouth it seems like the alignment of my jaw is wrong, the right side appears to pop out when my mouth opens and the left does not.
Avatar f tn am I right in assuming that the removal of my wisdom tooth may have caused the infection from the tooth in front of it to spread? I have a tingling feeling through my entire right side of my jaw, up to my lips and below nose. my neck and jaw are swollen and I noticed some blotchy redness... if I don't take nurofen and Panadol the pain is unbearable and stretches from where the infected tooth is to my ear, to the front of my mouth and under my nose. I also have a head ache...
Avatar f tn If upper wisdom tooth is single rooted and female patient, removal usually takes within 5 miniutes. If the tooth is multirooted and male patient, it may take 15 -30 miniutes.Post-op pain is minimal, most patients take one dose of pain killer in the evening. No major discomfort is experinced in the following day. Dry socket is an exttremely rare event for upper wisdom tooth removal. Post op antibiotics is rarely needed.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and have recently had a root canal on my #2 tooth, the last molar in front of my wisdom tooth. Because of the amount of decay in the middle of the tooth, the endodontist removed a lot of the middle and placed a temporary crown. In order for my dentist to place a permanent crown on my molar, he said a "core build up" is required, which jacks the price up to $650 total. Is this normal for permanent crowns?
Avatar n tn If this tooth is a wisdom tooth then I would not consider doing the rct unless it is a critical tooth and has sufficient bone support. If it is not important then I might consider filling it, if that doesn't work then extraction is a very viable option.
Avatar f tn Removal of wisdom tooth probably has no effect on tmj symptoms, unless wisdom tooth has occlusal contact with opposing tooth. Limited jaw oping is generally caused by muscle spasm or disc displacement, or both. Seeing a competent tmj specialist is advisd.