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Avatar m tn Patients may choose a removable bridge which is generally disliked by many, fixed bridge that requires tooth structure to be removed from the adjacent teeth, implant and no treatment. Your dentist should be able to provide a financial look at the different options as well as the best option and alternatives to your specific case.
Avatar f tn I have just had my third tooth in from the bottom removed. On one side I have a crowned tooth (gold crown) and on the other I have a tooth that is full of filings. I need to decide between an implant and a bridge. The dentist suggests a bridge - as one of the side teeth will likely need a crown in the future. The oral surgeon suggests an implant, as I have a gold crown and it is a shame to lose that expense.
Avatar n tn Dentist took another x-ray. Infection in tooth - tooth is dead and infection may have affected the jawbone. I was put on anti-biotics and saw a specialist for root canal. He said only 30% chance of it working since looks like infection is very aggresive and entered bone. He suggested implant. Will the infection of the bone be cleaned out with an implant? How long do implants last? What are pluses and minuses.
Avatar m tn Alternatively you could have an Implant with a Bridge, having 5 individual Implants is not necessary, but one or two Implants would be more than enough support to hold a Bridge. Our Implants are 945 GBP complete with Abutment and the permanent Crowns are either 225 GBP or 305 GBP depending on the Crown type you choose to have. I wouldnt advise having a Denture, I would either replace the Bridge or have Dental Implants.
Avatar n tn Your taking a gamble that the old bridge will line up exactly to your implants. There is no room for error there as implants are totally stable in the bone. They don't move. I think what you are asking about can only be answered by your dentist and oral surgeon.
Avatar m tn you could get a crown done to that tooth ( will shave down tooth abd add a cap to the top, kinda like a bridge but just a single tooth instead of 3 teeth), an implant would be great but it is expensive, a bridge could be done, but why drill down 2 other good teeth?..... if i were you i would deff see another dentist that take xrays and gives you proper treatment,.
Avatar m tn Wanna know which is best, dentures or fixed bridge?I had one of my front tooth extracted many yrs back and was using a denture.Now I need to change the denture and was thinking of fixed bridge instead..but Im worried of the effects in one of good tooth to be use as a support for the bridge.,was worried that it will be infected eventually also.Pls. enlighten me of the advantage and disadvantage of having bridge over dentures and the procedure to it.thank you.
Avatar n tn I am 25 and need to replace a missing tooth. I am undecided between implant and bridge. My dentist has told me that normally for people my age he would advise implants, however, since my adjacent teeth have fillings, he told me that I should strongly consider a bridge. However, I am afraid of the damage that may be caused to the adjacent teeth. What do you think? Thanks!
Avatar f tn In order to achieve better cosmetic result, implants can be placed in the position of tooth #7 anf #10 which serve as abutment teeth for supporting pontics #8 and #9. However, neck of abutment crown may or may not show grayish color, depending on the thickness of gum. If tooth #6 and 11, are solid, they can serve the abutment teeth for fixed bridge.Removable partial denture generally yields good cosmetic result, however, some patients refuse removable partial denture due to psychologic issue.
Avatar m tn We are discussing options such as implants and bridge. I am just wondering if there are other better options out there that is not as costly as implants. I have 2 dental insurances but implants are usually not fully covered. I still will have some major out of pocket expense. I also don't know if a bridge would be a good way to go? I will be seeing the denstist who did the original work to get a 2nd opinion.
Avatar f tn Annother option is to have the dentist remove the whole bridge, pull the affected tooth, and have a new bridge to span 4 teeth (2 abutments and 2 pontics). Annother option is to have the tooth replaced with an implant or do 2 implants and no bridge, just one crown on the previously capped abutment tooth. Yet annother option is to get a removable partial denture to replace the missing two teeth. Really there is several options you could persue. The ones I mentioned are just a few.
Avatar n tn For the most part I do not like ending a long span bridge on a wisdom tooth. Again this is a generality but if the wisdom tooth has long roots and is in a good position it is possible to use it. I am not a lover of your typical clasped partial with the less than cosmetic result. In my practice I rarely do them. There are partial dentures that use clear clasps that could be used. I do not think it is a permanent solution, but could be used for some time until you can afford implants etc.
Avatar m tn Before I went for the 3D Xray Periodontist said it needs to be extracted and to go with an implant. #22 supports a bridge. Is there an endodontic procedure that will save the tooth? I want the best long term solution. Also I read on the internet that there is a problem with food around a tooth after a root resection. Is the best solution extraction and an implant? I will need another implant next to #22 also as the bridge covers that space.
Avatar n tn The periodontist wants to section the bridge and keep one tooth in tact on the end. The other end of the bridge will have the tooth pulled. (the middle tooth is already gone) She wants to do a costly bone graft in the area where she will extract the tooth. She says my jaw bone loss is extensive at this point. If I am getting a partial plate that will cover this area, is the graft really necessary? Thank you.
1345326 tn?1276449602 Well I had a root canal that root canal that might have failed and if I lose the tooth it is my anchor tooth to my fixed bridge so implants seem the best way to go. It just seems kind of dangerous having screws put in your gums. I guess anything new would seem kind of scary though. I would just like to know the procedure in detail so I can be prepared. Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn s opinion, if two three pontic bridges supported by a capped canine tooth and an implant in the lateral position, would not be preferable to a four part bridge supported by three implants and then have the canine teeth crowned separately. Would the natural canine teeth and implants in the lateral position next to them, supporting a three part bridge, be stronger than a single four part one? Any information and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn My perio wanted me to have an implant on tooth 8. I opted for a pontic on a bridge and my prosthodontist agreed with that. He created 6 crowns over a temporary bridge five weeks ago. A week later I was due to have the extraction with my perio. He insisted on doing a bone graft - he harvested tissue from my palate) after the extraction). I had the sutures removed after two weeks.
Avatar m tn 4 implants at 30, 20, 26, 28 and then the dentist do the bridge to give me a tooth in the back of each side/bottom and fill in the two up front that are missing. Plan 2: 2 Implants at 30 & 20 and then grind down the remaining teeth and bridge whole lower between 30 & 20. Cost is an issue here and he estimated $1,900 per implant, is this about right? I've never heard of grinding teeth down like this, is this a normal procedure? Which do you think is more cost effective?
Avatar f tn Can I get a response from those of you that have had a Dental (tooth) implant done in the last few years. Did anyone have any problems with it, etc. I need a 3 unit crown and bridge but my dentist is pushing Implants. Having been in dentistry as an assistant several years ago. I'm not too up to date on them anymore. Thanks.
Avatar n tn myself id never have a bridge on a virgin tooth. implants are costly but very impressive!
Avatar f tn Well, the worst thing has happened to me. First of all I will say that my top teeth aren't in good health, I need a few taken out and am gonna have that done really soon. But the worst thing that happened to me was Saturday night, my front top tooth broke and there's only a bit left of it and I have this huge and annoying gap and it looks aweful and feels terrible!
Avatar m tn It all started when my post broke just inside my root (#9). I elected to have the root removed instead of attempting to remove the post and risk cracking/ breaking my root. I was evaluated 3 months after the extraction to determine if I had healed enough for an implant. The doctor used an xray and examied inside my mouth. He concluded that I would need a bone graph first to receive an implant. This process would take 9 months (5 for the graph to heal and 4 for the implant to heal).
Avatar n tn I have a 3 section bridge and the supporting tooth under has developed a cavity. My dentist said the bridge has to be destroyed. Should I replace it with a new bridge or an implant and two crowns option?
Avatar f tn When I explained to the dentist that I had concerns about 2 implants supporting a bridge and one of the implants failing, making the bridge a complete failure, he told me I was wrong. When I told him that I was going to get a 2nd opinion from an prorthodontist he got extremely angry and down right verbally abusive. I did consult with a prorthodontist and he stated that I could have three implants to support the bridge. However, at this point I just want a 6-unit bridge attached to my canines.