Pulling tooth vs root canal

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Avatar m tn I saw an endodontist who told me I could do a root canal with a 70% chance of saving the tooth. He also told me that the crack could go too far for a root canal to even be done, but he wouldn't know until he started the work and got my tooth cleaned out. So it worries me the I may have to pay for the root canal even though he couldn't finish it and then pay to have it pulled.
Avatar n tn If the endodontist only gives the tooth a 30% chance I think those are not very good odds. Yes the infection will be removed at the time of the extraction. I am very much in favor of implants and I restore them all the time in my office. It is a excellent alternative to cutting two adjacent teeth to put in a bridge. My first choice if you have to lose the tooth is the placement of an implant.The implant can be a life time restoration.
Avatar m tn Not sure if a root canal is necessary for this to happen, however, a root canal would be a faster way to experience such an unwanted complication. Myself, I have read Dr. Price's "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration", and hold nothing but respect for this great medical researcher & scientist. BTW, the book is a free download, if you search enough online, as it is public domain.
Avatar f tn A few months ago I had a root canal on tooth #3 that still has not healed and is still very tender. The root canal was complicated and had to be treated at least two more times. This tooth is on the opposite side where I feel the pressure/pulling pain, but both problem areas are in the upper teeth. This pressure pain started around the same time I needed the root canal and seems to affect my upper teeth as if they were all under great pressure. Can pain be referred across the mouth?
Avatar f tn if you are using wisdom teeth as an example of never having a tooth pulled and another tooth is the problem get the root canal. root canals sound scary but they cause minimal pain and its better for the overall health of your mouth to keep teeth if possible. good luck!
Avatar n tn m not too sure what caused it, but the option is to pull the tooth or to get a root canal done. I share the dog with someone and pay half for everything. While he has the money to do the root canal alone I still have to pay have, but I would rather just get the tooth pulled due to financial reason and the fact that I think it is common that dogs get their teeth pulled.
Avatar n tn I am going to get my wisdom tooth pulled to see if it will allow the gum line to expose enough tooth for a crown 15 was cracked and i left it alone for a while decay was bad and after consult with endo he told me that he would have to see if he could find the canals--he did and root canal was painless and complete--everyone in the office has been great--The only thing i am worried about now is that i had the root canal and the dentist said to be careful not to crack the tooth --i am just worrie
Avatar f tn Replacing the tooth can be just as costly as saving it with a root canal. As Dr. Tsang mentioned, root canals have a very high success rate. Unless a tooth is not restorable, it is better to save it if it is at all possible.
Avatar f tn Agree with Blu. Is it infected or just discolored? Is it loose? Not sure why they want to extract it. One tooth extraction shouldn't affect her. What prognosis did they give you on a root canal?
Avatar f tn t include the root, like the cavity in #14 does. The dentist wants to do a root canal and filling in tooth #19 and then a crown when the tooth finishes breaking through the gum. He also has EXTREME crowding in his lower jaw with his front 4 teeth almost sideways. I am wondering if it would be better to just extract tooth #19 also instead of putting all the money into a root canal and filling and crown? Especially considering the severe crowding in his lower jaw.
Avatar n tn I have a molar (#19) that has been missing a filling for about a year. Last filling was told tooth was drilled "as deep as it can go w/o root canal". It appears to be down to the pulp now. Tooth has gone from 'tender' to 'extremely sore' and back again. After going to another dentist recently, he reccommended a root canal with (reconstruction?) crown.
Avatar f tn I am wondering what are all the pros and cons for veneers vs crown, for a root canaled tooth. My tooth has a largish filling on the side in addition to the root canal, so my prime worry is whether a veneer can protect my tooth against getting cracked or damaged. Cost wise they both are about the same, I will be going for metal free ceramic crown/veneer. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Not sure if I chose wisely, since it seems the extra drilling might have caused root sensitivity. If the tooth eventually needs a root canal, will I have to obtain a new crown? I guess I'm concerned about having a crown, then a root canal, and no metal-post to strengthen the tooth.
Avatar n tn I was told by my dentist that I have an abcess above a tooth that I have already had a root canal done on 18years ago and that I have to see an endodontics for treatment. First I would like to know if they are going to do another root canal or if they're going to perform surgery through my gum to remove this ball of infection? And can only an Endodonitcs fix this problem or can a oral surgeon do this as well? If they go through my gum this would be surgry right?
Avatar n tn Did the dentist place a crown or a cap on your tooth after the root canal? Some only place large fillings, and after a root canal is done, the tooth is very brittle and can break very easily. If your bite is off, even a mm, it can cause pain due to the constant pressure on your tooth. See the specialist and then get some more information. You don't want to lose your tooth that you have most likely already put a lot of money into to save! I know how expensive dental procedures are!
Avatar n tn I went in today and they said I had a filling that had decay underneath it and the two teeth on either side of that one had a cavity from the infection of that tooth. They did the root canal today but it took longer than expected so they put some other top filler on it instead of a temporary crown and they didn't do the fillings. I am still having unbearable tooth pain exactly like before the root canal.
Avatar f tn Had a root canal done on front tooth about a year ago was having sever pain got X-ray have bad infection in by the bone . Went to an oral surgeon he wants to do an apical procedure . But I am afraid of loosing my front tooth and of the pain as I do not take pain meds . Also went to a endo and he wanted to do a retreat but I feel as both docs were great however they each recommended their speciality . Anyone have any recommendations on which procedure would have the highest success rate .
Avatar n tn He did discover after the first set of antibiotics that the 2nd tooth away from it (3rd tooth from center)was dead...So we did a root canal on that one. I NEVER FELT any problems with the one he discovered was dead. I actually have very good dental health. I go every 6 months and floss EVERY day. SO pulling a tooth and is HUGE for me.
Avatar f tn if you get a jawbone infection there could be serious complications. pulling the tooth is much cheaper than a root canal and many dentists accept payment plans. even if the tooth falls out the infection could have already damaged the bone and other teeth. run to the dentist now!!!!!
Avatar f tn I just learned about the idea that a tooth with a root canal can harbor bacteria in the channels of the tooth. Since there's blood flow to a dead tooth with a root canal, the immune system can never eliminate the bacteria, which keep getting pumped back out into the body. The article I read talks about various research and studies that found high levels of bacteria in the gums around root canaled teeth.
Avatar m tn Have read that bite could be caused by crack in underlying tooth. Endodontist said there was no crack in the tooth when he did root canal. However, after root canal, when went to dentist to get permanent crown, dental assistant spent 20 minutes pulling, trying to get temp crown off. They finally had to drill it in half to get it off, and she then put on permanent.
Avatar f tn They will prob put u on antibiotics and u will have to have the tooth removed unless u can pay for a rct. Once the cavity reaches the nerve of the tooth then only a rct or pulling it r ur only options :( I'm sorry. I know that tooth pain really sux!!
Avatar f tn d been having terrible tooth pain and had developed an abscess on the gum above that tooth. At the same time, I was experiencing a pressure/pulling sensation down my jaw, around my ear and down my neck. I was first given a round of antibiotics, and the pain, abscess and pressure/pulling sensation all went away.