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Avatar f tn My jaw swelled up and I had to have the tooth removed. This required me to get a bridge. The tooth for the back part of the bridge had a crown on it with a previous root canal from about 10 years ago. I had never had any problems with this tooth. Once the bridge was placed, I had severe sensitivity and pain from the back tooth. I've gone to the dentist several times and he always makes some excuse as to why it is hurting. Once, there was cement in the gum line.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/Treat-decay-under-bridge-anchoring-tooth-with-removing-bridge/show/1775171">Treat decay under bridge anchoring tooth with removing bridge</a> was started.
Avatar n tn One of the crowns has been placed on the wisdom teeth, that has been inclined. Even before I had the bridge done,the gum around the tooth has been inflammed. Ever since the crown came in, the inflammation has become stronger. Actually, the gum never fit well with the crown. Two days ago, I woke up with the pain and the tooth is sensitive to touch. Before the crown, I had x-rays done and the roots have been perfectly healthy. The gum is bleeding and an unpleasant odour is spreading.
Avatar m tn Hi, I got a bride fitted on my top left side, it is 4 teeth and fits on the tooth next to the top left wisdom tooth, obviously that tooth was ground and made smaller for the bridge to fit on it, the tooth was absolutely healthy and fine, i have never had any problems with that tooth earlier, the day grinding took place that tooth became sore, very very sensitive and I had to get temp.
Avatar n tn I currently have a three tooth bridge. The leading tooth of the bridge is infected due to bone loss/receding gums. The dentist says all I can do is have the bridge pulled, pull the first tooth and replace it with a four tooth bridge. Is there any alternative to losing the whole bridge and paying out for another costly bridge? The tooth is draining infection daily so there is no pain right now.
Avatar f tn Annother option is to have the dentist remove the whole bridge, pull the affected tooth, and have a new bridge to span 4 teeth (2 abutments and 2 pontics). Annother option is to have the tooth replaced with an implant or do 2 implants and no bridge, just one crown on the previously capped abutment tooth. Yet annother option is to get a removable partial denture to replace the missing two teeth. Really there is several options you could persue. The ones I mentioned are just a few.
Avatar n tn If I clench my teeth, I hear a small crunching noise from the tooth/bridge area about half the time. Could the bridge be loose (it does rock a little), and if so, could that be the cause? Any other ideas? Please help -- I can't take much more of this.
Avatar n tn m terrified to go back to the dentist. I was having alot of pain and feared I would need a root canal under an old bridge that I had. 1st they said it was sensitivity, change your toothpaste. Went back and they said, your grinding your teeth, bought a 500.00 night guard. Before the night guard could come in the pain was unbearable. They were unable to find anything on previous Xrays...but now it had become sensitive to hot/cold.
Avatar n tn The first was done about 20 years ago. When the old bridge was taken off my dentist did a root canal on one tooth. The impressions were taken and the bridge ordered. No temp bridge was installed at that time and I begin chewing on my newly exposed (previously bridged) teeth. These teeth were somewhat straightened with braces years back to install the first bridge, since they were badly tipped.
Avatar n tn The area was so sensitive that I had to be numbed to place the bridge. It really hurt after the bridge was placed. Now, 24 hours later, my jaw hurts, I have some ear pain, and I about died when I drank coffee this morning! Cold drinks also really hurt. Coffee was the worst. Is it possible that I have dry socket, especially after several weeks? Is it possible that there might be a little piece of old tooth left, and it's flaring up? This pain reminds me of how it felt before it was pulled.
Avatar m tn Another dentist tells me the bridge should be replaced, as there is infection under the bridge that will reoccur if the bridge is not replaced. This would then comprimise the anchoring tooth and cause me larger problems later, if I lose this tooth. Please give me your professional opinion on the options I have at this point. I am concerned that I have this hole in the bridge that has been open for about two weeks. Please advise me a.s.a.p. Thanks very much!
Avatar n tn Many dental questions are tough ones to answer without examining the patient or their x-rays. Some decay under bridges can be treated without removing the bridge. It depends how deep it is and where it's located.
Avatar f tn I have decay under crown and dentist wants to remove tooth but I also have a bridge next to this and the supporting tooth for this has roots going sideways due to an impacted tooth in gum line. This may become unstable after extraction and i end up with a large gap . what is the alternative. I have no pain under crown but gum is soft due to the decay.
Avatar n tn The tooth also has a post and crown that supports a bridge, and there is some swelling of gum tissue surrounding the bridge. What are the options for dealing with this situation, other than redoing the root canal (and post/crown/bridge) and hoping the canal does not become infected again. I am concerned about the prevalence of root canal infections and their potential as source of other problems throughout the body.
Avatar m tn I have a bridge on the front of my mouth 9 teeth the last tooth under it feels pressure and some soreness I was wondering can they take the bridge off to get to do the root canal. It has been on for 7 years???
Avatar n tn Then today, I noticed a small black area on the other side (the right side) and saw it was a small area where I can see the metal part under the bridge, like a hole between the bridge teeth. I haven't paid that much attention to things like that before now, so could it be possible that I'm just over-thinking all this? I dread having to get it looked at because a) I remember the excrutiating pain of getting the bridge in place to begin with and b) I have no dental insurance.
Avatar f tn 08 in late march it felt lose and have a puss filled bump on the outside of the root canaled tooth and had a smell I could smell an odor called my dentist and put me on antibotics and went to see him a couple days later he cut the bridge off and the infection came ousing out cleaned it and put a temparay bridge on till could get my new permenant bridge that took 3 wks in the mean time the temparay bridge I could feel lateral movement let him know that i just got my permenant bridge put on yeste
Avatar n tn I have a 3 section bridge and the supporting tooth under has developed a cavity. My dentist said the bridge has to be destroyed. Should I replace it with a new bridge or an implant and two crowns option?
Avatar n tn The periodontist wants to section the bridge and keep one tooth in tact on the end. The other end of the bridge will have the tooth pulled. (the middle tooth is already gone) She wants to do a costly bone graft in the area where she will extract the tooth. She says my jaw bone loss is extensive at this point. If I am getting a partial plate that will cover this area, is the graft really necessary? Thank you.
Avatar m tn you could get a crown done to that tooth ( will shave down tooth abd add a cap to the top, kinda like a bridge but just a single tooth instead of 3 teeth), an implant would be great but it is expensive, a bridge could be done, but why drill down 2 other good teeth?..... if i were you i would deff see another dentist that take xrays and gives you proper treatment,.
Avatar m tn same thing its sensitive to cold and not hot but chewing near that tooth and if it gets hit with food it sends a is your tooth now? did you have the permenant crowned yet? my appointment is june 18th and im going to have six new implant teeth and all my upper teeth crwoned..the only one that is upsetting is that left back molar..let me know..
Avatar f tn Bone grafts and because of my bone strongest in front , my implants and bone grafts were the two front teeth attached to my bridge that went to my canines . I was sedated in surgery but woke up because the surgeon / dentist was having a hard time gluing the bridge on the left side . Lots of cold air I remember and pressing !! Well I was sore but I’m really sore on that side one week later . No soreness at all on the other side !
Avatar m tn Patients may choose a removable bridge which is generally disliked by many, fixed bridge that requires tooth structure to be removed from the adjacent teeth, implant and no treatment. Your dentist should be able to provide a financial look at the different options as well as the best option and alternatives to your specific case.
Avatar n tn Two years ago while under a different dental plan my wife's 3 tooth bridge came off. The bridge was about 10 years old and included one front tooth. The dentist she went to told us that one of the teeth that supported the bridge had decayed into the root and had to come out. As a result the a new bridge of 4 teeth was needed. I had fairly good insurance, but a $7.00 an hour job and no savings. Our share was going to be $1000.00, and the dentist would accept payments of $100.
Avatar n tn I had vertigo 15 years ago due to a virus in my sinus and it cleared up after 2 weeks. This time I got it for no reason (no virus) and'I've had vertigo symptoms for almost 8 weeks. The vertigo spinning was bad at first and I guess I ruptured my ear drum due to a lot of fluid but most symptoms have subsided except for when I lay down flat on my back and if I look up for a long time.