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Avatar f tn My jaw swelled up and I had to have the tooth removed. This required me to get a bridge. The tooth for the back part of the bridge had a crown on it with a previous root canal from about 10 years ago. I had never had any problems with this tooth. Once the bridge was placed, I had severe sensitivity and pain from the back tooth. I've gone to the dentist several times and he always makes some excuse as to why it is hurting. Once, there was cement in the gum line.
Avatar n tn The tooth also has a post and crown that supports a bridge, and there is some swelling of gum tissue surrounding the bridge. What are the options for dealing with this situation, other than redoing the root canal (and post/crown/bridge) and hoping the canal does not become infected again. I am concerned about the prevalence of root canal infections and their potential as source of other problems throughout the body.
Avatar n tn I honestly don't think you will be able to use that bridge. An old tooth supported bridge cannot be fitted to a new implant. The inside of the bridge teeth can't be fixed to fit the implant abutment. If you are going with implants, you'll need a new implant supported bridge. They are made especially for implants.
Avatar f tn I have decay under crown and dentist wants to remove tooth but I also have a bridge next to this and the supporting tooth for this has roots going sideways due to an impacted tooth in gum line. This may become unstable after extraction and i end up with a large gap . what is the alternative. I have no pain under crown but gum is soft due to the decay.
Avatar m tn you could get a crown done to that tooth ( will shave down tooth abd add a cap to the top, kinda like a bridge but just a single tooth instead of 3 teeth), an implant would be great but it is expensive, a bridge could be done, but why drill down 2 other good teeth?..... if i were you i would deff see another dentist that take xrays and gives you proper treatment,.
Avatar f tn I have just had my third tooth in from the bottom removed. On one side I have a crowned tooth (gold crown) and on the other I have a tooth that is full of filings. I need to decide between an implant and a bridge. The dentist suggests a bridge - as one of the side teeth will likely need a crown in the future. The oral surgeon suggests an implant, as I have a gold crown and it is a shame to lose that expense.
Avatar m tn I was told by my dentist that tooth 14 and 15 needed a root canal. In 11/2010 had the root canal done on tooth 15. The roots were calcified but the RC worked. It was never crowned yet. That tooth broke off in half and is only half of a tooth (going up and down). I went to get the other RC on tooth 14 in 01.2011 and the Endo started it but said that the roots were very small and he wasn't sure if it would turn out very good and told me to ask my dentist if he should continue.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago I was at dentist to have my Bridge work done. Dentist removed temporary bridge and tried to scrap off some cement that was holding Temp Work he couldnt get it he drilled it off from the back Molar I NEARLY HIT THE ROOF anyway 2 injections later he could finally remove the cement on the Molar. This Molar did have a large filling in it. Dentist did say it was suitable to hold the bridge work because it was a strong tooth, anyhow Bridge work in place and all looking good..
Avatar m tn I have a tooth crown towards the front (next to one insissor) that may need replacement soon. Been this way for 7+ years and it came off a year ago since the tooth inside started going bad. My present dentist glued it back on and its held for a year so far. Dentist tells me that she may not be able to reglue it back on if it breaks off again. I however want the matter addressed asap b/c stuff is going inside this crown and causing decay.
Avatar m tn how long is a root canal tooth supposed to be exposed without a crown? I feel the dentist that performed the root canal was negligent, because the should have completed the treatment and not leave my tooth exposed to further problems like I'm facing now. =( Thank you!
Avatar n tn There had never been any trouble with this tooth -- it was a healthy tooth and was only prepared because I needed it as part of a bridge. Now I have the permanent and I still have the pain with biting. It's not severe but it's annoying. Why did this happen and what can be done, aside from a root canal which I do not want?
Avatar f tn t chew on the back right side where I had a crown placed it is a very nice bridge. My pain has been getting worse and I was told that I did not need a root canal at the time. My question is if I need a root canal do they have remove and make a new crown or is there away of doing it without ruining this new one. It is also a bit high but just a hair could that cause all this pain. I also has a huge cross bite that we changed?
Avatar m tn Oral surgeon said I had an infection in the tooth. The tooth had a crown and was part of a fixed bridge. I had no symptoms, I went to see the surgeon for something else, he suggested a root amputation, he took cut the gum and bone and cut off the root. I had this done 3 months ago but it still aches and the bridge doesn't feel right any longer. The bridge connects from the 2 eye teeth and 4 replaced teeth.
Avatar f tn After his tapping/knocking, the bridge did have loosened more because my #10 tooth was broken. However; my dentist did not aware this and told me to bite more apples/food in a month to get #13 loosed. Finally, #13 was broken too. Now I have to do 4 implants or 2 implants plus a bridge. Can anyone tell me what a better option is? How much the costs would be? How long can the crowns for implants be last? Are they also last for about 10 years that a bridge normally does?
Avatar m tn I am not sure you have to go the distance of getting the tooth extracted and get a bridge. I would suggest you consult with an Endodontist (Root canal specialist).
Avatar f tn i lost a tooth due to a hit two years ago i couldnt afford to crown it at the time but i hated the way it looked so i just had a bridge done the two teeth beside it hold it up i believe the bridge is porcelain and on the back it looks like mercury is on one tooth black or grey on the inside of the mouth of the one toothis that normal?
Avatar n tn I have had this temp crown on for 4 weeks and it is feeling as the tooth is in a vice. The tooth is throbbing and going to the jaw. Now he is saying root canal. I remember when placing on the temp crown that he stated it was so tight that we will have to cut it off if we use permanent cement on it. This was done....! Question is if a crow is too tight can it cause discomfort from the tooth and not let the nerve calm down. Can crowns that are to tight cause discomfort?
Avatar m tn However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.The presenting x-ray does,nt show complete image of the entire tooth.Ideal treatment may cost you root canal by endodontist, crown lenthening by periodontist, restoration by general dentist or prosthodontist.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I fracture the stroungest root of my tooth (#14) which has a crown and RC. The crown is still attached but can be wiggle somewhat. Currently I'm not in pain due to the previous rc. Is there a way to keep the tooth? Can it heal if I baby it? While checking out options I found out that the insurance company will not cover the implant except to pull the tooth. Out of 3k they will pay $104.
Avatar f tn My teeth never hurt befor I had this bridge done. The bridge is ancored on one tooth with a root canal on one side and the other tooth was a good pre molar. This is my first bridge why does it hurt so much and should I get the permanent one put on? I need help it hurts thanks.
Avatar m tn My perio wanted me to have an implant on tooth 8. I opted for a pontic on a bridge and my prosthodontist agreed with that. He created 6 crowns over a temporary bridge five weeks ago. A week later I was due to have the extraction with my perio. He insisted on doing a bone graft - he harvested tissue from my palate) after the extraction). I had the sutures removed after two weeks.
Avatar f tn s very time-consuming and if I had no choice but to have a partial bridge then I would only want it for my top front tooth and not sure if that can be done. But I would like to have a crown if that can be done so I was wondering if a crown can be done if the tooth is decayed, it isn't all that doesn't have a big black hole, it has a little bit of a yellowish color to it but doesn't look rotten or anything..I have seen a lot worse.
Avatar n tn However I do not feel comfortable to proceed a crown because I prefer a conservative least intrusive procedure. I have lost three teeth in the past from a failed crown and the failed bridge. The existing filling has lasted for 15 years or more as far as I can remember. I cannot help feeling that an inlay should do the job if not a new filling. I would appreciate any expert opinion or comments. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn I was at the dentist two days ago to get prepped for a four unit dental bridge. When the dentist took off the old crown from the back tooth, she said it had a big cavity and checked if it needs a root canal. She then said that it wont, filled it and prepped the tooth for the bridge, as well as a second tooth which will also carry the bridge. Later on my cheek started swelling up, but I have no pain.
Avatar f tn are you referring to removing the crown, cleaning the cement off the tooth and crown and then recementing it? it wouldnt take a few hours. just clean the prep up re-pack, new imp. a temp (which takes like 10 min to make) and yes they come back. or they find a dentist that uses the cerec machine. that is cool, i have made crowns that way all in one visit. where state are you in? time shouldnt be the issue but a job well done. my opinion. kinda like car accident with squashed fender.
Avatar n tn I had a tooth go bad. Dentist was unable to re-crown, not enough root left. He pulled it and made a bridge. The area where the tooth was pulled really hurt for several days afterwards, but finally let up a bit. Yesterday, three weeks later, I was fitted with my new bridge. The area was so sensitive that I had to be numbed to place the bridge. It really hurt after the bridge was placed. Now, 24 hours later, my jaw hurts, I have some ear pain, and I about died when I drank coffee this morning!
Avatar m tn You may also ask if there is a possibility of having veneers placed on adjacent teeth in lieu of crowns and only bridge the initial teeth involved. With the veneers there is not the cutting down of a tooth as that with a crown. Veneers have come a long way and really can help when cosmetic defects are present.