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Avatar m tn The decay extends down to alveolar bone, pulp is probably non-vital, which may need root canal treatment in order to rescue the tooth. However, restoration is difficult.Ideally, crown lenthening is needed in order to establish biologic width. However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.
Avatar m tn The root canal specialist told me to put the permanent crowns on but with temporary cement, so in case the pain would not go away, I could get a root canal without destroying the crown. Would the permanent crowns fit better than the temps?
Avatar f tn It seems to be most sensitive between the temporary crown and the tooth just behind it. Is it possible the root to the tooth behind the root canal is damaged? I went back to my dentist and he said everything looks fine and the pain should subside with time. I'm just concerned about permanently placing the finished crown (appt is next week) without finding the cause to my existing pain. ..any advice would be most appreciated!
Avatar n tn m still assuming the root canal has not been done yet. Therefore a crown should not be put on the tooth simply because the tooth is infected and must be cleaned out via Root Canal. It's all expensive. But once a root canal is done if you go that way sometimes the tooth can go a long time before a crown is put on it. It may become more brittle with and with out chances for part of it breaking off. Just doing an extraction is another choice. Hopefully it isn't visable.
Avatar m tn how long is a root canal tooth supposed to be exposed without a crown? I feel the dentist that performed the root canal was negligent, because the should have completed the treatment and not leave my tooth exposed to further problems like I'm facing now. =( Thank you!
Avatar m tn It took 2 visits and he finally got the last roof canal out. But he told me there was a fracture on the tooth and I should have a crown put on as soon as possible. My questions are : will the crown really hold my fracture tooth together? and how long it will last? Will I have any complications later on? Please advise. Thanks.
Avatar f tn The endodontist had to remove the crown and said there were two cavities in the tooth. He did the root canal and I asked him to permanently fill it, which he did. I had every intention of going back to my dentist to get another crown but now I continue to have a slight pucker feeling and most times I can press under my right ear and I salivate from the right lower side. First, is this something that sounds familiar? Do you think my root canal needs checking?
Avatar n tn I had a root canal and crown on #20 in October 2008 without incident. X-Ray showed (prior to) large dark area just under the large filling. Dentist felt the old filling had a hairline fracture, which allowed bacteria to get into the tooth, causing decay. I had no symptoms whatsoever, no sensitivity to heat or cold, nothing But It was obvious from the X-Ray, to me there was a problem with #20 and something had to be done in October 2008.
9251290 tn?1464578539 Root canal treatment procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia, and is usually painless. If required, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribed during the course of the treatment. so without fear.... Go to root canal treatment but make sure... Hire best dentist for your treatment.
Avatar n tn I would have to see the tooth and how much tooth structure was removed to do the root canal in order to say definitively if the tooth should have a crown.
Avatar n tn Not sure if I chose wisely, since it seems the extra drilling might have caused root sensitivity. If the tooth eventually needs a root canal, will I have to obtain a new crown? I guess I'm concerned about having a crown, then a root canal, and no metal-post to strengthen the tooth.
Avatar n tn I had # 18, my last molar prepped for a gold crown as it was very painful to chew, had a large old filling, a sizeable horizontal fracture and was sensitive to both warm and cold. The next day I had to have a root canal as the tooth was terribly painful. Endodontist did a great job and explained the nerve had gone bad. I returned to my regular dentist several days after the root canal to get my Temporary put on.
Avatar n tn Seven months after a seemingly successful root canal tooth #30 is painful to pressure on both sides (cheek and tongue side), pushing on it hurts. I can bite down on it without pain and it is not senstive to hot or cold. Sometimes it feels like the whole tooth is faintly aching. I have had several new xrays from a different dentist who showed it to his favorite orthodondtist and they said the root canal looks okay, but I should have the "mesial" border checked on the crown.
Avatar m tn Based upon your story, I would agree that a root canal is highly possible
Avatar n tn I was prepped for a crown last month but the tooth (an upper molar) was extremely sensitive to bite and heat and cold. It was determined last week that the tooth needed a root canal done on it. When the dentist did the root canal, the first 3 canals went extremely well and quickly, better than I expected (this was my first root canal) but the 4th canal was calcified.
Avatar n tn i do not personally like placing sedative fillings. If decay or the existing cavity preparation is that close to the nerve, and the tooth is painful, I'd discuss the options with the patient but invariably suggest that a root canal procedure be performed. I then would place a post/buildup in the tooth, crown the tooth and be done with it.
Avatar n tn the best way is to have the crown removed (drilled off) and redone after the root canal retreatment. I would not recommend trying to "tap" off the crown. the tooth underneath can get damaged (not to mention the crown itself being damaged) and it is difficult to make it seat properly when it is recemented after the retreatment of your root canal. most commonly, root canals are done right through the crown, and then the "hole" is filled in afterwards.
Avatar n tn He said the xray showed that the filling there was too large and that there was not enough tooth left to hold a crown without doing root canal to strenghthen the tooth. So... I had root canal. After two appointments the root canal is finished.I think he did four canals and he took xrays after each one to make sure they were placed correctly. The last one was curved and he struggled with it. There is a just temporary filling there now.
Avatar n tn My Dentist has spent quite some time ensuring that the crown covering the tooth with the root canal (#14) was the proper height. The final crown was put on months after the initial infection was cleared up by "Z-pak" (sp?). I even saw the x-ray he took after the root canal was complete showing the 2 root structures replaced by something bright white in the X-ray. What does sensitivity to pressure, and primarily hot temperatures mean?
Avatar n tn In November I had a root canal on a lower left molar. In Dec. I had the permanent crown put on it. In January I feel discomfort on the crowned tooth. It aches after chewing. I went to the dentist. All the diagnostic tests were normal, xray, percussion, bite with carbon paper, air, gel to check if nerve pain. Negative for nerve pain although sometimes I feel a little ping or shock on the tooth when I try to chew on that side.
Avatar f tn 3) if the infection is healed can i put crown without doing root canal?
Avatar m tn A root canal involves removing the inside core of the tooth, which can make the tooth very fragile (hence the need for a crown after a root canal). During a root canal procedure, a lot of pressure is used to clean out the canals and place the sealant material (this part will crack the tooth if it already has hairline fractures). Antibiotics take up to 4-5 days before you will notice a difference. Two days is not long enough to see a result.
Avatar n tn It sounds like it is coming from the tooth that has the crown (I am assuming that root canal therapy has not benn done on this tooth). I would see a root canal specialist to evaluate the tooth that is bothering you-- which seems NOT to be the tooth that already had a root canal procedure. He can check the wisdom tooth also while you are there.
Avatar n tn When I talked to my dentist on the phone, she immediately suspected where the pain is without me telling her (after she checked my records -- as she had seen the crack there during my check-up), and said I need a crown (and possibly even root canal work??). She said this can happen even with just clenching, not necessarily grinding. Is this the only way to treat a crack in a tooth? There is no way to fill it or close it up? And how will it be decided whether a root canal is also needed?
Avatar m tn Getting a crown put on is very hard on the tooth pulp. In my own experience, getting just a crown without a root canal is more painful long term than a root canal itself.
Avatar n tn I had the specific root canal mentioned through an endodontist, and it was two or three weeks before my dental appointment to fill and crown it (well, re-crown it, the root canal was through a crown.
Avatar f tn So now he went on and performed the root canal over the crown, leaving the filling seeing on the crown… I did not know that was the way to do things and when I asked on my next visit if the dark spot on the crown would even out, since I thought the purpose of the crown is to cover the filling…his response was, the purpose of the crown is because you had a very large filling!!!