Tooth problems after root canal

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Avatar f tn I had a root canal 3 weeks ago, the tooth was devital and abscessed. It was tooth #5. Prior to surgery, I thought it was abscessed since it hurt to touch any part of my face near that tooth, extending from bottom of nose to mouth. Obviously, thought that face pain should go away after surgery, but it is still there. When my face swelled, it was exactly where that face pain was, extending to under my jawline (seemed to follow a nerve??).
Avatar m tn From my reading, I can only see two teeth, the one on the lower left that had a root canal and another one on the upper left which had a root canal before this lower left one. You should go back to your dentist to get it evaluated. If they can't find whats wrong, you may need to see a root canal specialist.
Avatar n tn With regard to pain after the root canal, this can be quite common up until days or even weeks after the procedure. I had the first stage of a root canal done on a bottom molar 3 weeks ago (still have one more visit to complete this), and I still cannot chew on the tooth. A lot of the pain has subsided only during the last 4 days but I still cannot apply pressure to the tooth.
Avatar n tn You could always seek a 2nd opinion. You shouldn't live with pain. A root canal treated tooth should not be sensitive to hot and cold.
Avatar f tn The first root canal i had - the tooth was opened to begin the root canal whilst the tooth still had a raging infection - it was absolute agony - i spent the next 6 months going to and from the dentist trying to clear the infection - they kept putting temporary fillings on and having to take them off as the pain was unbearable and the infection had to drain - it took a total of 7 months to complete the rc, with at least 1 if not 2 trips a week to the dentist.
Avatar f tn Have you had crown put on that tooth? After getting root canal, it is highly recommended to get a crown put on in order to avoid future problems like tooth fracture, infection etc etc. Consult your dentist about that and see what his opinion is.
Avatar n tn five years ago i had a root canal and shortly after had the tooth removed. since then i have had constant drainage and a feeling of stuffiness in my upper jaw. i have had oral surgery twice and seen ear nose and throat doctors also to no avaial. i also have stiffness and skin eruptions on my neck and shoulders on that side .
Avatar f tn I recently had to see an endodontist to redo a root canal. I had a root canal about 5 years ago. Recently I had a bump on my gums and the dentist couldn't figure out what caused this. After taking xrays during my routine exam it was discoverd that the tooth in this area was infected and it appears that the root canal was not done completely for deep enough and infection was coming through this bum. Not sure of the medical terms.
268698 tn?1222557484 if the decay is that deep, is there enough tooth surface to restore is with a crown after? Did he explain to you that you will indeed need a crown after a root canal. I am for saving our own given teeth, but more detail is needed so you can make an educated choice. You may want to take your x-ray to someone else to give you a third opinion. What tooth number is it? Does the decay extend below the gums? Are the roots straight forward or are they hooked at the ends?
Avatar n tn i permanaently cement them after the root canal or after a month or so if the tooth is doing well. In my opinion (again, just my opinion) you should have it redone and not have to pay for it. a calcified canal means that the canal at some point in the past began closing up on its own-- usually due to the nerve dying (for whatever reason-- a big filling, trauma, a crack etc).
Avatar f tn Have never heard of a dog having root canal but if having it done is beneficial to your husky then IMHO - have it done. You could ask your vet if waiting a week will cause your "boy" to lose the tooth. My guess is it won't or the vet would have told you. Our husky had X rays which indicated that some of her incisors were a bit loose and would probably have to be extracted in a few years.
Avatar n tn Still had pain, was sent to another endontist, for second opinion, who could not be conclusive, but thought pain was coming from molar behind the tooth with root canal which has the crown seated temporarily. Endodontist did root canal on the second tooth, behind root canal done first. That tooth was sensitive to cold but that has stopped since root canal a week ago. I am still having pain in the molar that had the first root canal. I am on a 4th round of antiboitics.
Avatar n tn I ended up having a root canal on the molar(14) with the gold inlay exactly a week ago. The root canal was finished the samed day. I have had throbbing pain off and on and can't eat on that side at all. I can't tolerate any pressure on that tooth, however the tooth is not sensitive to hot or cold drinks. When I wake up in the morning I am fine, but once I start getting up and moving around the pain starts. Called the endodontist yesterday, but he never called back.
Avatar n tn On my third visit, x-rays were taken and I was told that while removing the bad nerves from the tooth, good nerves were damaged. Another root canal was done, and this time I had no pain or problems. Good Luck, with your ordeal.
Avatar n tn Then she said the pain was caused by a turous (sp) caused by a tooth pulled 25 years ago or I needed a root canal. I have a crown on the back tooth and the k9 Went to another doc he did a root canal July 18 going thru the crown, I have had pain in tooth since then, last week he made a horizonal insision in the gum to ck toth root area to make sure he had not punctured by drilling as he missed the canal the first time, & went into another chanal. I am weary of the pain.
Avatar n tn If there is an infection in the area and its been there for that many years, it is definitely best to have the root canal done. The root canal consists of removing the infected tissue and placing a filling material to seal the root tip so the infection won't spread. It is definitely more risky to not treat the problem and possibly develop an abscess.
Avatar n tn That means the infection/cavity has spread underneath the filling and into the root canal possibly. Go to a root canal specialist and see if a re-treatment of the root canal may be necessary.
Avatar f tn I have a tooth - my upper right lateral incisor - that has had multiple problems over the years. When it came in as a child, it had a small nick out of it near the gum line that later became a cavity and I had filled. Over the years (I'm 38), I had it filled a few times as the filling would wear out. The last time, there wasn't enough to have it filled, so my dentist put a crown on it - twice (the first one wasn't high enough into the gum so the lines were visible and wearing).
Avatar n tn I read on your site where other people were having problems with pain after a root canal - but I don't see what ACTION to take....... any suggestions. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421237'>Pain in tooth after root canal</a>.
Avatar n tn My Dentist has spent quite some time ensuring that the crown covering the tooth with the root canal (#14) was the proper height. The final crown was put on months after the initial infection was cleared up by "Z-pak" (sp?). I even saw the x-ray he took after the root canal was complete showing the 2 root structures replaced by something bright white in the X-ray. What does sensitivity to pressure, and primarily hot temperatures mean?
Avatar n tn The pain came back eight months after the root canal. I had my second root canal on the same tooth last month. I had my crown restored two weeks ago. I am still having pain in the tooth. Should I get a third root canal? I do not want to go through that again and I do not think a third time will work. Should I have the tooth extracted? The pain comes and goes and is only a 1-3 out of 10. Could the pain be from my crown repair two weeks ago?