Tooth problems after root canal

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Avatar f tn The first root canal i had - the tooth was opened to begin the root canal whilst the tooth still had a raging infection - it was absolute agony - i spent the next 6 months going to and from the dentist trying to clear the infection - they kept putting temporary fillings on and having to take them off as the pain was unbearable and the infection had to drain - it took a total of 7 months to complete the rc, with at least 1 if not 2 trips a week to the dentist.
Avatar n tn Still had pain, was sent to another endontist, for second opinion, who could not be conclusive, but thought pain was coming from molar behind the tooth with root canal which has the crown seated temporarily. Endodontist did root canal on the second tooth, behind root canal done first. That tooth was sensitive to cold but that has stopped since root canal a week ago. I am still having pain in the molar that had the first root canal. I am on a 4th round of antiboitics.
Avatar n tn My Dentist has spent quite some time ensuring that the crown covering the tooth with the root canal (#14) was the proper height. The final crown was put on months after the initial infection was cleared up by "Z-pak" (sp?). I even saw the x-ray he took after the root canal was complete showing the 2 root structures replaced by something bright white in the X-ray. What does sensitivity to pressure, and primarily hot temperatures mean?
Avatar n tn That means the infection/cavity has spread underneath the filling and into the root canal possibly. Go to a root canal specialist and see if a re-treatment of the root canal may be necessary.
Avatar f tn Anybody had a tooth pulled or a root canal while pregnant? I need to go to the dentist, my back molar I believe has a cavity, but between my tooth, its gone past the cavity point cause when I press on my gum it hurts or is tender down to my jaw and the pain radiates to my ear. I really hate the dentist, last time i had 12 cavities drilled was given so much laughing gas I threw up on myself then laughed about it, they gave me atavan to which helped a little with making the experience a foggy one.
Avatar f tn In December of 2009, I went for a cleaning and the dentist suggested getting a crown on a tooth with a large filling. He stated that there was no need for a Root Canal. After the procedure, I continued having pain and ended up having to have a root canal. One month later, I was back in the office with severe pain. After many visits with no resolution. My jaw swelled up and I had to have the tooth removed. This required me to get a bridge.
Avatar n tn With regard to pain after the root canal, this can be quite common up until days or even weeks after the procedure. I had the first stage of a root canal done on a bottom molar 3 weeks ago (still have one more visit to complete this), and I still cannot chew on the tooth. A lot of the pain has subsided only during the last 4 days but I still cannot apply pressure to the tooth.
Avatar f tn I switched dentists, he xrayed the tooth, and suggested an elective root canal if I was in that much pain (I was, during fall & winter). Just had it done Tues, no infection, all went well. But now the tooth is extremely sensitive to pressure - all of a sudden. It had been sore the past few days, but this morning I could barely brush it. Is that normal after a root canal? What could be wrong with it? I'm so tired of all of the issues with this one tooth!
Avatar n tn Then she said the pain was caused by a turous (sp) caused by a tooth pulled 25 years ago or I needed a root canal. I have a crown on the back tooth and the k9 Went to another doc he did a root canal July 18 going thru the crown, I have had pain in tooth since then, last week he made a horizonal insision in the gum to ck toth root area to make sure he had not punctured by drilling as he missed the canal the first time, & went into another chanal. I am weary of the pain.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, there are some times when a root canal does not work. If you have an infection in a tooth and they do the root canal right away without doing a course of antibiotics first, it very often can cause further problems. Our endodontists tend to wait until the infection is gone before doing the root canal. It keeps you from having pain and makes the whole process easier. Either way, good luck!
Avatar m tn Thanks for your answer. If I do the root canal and decide to go with onlay, would the post and core be necessary? and is onlay a better option after root canal or a crown?
Avatar n tn I ended up having a root canal on the molar(14) with the gold inlay exactly a week ago. The root canal was finished the samed day. I have had throbbing pain off and on and can't eat on that side at all. I can't tolerate any pressure on that tooth, however the tooth is not sensitive to hot or cold drinks. When I wake up in the morning I am fine, but once I start getting up and moving around the pain starts. Called the endodontist yesterday, but he never called back.
Avatar n tn My dentist did a pain test and numbed just the never of that tooth, and sure enough I needed a root canal, now I had to fork out $900 for the root canal procedure. After the root canal was preformed I had the usual pain, but I took my antibiotic and pain meds and I was able to deal with it. I was schedule to come back in two weeks for the final filling and fitting of my permanent crown. A few days before my apt, my temporary crown came off while I was eating.
Avatar f tn Have you had crown put on that tooth? After getting root canal, it is highly recommended to get a crown put on in order to avoid future problems like tooth fracture, infection etc etc. Consult your dentist about that and see what his opinion is.
268698 tn?1222553884 if the decay is that deep, is there enough tooth surface to restore is with a crown after? Did he explain to you that you will indeed need a crown after a root canal. I am for saving our own given teeth, but more detail is needed so you can make an educated choice. You may want to take your x-ray to someone else to give you a third opinion. What tooth number is it? Does the decay extend below the gums? Are the roots straight forward or are they hooked at the ends?
Avatar n tn I had a root canal (my first one ever) on tooth #3 (upper right) which became infected after crown placement after discovering two cracks in the tooth. Root canal was very painful, and I had lots of pain aftewards (just like you). Dentist tried "re-doing" the root canal at least two more times. My tooth still hurts and I can barely put any pressure on it. (I couldn't even tolerate the temp. crown).
Avatar f tn First, dentist tried putting crown on tooth and then needed the root canal after pain got worse and then infection was discovered during the root canal. I needed lots of antibiotics afterwards. Seemed this dental work caused the pain in the upper teeth to become even worse and it felt like it was spreading. (feels like my teeth are all being pulled by a string and pulling on the nerves of my teeth, especially on my left upper teeth which is opposite of root canal side).
Avatar n tn I had absolutely no pain in this tooth but went ahead 5 days ago and started the root canal. Well after the first treatment on the tooth I am in horrible pain. I have been taking antibotics and motrin and tylenol since but the pain has not subsided. My question to you is have you had any relief since your treatment? I still have to go back in about a week to complete the treatment and am terrified to have it done.
Avatar f tn My son's front tooth was displaced via a collision with another kid's head and the dentist put it back in place. It now appears to be dying/dead as he has no feeling when ice is placed on it. The dentist wants to do a root canal. Will my son be able to play the trumpet after he has a root canal? If not, what solutions are there to playing a trumpet when there is trauma to the front tooth? Is his trumpet playing over?
Avatar n tn This can be reversible where the symptoms abate or irreversible and the tooth requires root canal therapy. From your symptoms I would venture to say this tooth needs RCT.I would see your dentist asap.
Avatar n tn I had a small cavity in a top back tooth. No prior problems with tooth. After it was filled, I had such problems that the dent. & spec. said I needed a root canal, although the cavity was not near the root. After the RC, I couldn't chew anything on the temp crown due to pressure pain and heat sensitivity-even green beans hurt. I saw the den & spec. several x's to figure out source of problems with no avail. They decided to go forward with perm.
Avatar m tn Right away I started to have problems with the tooth and it became infected. I went back to him and he said I needed a root canal- I had the root canal completed and everything went fine. I had the temp. crown put in, we waited to make sure there were no more problems and then finally the final crown was placed in place about 3 weeks ago. It took so long because I wanted to make sure everything was okay in between each step. Anyway, the tooth started to bother me again about 10 days ago.
Avatar n tn Five months ago I had two crowns done on the upper right side of my mouth. I had a root canal performed on one, but not on the other. The root canal I had done went horribly - the bleach went into my tissues and I had terrible swelling, my face turned purple/black and I lost feeling in part of my lip and part of my cheek. I have since healed from the root canal. However, within the last two months I have hot/cold sensitivity on the one I didn't have a root canal performed on.
Avatar f tn I would give it about 4-6 weeks from the day of treatment. So right now would be a good indication of whether or not a root canal is needed. If it doesn't heal by 6 weeks at maximum, I would recommend a root canal. A cold test should be performed to check the vitality of the tooth. If there's pain to cold and it lingers for awhile (about 15 seconds or longer) then a root canal is indicated as well.
Avatar m tn A tooth becoming loose after a root canal is not normal, and indicates a failure to diagnose or treat correctly. Three possible causes: 1) Major infection prior to the root canal around the tooth that ate away all the supporting bone. If this is the case, a root canal should never have been done. 2) Does it feel like you hit that tooth first or harder when you bite down or slide your teeth together right or left?