Tooth crown keeps coming off

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Avatar n tn One of my front is teeth is currently a crown. It keeps coming loose and having to be recemented in or whatever it is they do to make a crown stay in. My dentist says that the post that is in there is partly damaged and my crown has no anchorage to stay in. I've only had it in but 6 months or so and it keeps coming loose. He said my only option is to get a double crown to have anchorage so that my crown can stay in permenantly. I am unfamiliar and unsure of this procedure.
Avatar n tn I know it is lot to ask but I do have some other urgent questions.When I had a crown put on a molar recently the dentist did not wash off and dry the tooth before cementing in the crown with Durelon. I know I got saliva on the tooth and did touch it with my tongue. I am worried about any bacteria on the tooth under this crown and also about the Bond. Would any bacteria be killed by the Durelon and/or would there be any risk of anything bad growing in this sealed environment?
Avatar n tn Does the tooth have root canal therapy? Sounds like there is decay at the margin or under the crown. I would have the crown taken off and check for decay. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Dear jawache, there are several things that alarm me.. first if a crown keeps coming off, that means the margins are not sealed and the cement washes out, if cemnt washes out then it is entirely possible there has been decay brewing in there for some time.. although it sounds like the last cementatiion was a bit off and the bite was too high, this may have completely now changed into a root canal situation.
Avatar n tn I would be concerned that the tooth might fracture and become reinfected if the filling keeps coming out. Was there a thought of placing a temporary crown until you can do the crown?
Avatar n tn I had a permanent crown on my third lower molar without any root canal the tooth was cracked but at that time my dentist said no need for root canal. Almost 2 years later its suddenly sensitive and pressure pain when eating. I went to the dentist and I was told nothing was wrong with the tooth. Is it possible my bite if off since I have a bad tmj.
Avatar m tn I felt some pain in #18 tooth on and off (tooth have old fillings). I would say minimal and very infrequent. I saw a dentist and he did root canal. He had a difficult time and said my root canals are very calcified? I do not know what that really means. He worked with his Dad and the senior dentist helped him and showed him how to do it since he had such difficulty. After the root canal which took 2 visits he took x rays and work some more and then x rays done again.
Avatar n tn I went back to the dentist and insisted that he remove the crown because it was affecting me psychologically and it was. So, he did. The tooth had actually rotted underneath the crown so I had him to extract the tooth. Things were much better but now I have a cracked tooth with a filling and there is bacteria building up because that awful smell is back. My new dentist wants to put a crown on it but I won't let him because of the last incident. So I may have to let this tooth go as well.
Avatar f tn O my. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm not sure if the dentist will do a partial. Was your tooth already on the brink of coming out?
Avatar m tn In the last six weeks, he has broken 5 temporary crowns and one porcelain crown. The cement will not adhere the tooth to his existing tooth for more than a day or two. It continually comes loose. I am convinced it is not anything he is intentionally doing. No chewing on ice or candy or pen caps. After 15+ trips to the dentist, he is being extremely careful. We think he might be clenching his teeth in his sleep. In the middle of all of this he ended up needing a root canal on the tooth.
Avatar n tn I have recently had a temp crown on the tooth and am getting fitted for a perm crown - it is made of metal on the inside and has porcelain metal on the exterior.
Avatar n tn After 30-45 minutes of filing it down and fitting it to my tooth the lava crown finally cracked! So they had to take another impression and send off for a new lava crown. She then put on the temp crown again and 5 days later I am experiencing throbing and pain when I bite down. It will change from time to time. For instance when I lie down the pain will subside for awhile, then it will return.
Avatar f tn The reason why my tooth broke the way it did was because I think the very top of it was decayed cause the enamel was coming off and I also have soft teeth. This morning I called a dentist but I couldn't see him today so I have an appt for tomorrow morning. I am hoping that maybe they could put a crown on it and that be all.
Avatar n tn I had a tooth that needed a crown for several years. I finally went in to get it prepared for the crown and found myself in extreme discomfort. I waited about a week and my dentist decided he wanted to do a root canal before placing the crown on. The tooth did feel some discomfort after getting the second part of the root canal. I guess it is where they fill the canal that the nerve was in. Could they have done something wrong with this process?
Avatar n tn m hoping this will fix any possible cause of the smell apparently a perm crown can be removed without damaging/breaking the underlying tooth if it is cut off carefully.
Avatar n tn Well, now my whole upper left side of my gums hurt and I keep getting headaches, and on top of that, the crown feels like it will fall out every time I try chewing on it or if I drink water, it feels like the water is going beneath the crown. It also keeps hitting the bottom tooth when saying specific words... What could this be? What should I do? My dentist said that he would only shorten up the bottom teeth and that the crown was a perfect fit...
703897 tn?1248019974 My gum pain is starting to subside and the crown seems like is starting to stay in place, adjusting itself to the gums, but the crown keeps moving sideways when I eat. I get gaps between number 18 and 20 when this happens. #19 is the tooth the cap is on. I have attached pictures so you can see what I am talking about in my profile. Why does the cap keep moving sideways left to right and right to left when I eat making gaps appear between the teeth?
703897 tn?1248019974 If there was tight contact between natural tooth and temporary crown, and there is gap between final crown and natural tooth during final try in, the possible causes are: lab error, teeth shift due to occlusal trauma or periodontal disease. If provisional crown works well , i.e, optimally comfort chewing, no thermal sensitivity(vital tooth), final crown can be fabricated.
Avatar n tn so I went back to the dentist and he took the crown off. He let it sit off for 20 minutes and the pain went away. then he narrowed the crown down around where it was bothering me and placed it back on with no cement. after 3 minutes i was hurting again. He cemented it back on with temp cement and sent me home to see how it goes.. 2 days later I went to an endodontist, i was in a lot of pain. He checked the tooth and said I do not need one.
Avatar f tn Now, a week later I am experiencing pain under that crown. Could it be that the stump of the existing tooth has gone bad ? It is a root canal tooth as well. I will do what ever it takes to have nice breath & be pain free.
Avatar m tn I have recently had a crown on a rear bottom tooth. I had lost part of my tooth due to excessing grinding and fillings kept coming out. The dentist put in a temp filling for a few weeks. This was extremely painful for a few days, the gum went white underneath and there was a lot of pain in the jaw / gum but no pain in the tooth. I think this was due to long term problems I have with TMJ but cleared up after a few days. I returned to dentist for crown prep and explained the situation.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like the nerve in the tooth with the crown is non- vital, which means the nerve is dead and that the tooth needs root canal therapy. I would get to see him asap.
Avatar f tn m worried that I may lose it too if somethings not done. Should I require them to take the crown off? What are my options? Thanks for your help in advance.
Avatar n tn I had a fractured tooth a couple years ago and my previous dentist cut some of the tooth back and did a white filling to match the tooth. A few years laters, part of the filling came off the back of the tooth. I didnt have anything done about it because is wasnt bothering me and the main part of the filling was still intact. Just a little over 2 months ago, the rest of the filling came off and took a good bit of the tooth with it, leaving a hole inbetween my teeth.
Avatar m tn I thought they had to get the tooth down to a similar size to crown the tooth after a root canal. If the tooth was ok for a crown would it not be a good candidate for a root canal? I've had two full days of antibiotics, very little relief - esp to heat. What I don't want them doing is putting the final crown on next Friday when this pain is still not pin pointed.
Avatar f tn Before the mold was taken the dentist said he had to grind my tooth off down to where the crown would fit. During the procedure I could rub my tongue over that tooth and feel the tooth had been drilled down to within 1/8 to 1/4 inch of my gums. Why would the dentist have removed the good side that could help support the crown? After he drilled and shaped my tooth, then they did the mold for the crown. How would they know what my original tooth was like after whittling it away?