Tooth crown keeps coming off

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703897 tn?1248023574 It could be the cheap cement or something he used to adhere it to so it would stay on now I am guessing. No pain in sides of gums now, tooth just keeps moving back and forth creating a gap on my one side between my teeth. I'm am not a happy camper. After I call them and resolve issue, I will let you know the very end result.
Avatar f tn It has been repaired twice with a bonding material, but the bonding keeps coming off. It did it again last night just eating a bowl of chili. Since the bonding is not working, what other option do I have?
Avatar m tn Dear jawache, there are several things that alarm me.. first if a crown keeps coming off, that means the margins are not sealed and the cement washes out, if cemnt washes out then it is entirely possible there has been decay brewing in there for some time.. although it sounds like the last cementatiion was a bit off and the bite was too high, this may have completely now changed into a root canal situation.
Avatar n tn I know it is lot to ask but I do have some other urgent questions.When I had a crown put on a molar recently the dentist did not wash off and dry the tooth before cementing in the crown with Durelon. I know I got saliva on the tooth and did touch it with my tongue. I am worried about any bacteria on the tooth under this crown and also about the Bond. Would any bacteria be killed by the Durelon and/or would there be any risk of anything bad growing in this sealed environment?
Avatar n tn I think I have an infected tooth right above wer my wisdom tooth is beginning to come in at my jaw line below the gum reasons why I think the tooth is infected is because It gives off a foul smell hurts to the touch and my wisdom tooth has begin to stick out at the job line right below this infected tooth I'm only 20years of age and my insurance could take some time to kick in what should I do
1700643 tn?1464850282 ouch!!!! I hate tooth pain...have had a lot of problems with tooth issues as well.....sounds like you got this under control and won't be in too much danger off relapse.....although it has been goin' around a lot lately....caught a case of it myself....relapse that is ........and Ibuprofen would probably help as it will help reduce inflamation(sp?).....i'll send prayers for a quick recovery your way........peace.......
Avatar f tn 17 at the same time- complained for a year that my bite was off 17 digging into cheek- had to shift to the right to gain occlusion. Not remedied, dentist proceeded july 2013 and put crown on 16. It felt tight. and followed the same outward angle. September 2013 dentist said i needed to replace a crown on implant site 26 to stabilize my jaw. it wasn't bothering me. It was excruciatingly tight, started to shift all my upper teeth inwards and to the right and off center. he refused to take it off.
Avatar n tn You mentioned pusing tooth side to side w a rootcanaled a symptom....mine hurt below the tooth and only symptom was side to side pressure, felt sore, or tender...but xray says great....Have you seen this? What was the outcome? A redo? take the crown off and redo? Leave it alone? Another one feels the same way, opposite side, but this one is way more tender...both molars.....lower.....
147426 tn?1317269232 I'm sure he must of tethered it to my right eyeball because something keeps pulling it off my visual target, its probably just the ballon trying to fly away. Ahhhh kids will be kids! I have my own in built cracker for Christmas, not sure its a good idea but who ever invented it is having a laugh, love to give it back cause i think it might be faulty.
Avatar m tn ” Once healed, the implant acts as an anchor for an artificial replacement tooth, or crown. The crown is made to blend in with your other teeth and is permanently attached to the implant. A typical dental implant is made of pure titanium and/or a titanium alloy. In fact, titanium alloys are widely used in both medicine and dentistry, for dental implants, pacemakers, stents, orthodontal brackets, and orthopedic implants (e.g., hip, shoulder, knee, or elbow).
209384 tn?1231171906 Have been prone to cavities anyway and b/c of brushing too hard have worn away gum at gum line. Not major problems. Until recently. Tonight another huge piece of tooth broke off! Have had to have one root canal b/c tooth was there and then suddenly fell apart and now I have 2 more that have done the same thing. But I haven't even finished paying off dr for root canal and haven't gotten the crown for my root canal tooth b/c the dr cost me a fortune.
Avatar f tn I suspect you are dealing with something autoimmune. It does seem odd. There are autoimmune issues related to follicles. The first poster commented on having perioral dermatitis & rosacea both of which are follicle disorders & probably autoimmune. A couple of posters commented on having used epoxy spray paint or having paint / stain exposures. I think the harmful component in those is the same as the harmful component in carpet cleaning. So avoid BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol.
Avatar n tn I also have what feels like heat coming out of my scalp. And you know it's just on the top and crown of my head.Then when the hair starts growing it is so stiff and course i could probably thread a needle with it.And something else when it grows back it grows abnormal, like in little strips on the back of my head, or in clusters. It's not normal growth at all. I don't know what to do anymore, any suggestions would be wonderful. I am just done.
541465 tn?1219431486 but work towards building up your foundation so that some day you will be comfortable coming off of it I can tell you after living on it for 6 1/2 yrs coming off it was one of the best decisions of my not ez to get off of and the recovery once you stop takes around 90 day but life is so much more fofilling being narcotic free.....I can feel again something I missed out on for 6 1/2 yrs....I know you dont thick it does this to you but it does and you wont relise it till your off of it..
660300 tn?1224793961 What should she do? Her perminant crown has not been installed yet. Should she see a nerve doctor before the perminant crown is installed? Her docter indicated that she may have reveived too much novocan. Could this be the problem?
Avatar f tn Hair Powder, (pick the one meant for your hair color, Lemon Shake for us blonds ^_^) this is the one i use, but I've used all 3 at different times and all have the same effect. Sprinkle some at the crown of your head, don't need a lot, just off to the side of the your part, (don't want buildup directly on your scalp) and "fluff" into your hair, tousling and working it in and down the strands. That's it! Just keep tousling until your happy with the look.
223152 tn?1346981971 Doing all the forum recommended over the counter and has been reasonably sucessful, but have a call into the dr today for something a little stronger. What keeps me focused is that there is an end to this and I am counting off the days till incivek is no longer part of my life. I enjoy reading all the posts from the success stories and know that somewhere later down the line others may have an easier time with tx and sx, and get the same results.
Avatar f tn A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers. I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.
599170 tn?1300977493 In Nov 07 I am admitted to the hospital straight from the ER due to severe stomach pain and vomitting. I am finally dx'd after 4days with 2 duodenal ulcers. The gastro doc starts me on Reglan. Within 12hrs my period seems to start and it was due so I wasn't worried. I am discharged from the hospital and have an appt in 4days with this doc for follow-up. By the time I see her, I am bleeding heavily and passing clots and cramping.
544292 tn?1268886268 A freakity frackity day off. I've been in a tough battle for 21 solid cold turkey days and before that; the taper AKA "Let the pills run out...." Sometimes, in war, you have to lay in your foxhole and do nothing but wait in silence. There's time for action and there's a time for inaction. To know the difference is good. It is wise. At the moment I'm beating myself up badly for not being able to move and certainly NOT being able to drive in this state!
Avatar f tn Not sure exactly what started this whole thing off, but last July (2012) I had an intense sore throat left side only with a minor ear ache. Enough that it had me worried about the "C". Went to prompt care a few days later to be told I probably had a virus and they could see nothing in my ear or throat. They did a strep test - negative. Suggested I might try OTC allergy or even acid reflux meds. Imagine my relief. Well, I got no relief. I scheduled an appt for a physical.
572651 tn?1333939396 My daughter of 5 is starting school today, and my wife and I are taking the day off, to go with her, and catch some pictures of her coming off of the bus. She also lost her first tooth, which she lost at the swimming pool, ugh, but she has another one loose, so hopefully we'll be able to keep that one, lol. I am frightened and excited for her as she is starting a new adventure. She is a social butterfly, and not to spoiled :-), so I think she is going to love it.
745568 tn?1232853401 when I mentioned it to my doctor, he diagnosed it as mild shingles. but it keeps coming back every few months and I didn't think shingles did that. He is an amazing Dr. and has never been wrong yet. I don't take prescribed meds when the bouts occur, I just suffer through with Excedrin for Migraine. seems like none of us really has any concrete answers.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that an allergic reaction can only be an itching feeling that feels like its coming from inside the tooth? I have no other symptoms (skin or gum reaction) and I had assumed that getting a filling placed had aggravated the nerve and itching was just a side effect of the nerve death. The possibility that it could be an allergic reaction has me wondering. I'll take an antihistamine to see if it works. Having an itch you cannot scratch is very annoying.
Avatar n tn If there is no underlying pathology identified, it's probably a malfunction of central nervous system. Antidepressants(off-label use), gabapentin, pregablin, may help alleviate paresthesis or dysesthesia of mucosal symptoms. Seeing an oral pathologist or neurologist is advised.
388261 tn?1215403444 It takes a long time, and a lot of damned balls to self evaluate, to internalize all of the bullsh*t you have created, and get pissed off enough at yourself for the sh*t you have done to your loved ones, your body, mind and soul. Only then can you put the pieces back together. Only then, can you begin to break free of the pain you have built up around yourself. It's hard to go it alone, but there are millions of addicts out there who go through the same nightmare when they decide to stop.