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Avatar n tn Right before Thanksgving I was experiencing pain from a tooth with a 3 year crown. The crown felt lower as if it had shifted, there was pain sensitivity to hot/cold and it hurt when I bit down. The dentist sent me to an endodontist who discovered infection. I had a root canal done and was put on a regime of antibiotics for 10 days. The bite was off for some reason and that was adjusted as well. All the symptoms subsided except now there is a pain/soreness on the SIDES of the crowned tooth.
Avatar n tn It is not necessary to have a crown placed on ever tooth that has a root canal. That being said I am very cautious about what type of restoration I put in molars post RCT. I would be more inclined to place a crown on the molar for fear that it might fracture. It is possible that there are only two canals present.
Avatar n tn The gum around the tooth is hurting me real bad. The dentist said I needed a crown because my tooth was cracked. He said my gum was not infected and I only needed a crown. I went about 10 days ago and had the temp. put own and it still hurts around the gum and the pain feels like it is nerve and not the tooth. I can not eat anything on that side of my mouth and I am having to take pain medicine every 4 to 6 hrs for pain. The only relief I get is when I lay down and go to sleep.
Avatar m tn i was told by my dentist that it was normal that a crown is larger than the old tooth it replaced. ie. it feels like bigger and feels odd. is that right? but the maim problem feels tight. above the the tooth into the gum. more so in the morning. and dosnt feel like the other teeth. always a tight senation all the time. not painful or hurting. just a tight feeling. ok between the other teeth for flossing. ???
Avatar m tn I recently had a permanent crown put on one of my back molars. My tooth has been sensitive to certain things when the temporary was on there, but not the biting down part of it. When my dentitst was trying to fit my crown on and get the bite rite before she finally cemented it on, whenever she would put the crown on my tooth, I would get the pain, but then it would go away. She kept taking it off and on about 4 times.
Avatar n tn I have highly sensitive teeth, I have undergone 3 root canals already and suffer from TMJ. I am leary of getting the permanent crown on if my tooth does not quit hurting even though he said he can go through the back and do a root canal. what are my options? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I have not been to a dentist for about 15 years and I finally decided to get my teeth cleaned, not because my tooth was hurting. The new dentist told me that I had cavities where my old fillers where and wanted to fix it, so I said go ahead even though my tooth was not hurting. Ever since he has put the new filler in, my tooth has been in pain to the point where I have not been able to chew on it for 2 years.
Avatar f tn I had my very back bottom right tooth removed and had a crown put on the very back top right tooth. Four days after having the Procedures done I scheduled me an appointment to see the dentist again I was having top right Jaw Pain and pressure around the crown that was effecting my sleep.
Avatar n tn I would have the rct checked out and place the crown on temporarily until the tooth is totally asymptomatic.You did nothing to cause this problem.
Avatar f tn m not sure why the second tooth is hurting. If there was a root canal on it, there should be no nerves inside the tooth. The pain is most likely coming from the gums or the jaw bone around the tooth.
Avatar n tn It sounds like the crown is giving you the problem, not the tooth itself. So therefore, a root canal may or may not help. Unfortunately if the pain is coming from the tooth, the irritant is still present but the nerve is remove so no pain signal will be sent. But if the pain is coming from the gums, then a root canal will have no effect. I would try a new crown again.
Avatar n tn I experienced no pain with it.. I went to the dentist and he said it was going to require a crown. It is the second tooth on the bottom left. After they drilled it down to put the temp crown on it became very sensitive which I thought was normal as basically all I had was a stump of a tooth left. I did fine with my temp crown and got my permanent one on a month ago but I am having alot of sensitivity to cold and it still hurts some when I chew with that tooth.
Avatar f tn I just had a crown placed on a fractured tooth with mild decay.. The temp. crown became very sensitive and now the new crown is hurting..When the crown was placed on it I about jumped out of chair from the pain..They said it should go away but right now it is still hurting.. My friend said that I may need a root canal.. In which I wont have have, LOL..Dentist not my best friend... Has any had this problem and does it go away?
703897 tn?1248019974 If there was tight contact between natural tooth and temporary crown, and there is gap between final crown and natural tooth during final try in, the possible causes are: lab error, teeth shift due to occlusal trauma or periodontal disease. If provisional crown works well , i.e, optimally comfort chewing, no thermal sensitivity(vital tooth), final crown can be fabricated.
Avatar m tn My Dentist told me to first brush with sensitivity toothpaste then flouride rinse, then pusn extra toothpaste around the tooth at the gumline. I have been doing it for about 3 weeks, and all this did not help. I still get frequent pain, not only with cold, but sometimes out of the clear blue sky when I am sitting at my desk. I had absolutely zero pain during the 2 weeks that I wore the temporary. This is really frustrating and stresses me out.
Avatar n tn So should I allow the specialist to do them again? Why is my tooth still hurting? What is a permanent crown look like? Is it necessary to drill the crown if I need to redo the tooth? Should I make my dentist refound the money? Is her technique poor? Please help, thank you.
Avatar f tn I would not place the crown until the tooth is asymptomatic. The root canal tooth should be taken out of occlusion so that you can not bite on it. If the tooth is improving a little bit every day then I think you are on the right path, if not I think you need to see the doctor.
Avatar f tn The dental assistant used something along the gum line that would be temporary, eventually wearing off. Currently, the tooth with the composite filling is hurting. Not throbbing, but aching. I cannot chew on that side, and I am also slightly swollen on my cheek in the same area. We are currently out of town. Wll return home tomorrow. Should I contact my dentist now or just wait for Monday, which is 2 days away.
Avatar n tn I can even smell it in the floss after I have flossed the crown tooth. And the upper part of my front teeth is hurting sometimes (i meant the gum) and my front teeth bleeds easily. Pls help me about this.
Avatar n tn If the bite is right now, the pain will subside over the next few days. There is however, the chance that the tooth may need a root canal. Sometimes even from the trauma of the crown preparation, a root canal may be necessary. Give it a little more time now that the bite has been adjusted.
Avatar m tn I had the same problem with a crown. My crown had been hurting for two weeks and everytime I would rub the gum right above the crown, it had a smell. Then i had a smell from my nose. I went to the dentist and the xray showed nothing just red tissue around gum. He did not want to replace the crown and gave me antibiotics. One week later, the smell got worse and my tooth got worse. I went to the endodontist who originally did the root canal and he said my tooth was for sure infected.
Avatar n tn I am in horrible pain ~ My question is should I try to get an emergency extraction of the tooth that is black and hurting? Can the tooth be the cause of the ear infection? Please help, any advice is GREATLY appreciated...I am scheduled for the root-canal re-do in 6 days but I don't think I can make it.
Avatar f tn I had my second molar on the left crowned four years ago. Immediately I got a sinus infection. ever since then the doctor has had me on antibiotics at least every 3 months for my newly developed "cronic sinusitis". I told my dentist that the tooth was hurting after the crown, but he said that sometimes residual - (or ghost pain) could be felt after a crown was placed on a tooth.
Avatar f tn Once again no pain and I found a little chip of what looked to be like tooth chip, but was in fact a small chip of the side of a crown in the last tooth in the back of my mouth. Most of the crown is in tact except side of the crown area that was chipped and a little on top. There still is an under layer of porcelain left and metal in that area. As I said no pain. Next day I called the dentist and he is out until April 1.
Avatar f tn The first of December I had an upper right molar break off on the back side. I wanted to save the molar because it is one of the only ones I have left for grinding my food. The dentist put some composite in the broken area to see if it would hold because he said the cavity that caused it to break was close to the root canal. The dentist had me wait 2 weeks to see how the tooth would do to rule out root canal.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal and experienced prolonged drilling, deep and hard. This tooth was subsequently crowned. A few days after the root canal the tooth in front of it became quite sensitive. In fact, 5 days after the root canal I returned to the OS complaining of pain and wondering if it was the root canal, which he determined was not the case. Now my tooth is so extremely sensitive to cold and biting.