Wisdom tooth keeps growing

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Avatar n tn I had a one molar taken out before so I can have room for my braces and another for the abscess so you are saying that this should be my last molar and my wisdom tooth should be growing there? What explains the cracked white looking patch towards the back of my mouth?
Avatar n tn My gum on the back left side of my mouth is growing over my tooth, and it hurts a lot. I brush back there twice daily and floss under the sore gum, but it still hurts. My tooth itself doesn't seem to be rotting, just all of a sudden my gum is growing over the top of it. The flesh is really sore and is white some times. It is also very loose (I can pull it the flap away from the tooth). Please see the picture for more details.
Avatar f tn Hi.I have got some question about wisdom tooth problems. My all 4 wisdom teeths are growing. I have jaw stifness. Sometimes ear ringing and I have got little lymphnode on the right side of my neck near jaw maybe 2 centimeters big. May wisdom tooth cause that problems ?
Avatar m tn Most of the movement happened in the last 6 months which is why I am worried it will continue to get worse and worse. Though my wisdom teeth are pretty much done growing so if it is my wisdom teeth that moved things around then will my teeth continue to move? I don't want to spend 5k on invisalign and 1k on removing my wisdom teeth. Seems a bit absurd, I could pay some of my tuition, get a new car, pay my insurance for a long time, pay for rent etc.
Avatar f tn can i get my wisdom tooth pulled im only 17 and my wisdom tooth started growing out of nowere literally
Avatar f tn The last year or so i’ve Been feeling like another wisdom tooth is growing in on my lower left jaw where my wisdom tooth was. I am now 28, so it’s been 8 years. But it totally reminds me of when my wisdom teeth came in. Not sure what else this could be.
5739386 tn?1378836460 I'm having a real bad tooth ache and it my top and bottom wisdom tooth in the back. Ik it's ok to get it pulled while you pregnant. Just need an ok by my doc. But the thing about it is being awake while it happens..... Have anyone had it done before?
Avatar f tn I have my wisdom teeth growing, i have a concern on the left tooth on my bottom jaw. The molar that touches my wisdom tooth has its gum section on the front of the tooth detatched. It doesnt look like its receeding and it doesnt have any odd discoloration, just looks normal but detatched. My sister says that she had something like her gums detatching just to make room for adjustments on the new tooth. Is my gum just detatched to help me make my wisdom teeth to move better?
Avatar n tn The flap of skin is called an operculum, and is normal for a partially erupted tooth. The wisdom tooth most likely will not erupt fully and remain impacted. This somewhat submerged tooth will at times get infected and be very painful. You will need to have it evaluated and extracted soon.
Avatar n tn is now emerging. I myself had my wisdom teeth growing in sideways . I had them all removed. See a dentist... removing the tooth should not be too bad...if it is in an area causing disscomfort or pain.... but remember... when we remove our theeth the bone stucture inside goes away slowly... we need our teeth in our mouth for as long as possible... if we need dentures later on in life & have had alot of our theeth removerd then there is no bone structure to hold the dentures in place ...
Avatar f tn Waiting with wisdom teeth that are growing crooked can make the rest of your teeth go crooked as the wisdom tooth tries to push in. It can also give you a terribly nasty infection, pain in the jaw and tmj problems. All in all, I'd say have them out when there are no other problems but the simple tooth removal. Why wait until there is infection and impaction? If they can't get out because of other teeth and they are crooked, they are impacted. They can only cause a problem.
Avatar n tn I researched this and heard that it may be a fragment of wisdom tooth left on accident, and is finally being released from the gums. So I waited. Then about 1-2 months later I realized this seems to be a full-blown molar growing in. I have searched around the net and not found anything about this, is this normal? Is this going to be a horrible procedure to fix? I haven't seen a dentist in about 2 years, because at this point I am pretty scared until I find out what is going on.
Avatar n tn I apparently had my wisdom teeth out almost 10 years ago and now it feels like i have one growing back. And where the place on my gums is, a hard piece, i assume a tooth, is erupting through. Is this possible? what is it?
Avatar f tn I think the problem is with your wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth might be pushing all of your teeth in due to its growing sideways. This is causing a block and nerve damage. This ight has caused you a feel of sensitivity. Get your wisdom teeth removed.
Avatar f tn I've been searching all over the internet and I don't know if I have TMJ or just something else. I can barely open my mouth an inch and my jaw feels locked. I can't even yawn in peace anymore or even brush my teeth properly without feeling pain when I try to open my mouth more. This has gone on for three days. I feel a swelling-like bump when I touch the outside of my face.
Avatar f tn I have a similar situation. My wisdom tooth was in the lower right side and growing lying down in the gum.(like a T for example, the line stands for how my widsom tooth was growing into the top of the T. So I have the whole present as well, but I noticed that part of the wisdom tooth still appears to be there and its very painful just to barely touch it,seems partly broken. Should I be concerned, Should this bony parts/chipped tooth parts be removed or will gum just grow over and this be fine.
Avatar f tn I gave him oral sex, I had a wisdom tooth growing is this a risk of hiv?? Since then I can feel a lymph node in my neck, 1 on my thigh and one on the bottom of my leg. Are these hiv symptoms and will my glands/lymph nodes swell this quick. Can it be due to any other std from oral or am I just being paranoid pleaaseeee help!
Avatar m tn and when i est salt i get like (its like that skin where the tooth was growing gets inflamed and hurts for like two days:(
Avatar n tn Since then my dentist has said that he can remove the adjacent wisdom tooth himself under local (other dentist referred me to hospital). the wisdom tooth itself has "rotted" and all thats left is the root, so he said it will be a tricky and quite long job. I am concerned about this, knowing the bone is still healing and regrowing in the molar extraction socket next to it, and I am very worried about damage to the new bone that is still growing.
Avatar f tn My wisdom tooth is growing on the right bottom of my mouth and it HURTS. My dad's going to take me to the dentist one of these days though to help about it. I've been taking ibuprofen these past 2 days *advil* to just ease the pain, but the swelling really hurts and got my node lymph glands next to my jaw a little swollen because of the wisdom tooth. Any way to help the pain or make the swelling go down? And how long will this last until my gum is normal again.
Avatar n tn Hi, I recently had a painful extraction, got dry socket - coped with both. Now my wisdom teeth are growing rapidly and causing terrible pain. But, I do think that one of my small molars which is with filling is sore - does this mean definate root canal?
Avatar n tn I have had a small hard lump behind my right ear for about 2 years now, it doesnt hurt or itch, Iv'e noticed it since my wisdom teeth started growing out 2 years ago. It never really bother me, and some times it just goes away for a few days and then comes back.
Avatar f tn When i was pregnant with my first my wisdom teeth came in also so i kno how you feel but 2 weeks after i had my baby i got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled yea its not fun being pregnant nd wisdom teeth growing all at once it really does su*ck im sorry you have to go through that while pregnant