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Avatar f tn Have not had the crown placed yet but I am having pain when heat hits the tooth is this normal or could there be something wrong? I will be having the crown placed in 2 weeks should I go in sooner..
Avatar n tn I am feeling sensitivity to heat only among the teeth on the upper left side of my mouth and have had no sensitivity to cold. Last week I went to the dentist for a check-up (the heat sensitivity started suddenly the night before---not really pain and not long lasting). She was suspicious of a tooth (#13) but couldn't see any problems in new x-rays or as she probed it. When the heat sensitivity continued, I went back yesterday and she found that I had a cracked filling in #15.
Avatar m tn I thought they had to get the tooth down to a similar size to crown the tooth after a root canal. If the tooth was ok for a crown would it not be a good candidate for a root canal? I've had two full days of antibiotics, very little relief - esp to heat. What I don't want them doing is putting the final crown on next Friday when this pain is still not pin pointed.
Avatar n tn The permanent crown was put on three weeks ago. I went to the dentist one week ago becuase the tooth is still sore- sore to the touch and it hurts to chew on something hard. I would describe it as feeling the way it feels when you touch a bruise. It also seems heat sensitive. I returned to the dentist Saturday to see an "associate" of my dentist. He took and x-ray and told me the root canal looked good and the seal on the crown was good.
Avatar n tn It may be that the crown does not fit properly or that the bite is off. Did the tooth hurt immediately after the crown was placed (even in the temporary crown) or did it take a while? Sometimes it does take a while for a root canal to be necessary. Is there any radiographic evidence of infection at the apex(tip) of the tooth. If it is not the bite or fit of the crown, it sounds like a root canal would be the way to go. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal & crown a year ago. With an increased frequency I have noted heat sensitivity for the tooth with the crown. I have also been having an slightly achey jaw. My dentist said my pockets are fine - x ray appears normal. Would antibiotics solve this problem or does it appear I'll need to get the crown taken off and another root canal done? Thanks for your responses.
Avatar n tn There were no symptoms prior to the crown. The tooth is not sensitive to heat/cold or biting on something. Could the injection of anesthegia hit a nerve to cause this? If so, what is prognosis, treatment, and length of recovery.
Avatar n tn I had a permanent crown on my third lower molar without any root canal the tooth was cracked but at that time my dentist said no need for root canal. Almost 2 years later its suddenly sensitive and pressure pain when eating. I went to the dentist and I was told nothing was wrong with the tooth. Is it possible my bite if off since I have a bad tmj.
Avatar n tn The #19 tooth was immediately very sensitive to heat and cold, and to any pressure from chewing (but not biting down without food there). I re-visited the dentist a week later, and he did some adjusting and refitting of the temporary crown and sealing of the "margins". This helped immensely with the temperature sensitivity, but any pressure on the top of the tooth when chewing food immediately produces a sharp pain, which goes away as soon as the pressure is off.
Avatar f tn I just had a crown placed on a fractured tooth with mild decay.. The temp. crown became very sensitive and now the new crown is hurting..When the crown was placed on it I about jumped out of chair from the pain..They said it should go away but right now it is still hurting.. My friend said that I may need a root canal.. In which I wont have have, LOL..Dentist not my best friend... Has any had this problem and does it go away?
Avatar n tn I got a second opinion and that dentist said the temporary crown was a very poor fit, no contact was being made between the crown and neihboring tooth, and my cross-bite was making it difficult to get the crown to meet right, food was probably getting under it, and the pain I was experiencing could likely be caused by the bad fit of the temporary crown. Neither dentist saw an abcess or obvious deterioration of the root on my XRay.
Avatar n tn I just had a root canal on my right tooth (located between my front tooth and canine). There was already a crown on this tooth. I went to my dentist about 2.5 weeks ago, and he sent me to the endodontist. The endo performed the canal through the crown and told me to come back in 2 weeks, which I did. (When I came back, he said "did you move this appointment, or something? I said yes, actually, the receptionist was going to schedule me for Weds, but I moved it to Thursday.
Avatar n tn Then in January 2007, I underwent a free gingival graft procedure where tissue was harvested from my palate - the site was directly adjacent to the tooth with the new crown. Since graft procedure, the crowned tooth has become extremely sensitive to heat and cold and is also uncomfortable with chewing pressure. The tissue graft and harvest site have healed perfectly and both look "excellent" according to the periodontist that performed the procedure.
Avatar n tn I have a four year old root canal on a molar with crown. tooth #19 Went to dentist for toothache and heat sensitivity with lingering pain as well as cold sensitive. No pressure pain and crown not loose. X-ray shows root canal done properly and opposing teeth are fine. Given two weeks of antobiotics which I've finished and no relief. There is a bit of recession at gum line of this tooth. What do I do now? I have been taking ibuprophen 2-3 times daily for last month.
Avatar n tn the muscle issue should resolve w massage/heat packs etc-- like any other muscle spasm. the tooth may have a pulpitis--which is an inflamed nerve from the crown being high. it is usually reversible and should be ok. if not, the tooth may need root canal treatment, but i would not make this decision quickly. unkless the pain is severe, i'd give it weeks if not months to calm down. swelling, fever, spontaneous throbbing pain are signs that you may need root canal treatment.
Avatar n tn was successful, but did not start having problems until the permanent crown was put on Nov. 2006. For 4 months have been unable to eat on the tooth or left side of mouth at all; experience burning after brushing; severe pain when attempting to eat on that side; biting tongue and inside of cheek when talking and swallowing; extreme tenderness around the crown area; feeling of expansion when warm liquids are in the mouth. Extreme sensitivity to cold/heat/air.
Avatar f tn Now all of a sudden over the past week or so, I have had sensitivity to heat in that tooth. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Just to reassure myself I took a tooth pick and touched up along the top of this tooth around the gum line where the crown meets the gum. I feel pain when I touch the top of that tooth where some exposed dentin is. I am at a loss. My doctor said its not his root canal. But my tooth still hurts. I am certain its not other teeth feeling the pain. He said it would be very rare to have another canal in that tooth and I would be a textbook case if this was the reason.
Avatar n tn Horizontal fracture of root is generally revealed by x-ray. Vertical fracure in the early stage can not be detected by x-ray. However, cilinical symptoms such as abscess or gum swelling may occur. In addition, a surgical exploration can reveal a crack line.Short post is probably not the cause of clinical symptoms. If there is no radiographic pathology identified on x-ray, redo root canal is probably not helpful.
Avatar n tn I have managed to get an appointment with the relief dentist and was happy to be told all was well with the tooth and crown. The problem seems to be with the GAP created when the original tooth was made smaller for the crown. The Temporary crown does not fill this GAP between the tooth and the preceeding tooth. The gum here is inflamed, probably because of food that is been pushed downwards when I chew. I have been given a special gell to apply and all should come good.
Avatar n tn I am having pain when the tooth is exposed to heat...any heat, even warm.Nothing seems to happen when there is cold,but I haven't really tried direct contact with cold. I can put my tongue over the tooth after I have eaten something warm and get intense pain. I have not gone to the dentist yet. I have had this pain for several months now and am wondering if it is serious enough for the crown to be replaced. I'm looking for what the right procedure for this will be.
Avatar m tn I had a root canal and crown on my top 2nd molar from back about 15 years ago. The tooth never did feel quite right, and the endo back then gave me some antibiotics and eventually the discomfort left or I just learned to ignore it. However, lately it has become a problem such that too much pressure chewing will start a soreness that feels like a periodontal ligament like pain (I am just guessing). I also get this if I grab the tooth and move it around - and after soreness etc.
Avatar n tn I was prepped for a crown last month but the tooth (an upper molar) was extremely sensitive to bite and heat and cold. It was determined last week that the tooth needed a root canal done on it. When the dentist did the root canal, the first 3 canals went extremely well and quickly, better than I expected (this was my first root canal) but the 4th canal was calcified.
Avatar n tn i had a root canal done on my lower left second molar a little over a year ago. i didn't get a crown, just some sort of filling. about two weeks ago a piece of enamel from that tooth fell off, and i've been feeling a lot of heat sensitivity and sometimes pain while chewing in that area. my dentist said the root canal was fine and that my pain was unrelated to the enamel falling off. what should i do? is my dentist wrong, should i get a crown on that tooth?
Avatar f tn In a couple of weeks I am going to get a post and a temporary crown then a few weeks after that I will get a permanent crown. Maybe you should call him and ask for a stronger painkiller.
697381 tn?1228011309 However, when I visited my dentist about this (one month ago), I had some additional dental work that needed to be done, so before she did the mold for the temp crown, she wanted to drill the cavity out of tooth 4 and the nerve became exposed, so she put a temp crown on that tooth then I had a root canal done on tooth one week ago. I had no pain with this particular root canal. I also had a cavity in tooth 2, so she filled that one.
Avatar f tn I had 5 fittings to put this crown (#13 tooth) in and get the size and fit right. It's porcelain over noble metal and today the back half of the porcelain cracked over while eating a soft meatloaf!! Now what? Will this Dentist have to work on it even though my insurance ended? Will he charge me? Is there something wrong with his lab? I don't have the piece (I think I swallowed it) so will he glue on something else or remove the crown and send it back to the lab?
Avatar n tn I had a root canal nine months ago on my upper left molar (#16), about 19 months after my then-dentist nicked the root of the tooth during a filling. A permanent crown was placed six weeks after the root canal. Since the crown was put on, I have sometimes had very short, infrequent episodes of mild pain in the tooth when biting, typically caused by food getting trapped by the tooth, that always resolve themselves.