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Avatar n tn I am having pain when the tooth is exposed to heat...any heat, even warm.Nothing seems to happen when there is cold,but I haven't really tried direct contact with cold. I can put my tongue over the tooth after I have eaten something warm and get intense pain. I have not gone to the dentist yet. I have had this pain for several months now and am wondering if it is serious enough for the crown to be replaced. I'm looking for what the right procedure for this will be.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal & crown a year ago. With an increased frequency I have noted heat sensitivity for the tooth with the crown. I have also been having an slightly achey jaw. My dentist said my pockets are fine - x ray appears normal. Would antibiotics solve this problem or does it appear I'll need to get the crown taken off and another root canal done? Thanks for your responses.
Avatar n tn Then in January 2007, I underwent a free gingival graft procedure where tissue was harvested from my palate - the site was directly adjacent to the tooth with the new crown. Since graft procedure, the crowned tooth has become extremely sensitive to heat and cold and is also uncomfortable with chewing pressure. The tissue graft and harvest site have healed perfectly and both look "excellent" according to the periodontist that performed the procedure.
Avatar n tn After replacement the tooth was cold sensitive, intermittantly heat sensitive and mildly painful if I chewed on something hard. I finally went in for a recheck last week and had the tooth radiographed. My dentist said all looked fine with the radiograph but she could see the crack on the lingual surface of the molar and would be best to do a crown though she did not feel I needed a root canal. I went in for the crown prep yesterday. The tooth was mildy sensitive during drilling/filing.
Avatar n tn Once you alter the tooth under the crown, the crown isn't going to fit as perfectly as it did before which can lead to many problems. My first thought would be that maybe the bite is a little off. If the crown is high, an adjustment may be needed to alleviate the pressure on that tooth. If the crown fits perfect and all margins are sealed, you shouldn't experience any sensitivity.
Avatar n tn I had a permanent crown on my third lower molar without any root canal the tooth was cracked but at that time my dentist said no need for root canal. Almost 2 years later its suddenly sensitive and pressure pain when eating. I went to the dentist and I was told nothing was wrong with the tooth. Is it possible my bite if off since I have a bad tmj.
Avatar n tn The permanent crown was put on three weeks ago. I went to the dentist one week ago becuase the tooth is still sore- sore to the touch and it hurts to chew on something hard. I would describe it as feeling the way it feels when you touch a bruise. It also seems heat sensitive. I returned to the dentist Saturday to see an "associate" of my dentist. He took and x-ray and told me the root canal looked good and the seal on the crown was good.
Avatar n tn I returned to my dentist with symptoms of neck pain/headaches,thumping in my ear and sensitivity to heat with my new crown. After taking X-rays discovered the bite was off as you had suggested from my other question. The crown was taken down a lot in size........symptoms with headache and neck pain disappeared within 24 hours. Noise in ear continued.....returned 2 days later and crown was taken down again in size.... Within hours thumping stopped!!! All symptons were gone for 1 1/2 days.......
Avatar n tn I now have sensation to heat in 2 of them, and permanent discomfort in one of them which worsens when chewing(this is one of the heat sensitive ones). The 3rd is not acting up as much. My dentist said occlusion could be a problem and did some adjusting, but the sensations continue. Should I see endodoncist to verify root canals, or use special toothpaste for sensitive teeth? How long should I wait for sensitivity to go away?
Avatar n tn It was causing me pain after the crown had been put on and I went back to get it ground down as it is a fairly large crown. I am experiencing pain in a tooth to heat but one day I ate a bananna and I got the same pain. I have a crown and the teeth on either side of the crown pain me when the dentist taps them. I just cannot tell which tooth is causing me the pain. I eat hot food and sloup delibaeralty to try adn detect the pain and do not know which one NOR do the dentists.
Avatar f tn Third but less likely possibility can be any minor high point in the crown after RCtreatment which can also cause pain in the tooth. Consult a dentist !!!
Avatar n tn She was suspicious of a tooth (#13) but couldn't see any problems in new x-rays or as she probed it. When the heat sensitivity continued, I went back yesterday and she found that I had a cracked filling in #15. She removed the old silver filling, put in a temporary filling and told me to come back in two weeks to see if the tooth calmed down. Unfortunately, I am still feeling the heat sensitivity, but it does not appear to be coming from the back of my mouth--more toward the front.
Avatar f tn I just had a crown placed on a fractured tooth with mild decay.. The temp. crown became very sensitive and now the new crown is hurting..When the crown was placed on it I about jumped out of chair from the pain..They said it should go away but right now it is still hurting.. My friend said that I may need a root canal.. In which I wont have have, LOL..Dentist not my best friend... Has any had this problem and does it go away?
Avatar f tn Now all of a sudden over the past week or so, I have had sensitivity to heat in that tooth. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn It went away and I stopped worrying about it. When I went in to get my permanent crown placed, my tooth was very sensitive, so the dentist took a few x-rays. She told me that I might need a root canal if it stays sensitive, but also that I had an impacted wisdom tooth (right behind the molar that was getting a crown) that she recommended be removed in the next 6 months. She said it was really high up in my jaw and hard to get on x-ray.
Avatar n tn most often heat sensitivity is due to infection or an incomplete root canal BUT i have had the same problem as you and it is not an infection and four roots were removed. i have a root fracture. i have had the tooth and the pain for around five years. the dentist said that someday it will probably fracture further and cause a bunch of pain or get infected and i will have to have it pulled. mine was expensive too and i am keeping it as long as possible.
Avatar f tn Have not had the crown placed yet but I am having pain when heat hits the tooth is this normal or could there be something wrong? I will be having the crown placed in 2 weeks should I go in sooner..
Avatar n tn was successful, but did not start having problems until the permanent crown was put on Nov. 2006. For 4 months have been unable to eat on the tooth or left side of mouth at all; experience burning after brushing; severe pain when attempting to eat on that side; biting tongue and inside of cheek when talking and swallowing; extreme tenderness around the crown area; feeling of expansion when warm liquids are in the mouth. Extreme sensitivity to cold/heat/air.
Avatar n tn the muscle issue should resolve w massage/heat packs etc-- like any other muscle spasm. the tooth may have a pulpitis--which is an inflamed nerve from the crown being high. it is usually reversible and should be ok. if not, the tooth may need root canal treatment, but i would not make this decision quickly. unkless the pain is severe, i'd give it weeks if not months to calm down. swelling, fever, spontaneous throbbing pain are signs that you may need root canal treatment.
Avatar n tn I had a crown lengthening procedure 3 weeks ago. I was fine until 3 days ago when I developed pain and swelling in my lower jaw. The procedure was done to my upper teeth. I saw the dentist that next day and he took xrays and said that the tooth was healing well but my lymph node was swollen. He put me on cipro. I took it for 24 hours and woke up today with increased pain which now hurts when I open my mouth or smile and extends now to my upper cheek bone.
697381 tn?1228014909 However, when I visited my dentist about this (one month ago), I had some additional dental work that needed to be done, so before she did the mold for the temp crown, she wanted to drill the cavity out of tooth 4 and the nerve became exposed, so she put a temp crown on that tooth then I had a root canal done on tooth one week ago. I had no pain with this particular root canal. I also had a cavity in tooth 2, so she filled that one.
Avatar n tn Ive used all my insurance money on the stupid crown and if my dentist is going to recommend a root canal and anther crown I am going to lose it. What happens if they just pull the tooth? You can't see it, its in the back. Do you have to have a crown or bridge? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/937394'>Pain after permanent crown</a>.
Avatar n tn I had a temporary crown put on exactly one week ago. I was fine until about 3 days later when it started to ache (I equate it to the slight discomfort after having braces tightened.) Since then it has been intermittent. One 200 mg advil takes care of it, however if I do not take one right before bed it wears off and wakes me up in the middle of the night. I think I grind my teeth at night, which could explain the pain at night.
Avatar m tn I thought they had to get the tooth down to a similar size to crown the tooth after a root canal. If the tooth was ok for a crown would it not be a good candidate for a root canal? I've had two full days of antibiotics, very little relief - esp to heat. What I don't want them doing is putting the final crown on next Friday when this pain is still not pin pointed.
Avatar m tn I had some cold and heat sensitivity for the first few days but that is getting better (my temporary crown was very sensitive and painful, I was taking ibuprofen but have not needed any after the first two days with my new permanent crown). When I floss I notice that there is a little gap at the back of the crown, between the crown and gum line. Any thoughts about what is going on?
Avatar m tn I couldn't afford one at the time and was not in any pain at all so I neglected to do anything about it. Later, that cracked tooth pretty much fell apart, however, no pain... no insurance either so i didn't bother to see someone. I just kept the area clean with flossing several times a day. About 2 months ago I got insurance, got a cleaning and examination. I had them check out the tooth, they said that #19 could be fixed with a crown and # 18 needed a filling.
Avatar n tn The #19 tooth was immediately very sensitive to heat and cold, and to any pressure from chewing (but not biting down without food there). I re-visited the dentist a week later, and he did some adjusting and refitting of the temporary crown and sealing of the "margins". This helped immensely with the temperature sensitivity, but any pressure on the top of the tooth when chewing food immediately produces a sharp pain, which goes away as soon as the pressure is off.
Avatar n tn I got a second opinion and that dentist said the temporary crown was a very poor fit, no contact was being made between the crown and neihboring tooth, and my cross-bite was making it difficult to get the crown to meet right, food was probably getting under it, and the pain I was experiencing could likely be caused by the bad fit of the temporary crown. Neither dentist saw an abcess or obvious deterioration of the root on my XRay.