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Avatar m tn My concern is obviously food getting caught undernear the temp and into the tooth. Is this normal for a temporary crown? Also, if I drink water, and swish on that side of the mouth, I get loot of sensitivty pain. Is this due to being a temp crown and will it go away with a permanment? #30 already had a root canal done, so I suspect #31 is the culprit.
Avatar m tn I recently had a permanent crown put on one of my back molars. My tooth has been sensitive to certain things when the temporary was on there, but not the biting down part of it. When my dentitst was trying to fit my crown on and get the bite rite before she finally cemented it on, whenever she would put the crown on my tooth, I would get the pain, but then it would go away. She kept taking it off and on about 4 times.
Avatar n tn Now my bite does feel pretty good, but my crown is sensitive when I eat or put pressure on the tooth. Its been roughly 2 weeks since the procedure, with this go away in time, or is there somethign else wrong here, or that can be done?
Avatar f tn The tooth for the back part of the bridge had a crown on it with a previous root canal from about 10 years ago. I had never had any problems with this tooth. Once the bridge was placed, I had severe sensitivity and pain from the back tooth. I've gone to the dentist several times and he always makes some excuse as to why it is hurting. Once, there was cement in the gum line. Second, the nerves need to die around the tooth.
Avatar n tn Now I am going on 3 weeks with temporary crown on and pressure pain and slight throbbing of the tooth. Is it possible that my tooth will not recover after being filed down for a crown? The tooth was perfectly fine until it was prepped for a crown. I have highly sensitive teeth, I have undergone 3 root canals already and suffer from TMJ. I am leary of getting the permanent crown on if my tooth does not quit hurting even though he said he can go through the back and do a root canal.
Avatar n tn Originally, I was told that the remaining tooth structure was about 2 to 3 mm away from the root and that if it did not become sensitive, the tooth would be restored with an onlay. However, upon arriving to the appointment, he decided to do a crown. When I asked why a crown instead of an onlay, I was told a crown would provide a longer lifetime to the restoration so I agreed. If it helps to know the cavity was only affecting the MO surfaces.
Avatar n tn There is also a strange metallic taste in my mouth that was not there before and I spit up trace amounts of blood last night. The tooth is also sensitive to temperature. I am also exhausted from not sleeping last night, I just couldn't get comfortable. Prior to the crown, I had no pain at all even though the tooth was cracked. During the procedure yesterday, the dentist told me that the condition of the tooth was worse than he originally thought during the initial consult a week ago.
Avatar n tn He recommended NOT putting a crown on that tooth. So my question is, would there be another more conservative restorative process other than getting a crown like an onlay / inlay. Should I wait until this filling needs replaced. I concerned me when she said she had to drill very deep. I am concerned that in the future, it's going to cause me more problems.
Avatar n tn s still sore to chew on the tooth with any kind of food. I have just been through so much with this tooth since June that I have been very disapointed in the lack of progress with getting my mouth back to normal with no pain or sensitivity. This crown also continues to feel abnormal in my mouth like it's too big and heavy. My natural teeth feel so lightweight in conjuction to this object in my mouth. He did a ton of adjusting on it before he even cemented it on permanently.
Avatar n tn Many stronger cements draw moisture out of the tooth and can leave it very sensitive. If your tooth was prepared correctly so that the crown tucks under your gums, it should never leak or decay. Rest assured, your tooth should be just fine. I would be more concerned about the fracture under the crown. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Did you have any pain with the temporary? A loud crack isn't a good sound to have. The crown may have cracked but judging by your pain, the tooth may have cracked. You'll need to go back to your dentist to get it evaluated.
Avatar m tn They put 2 new temporary crowns on my teeth. After this, I was very sensitive to cold on my left tooth but the right tooth was fine. The right tooth was the one I had the root canal done on. Then I went back a few weeks later for the permanent crown and they took the temporary off and my left tooth was extremely sensitive to cold, to air, to everything. The permanent crowns they sent were the wrong color so they had to send them back out and I had to get temporary ones put on again.
Avatar n tn The next day while brushing with warm water it hit the tooth with the crown. AND MORE TEARS That pain then affected my whole left side. The today(7/8) the pain has been centralized with the molar that has the crown. The tooth is sensitive to biting and touching. It also looks a little swollen What could have the dentist missed? Where is the pain really coming from?
Avatar n tn You should not be having pain when you bite. Did the tooth have a root canal? was that considered? If the tooth is not showing any improvement then a visit to your dentist is in order. Also make sure that you are not impacting any food between the teeth. When you floss there should be resistance otherwise the contact is open and that has to be corrected.
Avatar f tn It seems to be most sensitive between the temporary crown and the tooth just behind it. Is it possible the root to the tooth behind the root canal is damaged? I went back to my dentist and he said everything looks fine and the pain should subside with time. I'm just concerned about permanently placing the finished crown (appt is next week) without finding the cause to my existing pain. ..any advice would be most appreciated!
Avatar n tn I then had crown lenghtening surgery in the same upper back area as I had develped a deep pocket (I was told there was not enough margin from gum to tooth from the original crown placement) After several months of healing, I had the permanant crown placed on the two back upper teeth. The very last back tooth seems to be fine. The second to last tooth has been sensitive since the temporary crown was placed. Its been over 3 months and it is still sensitive to the touch and when I chew.
Avatar n tn I was told that if keeps bothering for 2 or more weeks then he might remove the crown and check the tooth. The tooh is sensitive with cold and hot and pressure pain when eating hard food. The pain goes all the way to the gums but its a pressure pain. It feel like someone is pressing the tooth forcefully. I also have a bad headache after eating. my jaws hurts. I have a bad tmj.
Avatar n tn With an increased frequency I have noted heat sensitivity for the tooth with the crown. I have also been having an slightly achey jaw. My dentist said my pockets are fine - x ray appears normal. Would antibiotics solve this problem or does it appear I'll need to get the crown taken off and another root canal done? Thanks for your responses.
Avatar n tn I think I would place a temporary crown on the tooth that is most sensitive to percussion. If all is well after a period of time then a more permanent crown can be fabricated. If this does not work then you would have to consider the adjacent tooth or redoing the root canal on one or both.
Avatar m tn same thing its sensitive to cold and not hot but chewing near that tooth and if it gets hit with food it sends a is your tooth now? did you have the permenant crowned yet? my appointment is june 18th and im going to have six new implant teeth and all my upper teeth crwoned..the only one that is upsetting is that left back molar..let me know..
Avatar n tn Hello again, I hav been to the dentist again who had drilled and realigned the tooth ll5 which i damaged with crown above, it is not quite so sensitive but my ear still cracks from a nerve that is trapped....... It does feel slighlty better they drilled crown off and ll5 but unfortunatley my ear is still damaged, will i ever get rid of this problem???
Avatar n tn It could be the bite or it could need a root canal. Sometimes after a crown is placed, the tooth can be sensitive due to the trauma of drilling the tooth. This could lead to the tooth requiring a root canal. You should have your dentist check the bite, the crown margins and also the vitality and sensitivity of the tooth. She should not have to live in pain so don't wait too long to go.
Avatar n tn Maybe the temp is not fitting well and that is what may be the cause of the discomfort.I would not be happy with placing a crown on this tooth with the symtoms as they are. I don't know if you will need RCT but I don't think you are going to keep removing and replacing the finished crown.
Avatar f tn At any rate tooth is still sensitive to hot and cold. I went in to the endo who did the procedure and he touchd the tooth with cold and at the time in his office I did not feel much pain, but at the right angle on the back of this tooth, I will feel cold and its a sharp pain. Just to reassure myself I took a tooth pick and touched up along the top of this tooth around the gum line where the crown meets the gum. I feel pain when I touch the top of that tooth where some exposed dentin is.
Avatar n tn There was one tooth, upper left back molar that he was unable to repair, and instead, replaced with a crown. Since that time, I have always been sensitive to that tooth, my tongue constantly touching it, and every time I mentioned it to the dentist or dental assistants, they say the crown and gum look fine. I have always had sinus infections in the past, they seem to come as the common cold for me. Christmas 2018, I had a sinus infection which included an enormous amount of tooth pain.
Avatar m tn I was just wondering when he did the root canal, and with all of the shots, could that have made the adjacent tooth more sensitive? Or would the tooth that had the root canal still have some pain, or pressure whenever I bite down?
Avatar f tn if it is only sensitive to pressure it sounds like it just needs the bite adjusted. this is very easy and should be free.