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Avatar f tn Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm glad you've seen your doctor and that they've been treating you. If they suspected throat cancer, I am sure they'd do the necessary tests to check on that diagnosis. Here is a link to information on throat cancer including the symptoms that people typically suffer. https://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar f tn I now have red lumps in the back of my throat. I still have the other symptoms. Inflamed tonsils,bump on gum,earache in left ear,and hoarseness. How does one know if this is throat cancer or allergies?
Avatar m tn Hi I am 19 year old Male and last Tuesday it began to feel like something was in the back of my throat and i think its my tonsils. I have seen to doctors each saying they see nothing wrong that my tonsils are inflamed and that I have very little to no lymph nodes enlarged. I feel like its only one side of my tonsils that is larger than the other and I am very concerned that this is tonsil cancer it has been driving me nuts.
735676 tn?1257572226 I have a history of thyroid cancer, so I am worried this might be throat cancer or something else more serious. Can you please help me figure out what this might be and if I need to go and see a specialist? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi a couple of months ago I had an infection that caused a swollen lymph which has gone down. The lymph node was from infected tonsils. I had lumps and bumps on the back of my throat that I still there even after I had my tonsils out 4weeks ago. I have a skin coloured bump that has been on the tongue for over a month.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend has just undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy for head and neck cancer .... he has had tonsils removed, lymph glands removed and still has the sore throat when swallowing , a feeling s if there is something at the back of the throat . A few weeks ago he had a camera up the nose and down the throat and found to have a lesion on the vocal cord ...he's waiting to go have another biopsie on this , do you think this could be another case of cancer ?
Avatar f tn What you describe on the tonsils may just be 'Keratosis Tonsillis" and one need not worry about the same. But rather than guessing about what may be causing your problem, it is advisable to visit an ENT and get the expert advice. One component (Benzazepril) of Lotrel can produce dry cough as a side effect. Nadolol is known to produce bronchospasm (asthma) in some. So, if you are still taking the above medicines, it may mean a visit back to your regular doctor as well.
Avatar n tn Hoping someone can help...I have had a feeling in my throat that is only apparent when I speak for 5 months now. It's like there is something there, maybe a lump, but I only really feel it when I speak. It's almost like there is something "flapping" and sometimes it feels a little lower in my throat, sometimes a little higher. It feels near my tonsils.
Avatar f tn Sore in the back of throat. Just one that is sort of blotchy. Red inflamed area with blotchy white spots and is painful. It is not on the tonsils and is on the back of the roof of the mouth. Person is a smoker and drinker. Only one location.
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
Avatar f tn s I now have immune disorder and that concerned PCP white count is 15000 and has been on the last 2 cbc blood test. PCP checked my throat to be sure tonsils didnt grow back states he sees something on the base of my tongue but states we have 2 sets of tonsils 1 upper and 1 lower and feels there is a mass on the lower that may not have been completly removed.
1377967 tn?1279068898 although my tonsils are swollen im in no pain but they have large gashes in them, no bleeding, and what seems like puss, i am going to the dr tomorrow but i was just wondering what it could be, im scared it could be throat cancer.
Avatar m tn Hi. That visible white sore on the left side of your throat is probably an exudate (discharge) from your tonsils which are located on the sides of your throat. As such, it's most likely a manifestation of an ongoing infection rather than throat cancer. Cancer takes some time to develop into a clinically detectable disease, usually years to decades. So even if you've been chewing tobacco for the past two to three years, it's probably too soon for full-blown cancer to manifest.
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old male that has had a sore throat for over 2 months. My tonsils are swollen and it appears to be white patches in the very back of the throat behind the tonsils. My doctor diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis and my ENT diagnosed me with acid reflux. I am currently taking 10mg 2x per day of Omeprazole. The ENT stated that it would take up to 3 months of taking the medication to see any change in the throat.
Avatar f tn Just recently ive looked in my mouth with a flashlight and noticed that the very back of my throat looks like its infected. The back looks red and the tonsils are also red. The back base of my tongue looks very white. I also notice what looks like a yellowish white zit looking thing near the tonsils. The tonsils themselves look very bumpy, discolored,and infected. It looks like thwy are eother growing larger or there is growth forming on them which in return worries me.
Avatar f tn Have You Went To A Doctor Yet ? Lol It’s Not Throat Cancer Only If You Smoke ..
Avatar m tn Two years back my grand mother died of blood cancer and seven years before that my dads mother died of cancer, as well as my dads dad also died of cancer, I used to be a heavy drinker cause I used to be in the armed forces and I am a heavy smoker. Please Advice.
Avatar m tn my throat has been hurting and now i looked in it and deep in there i see a pink lump its not my tonsils i know what they look like its more in the middle everytime i eat i vomit it back up i feel i have cold sweats at night and im only 17 so im not thinking cancer but i do smoke and have smoked for a while now someone please just give me an answer
Avatar f tn Throat cancers are classified according to their cell structure and are most often named after the area in which the cancer is growing. For example, cancer of the tonsils is called tonsil cancer. The location of the cancer often determines the patient's prognosis, as throat cancers in certain locations are more aggressive than other throat cancers. The stage of the throat cancer is also important to recovery, as cancer is easiest to cure when it is caught in its early stages.
Avatar m tn and the sergury already has been like about a year and some months, after having them taken out i noticed my throat was different not only the fact that my tonsils were no longer there but my throat is always itchy and i always have mucas ummm... let me see my piercing! i got my toung pierced last friday and today is now sunday its been about aweek and somedays...