How does throat cancer kill you

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Avatar f tn t kill you. The rare form of thyroid cancer does kill quickly, but again, it is rare. You would notice it growing very quickly. My friend's mom had medulary thyroid cancer, her tumor grew huge within a couple of weeks. The voice change is a concern, but does not always mean cancer. There is a nerve that runs through the thyroid, the nodule is probably pressing on it, but it doesn't always mean cancer.
Avatar m tn for real. Next door neighbor caught lung and throat cancer and checked out in a year or less. How much time doe I have plus how many cat scans is too many? They want to do another one the 24th of this mo. My primary provider is not certain that that is a good idea. I have had 3 already this year. Are they trying to kill me?
Avatar f tn There are no experts on this website, it's just folks. What I can tell you is that cold weather has no effect in and of itself on getting sick. That has to do with your immune system, and sometimes cold weather does put stress on people that causes the immune system to weaken. But you say you've had 3 throat infections, and an infection is a very different thing from getting a cold or having a sore throat as a result of getting the flu.
2099644 tn?1333410460 now i have a lump in my face up under the skin. you can not see it, but it does hurt when touched. I want to know can cancer spread from your throat to your face. I have had the radiation treatment for my thyriod surgeries, was told that the radiation would kill off the rest of the cancer tissues. Or because cyst run on my mother side of family, and I have had so many already removed, is there a chance this could be a knew cyst? and it could be cancerous?
Avatar m tn No, it's not likely to be cancer. It takes several months to several years for HPV to develop into cancer. There is something called globus pharyngeus that may be what you're experiencing - That's from anxiety, but you should see your doctor to rule out anything with a physical cause, like GERD/acid reflux, or a digestive disorder.
Avatar n tn How long does it hurt, how long do you have stay home from work, does it make the hyper feeling worse.... does your throat or neck hurt... how long until you go on meds again after RAI. I can't miss too much work.... please someone give me the truth ... how often are the blood tests, how does going hypo feel - any better? or is it worse?
Avatar f tn I don't think it's that maybe it's from acid reflux
Avatar f tn Her cancer was free floating cells in her gut which attached to her ovary. They did a complete hysterectomy. How often does this occur and how bad can it get. She is supposed to start chemotherapy in a month to kill off the rest of the free floaters if any of them remained behind. Can you direct me to another place with more info for me?
Avatar m tn If you are doing any hard work in a cold environment, cotton is bad. Cotton does not wick so sweat and moisture will accumulate near the body and when you stop moving it will help move body heat away from you. Do not wear cotton next to your skin when climbing/hiking in the mountains - silk and/or polypro and wool wick moisture away from the body.
1380814 tn?1285965586 For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
1808540 tn?1320114860 I have the cancerous kind.. so like is he going to get penile cancer? How does he get check for that to prevent it? Are we both going to get mouth cancer? Should we go to the dentist and get tested?
Avatar m tn I have throat cancer and am wondering if I should stop having oral sex with my wife of 30 years?
Avatar f tn i hate you hpv, you have made my life worse then it already was, because of you i cant have have shattered my dreams of becoming a make me wanna kill my self, you are making me suffer, why did you pick me, i am going to beat you, i cant wait till there is a cure so i can destroy you and get you out of my body, so i can live life again....but till PLEASEthen, you making me suffer, why me....i was already having problems before you came..
Avatar n tn What were the symptoms that made you get your throat checked out? How old are you? Are you saying you caught this from just kissing??
272338 tn?1252280404 Cindy, it is good to hear from you. I hope that you are doing much better now and that your treatments are working. I see to many articles like this and hear too much from the Dr, that I would just be very leery of it. Since the chemo is what is keeping many of us alive, why would any of us do anything to jeopardize the way that it works?
Avatar n tn You can say it here: cancer (small "c" - don't give it more power than it deserves). Calcification do make nodules more suspicious - so does the fact that the nodules are solid. After the biopsy they may also want an uptake scan to check for function of the nodules. The symptoms of hoarseness, shortness of breath, pain, and object in throat are common for benign nodules too - it's the size of them that causes that.
Avatar f tn If so, i would also invest in a lot of pepto bismol to help coat the throat to reduce damage- just to be extra cautious- as acid in throat can sometimes lead to cancer- which you no doubt know- The pepto will help soothe the stomach also- but it can be a bit hard to get used to taste- I had bleeding ulcer that came close to taking my life, and doc put me on acid reducer meds but also recommended i have a steady intake of the pepto to take throughout the day too- Acid meds like prilosec are lo
Avatar n tn They did a videostrobe of my throat last week. The doctor told me today I had throat cancer. My voice is gone. I had a left side carotid endarectomy 2 days before Christmas. All of my symptoms started after the surgery, like the day after, the sore throat was there when I woke up in ICU. I saw my family doctor, the surgeon who did the endarterectomy and an ENT locally, all said my symptoms were due to the endarterectomy. The first ENT I saw did a scope of my throat and said all was well.