Throat cancer what does it look like

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Avatar m tn To be honest, I seriously got so fed up with up that I simply just stopped thinking about it. It was like I was saying ' so, if I am ill, I am ill '. Give it a go some time. Just sit back. Say ' ok, here I am,'. Just see what happens when you don't fight it. The answer will be nothing. You'll probably just fall asleep. Can only wish you the best of luck.
623944 tn?1244039090 I hate to dx someone over the internet, but it really sounds a whole lot like what I have gone through with lupus. You said all your labs are normal except the ANA, MPV and Monocytes. Did you mean MCV? If so, that means your hematocrit is off. It reflects the size of the red blood cells. Increased values may indicate macrocytic anemia or vit B or folic acid deficiency and decreased values may indicate microcytic anemia possibly caused by iron deficiency.
Avatar f tn What sort of treatments can be provided to get rid of the warts on my tongue and the situation in my throat? How long does it take for cervical cancer to develop? What kind of treatment can be provided to prevent it from getting to that stage-because they already found abnormal cells in my cervix so now that I see genital warts I am assuming that I am close to that stage of developing cervical cancer. Would I have to go through surgery?
Avatar n tn I occasionally use pariet, but have not taken it consistently (only when needed). Does this sound like cancer? I don't have any history in my family, but I am very worried with what I have read on the net.I don't think it feels like something is caught in my throat, but lately, I think I have felt that...somewhat... Any ideas? Anyone? what would I be feeling if i had throat cancer? Am I too young to get this? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Ohkay but based on what I've said does it sound like HPV? Since I haven't seen anything on my genitals???
Avatar n tn oh no guess what it sounds like ANXIETY AND STRESS you dont have hiv you have more problems than that learn how to deal with it get out enjoy the birds singing the crickets chirping the frogs fuckking and the wolfs howling but dont keep posting nonsense questions ok
Avatar f tn Cancer runs in my family, as my Grandmother did have Throat cancer and is currently battling Lung Cancer. Her major symptom when she learned she had throat cancer was a sore throat every day. My throat does not hurt everyday, but it seems I just can't shake this out of my system. We have had a pretty cold and snowy winter, so maybe that has something to do with it. I am concerned as I am only 23 going on 24.
Avatar f tn Get more sunlight to raise your vit D levels. Your symptoms sound like Fibro, I have had throat cancer but mine was just a rough spot in my throat.
Avatar n tn I also had a friend, at the same time my initial lump was being investigated, who had an enormous lymphnode swollen on his neck for several months and ended up having it removed b/c they thought it was some type of cancer and that turned out to be nothing. Even if it is something, it is highly treatable with an excellent prognosis. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I guess it's all the symptoms and treatment I have been having to no avail so this is the next step. I have hayfever allergies and my throat feels like it does when it starts closing off when I have an allergergic reaction. Benadryl and my allergy meds doesn't make it better though. It's only been a couple days, but something is there. You may want to look at my other posts to get a more up to date history as to what I have been going through.
Avatar f tn The symptoms I have yes bother me a lot, and the most frustrating for me is with my neck hurting like it does it makes it hard to look down into my lil baby's eyes as I feed her.
Avatar n tn the frist time i went to the Dr. right away and they test it by blood cus the Dr. said didnt look like herpes so the blood work was negative but now again so i went to the Dr.
Avatar f tn Sorry about your news- anytime the word cancer is used it is scary no matter what kind it is. We're here and rooting for you. Hang in there.
Avatar f tn The large nodule is compressing my major veins as well as my windpipe, so is the isthmus nodule it feels like i have a giant pill stuck in ny throat, my question is, what does that pathology mean? I cant get in to dr until next week and im in the dark and my neck feels like i'm choking.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from a sore throat now for 9months. It feels like I constantly have to clear my throat,like there is something stuck. Sometimes get a real tickle dry cough,and my lymph nodes swell up a little. At times,painful whilst swallowing. On viewing my throat,does look very red and can see tiny yellow dots on the glands at the back. Is that normal? Very worried now,as it's not improving and my mum died from cancer 2years ago. She smoked for years tho.
Avatar m tn Stabbing sensations, pain, tingling, and sometimes it even feels like my legs are heavy and shaky to walk on. Cancer runs in my family, and this worries me so much also with these weird sensations. I even worry about ALS. Needless to say, whatever illness i have makes me very anxious, and i never had anxiety problems before it all started.
Avatar n tn I went yesterday to the doctor to have my thyroid checked,Please pray that's it I know that may sound odd but I would rather it be that and I can have it corrected with meds. than something like throat cancer, I'll let you know, thank you all who have responded it has really helped me, Bless you all.
358304 tn?1409713092 Thanks so much for the peace of mind. I was just thinking that. If it were throat cancer, it wouldn't be feeling better, it would be getting worse. And it was only bad for about 2 or 3 days. If it were cancer it wouldn't come on really fast like that then leave. It would probably slowly progress and just get worse and worse. The thing about going to the Dr. is that I probably go to the Dr about 10 times a year or more. lol. Due to my health anxiety. So I'm trying to conquer that.
Avatar n tn I'm a 22 year old female, and for about the last 5 or 6 days I've had a feeling in my throat (upper left, in the back, just behind the uvula is what it feels like). It's getting on my nerves. It feels like there's a piece of food there or that I half-swallowed a hair or something. It doesn't hurt at all, but it feels like if I'm not careful I'll inhale it (which isn't physically possible, but it's in that location).
Avatar n tn "What does it feel like to have a fatal heart attack?" Maybe I'm thinking along the wrong tracks here? Can anyone who has a 'fatal' heart attack describe how it felt?
Avatar f tn Definitely go to the doctor, especially given your family history. One cancer is ruled out (which it sounds like it will be), the doctor can tell you what to do to feel better.
Avatar n tn I have hypothyroid symptoms, practically all of them, and have for years. I'm getting pretty sick of it! I even have people telling me I look like I have a goiter. They also say that about my 10 yr old son. I want to get on Armour but the Dr won't do it because the tsh is ok. OK, here's my question- TSH is 1.86, ultrasound is normal. Just had antibodies tested. Thyroglobulin was 117, antimicrosomal was 33.
1486652 tn?1291429118 Is this just EBV or could it be something else? Could it be lymphoma, MS, Cancer, Meningitis?? Why Does it always last so long? Please help, Nick.
Avatar n tn If I had symptoms right from Day 1 wouldn't antibodies appear by now? 3. If it is not HIV, what could it be? All symptoms seem very coincidental? Could tummy virus produce these symptoms? 4. White tongue - if tested OK post 2 weeks is it therefore not thrush/candida? 5. How accurate is 1 mnth ELISA in % terms? 6. Based on ltd facts, can you assess my risk, worried sick?
215220 tn?1191460464 If I talk while lying down the pain starts and I get hoarse very quickly. I can feel a certain spot that it comes from. It feels like there is something on the right side.I only have a little pain on swallowing when this occurs. Usually from swallowing food.My gag reflex on that side is gone. I can touch the back of my throat with no problem on that side. Other side has reflex. Sometimes in the morning my throat closes up and I have to cough immediately or I will throw up.
Avatar m tn The lymph node was what i would call obviousely swolen in the way it felt at first, feeling like it was a little squishy (but firm in its placement, I could not move it around under the skin) however it has now become more like 'stone' now, its hard to touch, it doesnt hurt or anything. It is like a hard bean i guess to use a mis of your descriptions.
Avatar n tn If this were throat cancer would it be worse by now. Would it go away for a week at a time. Would i be having problems swallowing, a lump maybe? I don't have those symptoms. The ent will probably do the scope again, through the nose to the cords. He has done this 3 times in the past, but i'm afraid maybe it has changed in the months that have passed since the last one. I did have pain then, probably more than now, and he didn't see anything.