Throat cancer what does it look like

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Avatar f tn Hello. Are you still having this? It could simply be the result of smoking. But you can have your doctor swab it.
Avatar f tn What does it look like to loose ur mucus plug? Im 32 weeks and i have a lot of green mucusy discharge and when i went pee white stuff was dripping out like i was peeing milk. Tmi but i was just curious it looks like.
Avatar m tn Already been to dr got it swabbed and also asked for full blood test.
Avatar f tn Ohkay but based on what I've said does it sound like HPV? Since I haven't seen anything on my genitals???
146298 tn?1258712247 I am short of breath all the time. Periodically I'll collapse becuz I can't enough air. My breath is raspy and crackly and when I sleep on my side fluid just falls out of my throat. The stuff I cough up is thick and has been yellow, black, red, and perfectly clear. It's always like one solid mass of mucus and very hard to cough up and actually get out of my throat and mouth. My lungs feel heavy and they don't expand very much before spams set me off coughing again.
Avatar f tn I have had the thyroid test done and the range came back normal. Normal functioning thyroid. T3 is 139, ferritin is 20, and tsh is 2.29 and free t4 is 0.93.... The endocrinologist said it looks suspicious because of is eregular size, 9 x 8 x 7 mm and because it is mixed solid and cystic. It is on my right lobe witch is 5.0 x 1.4 x 1.8 cm and the left being 4.4 x 1.2 x 1.7 cm and he says this is slightly large.
Avatar f tn I also feel grateful for being an early stage when diagnosed. But, cancer is scary no matter what the stage and it is hard to adjust to the changes of surgery. I think you are probably fine with the follow-up mentioned. You could mention to your doctor that you would rather have checks four or two times a year versus one. If you have an option to change doctors and get more frequent checks than that is an option. But, odds are truly with you that you are in the clear.
Avatar n tn I suggest you see an Ear nose and throat specialist. They will be able to take a look in your nasal area as well as in your throat. So suggest to your family doctor you would like to see your local specialist.
Avatar f tn Like I said these are clusters of two or three next to each other, not widespread and spread over the torso and arms like I’ve seen in pictures (maybe 11/12 spots in total). Does the rash sometimes look like individual insect/bed bug bites? And would it usually come without a fever (I’ve measure myself temperature at its 36.1 Celsius).
Avatar m tn Some people look up books on illnesses and wonder which one they will have today. It does happen. And it can be so real. Real enough to imagine the symptoms. But take a step back for a second. Sit yourself down. Few deep breaths. Now ask yourself this, out of all the illnesses you have had over the past year, how many were real? try and work out the irrational side of things. Nearly them all? Them all? I used to always say that it took me over a week to know if I was really sick or not.