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Avatar f tn I was on meds for one year and went back in the 16th to have the test again to see if the holes healed,they said when i woke up the holes healed but they did a biopsy on my throat but did not explain why they did this .
Avatar f tn People with Hashimotos are more suseptible to get thyroid cancer. Need to get a biopsy for sure. I was diagnosed in Oct. of 2010 with papillary/follicular thyroid cancer and the best advice I can give is to remove entire thyroid. Because my endocrinologist told me to only have a partial I ended up hav Ing to have 2 surgeries. Not fun.. I had your same symptoms. Good luck.mhope it's nothing but only the biopsy will tell for sure.
Avatar f tn She had lab tests that were normal and an ultrasound that showed the nodule. She is scheduled to see a surgeon for a biopsy. Her throat is sore, and swallowing is a problem as she feels it in her throat. She has moods swings and with medicine it seems to help the mood swings.
Avatar m tn A couple of months ago i began to experience a sore throat. It was a low level (as far as pain) but persistent. After a few tests for strep, and round of antibiotics etc I was sent for an ultrasound. They found a lymph node in my neck that is 3cm in size. I am scheduled for a biopsy. Presently, the throat issue has been on and off for 2-3 months. At times it feels as if my throat is "hot" around the roof of my mouth as well as at times feeling that there is a lump or bump in the back.
Avatar n tn my dog has cushings ,she has been breathing very roughlt .the vet said her throat glands are very large.she has had antibiotics by in jection you thing she could have cancer?
Avatar m tn my throat has been bothering for about a year now went to a ent a couple of times the last time being in july first he prescribed me some antibiotics then he but on a nasal spray my question is would he have seen throat cancer with the little camera he stuck through my nose or could he have missed it all together
Avatar n tn for about 3 or 4 weeks now, i have had a greenish/yellowish mucous at the very back of my throat, its not there all the time, but is always present when i wake up. I dont have a sore throat or blocked nose, or fever, but have some aching in my neck and my throat looks a little red.
Avatar f tn i have a 2-3cm lump in thyroid, biopsy tomorrow.
Avatar f tn FNA is not surgery - it is a biopsy of the mass to see whether you have cancer or not. It is only a test.
Avatar f tn Had endoscopy today for acid reflux,they found a white lesion at the very base of my tounge.I am terrified. Took biopsy, results next Thursday.Are all lesions cancer ? I was aware and saw the pictures,it looked huge,does the camera make them appear larger ?
Avatar m tn Okay, been a while since I posted. I have been on a roller coaster ride the last 3, almost 4 months. I have recently been seeing an ENT about my swollen glands. As of the last visit, I had another CT of my sinuses and still have a little bit of sinus infection and over 25 pollyps in my sinus cavity that he said are caused by allergies. He said this will definitely cause the glands to swell. Since my last visit a couple weeks ago he put me on Cipro and Prednisone, again.
Avatar m tn It could also be Leukoplakia, which is a condition where patches of keratosis appear as adherent white patches on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and throat. It is a potentially pre-cancerous disease of the mouth and throat. A biopsy may help to diagnose this condition. The cause of leukoplakia is unknown, but tobacco, whether smoked, dipped or chewed, is considered to be the main culprit in its development. Treatment is with laser or cryo.
Avatar f tn I have been very tired, losing hair at the hairline, short of breath, mild sore throat constantly, cough, but I haven’t had any night sweats or weight loss. I’m scheduled to have a biopsy soon, but I don’t think I have cancer. What else could it be? I am 32/F.
Avatar f tn i just recieved my biopsy report for the goitre's in my throat, i have 8 goitres & 1 cyst, my results came back that they are ATYPICAL & found to be suspicious...... what does that mean.... am i in danger of cancer. i have had hyperthyroidim for over 2 years now & my body cannot handle the medications... can u give me some answers please....
Avatar f tn They say you have like 15% chance of it being cancer. There is no way of telling if it is cancer without a biopsy.
Avatar f tn Thyroid conditions can cause the hoarseness, sore throat issues you mentions, but as you know, so can smoking. Since it appears that cancer may be prevalent in your family, you might consider quitting smoking.
Avatar f tn Thyroid cancer is the most common cancer of the endocrine gland cancers. Tumours are offen curable and the prognosis is good for patients identified with early stage disease. Some of them have bad prognosis. After you do a a Fine Needle aspiration cytology(FNAC) you would know the prognosis. Thyroid nodules are readily palpable and that is the reason they allow early diagnosis and detection by biopsy and FNAC. The lymph nodes are also enlarged.
675329 tn?1297288378 i had radiation to reduce my thymus gland as an infant. i am going for a biopsy this thursday and surgeon wants an ear nose and throat dr to check my vocal cords.
Avatar n tn If I have a swelling lymph node on my neck and I wannaget a biopsy to check, which specialist should I consult?
Avatar f tn s throat cancer or something serious. I would think having 2 thyroid ultrasounds something would be seen. Also no swollen glands or lymph nodes. I'm scared to death. Any help or support would mean the world. Thanks!
787406 tn?1339203183 I had thyroid cancer march 27th, 2009. My throat is starting to tighten to the point that its hard to speak at times. Also i have a mass on the left side of my trachea and my right lymph gland is swollen and soft. As well I have some type of growth in the dip in my neck. What is going on with me. please help!
Avatar n tn It does not hurt or feel uncomfortable or anything I can just see it and feel it when I touch my throat and it is hard. What are my chances of it being cancer and if it is what can they do for me, is it life threathing?
Avatar m tn I have not been diagnosed with mouth cancer. I have extremely dry mouth, and it is so bad it is causing my teeth to go bad. Because of the dryness food clings to my teeth. I have several white patches in my mouth. I get lesions and I'm losing teeth. I can't get help as I don't have much money and I don't have dental insurance. I feel that I may have cancer in the mouth.
1174772 tn?1263605525 A FNA biopsy takes 30 seconds to do and is no different from having blood drawn for a regular blood test. It hurts a bit afterwards, but a lot less than having a sore throat - more of a scratchy feeling. I was surprised - I think the word biopsy scares us off.
Avatar n tn I am 30 years old.I have had acid reflux for about 10 years on and off.I have kept it pretty managed, with OTC acid reducers.I have never been tested for Barretts , but I am so afraid I have it and it will turn into cancer.I haven't been sick in about 8 years, not even a cold or even a fever.In good shape,skinny,don't drink,smoke,or ever eat spicy food.I never have any trouble swallowing . I don't have any throat pain at all.
Avatar n tn They did a videostrobe of my throat last week. The doctor told me today I had throat cancer. My voice is gone. I had a left side carotid endarectomy 2 days before Christmas. All of my symptoms started after the surgery, like the day after, the sore throat was there when I woke up in ICU. I saw my family doctor, the surgeon who did the endarterectomy and an ENT locally, all said my symptoms were due to the endarterectomy. The first ENT I saw did a scope of my throat and said all was well.
Avatar f tn It was a needle biopsy.. I still have a cough/minor sore throat.. I guess I'm just freaking out because my mom recently died from cancer.