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Avatar m tn Now I have had some real issues with my throat.....for the past month I have had a rraspy voice almost at times losing it . My throat is sore at times and I have a cough with it . I know I should go to my doctor...but I am scared what he might say . Please if you will respond to this question I would appreciate it .
Avatar f tn I read somewhere that having hypothyroid can effect your voice? I keep losing my voice to the point of not being able to sing at all. I am a singer and a teacher and really need my voice! I am currently on Armour and am trying to figure out my correct dosage. Can my hypothyroid problem be playing a part in me having no voice anymore? Any suggestions for a super frustrated singer?
Avatar f tn I was was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about two years ago and have been on daily medication since. I still have a hoarse voice and pain in the throat region when I talk and/or sing. I am a singer and my range has drastically decreased making it nerely impossible to sing. I was told by my doctor that I have a badly swollen voice box and was encouraged to drink tea and avoid caffine. After several months, I have seen no progress/change. What could be an additional cause to my voice problems?
865758 tn?1285956504 Ok I am experiencing so many symptoms with my lovely Hashi's but lately I keep losing my voice or it is very hoarse. Is this normal? My levels are not good with my Free T4 being very low but I have resumed a new med and it has only been 11 days since I started it. My ultrasound I had done due to soreness and diffuculty swallowing only showed severe inflammation. Is the inflammation causing problems with my voice? Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I have had every lung function test known to man, and have tested negative for TB. There is no COPD, emphysema, or lung cancer. I saw an ear,nose and throat doctor and NONE of them can tell me what is causing this insane coughing. I have had it for over twenty years and I quit smoking 15 years ago. I coughed LESS when I smoked. I do not cough more at any specifc time, the cough occurs morning, noon, night or any time in between.
Avatar f tn lets see, lung cancer, throat cancer, esphogeal cancer, sinus cancer, tonsil cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, bone cancer, etc...the list continues. I know I'm acting crazy. When I think about it rationally, all of this just sounds absurd. But I can't stop. My wife just tunes me out now. Its got even worse after our son was born because of my fear of leaving my wife and child alone when I die...of cancer.
Avatar n tn My father is 59 years old and has been smoking for a long time. He started losing his voice about a year ago and went to see a Otolayngologist who did a biopsy. They found out it wasn't cancer but sores and gave him medicine. He's been taking the medicine for some few months now and will see the doctor for a follow up. His voice is not getting any better, and is actually worsening it sounds like he is a squealing mouse or wheezing excessively.
Avatar f tn I feel like I am chocking, my throat hurts, I feel lumps, I lose my voice, lost of weight (25 lbs), extreme fatique. My pain in my throat/neck is there everyday. I told my doctor 12 months ago and nothing has been done. I feel like no one is listening to me and I don't know what to do. I am so afraid of cancer. Can anyone help me?? I take protonix 40 mg at night. I wanted to rule out my acid reflux, which I have had for over 8 years. My pain still there.
Avatar n tn About 10 years ago I did a trial of Claritin and it didn't stop my sore throat, mucus problems. My voice gets tired very easily. I could never have a job where I had to speak all day as that leads to a brutal sore throat. I ordered some NAC to see if that helps clear the mucus.
Avatar n tn I am just concerned whether it can't be something more serious, throat cancer or something? I will not know for sure until my appointment with ENT specialist in a cpl of months (NHS!!!!!), that is why I look for peace of mind, advice from anyone whohas ever experienced or heard of anything alike. Please help, all comments will be so deeply appreciated!
Avatar n tn But with LPR, the sphincters don't work right. Stomach acid backs up into the back of your throat (pharynx) or voice box (larynx), or even into the back of your nasal airway. It can cause inflammation in areas that are not protected against gastric acid exposure." I've scheduled an appointment with family doctor and I am going to present my finding. I'm a male, in my mid 60's and I'm about 40 lbs overweight . When the acid reflux events happen I've usually eaten just before bedtime.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for the doctor to mistake a possible lung cancer for TB? Now keep in mind that I have had a lung allergy for 3 years where I get asthma type attacks sometimes where I have to use a ventoline enhaler.
Avatar f tn Not to minimize the fact that you have cancer, but at least it IS a very curable cancer, so I only have good thoughts about it. =~) Keep us updated, am praying for you.
Avatar n tn Generally the narrowing feeling seems to be below my voice box. When it's getting bad my voice will crack and I will sound hoarse until I clear my throat. I've been on two different kinds of reflux pills, no help. I don't have reflux! I don't even get heartburn. Sometimes I feel the docs are just guessing and others are just putting me on all these meds to get kickbacks from the drug companies. I just want to know what the h*ll is wrong with me.
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 years ago and treated it with radiation. The cancer reappeared a few years later as colon cancer and he had a section of his colon and his gall bladder removed. About a year ago the cancer surfaced again, this time as liver cancer with spots detected in his stomach and lungs as well. We have known for some time that the cancer is terminal. My dad has been on chemo. until recently, in hopes of extending his life.
Avatar n tn I do from time to time have a problem with losing my voice and don't know if it has anything to do with the surgery. My surgeon told that the more bumping around they do to your vocal cords and voice box, the long it takes for your voice to come back. My only complaint is that I can no longer hit really high notes like I did before the surgery so singing isn't as much fun as before.
Avatar n tn A baby that is exposed to HPV very rarely develops warts in the throat or voice box. If the warts block the birth canal, a woman may need to have a cesarean-section (C-section) delivery. However, HPV infection or genital warts are not a sole reason for C-section." Your doctor is NOT incompetent. HPV is very common, and overt genital warts are often present at delivery.
Avatar f tn On top of that I notice that I am constantly LOSING MY VOICE in mid-sentence. I will be singing to my son and a whole word is lost. I thought it was just that I could not sing (my dog would agree). Then it became worse and quite more often. Now I lose my "WORDS" and least 10 times or more a day just in regular conversation. I have a problem with acid reflux as well. I have recently gained a lot of weight.
Avatar n tn At first it was an odd lumpy feeling in my throat and now it's a very dry feeling, I've had a dry cough and have been losing my voice a little. I've also noticed what seems like a sinus headache and stuffy nose. I think I am coming to the conclusion that this is just sinus and or allergy related, although I take Claritan daily, this has been a particularly bad season for pollen counts. So who knows!
Avatar n tn I have to continually and brutally clear my throat to find my voice. If I don't, it goes husky, high and muffled; extremely hard to talk. This has impacted severly on my work and personal life, I'm extremely depressed and anxious all the time. I've seen ENTs, Allergists, a Naturopath, even a Chinese Medicine guy, but no answers. The naturopath found that there was definite allergic reaction in my body, and that I had severly low Zinc and stomach acid levels.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering, if I had throat or tongue cancer, would it show on a CT scan of the lungs? I had a scan done last week and I think they scan all the way up the neck. I'm not sure though. My PCP says that it's not cancer because the pain goes away after a week, and cancer doesn't go away. Is she right? You cant have off and on pain and swelling with cancer? Another thing, even though the pain goes away after a week, the other symptoms hang on much longer. Also, CBC negative.
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
Avatar m tn I also am very concerned about throat cancer. I am a non-smoker, but my grandpa did die of the disease so it may be hereditary. All of my symptoms seems to parralell with throat cancer symptoms. All I can do at this point is pray and wait on my appointment.
Avatar n tn To everyone mystified by what might be wrong with them, please research: LARYNGOPHARYNGEAL REFLUX (LPR) For 9 months, I had all the same symptoms everyone here was talking about: choking feeling, difficulty swallowing, the "globus" feeling of something being "stuck" in the throat (swollen epiglottis flap), asthma-like wheezing in the throat, hoarse voice, etc. I finally convinced a G.I. doctor to scope down my throat, and it turned out to be Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR).
Avatar n tn I went to my family doctor, they took a series of blood tests, said everything was fine, sent me to an ENT, who put a video line in my nose and down my throat, checked out everything in my throat to my voice box and said everything was ok. He suggested I get a Barium swallow, which I didn't do, instead I went to a gastrointestinal specialist who performed an upper endoscopy. They said everything looked fine, and took a couple of biopsies, one from my esophagus and one from my stomach.
Avatar n tn I clear my throat alot and I am very curious of cancer. I have a serious Allergy and I am semi-congested but I cannot stop clearing my throat, I don't know what to do? I have mentioned to my doctor but she says it's from my allergies, I think it's more than that, what can I ask my doctor to do or what tests can I recommend to check. She has checked my thyroid but it's normal. Please let me know what I can do?
Avatar m tn I get mall particles of food that gets stuck in the back of my throat somewhere around the nasal passage area. These are small particle of hard food like a part of a peanut shards after being chewed up.. or really small pills like 10mg lipitor (I don't know how many of the liptors have literally dissolved back there instead of my stomach) Almost every night I have something stuck there it causes my sinus to swell in the during sleep and can sometimes get painful if it does not get dislodge.
694885 tn?1232653548 I'm not a Dr but suffocation isn't the way I opt to go and neither is Cancer. Suffocation probably would happen LONG before any cancer takes over, so I would be more concerned about every breath I take instead of the Big C word. I don't know if this is the right community for you to gain suppport.
198187 tn?1190637930 The snoring is making my throat really sore again, and my voice is worse that it was last week. I still can't drink without choking, unless I stand and bend at my waist. I'm just tired of the whole dang mess. But you're right. This area is VERY hard to heal because it's moving all the time. Do you remember how long it took for your voice/breathing to go back to normal? I know I'm being impatient as it's only been a little over a week. I truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.