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Avatar n tn _ Dear Sheryl, Modern treatment of stage 4 kidney cancer would include 5-flourouricil combined with interlukin-2(IL-2) or interferon alpha . These two therapeutic regimens may help, but importantly, with limited side effects to the patient. I did a literature search to review the use of Megace (megestrol acetate) in kidney cancer and found one study being done at Strong Memorial Hospital in New York who used the Megace because it was shown to improve quality of life in other cancer patients.
Avatar n tn I think you mean that the report said Birads 4, not stage 4, and which is metastatic cancer that has spread to other places. It would be way too soon to tell anything like that from the mammogram. Birads 4 means that there is some concern, I am not exactly sure how much. Stages go from 0-5, and with a score of 5 images look suspicious for cancer, but it is not definitely cancer. She will have to wait for the biopsy results to find out more.
Avatar m tn Sir I hv A Question That theres a patient having T Cell Mycosis Fungoides Stage 4, He Belongs from pakistan. He was suffering from temperature for month and than his WBC Reaches Upto 75 thousand than doctors use Infernal Injection. He Became Fine For While but again same happens . His Body was filled with pus .So Doctors Use Chemotherapy . 3 doses of chemotherapy were given than he was suffering from temprature againd and than doctors opinion for Lastet Cap (Etoposide CAP .
1296965 tn?1279835970 I have only had my dog 1 year and now I find out she has the most radical aggressive cancer out and it is in stage 4 almost stage 5. I look into her little eyes and my heart breaks for her. I can not show her I am upset or she will not be happy and I don't want one unhappy day for her. They give her up to 6 months to live.
Avatar f tn My understanding is that it is hard to diagnose Gist until it is stage 4. My Cancer is inoperable. My Gleevec quit working after a 1 1/4 years. Another patient my Dr. is taking care of the Gleevec worked for 8+ years. They then tried Sprycel and it never really got started. The main reason I am writing is that they now have me on OPDIVO which has never been used for GIST before and it is working so tell your Dr.
Avatar f tn I do have patients who have survived stage 4 breast cancer for more than 5 years on hormonal therapy. The prognosis depends not only on the stage but to other factors as well like hormone receptor positivity, Her2 expression, etc. Surgeons usually will not operate on stage 4 breast cancer. However, this is also a case to case basis. Perhaps when your disease is stable and when the lung metastasis completely resolves, your doctor will suggest surgery.
Avatar n tn My mom was diagnosed 2 days ago with stage 4 breastcancer. Scans show that the cancer has spread over the pelvic area and is in her ribs.My question is how long do we have her for? I know there is no definate time but there has to be somway to know from the time her pain has started and the diagnosis to the time of death.Maybe just an estimated time.
Avatar n tn a close family member has just been diagnosed with stage 3b/4 lung cancer. She has two tumors oneis 1/7 centimeters and the other is 5 centimeters. The cancer has spread to the lymph system . They are offering chemotherapy. They say radiation and surgery are not an option. my question is.....why are these to treatments (radiation and surgery) not an option and what does this tell me about her prognosis? What can we expect ?
Avatar f tn my relative has throat or thyroid cancer it started about 2 weeks ago the pain and there is a small lump at the right side of the throat about a half of a very small ball i just want to know which stage is it pls reply it is very necessary that person is my life i hope you understand sir.............
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, true lung metastasis from a throat cancer means that the cancer is stage IVC, and absolute cure may sometimes be unrealistic at this point. The goal of treatment (usually chemotherapy) is palliation (control of symptoms, pain, etc.). I suggest you discuss all the options with your oncologist first. Regards and God bless..
Avatar n tn My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCLC in Sept. of 07. She also had tumors in the brain. She was given Radiation for the brain tumor and those shrunk and still seem to be to shrinking. To the point where the tumors are barely visible on the MRI. After Radiation on her brain she was given IV Chomo - Taxitol. I believe. After 2 rounds the tumor had shrunk about 30% and after 4 rounds it only shrunk a small amount.
Avatar n tn my sisters cancer is now at stage 4 starting carbo next wk had same last year what are the chances of it putting her back in remision really need some answers best wishes to u all
Avatar n tn But I remember at the time nearly having a heart attack over Stage 3. Stage 4 is when the cancer in the colon has spread outside the walls and goes to other organs. So, yes, she has Stage 4. I can only guess why you ask, that perhaps you're thinking since it hasn't gone to the lungs or liver, it's not as serious. But once the cancer goes anywhere beyond the original site, it has to be considered a scary situation, to be sure.
Avatar f tn She had radiation and then they told her they had gotten all the cancer . Now she has stage 4 breast cancer and because there is no breast tissue left it is all over. Her Tumor markers where 112 and now are down to 69. What should her markers be and if they stay that level will they call it being in remission.
Avatar f tn my mother is 87 years old and she was diagnosed to have stage 4 ovarian cancer is is possible that i can use this ginger powder for her? the doctor recommended her for surgery but she was thin and quite old so we did not say yes to surgery.paracentesis was performed 5months ago now the ascites is back again. we are giving her this beet root with carrots and apples we blend question is can we use this ginger for her i read this article about ginger powder a cure for ovarian cancer.
Avatar n tn Hi. My sister is recovering from surgery. She has stage 4 disease and our family is looking to get educated as quickly as possible on resources, treatments, trials etc. I would appreciate feedback on useful web sites, organizations etc. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi there, In advanced stage of ovary cancer there is involvement of one or both ovaries and distant metastases. There may be cancer cells in pleural fluid .The standard treatment for stage IV ovarian cancer is both surgery and chemotherapy. Almost less than 10 percent of patients experience long-term, disease-free survival after the standard treatment. Surgical debulking and platinum-based chemotherapy may be helpful to prolong the time to cancer recurrence and improve overall survival.
Avatar n tn Hence, a patient with stage 1 cancer in general should live longer than the stage 4, but if this same stage 1 case is moribund because of other diseases like diabetes or hypertension, then the stage 4 case may actually outperform the stage 1. Stay positive.
Avatar f tn My sister, 57 years old, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. We received 2 independent opinions, both said the same. Both said my sister is not a good candidate for any treatment options because she is confined to a wheel chair. She is a very strong person with no heart problems. What can you recommend, and what can we do in the meantime to help her? I know the statistics are against her.
Avatar f tn I have ovarion cancer stage 4 and Ive been on chemo for 4 years . the cancer has now spread to my liver and spline. question is how quick after the cancer covers the liver does most women live?
Avatar n tn My sister has Stage 4 cancer. It started in the breast and has spread to the bones and liver. Her blood pressuer is 100 over 63. This is not good. She was given about 1 month to live on the 4th of this month. She will be moved to the hospital to die. Can you give me better insight on her condition?
Avatar n tn Hi. My dad has Stage 4 B Cell Lymphoma. He just started a regimen of Rituxan and Bendamustine. He seemed to have nearly immediate positive results for two weeks post the first round. His major symptoms prior to discovering his cancer were severe abdominal pain; significant weight loss; and anemia. Last weekend, after 2.5 weeks of no pain after eating, it returned. A CT scan yesterday showed the lymphoma 'shrinking' which is great news.
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in February 2008 it went to multiple limp noses, thyroid, pelris, etc. I went to Dr. Him in April for 7 months and the lump was checked for a month but now its 10 times bigger and has started to attack my chest. it has be draining and it has been paining me severely. the severe pain has now spread to my left arm, head, right ribs, ears, chest, and belly button at times. My weight was 205 lbs. and now i am 150 lbs and 5,7".
Avatar f tn mom has breast cancer,unfortunately v found it only in stage 4..noe she underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy,6cycles of bone injection and radiation as well...v found dis out in nov2007,after chemo d secondary traces of disease in liver was found to b nil...wit small traces of it in bone and much controled in breast wer the lymph became very small also wer sgot 23 ad sgpt 29 ad alkaline phos 143...after chemo doc prescribed for a tab oncolet on daily basis once in mornin..
Avatar n tn I received a blow on my left breast in 1992. i was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in February 2008 it went to multiple limp noses, thyroid, pelris, etc. I went to Dr. Him in April for 7 months and the lump was checked for a month but now its 10 times bigger and has started to attack my chest. it has be draining and it has been paining me severely. the severe pain has now spread to my left arm, head, right ribs, ears, chest, and belly button at times. My weight was 205 lbs.