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849683 tn?1239013686 We recently found out that my grandfather has a massive tumor in his throat that runs the width of his voice box. He is 66 years old and a heavy drinker and smoker. They told us that the best possible solution would be to just leave it alone because they can't cut it out because of where it is and the radiation treatment would just kill him faster. Will this tumor evenutally grow large enough to stop him from eating/breathing? What can we do to help him?
Avatar m tn s a problem with your throat I would go to and ear/nose/throat doctor as they have more expertise in dealing throat problems and would be able to diagnose cancer right away, or at least take a swab and test it.
Avatar m tn Pictures created with sound waves passed through the endoscope can help to determine the depth of invasion of the cancer and the status of the surrounding tissues, including lymph nodes.Once the presence of cancer has been confirmed, the doctor tries to determine the spread of the malignancy beyond the esophagus.
Avatar n tn 4 weeks ago he has a upper scope done where they removed several biopsys. about a week later he was told by his Dr. that he has cancer cells in his throat and they were sending the biopsy out for staging. He then goes in about a week later for a CT scan, the Dr.
Avatar m tn that was wednesday but i havent heard anything from my gp......i guess ill call accurate are thoses tests in picking up a tumor.......thx..........
Avatar m tn To plan the best treatment, your doctor needs to know the grade of the tumor (see Diagnosis) and the extent (stage) of the disease. The stage is based on whether the tumor has invaded nearby tissues, whether the cancer has spread, and if so, to what parts of the body. Usually, surgery is needed before staging can be complete. The surgeon takes many samples of tissue from the pelvis and abdomen to look for cancer.
2112001 tn?1334620510 An obstruction in throat can be due to tumor or cancer or a severe gastric reflux or even due to severe broncho-spasm. This could make spirometry difficult. I am sorry but each possibility has an equal chance of being the cause. The only way to confirm is to consult an ENT who can check your throat through a laryngoscope. However, yes, chances of lung and throat cancer are higher among smokers. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
496495 tn?1224609863 Hello I am a 28 year old male and I am concerned about throat cancer. Almost 2 and a half weeks ago I had laid down to take a nap and when I awoke I had weird pain on the left side of my throat when I swallowed. This lasted for about a day and got a lot better but there was still some minor pain every so often when I swallowed. I do have acid reflux and allergies with bad post nasal drip and had a scope about 2 and a half years ago showing some minor irritation around my focal cords.
Avatar f tn Had endoscopy today for acid reflux,they found a white lesion at the very base of my tounge.I am terrified. Took biopsy, results next Thursday.Are all lesions cancer ? I was aware and saw the pictures,it looked huge,does the camera make them appear larger ?
Avatar f tn This is why the diagnosis of liver cancer depends so much on the vigilance of the physician screening with a tumor marker (alpha-fetoprotein) in the blood and radiological imaging studies. Since most patients with liver cancer have associated liver disease (cirrhosis), their liver blood tests may not be normal to begin with. If these blood tests become abnormal or worsen due to liver cancer, this usually signifies extensive cancerous involvement of the liver.
Avatar f tn What do you think it is? On the internet this is a symptom of eye cancer. Does this sound like a skin cancer or eye tumor?
Avatar m tn After rising PSA and prostate biopsy showed small low grade tumor a CT scan showed large bladder cancer as well. Prostate treatment put on hold until bladder treated. BCG caused white spots in mouth, white holes in tongue. Not fun, but it actually reduced swelling in throat and improved gum swelling readings. Two dentist cleanings confirm, best in about twenty years. Seamed to clear up low grade infection that had been present since teens.
Avatar n tn After 3 days the redness disappear but it doesnt shorten back. I have taken pictures of it and it looks light the tip of my round original uvula grow down touching the back of my toungue. Can i know whether this is tumor or the ceiling of my throat got weaker.
Avatar n tn s not hard to swallow. There is no pain at all. Could this be a tumor from cancer? How many other diseases can cause these symptoms? I'm 16, never smoked or did any drugs and my family doesn't have a history of cancer.
Avatar m tn Radiation after surgery kills any remaining cancer cells.External radiation is given by precisely targeting a beam at the tumor. The beam goes through the healthy skin and overlying tissues to reach the tumor. These treatments are given at the cancer center. Treatments are usually given once a day, five days a week, for about six weeks. Each treatment takes only a few minutes. Giving radiation this way keeps the doses small and helps protect healthy tissues.
Avatar m tn Doctors suspected that this could be cancer. From the scan pictures they suspected that the primary cancer lay elsewhere and had spread to the liver. Your question is how can the doctors be sure, what is the quickest way to confirm the diagnosis, and is a biopsy essential. Well, the clinical situation that occured in your fathers case is quite common. scan images of a primary liver cancer are usually quite different from images of liver metastases.
Avatar f tn They did a ultrasound today and the results havent been fully done but they found a enlarged lymph node. .
Avatar m tn I might also mention that I gave two examples of people I am personally familiar with that had cancer problems, one with a brain tumor and one with bone cancer. I watched the whole thing unfold from beginning to end with those people, and therefore I answered the poster's question.
403156 tn?1290150018 I have a 10 year old female golden retriever and just noticed a very large tumor on her throat, which is right where her thyroid is. The tumor is approximately the size of a lemon and it seems to be attached. I feel horrible that I did not notice it until now but it was hiding under her loose skin and long fur. I have recently noticed her stumbling and choking on her food as well.
Avatar n tn I have completed my chemotherapy for esophageal cancer. Tumor was located at bottom of esophageal. Chemo was successful in that the tumor no longer appears in a CScan. However I had an endoscopy biopsy that shows cancer remains in the area. When I eat any solid food, I get hiccups and mucous starts flowing so much that I must quit eating. Mucous is clear but very stringy and collects in the throat. I can't even swallow water and my throat feels tight when this happens.
Avatar m tn We have had her MRI done every 6 months to monitor the growth - and there has been no growth so far. Lately, she has reported phantom smells, and burning sensation in her throat and watery eyes whenever she has a blocked nose because of cold. I want to get an idea that - Do these new symptoms indicate that there might be growth in the tumor? The family's decision is to postpone the brain surgery for as long as possible, for all the risks involved.
Avatar m tn recently I have been feeling the same sore throat and enlarged thyroid as same as the time I first felt back in 2007 I am scheduled for a Ultrasound tomorrow and I am very worried that the tumor has grow and change.... what are the chances this tumor has transform from a benign node to a cancer and grew within few months.
Avatar n tn ve been inundated with inquiries and I thank you for taking the time to answer as many questions as you do. I actually posted a question about HPV and throat cancer over a year ago and was grateful for the thoughtful and informative response you provided. I am a 31 year old male who has had numerous partners (about 20 - both male and female), where oral sex was involved. I am, and always have been, a non-smoker, I do not drink often, and am generally pretty healthy.
Avatar m tn My father was diagnosed with throat cancer 3 and half months ago . There was a tumour found in his throat. He went through a surgery to remove the tumour . He had to remove his voice box and some muscle from his throat which was replace by his chest muscles . He had to breathe through a hole made in his chest. He got fed through a tube in his stomach. After the surgery he was getting better and had to wait nearly 4 weeks for his radio and chemo therapy.