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Avatar m tn that was wednesday but i havent heard anything from my gp......i guess ill call accurate are thoses tests in picking up a tumor.......thx..........
Avatar f tn This is why the diagnosis of liver cancer depends so much on the vigilance of the physician screening with a tumor marker (alpha-fetoprotein) in the blood and radiological imaging studies. Since most patients with liver cancer have associated liver disease (cirrhosis), their liver blood tests may not be normal to begin with. If these blood tests become abnormal or worsen due to liver cancer, this usually signifies extensive cancerous involvement of the liver.
403156 tn?1290150018 I have a 10 year old female golden retriever and just noticed a very large tumor on her throat, which is right where her thyroid is. The tumor is approximately the size of a lemon and it seems to be attached. I feel horrible that I did not notice it until now but it was hiding under her loose skin and long fur. I have recently noticed her stumbling and choking on her food as well.
Avatar f tn The nodule/tumor is very small, and your surgery, called "Cleaving" is generally for those who are experiencing medicinally uncontrolled hyperthyroidism. This is a serious surgery and does not seem to be medically mandatory given the size of a single tumor you show. Mildly enlarged thyroid glands do not dictate cleaving. Are you experiencing extreme conditions even with medication like beta blockers and depressants?
Avatar f tn What do you think it is? On the internet this is a symptom of eye cancer. Does this sound like a skin cancer or eye tumor?
Avatar m tn I might also mention that I gave two examples of people I am personally familiar with that had cancer problems, one with a brain tumor and one with bone cancer. I watched the whole thing unfold from beginning to end with those people, and therefore I answered the poster's question.
Avatar m tn Doctors suspected that this could be cancer. From the scan pictures they suspected that the primary cancer lay elsewhere and had spread to the liver. Your question is how can the doctors be sure, what is the quickest way to confirm the diagnosis, and is a biopsy essential. Well, the clinical situation that occured in your fathers case is quite common. scan images of a primary liver cancer are usually quite different from images of liver metastases.
Avatar m tn My father was diagnosed with throat cancer 3 and half months ago . There was a tumour found in his throat. He went through a surgery to remove the tumour . He had to remove his voice box and some muscle from his throat which was replace by his chest muscles . He had to breathe through a hole made in his chest. He got fed through a tube in his stomach. After the surgery he was getting better and had to wait nearly 4 weeks for his radio and chemo therapy.
Avatar n tn They did a videostrobe of my throat last week. The doctor told me today I had throat cancer. My voice is gone. I had a left side carotid endarectomy 2 days before Christmas. All of my symptoms started after the surgery, like the day after, the sore throat was there when I woke up in ICU. I saw my family doctor, the surgeon who did the endarterectomy and an ENT locally, all said my symptoms were due to the endarterectomy. The first ENT I saw did a scope of my throat and said all was well.
Avatar m tn recently I have been feeling the same sore throat and enlarged thyroid as same as the time I first felt back in 2007 I am scheduled for a Ultrasound tomorrow and I am very worried that the tumor has grow and change.... what are the chances this tumor has transform from a benign node to a cancer and grew within few months.
Avatar n tn I had papillary cancer, I had four microtumors and one big 1.5cm tumor. I had RAI. My sister also had the same cancer, her tumor was under 1 cm, her doctor gave her a choice, she chose to do a small dose of RAI. Most of the time, once the thyroid is out you can keep an eye on it and get your thyroglobulin tested...thyroglobulin spikes mean the cancer has returned. I have had my first thyroglobulin, and it was undetectable - a good thing.
Avatar n tn im 22 years old, and am undergoing tests for a tumor on my picturory gland they are sure thats what is wrong i had a ct scn and it did not show up on there which is a good sign right? my symptoms are really bad headach,sore throat, i am losing my vision on the top corners on my eyes nearest to my nose, they did visual field test for this. tired thirsty eye pain.periods all over he place ear ache sometimes. as im so young im worried it may be cancer?and will i beable to have babies?
Avatar n tn my sister was told that she has a tumor on her lymph node on her neck they cant tell her if it is cancerious or not they said they would have to remove it to know but also told her if she got the opt it could be very dangerious to remove and it could leave her with brain damage or paralized on one side and to think hard before she has the opt.
Avatar m tn Lymph nodes often swell in one location when a problem such as an injury, infection, or tumor develops in or near the lymph node. Which lymph nodes are swollen can help identify the problem. The glands on either side of the neck, under the jaw, or behind the ears commonly swell when you have a cold or sore throat. Glands can also swell following an injury, such as a cut or bite, near the gland or when a tumor or infection occurs in the mouth, head, or neck.
661497 tn?1227724461 right side neck-ache (almost a dull throb at times and then its gone), hoarse voice at times, hard time clearing my throat, EXTREME fatigue and yet hard to fall asleep at times, bags under my eyes (people always comment on how tired I look), a feeling of achiness almost like I am getting a fever, and I feel foggy at times and irritable. I just want to know what this could mean...Does the Thyroid swell if it is just a case of hypothyroidism? or could it mean something more like cancer?
Avatar n tn I am trying to reassure her that it could be many things and not necessarily cancer but I am having my doubts. She goes back for another mammogram on Monday for more pictures. Please I need some justification, for my own mind, that this could still be something other than cancer. Please help.
Avatar f tn Mine today was oval and smooth with black on the inside the radiologist said he suspected fibroadenoma ,but the pictures I saw of that showed an area that had dots inside mine had lines though it they also rated me a bi-rads 4 explaining that any solid tumor needs further investigating to rule out cancer but said that mine was low risk 4
Avatar f tn Hi I've had tmj for more than a year now it's gradually gotten pretty severe for the past few months I've been telling my doctor I don't feel right I have a sore throat funny taste anyways they ignored me this has now progressed to my mouth I have lots of little white or flesh coloured hard bumps going from my hard pallet to soft then red spots / cuts in back of throat wish I could add a pic to this to show u all wondering if I should try find money to go private
Avatar m tn First off, I apologize for the "graphic" language in trying to be as descriptive as possible. Pictures are attached. Late-twenties male, 6'2" 270 lb. Don't eat many fruits/vegetables, mostly carbs, meat, fats... don't work out/exercise... ok so I'm not really healthy. The bump started forming below my arm pit on my upper torso, maybe 6 inches below my "arm pit crease" on my side.
Avatar m tn It is found in the mouth/throat of about 7-14% of sexually active adults and causes mouth/throat cancer. The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus and it does not treat the virus that is already acquired. It greatly reduces the chance of catching the strains of the virus most likely to cause cancer if given before exposure. HPV is spread through oral sex. It is found in the mouth/throat of about 7-14% of sexually active adults and causes mouth/throat cancer.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine had a similar lifestyle and got diagnosed with a tumor near his brain. I need advice to know if further investigation is required for my problem, If yes, what should i do. The ENT cleaned my ears, did the audiogram and said it was fine. The blockage in my left ear doesnt seem to go but i can hear well. Also my CT scan of paranasal sinuses says there is a mild deviation of the nsala septum to the left side.
496495 tn?1224609863 Hello I am a 28 year old male and I am concerned about throat cancer. Almost 2 and a half weeks ago I had laid down to take a nap and when I awoke I had weird pain on the left side of my throat when I swallowed. This lasted for about a day and got a lot better but there was still some minor pain every so often when I swallowed. I do have acid reflux and allergies with bad post nasal drip and had a scope about 2 and a half years ago showing some minor irritation around my focal cords.
Avatar n tn I know how you feel about your sweet child, my brother's son had cancer and it scared the whole family to the core. I am not expert in radiology reports, but the changes noted, while being described as a "small cystic area," is downplayed by "no abnormal enhancement is seen associated with it." So, it's unlikely the cancer has come back, rather it's an abnormality that must be watched closely.
Avatar m tn I also had a set of chest x-rays done and the doctor went over the results with me to further say that she did not see anything that looks like a tumor (tumor would show up as white on chest x-ray right?). I had blood drawn as well at a lab near the doctor's office for a CBC, but since my provider will be closed this friday I worry that I will not hear about the results until next week, setting me up for a ton of anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have looked up pictures of strep throat and of oral cancer and it looks like cancer. I am scared that I have contracted hpv and now am developing orpharyngeal cancer. I also read about hiv causing most of oral problems and I was tested in March and came back negative. I also tested myself with an in home kit last month and it was negative. My question is what do I need to do in my next step? Go to a gyno? Ask for std testing? See an ent doc? See a cancer specialist? Get a shot for hpv?