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Avatar n tn If an upper GI showed that things are getting stuck in your throat, you may have more than one problem. There's a ring in your throat, called a Schatzki ring, which sometimes closes up and causes food to get stuck. If this happens, they have to go in and stretch that ring; done via endoscopy. My husband has had this done twice and I think needs to have it done again. When he tries to swallow, food just won't go down.
Avatar m tn those are every 6 months cuz of the merkel (thats a bad cancer). oh and my voice is very hoarseā€¦.do these sound like signs of a recurrence?
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
656157 tn?1224641403 Mine started climbing and that is how they found the recurrence. RAI is a really cool cancer treatment. The iodine molecule is radiated and the remaining thyroid tissue/cancer absorbs it which kills it off. Yes, it does go all through your body but that is good since the cancer can spread. It doesn't have the side effects of chemotherapy or external beam radiation. The chances of breast cancer are only slightly increased but it does kill off the thyroid cancer (which is good!).
616568 tn?1223247567 Do you already have the result of the biopsy? That will help in ruling-out a possible recurrence of the throat cancer. If the biopsy turns out to be a recurrence, chemotherapy is a reasonable option. However, her nutritional condition should be improved since chemotherapy has many side effects. The risks and benefits of treatment options must be weighed. Take care and God bless.
Avatar n tn In Spring, 2009, I began experiencing a tight feeling in my throat, like a golf ball was wedged under my Adam's Apple. Hoping it was just allergies or anxiety (I had read about thyroid cancer online and was worried that this was a symptom) I let it go until a couple of weeks until I noticed a small lump in my neck. I immediately began tests (blood work, scans, ultrasounds, biopsy, etc.) and was diagnosed with a 2 cm nodule suspicious for Hurthle cell neoplasm.
Avatar m tn I have read that HPV can cause cancer in the penis, throat, and orally, but it's rare isn't it? Is there anything practical I can do to prevent HPV causing cancers in that area? I am more concerned about transmitting HPV to others and potentially causing cancer in those areas. Is there anything practical I can do to prevent that? I've performed and received oral sex on the partner who probably gave me the the genital warts.
Avatar n tn Since his voice returns to normal in the mornings, it is unlikley that he has cancer. Neither throat (larynx) cancer, nor kidney cancer recurrence typically present this way. Please seek an appointment with an ENT surgeon for a laryngoscopy. Also, be under regular follow-up with your urologist. Good Luck, and God Bless!
Avatar f tn In your case, age 30 makes cancer very unlikely, but worth asking the question to the ENT - surely they are expert at spotting throat cancer. An Oncologist is expert at treatment, and in detecting the recurrence in people who he has treated with chemo (my wife is a close to me experience). The ENT is the right place to start I think.
Avatar n tn I lived in Queens most of my life. A very good friend friend of the family had stage 4 throat cancer, told by MSKCC nothing could be done....well that was 7 years ago, she is alive and well, treated at NYU. I had a friend treated by a ONC in Queens that never ever gave up. She is an amazing doctor that was always looking for different chemos and combos. Stay strong and keep fighting.....something will work!!!
1069633 tn?1255246589 Also, I don't know if the fact that your Thyroglobulin level is normal is a definite indication that you don't have a recurrence of thyroid cancer. Don't mean to scare you or be pessimistic--You are doing the right thing in having this checked out.
Avatar f tn lets see, lung cancer, throat cancer, esphogeal cancer, sinus cancer, tonsil cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, bone cancer, etc...the list continues. I know I'm acting crazy. When I think about it rationally, all of this just sounds absurd. But I can't stop. My wife just tunes me out now. Its got even worse after our son was born because of my fear of leaving my wife and child alone when I die...of cancer.
Avatar n tn I hope I do not have throat cancer. I had a blood test last week and only free t4 and TSH were tested. Free T4 is 1.27 and TSH is 0.01. The primary doctor told me TSH was too low. I am on Levoxyl 112. I ride on my stationary bike twice a day and walk alot. Do I need to change the dosage and ask the doc to have another test on Free T3 and Thyroglobulin? I do feel fine. The only thing is that I have diahrreah. Another question. I do love sweets. I eat some everyday.
Avatar n tn 2006, and during the operation, my doctor has found 7 mm papillary thryoid cancer, and he had surgery to remove the entire thyroid (total thyroidectomy) He said that he also took several samples (about 20) from my lymph nodes to check if they contain the cancer, but no cancer cells has found around them.
Avatar f tn These patients, who were treated with radiotherapy, have a local recurrence rate of around 5% in 5 years (meaning there's a 5% chance that the cancer is going to come back after 5 years). The overall survival is 82% in 5 years. But the 5-year cause-specific survival rate is 98%. This means that although 18% of this patient population died within 5 years, only 2% died because of the cancer. These statistics are very encouraging, indeed.
Avatar n tn I had a similar experience in that they found cancer in a lobe after they had removed it then they had to remove the other half before I could have RAI. The RAI will kill off the cancer cells but it will also kill your thyroid. Usually with cancer it is not indicated until the thyroid gland has been removed. Papillary carcinoma can often be multi-focal and made up of lots of micro-cancers.
Avatar m tn Could the hashimotos be making me feel so awful or could this be thyroid cancer? I'm really worried as my neck is swollen, having trouble swallowing, etc. When I saw my endo yesterday she told me she doesn't think we've gotten to the "root" of my problem which completely threw my for a loop b/c I thought by having the dx of hashimotos WAS my answer over the past year of hell I've had! Please help as I'm not sure what else to do! Thanks so very much.
Avatar f tn I was told the type of cancer was papillary with a follicular variant. I am 35 and a mother of 4 ages 2 to 13 so I wanted to make sure we did all we could. However now I have had my 1 year scan and the cancer is in my lymphatic system. I'm not sure what to make of it. My Thyroglobin numbers were all fine, I don't understand how this could be. My doctor is giving me the same treatment, same dose of R-131 again in 3 weeks. I am sick of tiny chances. I have been told in the last year.
Avatar n tn Whether or not you have a family history of cancer doesn't mean anything (trust me, there was no family history of thyroid cancer before I was diagnosed either). My youngest sister's thyroid cancer had spread into her breasts. Both thyroid and breast cancers are hormone driven cancers. Get the mammogram. Please keep us posted.
Avatar n tn ,it all comes back again in your throat. We have been through 5(five) specialists ,admmited into a cancer clinic (looking for Lymphoma) 3 c.t. scans , 2 biopsies (throat) 1 gene rearrangment analysis. Prednisone (steriod), antibiotics ( ceftin ,anomoxin, and some others that I can't remeber right now) anti-fungal agent fluconase have all been tried with some having good sucess for a few days and then back to hell again. This is a very miserable state to be in.
455126 tn?1212435798 the results of the dissection were malignant, boy what a shock. papillary cancer and a wierd strain called diffuse sclerosine which spreads to lymph nodes. like you surgeon said it was contained in tumour and hadnt spread, he said it was 2 mm from spreading. i buried my sister 28th april last year she was 47 and went to doc with sore throat 3 times was given anti biotics and sent home her husband wasnt happy brought her to another doctor who sent her to hospital.
517119 tn?1285874992 Nobody knows that about another person, even if they were not just diagnosed with cancer. it may help you to say that but not the person you are saying it to. To jen; I was also very calm almost all the way through treatment, that is. Just let yourself feel whatever you feel; you don't have to try to be positive. for myself it has been harder since I finished treatment. I think though you will be able to stand whatever treatment you have.
Avatar m tn In my case, being diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer, the radioactive iodine was not effective either. Just know that almost all thyroid cancer is highly treatable, and curable. I was diagnosed with stage 4 medullary in 1994 with mets to bones and organs, and given 2 months to 2 years to live. I have had alot of surgeries, and a lot of treatments, but I'm still here, and you will be too.
Avatar n tn In the last 3 months, my daughter has had strep throat 4 times, and I have had it 3 times, all 7 cases confirmed by positive throat cultures. My daughter has taken penicilin the first 3 times, then the fourth time both Clindamycin and Rifampin (the latter given the last 4 days of the former). Our entire family of 4 was tested to see if any of us are carriers, with negative results. My tonsils were removed as a child, yet there is talk of removing my daughters (seems pointless to me).
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed yesterday after doing my FNA last Tuesday. I actually need to go back in today for more FNA's on my lymph nodes and other places. I have 3 nodules (all cancererous) only one of them came back cold on an uptake scan so don't trust that test!! My largest nodule on the right side is 2.7cm and the other two smaller left side nodules are about 1.7cm each.
Avatar n tn Whether or not the final pathology report is positive for cancer, at least you know it isn't growing in your throat any more! There are others on this forum who went through similar experiences and I'm sure they will chime in too. The most important thing right now is to find a surgeon who has done LOTS of thyroid surgeries . . .
Avatar n tn I'm very concerned, as he is getting so worn out with this coughing and throat clearing. He is on Paxil and hydrochlorothiazide. He has a history of prostate cancer treated with surgery, and a recurrence treated wtih radiation. His last PSA in August was undetectable. Any ideas on what this could be? Thank you.
Avatar m tn I think you have a recurrence of your canker sores and a sore throat, not herpes. The rash in the skin fold near your leg does not sound in any way like herpes either. Hope these comments help. Take care.