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Avatar n tn Don't bother with Total T4; you need both Free T4 and Free T3. Those are the only ones that will give useful information. If an upper GI showed that things are getting stuck in your throat, you may have more than one problem. There's a ring in your throat, called a Schatzki ring, which sometimes closes up and causes food to get stuck. If this happens, they have to go in and stretch that ring; done via endoscopy.
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
616568 tn?1223243967 Now 4ish months later two lumps have appeared one in throat and one on lung,we will get biopsy results this thursday,mean while doc has indicated that chances are lump in throat is recurrence of the cancer but lung could poss be infection and has had mum on 1 wks antibiotics to see if it clears. Wot are the chances of this being a simple lung infection? because if im right in my thinking doesnt emphasemia and lung cancer produce identical symptoms?
616568 tn?1223243967 Do you already have the result of the biopsy? That will help in ruling-out a possible recurrence of the throat cancer. If the biopsy turns out to be a recurrence, chemotherapy is a reasonable option. However, her nutritional condition should be improved since chemotherapy has many side effects. The risks and benefits of treatment options must be weighed. Take care and God bless.
5593932 tn?1370608470 I do have some neck discomfort and a sore throat. Could these symptoms have anything to do with possible recurrence of thyroid cancer? Could it just be NORMAL thyroid tissue growing back? Could it be scar tissue this long after treatment?
Avatar n tn wouldnt you see an Oncologist? Could be a recurrence from the original cancer?
Avatar m tn those are every 6 months cuz of the merkel (thats a bad cancer). oh and my voice is very hoarse….do these sound like signs of a recurrence?
1047522 tn?1258145704 Is it possible for there to be a recurrence of metaplastic carcinoma in reconstructed breast tissue? I am going to have a double reconstruction done after my chemotherapy regimen is complete and everything looks fine. Also, where can I find more information about metaplastic carcinoma because I am getting conflicting information about the recurrence rate and survivability of metaplastic carcinoma (w/node involvement)? Thank you.
Avatar n tn The International Bladder Cancer Nomogram Consortium developed a very reliable tool for predicting recurrence of cancer after bladder surgery. The tool is a nomogram, which is a graph where you can plot a particular patient's set of factors, then come up with a probability of recurrence in 5 years. You can look it up through this link:
Avatar n tn I just got my Free T3 number: 366 (normal range per the lab is 230-420), so it's in the normal range, but toward the high end of normal. This scares me, because it was 371 before my surgery last year. It was down at 346 in December. Should this scare me? Is this evidence that I have some kind of bad development going on in my thyroid?
Avatar n tn I had a double masectomy 1-1/2 years ago and have finished chemo treatments in April of 08 and now I am on Femara for about a year. My question is can I get a recurrence of cancer of some sort (i know it won't be breast) while I'm actually still using Femara?
Avatar n tn After a pelvic exenteration, can cancer return in the pubic/pelvic area?
Avatar f tn Can these be the cancer recurring or is it too soon? I had a normal mammo in Dec but my mammogram was normal beofre the diagnosis as well. How long does it usually take before cancer can come back? I don't want to be an alarmist and run to my oncologist. What do you think? thanks.
362809 tn?1233506554 I am post near total thyroidectomy and RAI 22 years ago. The results came back positive for a papillary thyroid cancer recurrence. Anyway, the last two days, I've been feeling horrible. I have a very stiff neck. The only time it doesn't hurt is if I keep it still or look to the right. I also have a sore throat, feel extremely tired and have swollen lymph nodes.
Avatar n tn my husband has developed skin nodules on his throat, above his stoma, after he had radiation, chemo and eventually a total larangetomy. The 1st one was removed and it was cancerous, now he has 2 more and they seemed to attach to each other.
Avatar m tn If a tumor gets a Recurrence Score of 18 or less, a low-risk score, this signals a lower chance that the breast cancer will return. If the Recurrence Score is 19 to 30 then the recurrence risk is intermediate." We all know that chemotherapy is not easy to go through,but when Oncologists recommended it, it's very important to follow their advice because it does save lives. Hoping that whatever treatment you’ll be having it will be successful and cancer will be completely eradicated .
Avatar m tn Should he have radiation to limit his chances of recurrence or just keep getting PSA rechecks and hoping the cancer never returns? What are his chances of recurrence?
Avatar f tn I do not have cough but have had a lot of phlegm in my throat for weeks. Did any of you have a recurrence in the lungs? How was it detected? What are the symptoms?
Avatar m tn The surgical notes and pathology state that all cancer was contained in the thyroid, was removed, and it had not spread. Could a recurrence happen in 6 months? Could the cancer jump to lymph nodes far away? This seems so odd to me.
Avatar f tn She had an ultrasound in December 08 all clear and in one month after finishing chemo and radiation a recurrence of a 2.8cm tumor (which has been proved to be the same type cancer} has appeared in her armpit. A pet scan showed no organs are affected so a surgery has been scheduled for the cancer under her arm. My question is , Is it possible for her to be cured of this cancer or is that considered a stage 4 from the original stage 3.? She is triple negative and metaplastic type.
Avatar m tn A year later (because of family diagnoses of papillary carcinoma) I decided to have the left lobe removed which was completely free of nodules or cancer. Two years after the 2nd surgery I had a recurrence in the thyroid bed (and some in the liver). Even though the original cancer was small and encapsulated microcancers regrew in the remaining thyroid tissue. If cancer is suspected a complete thyroidectomy (with possible RAI) is the standard course of action because of the microcancers.
Avatar n tn You can say it here: cancer (small "c" - don't give it more power than it deserves). Calcification do make nodules more suspicious - so does the fact that the nodules are solid. After the biopsy they may also want an uptake scan to check for function of the nodules. The symptoms of hoarseness, shortness of breath, pain, and object in throat are common for benign nodules too - it's the size of them that causes that.
Avatar n tn Hi. Chemotherapy and Tamoxifen can reduce the risk of recurrence, but the risk reduction is not one hundred percent. The probability of recurrence persists even with Tamoxifen treatment, although this probability is much lower compared to the risk if one does not take Tamoxifen. If the stage of breast cancer is advanced, Stage 3 for example, the residual recurrence risk even after all the treatments have been completed is still sizable.