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Avatar m tn s your risk of getting it in the neck is very small, let us then reverse it and say that there are very many who have it then means of course the risk that get it in the neck or getting cancer of the throat is very small in relation to how common HPV is, we have found that many people who get cancer of the throat has HPV, it's a big difference to come up with how many people have oral sex who gets cancer, as I said, oral cancers linked to oral sex, oral sex, but can hardly be said to be link
1919671 tn?1322607720 Cholesterol levels over 1000 is due to is a genetic disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). The prevalence of heterozygous FH is approximately 1 case per 500. The prevalence of homozygous FH is 1 case per 1 million. Vitamin D plays a significant role in activating the body's immune defences. A very common deficiency state affecting over a billion. See your doctor.
Avatar f tn I need to know about the relation between papiloma virus and testicular cancer.
2059648 tn?1439766665 Zalesak and colleagues aimed to determine the annual rates at which HCV-infected populations progress to ALD by age cohort, and to project the ALD prevalence to 2015, assuming lack of treatment. They used the commercial PharMetrics database and the Medicare database to identify HCV patients with and without ALD, using International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Edition (ICD-9) codes. Future ALD prevalence was projected using progression and mortality trends from these databases.
Avatar n tn my mother thinks she has throat cancer...i think barretts....since she was little she would always have her stomach acid flow through her throat.....( idon't know if that makes sense, like when she is laying down it flows back into her throat) and so over the years, her throat has suffered from the acid...she also feels pain in her throat...her throat burns everytime she talks and swallows (occasionally). her voice has became rough/scratchy. she also feels a lump in her throat. help me....
331673 tn?1199354285 I was given a choice to either quit smoking and hope that we were early enough to have caught it, and hope that my throat repairs itself, or end up with throat cancer and all that goes with it. I quit smoking. My following check ups have been all good. I am LUCKY, because I didnt wait, I have lost to many friends and family to cancer, (on my husbands side even non smokers). So please dont wait, get to a Doctor. I may not be here today if I didnt Jump to it.
Avatar f tn It helped to calm my fears and he talks about the same article I read which states high strain hpv (not the kind causing warts but the kind causing cervical cancer) is now a big factor in the rise of throat cancer. According to him less than 5% of people with high strain develop throat cancer. I can rest a little better now. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn My husband has/ had throat cancer. He went through kemo and radiation. He is going to tested Fri. to see if treatment worked. He still has very bad breath. Also 2 other spots have shown up too. He also has a large lump on his leg.
Avatar f tn I went to see an ENT and he did a scope (went in through the nose and looked down at the throat), I had a CT of the throat, and an Ultrasound of my thryroid and a Upper GI Series (Barium Swallow). There was nothing he could see from the scoping, the CT came back negative, the Barium swallow showed mild to moderate acid reflux, and the ultrasound showed nodules (which the doc said was nothing to worry about). All in all everything that was done did not show any type of mass or obstruction.
Avatar n tn I suggest you see an Ear nose and throat specialist. They will be able to take a look in your nasal area as well as in your throat. So suggest to your family doctor you would like to see your local specialist.
Avatar m tn Hello I have been having some Throat Tightness, Its a feeling like a choking sensation, it doesn't bother me all of the time just every now and then. I am only 16 years old. Sometimes I have throat pain. I have had this a lot of my life, it comes and goes, sometimes it will stay away as long as a year or so, but somehow it manages to come back. Do you think that this could be some type of cancer of the throat? I did have a lot of sore throats when I was younger.
Avatar f tn I would not assume it is cancer until it is checked out. It might just be a case of sore throat. I know that once you have had cancer you think anything that comes up is cancer too. Be patient and wait for the doctors to determine what it is. God Bless you and your boyfriend. Just keep saying prayers for him. Take care.
Avatar f tn suddnly they found cancer in his lymh nodes and ssaid that it had to have been somewhere else first i honestly believe that it was stomach cancer or throat cancer from the h-pyloi this scares me as i still have no ins.
Avatar m tn April 9th developed fever of approximately 38.5 degrees. Next day presented with sore throat that was isolated only to the right side, very painful, also what I perceived was a swollen gland, again right side neck area only. Fever went away at about 72-96 hours, sore throat about 96. Was able to work and just felt like I had flu.
Avatar f tn Are you speaking of a Nasogastric Tube (NG tube)? A tube that is put into the nose and fed down the throat into the stomach? There is nothing permanent about it and they have to be changed periodically. I had one for a few days in the hospital and is a very minor procedure just not fun having a tube shoved up through your nose. The tube is uncomfortable when in because it rubs the back of the throat. I couldn't wait to get it pulled out!
Avatar n tn Do you think it can be throat cancer???Im not a smoker and im a social drinker ,every thing i read points to throat cancer which got me really concerned.I also read somthing called cricophargngeal spasms do you think it could be that. sorry doc, im just really nervous i have had this just to long. thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi. No. From your description, it doesn't seem to me like throat cancer. Your doctor is probably correct in diagnosing it as an infection, although it may be viral instead of bacterial, which may be the reason why it does not seem to be responding to the antibiotics. The other reason why the infection has gotten prolonged instead of resolving is the fact that you have continued smoking intermittently. Cigarette smoke impairs the immune system, so it would be best for you to quit.
Avatar n tn Often people mistakenly call the cancer in the thyroid throat cancer as the thyroid sits in the throat area. You would be best to post your question in the cancer forum.