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Avatar n tn Its the same color as the rest of my mouth and the only thing thats abnormal about it is that i dont have a similiar lump on the other side of my throat. There is some mucus build up in my throat and theres a slight pressure on both of my ears that occurs occassionally. It also seems my breath has been alot worse lately. Another thing i noticed is when my roomate told me it wasnt cancer and actually had a good argument the symptoms seemed to dim a little bit.
Avatar n tn It has been for a while now every morning when I wake up I spit mucus with blood?
Avatar n tn Unfortunately the Mucinex made me ill and was wondering what else I can do to thin out the mucus. My concern is that I did have throat cancer two years ago with radiation treatment. That started with a hoarse voice. I have been waiting for 2 months for a referral to a different ENT. Going to the doctors takes at least one month to get an appointment. Any suggestions would really be helpful. Will nose spray like Floronase help?
Avatar n tn I have been bothered with excessive mucus clogging my throat for four years now.Every other minute or so I'm coughing up clear mucus and sometimes it's mixed with blood.My doctor has diagnosed me with acid reflux desease.I really don't think that's the problem because my husband has acid reflux desease and he's always complaining about how the acid is burning his esaphagus.I'm not experiencing that sympton.And besides, my doctor has prescribed zantac and I'm still having the symptoms.
Avatar m tn I feel my chest and head is very clogged!!! So much mucus and snot. I saw a doctor few days ago who checked my mouth throat and tonsils said he did not see any signs of precancer or cancer at this point. Said i might have had the flu and tonsilitise the flu never did this before feels like very bad bronchitise.. Doc said my tonsils were not enlarged at all but to me it feels that way. I got antibiotics and magic mouth wash.. What can i do to help unclog my ears and head?
Avatar n tn So I am just hypochondriac or a small (around 1 cm at least the part that I can feel with my hand in the neck) and ligt feeling of mucus in the throat is something that need attention and therefore find a another doctor?
Avatar m tn I'm a 26 year old non smoking male and I'm in constant battle with my throat and voice. I have persistent mucus in my throat which causes continual throat clearing and/or coughing. While a lot of people say it is the worst at night I usually have no symptoms at night nor in the morning. Sometime around 11am or 12pm it will begin, usually after eating. When I wake up my voice is hoarse/raspy sometimes. The problem usually is at it's worst after eating a big meal like dinner.
Avatar f tn I am 38. When I was a young child, I developed pnuemonia. As a result, a had a HORSE COUGH. It was very rough and quite an ugly tone. That then became part of my laugh. That HORSE LAUGH went away in adult hood. I quit smoking at age 32 when I got pregnant. When I smoked I would "HACK" up a lot of mucus. I had to work at it. It was 3 to 5 times a day. I am sorry for the LOVELY picture I just painted of myself! Yuck. I thought that would go away when I quit smoking.
Avatar n tn Everytime he spits from the dip he has to clear his throat. Each time he does this a thick white mucus ball comes up. Sometimes it has a different color to it like green, yellow or brown. What could be the cause of this? Can this be early signs of cancer? Its not really causing him a problem. More of an annoying issue than anything.
1876363 tn?1320474463 my girl friend has had constant cold in her throat and occasionally coughs and black streaks comes out with it like a strand of hair sometimes.. for about 5 yrs or more.. what could be her diagnosis? she also occasionally has sharp pains in her chest but doctors say its nothing?
Avatar n tn It seems like a small pile of cough (or mucus) is always clogged in my throat. Even if I try to push it down it's not going. I tried by having water and gulping foods with force. but no hope. It gives more trouble in night, I find it difficult to sleep as I feel like somethng is holding my throat. I once pressed the below the Adam's apple and gulped little bit of saliva. I think I felt little comforted. Not sure, would someone please help me? Is that a sign of a worse disease? thanks.
Avatar n tn 15 months ago I went thru a period of swallowing difficulty, dry cough, feeling like a lump in the throat, and heavy mucus in the back of my throat. Went to see an ENT and he performed an endoscopy, I think (small tube with light into my nose and down my throat). Told me I had LPR, put me on 40mg Nexium a day. I took it for 3 months and things got better, but after being off it for a month or so, things were right back to where they were, but without the dry cough.
Avatar m tn I'm a 28 yr old Caucasian male from Australia with no prior history of sinus or throat problems. In December I attended my GP with complaints of thick clear 'glue-like' mucus in upper part of my throat that has been causing to clearly my throat excessively to the point where my throat hurt. I was told I have a sinus infection and put on a course of Amoxicillin for course of 10 days.
Avatar f tn I just went to bed one night, woke up feeling like I had something stuck in my throat and from there I have gotten this thick, clear almost gel like mucus in my throat. I hate it. It comsumes my every moment. I hate going to work now too. I feel like I annoy people with my strange noises and am depressed about it. If I cry now, my throat gets full of this stuff, it's horrible. My dad just died and I've cried a lot and I have found that my tears fill up my throat, it's awful.
Avatar n tn I always felt that mucus 'stuck' inside my throat and unable to spit it or swallow it. When I swallow my saliva I can felt the mucus is stay inside my throat. This problem already longs for about one year. What should I do?. This is the only symtoms. Is consumption of fruit especially bananas and oranges and milk can produce more mucus inside our body since these foods are known for their mucus-forming properties is true?
Avatar n tn Hi - for the past 2 years I've had a problem with mucus at the back of my throat and nose. It comes in waves - and when its really bad its so sticky i struggle to swallow properly (i can eat and drink) but just generally swollowing i can feel an obstruction. It takes a couple of hours to then dislodge itself and i cough up a piece of phlegm the size of a 10pence piece usually dark yellow/brown and the centre is always hard and its really smells awful.
Avatar m tn I have convinced myself that I have throat cancer from drinking / smoking in college. i have been seeing an ENT (who is doing the injections) and he stuck a scope through my nose to look at my vocal cord but said i had nothign to worry about. I can't keep from thinking that I have cancer, due to the lumps in the neck and constant feeling like somethign is stuck in my voice box. If anyone could offer ANYTHING to help me put this fear to bed I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn Is this just some form of post-cold trouble, or post-nasal drip? My paranoid self says it's throat cancer or esophogal cancer, but I don't think so....I'm fairly young, relatively acceptable diet, and a non-smoker.
Avatar n tn I have been back to the ent and he sees nothing to make my throat hurt. Would throat cancer causing pain be noticable after eight months! I did have a ct of my neck in october and three scopes through the nose and mirrors in my throat.
Avatar n tn Av been having throat irritation which makes me cough. sometimes it has mucus in the morning which is clear. before this irritation started i was dignosed ptb with of which i was treated and healed. now most of the time i use cetrizines but this thing wont go away. please help because now i dont know what to do anymore with this problem.
Avatar n tn My husband is recovering from throat cancer. Before he started treatment he has been hacking up a white foamy mucus from his throat and is still doing so. His ENT nor Radioation Doctor does not know why. Before he had Raidation and Chemo the foamy was worst than after treatment.
Avatar n tn Most people can cough up some mucus. NOTHING, but i get this very slight frog in the throat and I have to really clear the throat. Any idea ?
Avatar n tn Not red, but kind of whitish grey. I am really scared that this is throat cancer of some sort. Would they have seen it with the CT scan, the scopes, i had the pain when I saw the ENT. It is a tiny bit worse right now but has changed off and on. It is here everyday though. I have no problem swallowing, in fact I have gained almost 20 pounds in the last 4 months due to antidepressant, anxiety med I have been on. I do feel like something is in my throat all the time though.
Avatar n tn I feel sometimes like I have a coating of mucus around my vocal cords and once in awhile a little mucus comes up and then it feels clear for a bit. I have always had a strong voice since I had stage training. My primary care first though it was nasal drip, then he thought it was GERD and now he wants me to go to a Ear Nose and Throat to be checked for Nodes. I am scared and I am afraid of what they will find.
Avatar n tn for about a year with huge gaps in between, I have been experiencing some throat discomfort. It is usually triggered by cigarette smoking, which I have since stopped. It is not so much a pain but a feeling on the left side of my throat, close to my adams apple but a little lower and off to the left. I can feel the discomfort sometimes shoot up towards my ear and sometimes it radiates to my rear, lower left jaw by my molars.
Avatar f tn and everything was normal. i've been having the feeling of mucus in my throat. mucus has been coming up and it's clear .. not green and on some days my throat feels dry. i havent had a fever at all but have been waking up with small headaches and pressure in my around my eyes and nose. this has been gradual since june of 2009. it all started with a small tickle in the back of my throat. any ideas?