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Avatar n tn t think that I needed a root canal. While she was away on vacation, my temporary tooth fell off while I was flossing, and I had to see another dentist in the practice. She fitted me with my permanent crown, despite telling her that my tooth hurt. She also said that she didn't think that I needed a root canal, as she said that my symptoms did not present that way. Also, she siad that my x-ray lookd fine. Since I had reservations and some pain, she used temporary cement on the tooth.
Avatar f tn It seems to be most sensitive between the temporary crown and the tooth just behind it. Is it possible the root to the tooth behind the root canal is damaged? I went back to my dentist and he said everything looks fine and the pain should subside with time. I'm just concerned about permanently placing the finished crown (appt is next week) without finding the cause to my existing pain. ..any advice would be most appreciated!
697381 tn?1228011309 However, when I visited my dentist about this (one month ago), I had some additional dental work that needed to be done, so before she did the mold for the temp crown, she wanted to drill the cavity out of tooth 4 and the nerve became exposed, so she put a temp crown on that tooth then I had a root canal done on tooth one week ago. I had no pain with this particular root canal. I also had a cavity in tooth 2, so she filled that one.
Avatar f tn I only experienced pain while chewing on the temporary crown which I expected because of the grinding that was done to the tooth (molar). Anyway, three weeks went by and the permanent crown was put on. I told the Dentist about how the temporary crown partially was lefted while I accidently was chewing gum, which really hurt. I gargled with hydrogen proxide and felt okay. Then the permanent crown was put on and for two days I felt great then at 2 a.m. I woke up with pain.
Avatar n tn A crown fell out a week ago. It never felt right to begin with but the dentist told me to wait a few weeks - maybe it would correct itself. Well it fell out. Anyway, there is a terrible odor in this crown - no matter what I do it's still there. It's very embarassing but something I have to deal with. Any ideas? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/421094'>Bad smell near crown</a>.
Avatar f tn I had a temporary crown placed 3 days ago and it hurts. It is my 3rd crown and the other 2 were root canalled and they never hurt so I am not sure if this is normal. I can tell that the temp crown isn't making contact with my gum because it's too short on that side and that's where my tooth hurts. It hurts super bad to brush and I don't trust it (because I don't want it to come loose) so I have never eaten on it. Should I call the dentist and have them fix the temp crown?
Avatar n tn The problem seems to be with the GAP created when the original tooth was made smaller for the crown. The Temporary crown does not fill this GAP between the tooth and the preceeding tooth. The gum here is inflamed, probably because of food that is been pushed downwards when I chew. I have been given a special gell to apply and all should come good. Thanks for your help and I will keep you informed.
Avatar m tn I finally got the crowns on and noticed a month later that you could see the grey of my tooth behind the one crown. At my checkup appointment last month, he said would redo the crown at no charge. While putting the temporary on, he suggested i go see an endontist before closing it up. I now need a retreatment on the first root canal AND a root canal on my other front tooth. I have maxed out my dental insurance for the year. Is this something I should be asking him to pay?
Avatar n tn If the temporary is not covering all of the tooth and there is leakage, a temporary that is sticking too far down into the gums, a temporary that is slightly higher than the rest of the teeth so when you chew, you hit on a certain spot or spots. It could also be a tooth that has a crack in it, it could be that the cavity was too deep. There could be a hairline crack or a deep crack on the tooth, etc.
Avatar f tn Am I crazy or could there seriously be something wrong with my temporary crown or tooth under it? I have taken a hydrocodone that was prescribed for the pain and 4 ibuprofens and there is still pain from the tooth all the way to my ear. Is this normal? Because I wont get my permanent crown put on until September 3rd and I dont know if I can handle the pain for that long.
Avatar n tn All the discomfort from the other work (2 onlays) is gone,but the area around my temp crown is still very sore. I have never had any previous gum problems and no pain in my gums until this temp crown. Could there be a problem with the it?
Avatar n tn Now I am going on 3 weeks with temporary crown on and pressure pain and slight throbbing of the tooth. Is it possible that my tooth will not recover after being filed down for a crown? The tooth was perfectly fine until it was prepped for a crown. I have highly sensitive teeth, I have undergone 3 root canals already and suffer from TMJ. I am leary of getting the permanent crown on if my tooth does not quit hurting even though he said he can go through the back and do a root canal.
Avatar m tn Actually I have two teeth that have a temporary crown on them and the temporary crown covers both teeth. I did the root canal on the very back tooth because whenever the specialist did his test,it was that tooth that was giving me problems. Now, I know its only been 8 hours since I had it done, but I was biting on food that a little bit hard and I still have pain(or pressure) in the two teeth that have the temporary crown on.
Avatar m tn That's weird. It would be in your and the dentist's best interest to get the crown in sooner. Once the temporary comes out, the gums can grow and the teeth may shift slightly due to the space and can make it more difficult to fit the crown.
Avatar n tn I guess I should have explained better. The temporary crown is in 3 parts and all have fall out of my mouth. The small stump of tooth is exposed. Perhaps is it also worth mentioning that following the root canal, a post was put in the tooth.
Avatar n tn , symptom developes after temporary crown, it probably rsults from occlusal interference of temporary crown. If crack is present, the symptom does'nt change whether there is a temporary crown or not. Further occlusion adjustment is needed. Perfect comfort can be achieved if occlusal interference is completely eliminated.If provisional crown is not satisfactory, outcome of final crown is questionable.
Avatar m tn Not completely uncommon but it depends on the cosmetics and whether or not it'll suffice as a temporary and do what a temporary is suppose to do. Is the chipped tooth a crown or is it your natural tooth?
Avatar n tn I had an appointment to start a bridge to replace a missing tooth(A 3 tooth unit) and a crown on another tooth on the opposite side of my mouth to match with the bridge. I went today (she was running about an hour late) she said she couldn't do both. She tried to get me to just have the single crown done because she said they won't match up if we get them done at the same time. I asked for the bridge. She ground down my teeth and took away some of the gum.
Avatar n tn I had no problem at all with my temporary crown on the tooth for almost a month while waiting for the perm. crown. But with the permamant crown, I have mild cold and hot sensitivity issues and gum line irritation?? it is a week and my discomfort has not getten any better. I did not need any root canal before either and I went for a crown due to a minor crack in the tooth. any idea???
Avatar m tn The next week on April 23, I had a root canal done on the very back tooth. The following weekend my temporary crown came loose (it covers both teeth). I got into my regular dentist on April 28th and had the temporary crown put back on, also complained about my teeth still being sensitive. They put me on some antibiotics and said to wait 2 to 3 weeks, because its like a bruise and it needs to heal.
Avatar n tn It may be that the crown does not fit properly or that the bite is off. Did the tooth hurt immediately after the crown was placed (even in the temporary crown) or did it take a while? Sometimes it does take a while for a root canal to be necessary. Is there any radiographic evidence of infection at the apex(tip) of the tooth. If it is not the bite or fit of the crown, it sounds like a root canal would be the way to go. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn if the tooth is prepped with no temporary crown it looks like a little stump. they shave off the top and sides leaving a nub. really dont get where the hole part comes into this!
Avatar m tn Then I went back a few weeks later for the permanent crown and they took the temporary off and my left tooth was extremely sensitive to cold, to air, to everything. The permanent crowns they sent were the wrong color so they had to send them back out and I had to get temporary ones put on again. They used the same temporary's from before.
Avatar n tn Doctor has prepared my tooth (molar, #30) for a crown, however while waiting for a crown for a about a week I've experienced pain in my down and even upper jaw from the right side. Took ibuprofen, so I could function during the day and sleep during night. No pain directly in the tooth, but dull pain around it in the jaw.