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Avatar f tn Finally after she was in excruciating pain a x-ray was done and they found 2 kidney stones in right kidney. They had me give her pain meds for 2 days and the dr's figured they passed. Since then had a couple days that she was in a little pain. Then today started having really bad pain again, and more bleeding in urine. We're hoping they pass this time, and we'll be done with this. We don't have a family history of these, and follow up with the dr. next week.
Avatar n tn I'm on my fourth episode of kidney stones, and all of us that have had them can surely agree, the symptoms are tell-tale and ones you don't forget. I get extremely painful cramping and horrible diarrhea EVERY time I'm trying to pass a stone. Actually, that's the first symptom I've had each and every time. It is the worst, painful diarrhea ever, and something I've only experienced when a stone starts moving through my urinary tract. Like clockwork, soon after, that hallmark back pain starts.
409451 tn?1206900232 Endo and kidney stones can cause bladder problems however endo doesn't produce blood in your urine not that I have heard of anyway but don't quote me on that. Most cases when there is blood in your urine is when you have a uti or kidney stones. The next step for you since your pap came back normal and the fact that your dad had kidney stone problems, is ask your doc to do blood work and see if there is any abnormalities in your blood work that will show if your kidneys are functioning right.
1301089 tn?1290670171 I know this probably isn't the best forum for this but I know all of you and trust you. Also, others have posted about kidney stones here in the past. I have a terrible pain on my right flank. I wake up with it and it only gets worse as the day wears on. It is going on a week now. I've been more nauseated than usual. I also have more severe pain in the bladder and groin area. My Lortab aren't even touching this. I am still on my feet but just barely.. I drink lots of water.
Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of pain on my right side, front, back and side and the pain takes my breath away. I had CT scans and ultra sound to determine if I had kidney stones. Then they sent me for x-rays with contrast and I was told I had a floating Kidney. The nurse for his office said there was nothing that I could do for the pain. "Just deal with it". Wow how can I when the pain takes my breath away and the pain is so bad that I have to lay down in bed until it goes away.
Avatar n tn I have been reading many message boards and feel am self educated about kidney stones by my own body. Each kidney stone is unique in severity of pain. The bigger ones don't always have bigger pain. The largest I have passed was5 ml. I just dont know what to do anymore. Im tired of passing them, tired of being in pain, tired of missing work and could be in danger of loosing my job. The painkillers are great , but takes a day or so to get back into functioning mode after taking them.
1522652 tn?1291241954 You have all of the symptoms of your parathyroid having tumors. My sister-in-law had a couple of calcium kidney stones and I told her to ask her Dr. To check her Parathyroid. Sure enough there was a growth the they were able to remove and no more Kidney stones. I had a stroke and the cause was a defect in my heart. So I underwent open heart surgery. Just before my surgery my Dr. Felt that with some of my symptoms had nothing to do with my heart problem, so he went testing.
Avatar f tn Occasionally, patients can have recurrent nephrolithiasis, which can lead to significant morbidity. If any suggestion of history of MSK in other family members exists, further investigations may be indicated to unravel the genetic pattern of transmission. Some physicians may encounter patients with MSK who claim severe, chronic renal pain without any manifestation of infection, stones, or obstruction. The source of this pain is unclear.
Avatar f tn My jack Russell was diagnosed with final stage of kidney failure in March 2014. We brought him for acupuncture and he was prescribed with Chinese herbs grinded into powder. The animal acupuncturist told us that those capsules we made by himself and good for my dog's weak legs. We trusted him and our folly lead to the acute kidney failure of my dog. We were told that he can last for days or months but not exceeding six months.
Avatar f tn From all my research I have not seen a number only the statement that MSK rarely results in the loss of a kidney etc. Keep in mind SUPPOSEDLY 90% of MSK patients have no symptoms. I personally don't think this is accurate, I think 90% of doctors blow of their MSK patients with unexplained pain!.. But that said reports states that 10% of MSK patients suffer from chronic stones and infection, then what percentage of that loses their kidney would be hard to get a number.
168348 tn?1379360675 Sam I am soo glad you were able to get your pain management meds now!! Out of curiosity did any of the info. from here help in that at all..., I want to know mainly to see what we are doing and were we can improve to better help patients! I do hope this gives you a piece of your life back! Cheryl congrats on the birth,,,, I am soo bad at catching them, maybe the frequency with IC can't take the time to get the hat rised off and on the toilet etc. LOL or I am just lazy either one!
Avatar m tn Thomas Fandez medicals services which he said Dr. Thomas Fandez has been helping patients fight against kidney diseases of various types so we decided to give it a try,so far my wife is improving very well and presently she can walk around the house all by herself. the cocount water has help in cleanse the urinary tract and the bladder canals,crash’’ the kidney stones.
Avatar f tn I would love to fill out your question however the chronic kidney pain issues for me are so much more complex then that. Many of us, myself included do have kidney pain even when no stone shows in the ureter and no infection shows up on standard test. Honestly I think that has been the over all theme for many of our lives.
Avatar f tn Did either of you have other sympotms with your kidney stones? Fever? Cold like symptoms? etc? If it is kidney stones any explanation to why the pain is only so bad at night and just dull aches off and on during the day? Would kidney stones have shown up on the MRI?
1916673 tn?1420236870 Hi. First and foremost ... kidney disease is fatal. It will ultimately end in death. This is regardless of management and treatment. There is no cure. That said, if it is diagnosed early enough, owners and vets can collaborate to improve and extend life - sometimes by a few weeks, more often by a few months and sometimes even by a year or two. Much depends on the stage of the disease and the amount of organ tissue remaining at the point of diagnosis and intervention.
2081455 tn?1332179587 I have been passing kidney stones since 2006. I recently saw a Urologist in November of 2011. I was told I had 2 large stones in my left kidney and a few small ones in my right kidney. I went to the Urologist because I had been experiencing terrible pain in my left kidney. In December I had my left kidney cleaned out by laser through the urethra. It took over 3 weeks to recover and it was the most terrible pain I have ever felt. They did not put a stent in.
Avatar n tn See your doctor about your concerns and further tests, like ultrasound to see if you have any kidney stones somewhere in the urinary tract. People with kidney stones sometimes have no symptoms at all. But when the stone starts to move this can scratch the urinary tubes and can show blood in the urine by having a lab test. Sometimes if it is sever you will see the blood, may pass a lot of gunge and feel extremely ill with a lot of pain.
148354 tn?1211237506 for 7 months on and off been having severe back/abdominal,pelvic and rectal pain..with 1 month free of no pain in July,in April I was in hospital for 3 days,morphine didnt touch this pain!.Dr thought it was endometriosis but had a laparscopy Aug 9th,everything looked ok.I do have killer periods,heavy and painful.
Avatar n tn She was released out of the NICU and said she was fine. A year 1/2 later, she started to pass kidney stones and had her appendix taken out because a stone there. She always has slight blood in her urine. Again, the Dr's said some kids have this. I'm frustrated with all of this. She has a bunch of little problems that are not leading to a bigger picture. She is developing normal and with the Synthroid, her hair is growing and not so much is falling out.
Avatar n tn I have had most of the same symptoms, but I also had the vision in my right eye go blurry, which prompted my doctor to do further tests. But since he can't figure out what's wrong with me, I think he has given up. Its so frustrating to explain this over and over, and have the doc tell you that you're fine. I'm not fine, I feel like hell.
1832268 tn?1326819610 I found my poodle as a a stray in 2002. They guessed her to be around 2. In August of 2013, we found that she was in kidney failure. Her body adjusted and she lived another 2 years. I had her put to sleep just a few days ago, August 13, 2015. On July 31st, her BUN and CRE levels showed that she had gotten much worse. She was now declining quickly. The past week there were days when she ate nothing. We assisted in her death because she was so weak and we knew she was not going to get better.
1963554 tn?1325451090 this is due to the acid buildup in his gastrointestinal track. ....Are you seeing any of these symptoms...? Please tell us more.... Try baking a sweet potato for Shaggy...he might eat that, I would also like to tell you to try and buy some Green Tripe...From what I read, most dogs love it and will eat it, even if they do not want anything else. I know when Tony reads my post, he can and will tell you more about it. In the meantime, try tums as it may help his nausea...
Avatar f tn I would consider contacting a medical school like Johns Hopkins and provide all of your symptoms and see if they have a program you could enter (free of charge) I have never heard of so many symptoms, so much going on! It is baffling to me that with all of your symptoms that the specialists seem to be shrugging their shoulders. It seems you should be hospitalized for some major medical forensic research!
Avatar n tn Hi, You have mentioned of pain in the kidney area which I would assume is in the lower back. Your culture results have always been negative and there is no evidence of reflux based on your tests. CT scan results also appeared to be within normal. The only significant finding so far based on your post is the presence of WBC in the urine. At this point, I think the urine culture is negative due to the intake of antibiotics.
Avatar n tn It is good at helping the liver and kidneys eliminate toxins, helps with muscle and joint problems, and it can help precipitate crystals in joints (from arthritis), as well as help disolve gall stones and kidney stones. I have a few books on it, including one with a lot of recipes, and it is widely talked about on the web (using a web search). The best kind is the unpasteurized, raw ACV with the "mother" (enzymes). It is safe to drink as it kills bacteria and many viruses.
Avatar n tn I, too, have a dent in the top front part of my head that I first noticed a few months ago. I am a 44-year-old female. I have not had headaches, hair loss or any sensitivity. It is just noticeable when I comb my hair. I do wear my sunglasses on my head often - way too often! I have always had issues related to calcium in my body (kidney stones & bad teeth that break easily). I've never really been tested - something that I should do now that I know. Thanks for all the posts.
Avatar f tn In March of 07 I had surgery to remove a massive amount of kidney stones in my right kidney, and had a stent for a week after. The urologist I saw did blood work and discovered that my parathyroid was out of whack due to a vitamin D deficiency. I was suppose to get back to him for lithotripcy on my left kidney because I had a suspect 8 mm stone lodged in there. I opted to wait because the surgical procedure I had done on my right was really awful.
Avatar f tn I worry that you may have something similar and that you should have your gulbladder checked out especially since stones are more prevalent in women than in men. An ultrasound or CT scan is most likely in order. My pain is located mostly in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen and recently my palms have turned almost entirely red which was noticeable because I have always been so pale.
1216899 tn?1288573925 Reading over these symptoms, you really see some common threads emerging in terms of the number of body systems affected by d deficiency.
Avatar n tn i got my mirena in may of 06 and i have had all the symptoms! i even posted a question on this forum about all my symptoms and nobody answered it so i decided to look for myslef and i found this! this is crazy! i makes me feel a little better knowing that i am not the only one out there though.