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192055 tn?1263559137 Kidney stones -Felt something (A stone?) move from my kidney to my bladder... havent passed any stones though My doctor is unsure of why I am having a lot of pain and CT scan is coming up normal... so I got a refferal for a Urologist. My apt is on the 20th of this month. Newest symptoms... Clay colored stool- 80% of the time- last two weeks Pain in my right shoulder, that started 3 days ago... towards the top... doesnt feel like a pulled muscle... it just throbs...
Avatar f tn been to the doctors they are testing my urine,then a possible ct scan on my kidneys,she dont think gallstones but maybe kidney stones i will keep you up dated thanks for the information guys
Avatar n tn i am about to do a gallstone -liver flush -i have a couple of small stones and im told this will do it-consist of a diet for acouple of weeks and 2 glasses of apple juice per day - no dairy-then final day you dijest epsom salt 2 timews then take a olive oil & grapefruit juice mix- lie down still for 20 minutes and then sleep-in morning two more epson salt glsses and then take the stones out of the toilet after you go- now this was given to me by my doctor-anyone ever had success with this-th
Avatar n tn Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with a severe gallstone problem. Her ultrasound showed lots of stones the size of hazel nuts. One look at the utlrasound pics her doctor lifted the phone to call the hospital to check my wife in for early surgery. My wife had been reading Dr Clark's book for some time. She told her med doctor to hold that call. She came home and put herself through two liver cleanses. The second one, we both counted the huge stones that came out in the toilet.
Avatar m tn I just had a CT scan to check for kidney stones and I was told that I had none visible but that it did show that I had gallstones. All of my symptoms point to kidney stones, not gallstones. My pain is on the left side and severe nausea that is getting worse even though the pain has lessened in the last 24 hours. My doctor ordered the CT scan since I have a history of kidney stones. Can a CT scan miss the stones?
2176548 tn?1340681417 The two don't necessarily equate as about 75% of patients with gallstones have no symptoms. The absence of gallstones does not rule out gallbladder disease. When patients present with typical biliary symptoms and have a negative ultrasound, the next step is usually a functional test of the gallbladder (HIDA w/ CCK stimulation). An upper endoscopy is also typically performed to rule out other causes. These will produce an answer in the vast majority of patients.
196368 tn?1205377630 Chritters,I'm 29 yrs old and have IBS (was told that for 10 yrs ) and have alot of gallstones I found out a month ago with pain that had sent me to the er,but with gallstones having daily attacks of pain.It is possible for both conditions to coexist.With gallstones I have awful abdominal cramps and back pain..IBS can also mimic gallbladder pain too.
Avatar m tn I have both GB stones and Kidney stones (well, the Kidney Stones come and go) and I would never do that type of regime .. not ever. The consequences can be fatal. How are you doing? Did you have your surgery? Please stop by with an update and WELCOME to our Community!
Avatar f tn I would hope that they stressed the importance of seeing your PCP should any of the symptoms persist. If there was any blood in your urine a urology evaluation wold be in order. If any of your liver function tests were elevated an MRCP would be entertained.
Avatar n tn 1991 - December, Told I had preeclampsia (high blood pressure, headaches, a lot of swelling, protein in urine, etc.) 1992 - January, hospitalized with kidney stones. 1992 - May, Induced labor, baby girl that was stressed. 1992 - June, gallstones, gallbladder removed. 1992 - August, had problems w/weight gain/tired; dr checked thyroid - a little hyperthyroid. 1995 - Muscle Spasms. 1996 - Problems with low blood sugar. 1996-1999 Problems containing bowel movements.
Avatar n tn From your entry I understand you had g/b disease w/ no stones. How did they determine that? What were your symptoms? What foods bothered you? Was alcohol one of them? I am having problems that seem to be in the g/b area. No stones on ultrasound or any problems noted on other tests. Thanks for answering.
Avatar f tn Hi, You really need to see a doctor ASAP. You may have kidney stone issues ...I am not a doctor, just a person who has had both kidney stones and gallbladder issues and have been told to see a Dr if you ever have any blood in your urine at all. Also, passing out needs to be addressed with your doctor. That isn't something to mess with in my opinion. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
865758 tn?1285956504 Also, I have to say that I have kidney stones, gallstones (gallbladder removed 4/24/09), a cyst on my adrenal gland and high triglicerides. Needless to say, a mess. I am looking into possibly having a parathyroid problem as well (not that I want one). Good luck with your diagnosis and believe me I thought I was going crazy too. Things just aren't right and we know it. To pinpoint it exactly is the hard part. Keep trying and definitely visit this site often.
696092 tn?1238620367 I have all the symptoms of hypo....except for cold intolerance....I'm always...or most of the time overheated. I also have an endocrinology appointment in 3 weeks...I'm getting really confused about it all.
Avatar m tn i had also been having light colour stools for a month never had this before, now i feel full upper abdo and vomit. don't have pain as such. this is different to the burning symptoms of gastritis.
503291 tn?1229423121 I'm in a similar stage of things, myself (ultrasound results came back today -- "several" stones, but I've no clue of exact numbers nor size, and the gallbladder itself apparently is a wee bit tattered from the passage of earlier stones, but nothing terribly horrid; my GP is hooking me up with a specialist in the next few days/weeks for the next step) and as far as I can tell, there's four primary methods.
Avatar f tn I also had crystals show up when prego with Baby #3 but bcz it was the GI I was brushed off when I should have seen a Uro. they were looking at gallstones at the time when I think it was kidney beginning to form stonres!
Avatar n tn The common bile duct may become distended with bile and pancreatic secretions necessary for digestion. The symptoms of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction are epigastric and right upper quadrant pain that can mimic the pain seen with gall bladder disease. If you have persistent symtoms of abdominal pain and a diagnosis has not been made despite an appropriate series of tests, then you should consider seeing a gastroenterologist.
1216899 tn?1288573925 Sever PMS and Sever monthly cycle with bad headaches Rapid heartbeat (above 120 beats per minute) Heart palpitations Unable to take any kind of medications or vitamins without the feeling of (dying sensation)Thank god this is over. I feel better now,Most of my symptoms disappeared,Others are less severity.
Avatar f tn I had a ultrasound Tuesday and my gallbladder was full of gallstones. I was in so much pain I was given 2 shots of morphine and a shot of dilota in a 5 hour period and it still wasn't easing the pain. I got admitted to the hospital had emergency surgery the next day. Wednesday, May 1 2013. I feel so much better now that they removed my gallbladder.I was only 10 weeks pregnant. My baby is fine, I'm just so glad my little love big is ok and I'm feeling better.
706715 tn?1228910831 There are numerous causes for a swollen kidney such as urinary tract infection and kidney stones. A complete medical history, physical examination and some laboratory tests are needed to determine the underlying cause. Are there other signs or symptoms present? HIDA scan is an imaging procedure that evaluates the production and flow of bile from your liver to your small intestine.
171768 tn?1324233699 well i just got out of the hospital...AGAIN....they found 2 more kidney stones and pneumonia on top of it all!! Gracie is doing fine, which is great, but they put me on some VERY HIGH PRICED antibiotics that we can't afford AND pain killers, which i hate taking while carrying her!! so i go through this whole ordeal, get home having not slept in almost 48 hrs.
Avatar m tn Do you have any pain that could be kidney stones? Or, did they do an ultrasound of your kidneys? Just in case one is causing this ? Just a thought.
470425 tn?1246926200 I had surgery in 05, I had gallstones. If you have had gallstones, is there a greater risk of having kidney stones? Or vice versa?
Avatar n tn After months more of scans and wasted time I saw a kidney stone specialist who has said the stones are still in my kidney and that the pain I am still experiencing is not caused by them. I'm now at a loss as to what it can be as I was sure the two were related, especially with so many people confirming kidney stones do cause a lot of pain. After being told to go back to my GP by the stone specialist I am now not sure what to do.
Avatar n tn It makes me short of breath and terribly uncomfortable since I have a desk job. The closest thing I found to match my symptoms is kidney stones. I have a doctors appt tomorrow. Am I on the right track? Sincerely, Patsy- (25 female, smoker, heavy coffee drinker] = Dear Pasty Thanks for your question. Flank pain has a large differential diagnosis. An abdominal Xray is used to look for kidney stones.
434798 tn?1204231079 A urinalysis may be able to show any underlying infection in the urinary tract.It may also rule out the presence of stones which may present with back pains.An abdominal CT scan will also be helpful. The symptoms have been present in the past 3 days. Do continue to observe what triggers your symptoms. Observe if this is related with any food intake and if associated abdominal pain and change in urinary patterns ae also present.
Avatar n tn Given my age, sex, the above history and the symptoms listed, is it possible that I could have gall or kidney stones? It seems to me that pancreatitis is unlikely, as I have not ever had a gruelling centralized pain or a fever. Further, I don't believe that I'm a heavy enough drinker for this to be any type of alcohol related liver disease. I have never been to the doctor for this.
4173379 tn?1355360151 Vision problems, watery itchy eyes, floaters, blurry, vision loss, progressive or intermittant... Pancreas problems, gallstones, kidney stones, bile duct disease, gallbladder removal due to inflammation or disease... Hypothyroidism, or thyroid symptoms or issues... Neurological problems, arthropathy, personality changes, irritability, depression, anger issues, mood swings... Enlarged heart, spleen, liver, pancreas... Lesions or nodules on pancreas, liver... Polyps on colon, or colon cancer...