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Avatar f tn If a stone that is blocking urine flow is left untreated it can cause damage to the kidney or ureter. If the stone is relatively small (5 mm or less) pain medications and increased oral fluid intake may allow the stone to pass on its own. However, if the stone is large, or continues to cause problems or appears infected, a referral to a urologist who may elect to perform a procedure during which a small tube is placed in your ureter via a scope.
Avatar m tn I'm figuring that kidney stones take a while to form and that, if I have kidney stones and possibly an infection, it's likely that I had the kidney stones first and they contributed to the infection, rather that having an infection first that contributed to the kidney stones (sorry if this sounds confusing).
Avatar n tn Hi, Renal calculi can vary in size from as small as grains of sand to as large as a golf ball. Kidney stones typically leave the body by passage in the urine stream, and many stones are formed and passed without causing symptoms. If stones grow to sufficient size before passage—on the order of at least 2-3 millimeters—they can cause obstruction of the ureter.
Avatar f tn Stones in the ureter, even if blocking on one side, do NOT cause swelling of the ankles etc. as long as you have a normal kidney on the other side. Certainly the pain your having could be from ureteral stones, and ureteroscopy is preferred in lower ureteral stones in child-bearing age women because lithotripsy may bruise the ovaries if used for lower ureteral stones. Infection is unlikely as infection and an obstructing stone usually leads to a high fever and is an emergency.
Avatar f tn Hi, Kidney stones often do not cause any symptoms. Usually, there is extreme pain, which begins suddenly when a stone moves in the urinary tract and blocks the flow of urine.If the stone is too large to pass easily, pain continues as the muscles in the wall of the narrow ureter try to squeeze the stone into the bladder. As the stone moves and the body tries to push it out, blood may appear in the urine, making the urine reddish.
Avatar f tn Was advised some pain killers and after about 1 week of excessive fluid intake, i passed out another stone. Does this indicate formation of more such stones? What is the probablity of developing kidney related chronic issues? Any preventive steps that can be taken?
Avatar f tn I do not agree with your doctor that kidney stones are not life threatening. If they get lodged in the ureter or block the flow of urine this is an emergency. In fact at the age of 39 a piece of stone got lodged in my ureter and I was extremely ill. The surgeon said that I was operated in time because there was a build up of pressure that had built up in the kidney due to the blockage. Had they waited any longer, he told me, I would have had to have had my kidney removed.
Avatar f tn I have a 15 yr. history with kidney stones. I had my most recent attack 3 weeks ago and it was one of the longest enduring of any I've had, with the most severe flank and ureter pain lasting almost 12 hrs. The last couple hours of the horrible pain, I experienced what I would almost call spasms very low down, and I've never had that before in any of the other attacks. I had waves of pain and the urge to urinate every few minutes.
540521 tn?1221703306 From what my Doctor told me is that i have kidney stones in the ureter. I had an x-ray and that's how i found out that i had kidney stones, they are the size of a quarter from what the doctor told me. I have 3, and they hurt so bad and i cannot pass them. The more active i am the worse it is. iI know how you feel because i am also in the same situation, they are uncomfortable and there is not a day that does buy that i don't hurt. How big are your stones and where are yours located?
Avatar f tn She was very sick just over a week before she was diagnosed, and they don't know if she was sick from the kidney stones,or if she had the stomach flu,and getting dehydrated caused the kidney stones. However she never really got too "dehydrated" when she was so sick. She did vomit alot, but was still having plenty of urine. So who knows. Any experience on how long these things take to pass? Thanks again.
Avatar n tn In Dec, ultrasound showed hydronephrosis and hydroureter with stones again in the lower pole of the kidney. Nothing was done other than observation. In Jan, a bunch of small stones passed naturally. Last week, Feb, a mag3 renal scan and ultrasound were done that showed hydronephrosis and hydroureter still present but no stones in the kidney. The uptake and washout of urine from the kidney was slow compared to the other kidney (about 70% vs 30% function for good and bad kidney instead of 50-50).
Avatar f tn I had an ultrasound, catscan and x-ray done. Also blood test and urine tests. The doctors say it may be kidney stones that they can't see, or it may be a stone that passed which caused swelling of the kidney and the ureter. Someone told me that the swelling may be caused by "parasites" ... Is this true? Please help.
Avatar n tn what is the common treatment for someone that has a history of kidney stones if entering the ER. shouldn't this pt get a stent?
Avatar m tn As far as I know, these are the only treatments - "Watchful waiting About 85 percent of the time, kidney stones are small enough to pass during urination. This occurs usually within 72 hours of the start of symptoms. The best treatment for these small stones is to drink plenty of water (as much as 2 to 3 quarts per day), stay physically active and wait to pass the stone.
Avatar f tn If a cat scan shows that both ureters are completely collapsed but there are no stones seen and no obstructive uropathy shown, is there a problem? I have a lot of pain under my rib cage that is radiating through to my back and in general feel very poor. Also have trouble getting a deep breath on occasion. The ER first said they saw a small infection in the cat scan & gave me an antibiotic which did help some.
Avatar n tn You will need to take care to restrict certain foods in your diet, especially vitamin C, as it has been reported to aggravate signs and symptoms of both kidney stones and interstitial cystitis.
Avatar n tn but i sit here , on the toilet typing this , as for the last two days i have had horrific cramps and diahorra (sp) . Its heart warming to know that all my symptoms are of those relating to kidney stones .
Avatar n tn My sonography report says as below "There is mild to moderate hydronephrosis and hydroureter right side due to 8 mm calculus in right lower ureter about 1 cm proximal to the uv junction" How much serious it is and pl.
Avatar m tn I had a CT scan in October (which detected kidney stones) I have had two u/s - one in April and one in July to check for stones. (Stones were the only thing seen). I have had two flat panel x-rays (June/July) prior to each lithotripsy to locate stones. (Stones were the only thing seen). All other tests from my physical are normal. I have an appointment with my PCP next week. I am going to mention endometriosis.
Avatar f tn My cat Mini is a 6-year old male cat and has recently diagnosed CRF. Also kidney stones are found in the L kidney and one in the L ureter. The vet in Hong Kong said there's nothing we can do to get rid of the stone in the ureter, only surgery of removing the L kidney, but since his R kidney is not healthy as well (calcium deposits found in the R kidney), complication rate is very high, death rate is like 60%.
Avatar f tn There are patented Chinese herbal formula's that may help dissolve any kidney and ureter stones including Calcium Oxalate stones. These formula's include: 1. Jie Shi Ling. This is a human formula that can be used for pets. This should be available over the counter in Hong Kong. The dose is 3 teapills orally twice daily. 2. Crystal Stone Formula. This is manufactured specifically for pets. The dose is one capsule per 10 pounds.
Avatar n tn Problem is i have lots of stones remaining in the kidney from lithotripsy which will want to pass through this "kink" my concern is; will dilation allow the passage of this gravel once the stent is removed.
Avatar f tn Are there any signs I should be watching for? I have right kidney pain, flank pain and also pain in the ureter. Are there certain signs to indicate a blood clot in the kidney? I am sooo sick and scared right now. Any help pleazz?? Thanks Cara PS Discharged from hospital Thursday.
Avatar f tn In February I underwent two surgeries to get rid of 10 stones. Stones sitting in your kidney can cause kidney infections. Your best bet is to see the urologist and take care of those stones. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn I am 58 yrs old, have BPH and had not taken medicine for the condition, as symptoms were not that bad. While in S. America in November, I had pain which was thought to be from kidney stones. I was given scopolamine. The doctor didn't ask about BPH and I didn't know that the med had side effects related to prostate. It became hard to urinate any more than small quantities at a time. I began retaining fluids, something that was determined after I returned home to US.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone... Okay,so for the 7th time this year I have kidney stones again - I am a 20yr old female (and I live a healthy life) ... Doc put a stent in my right ureter cause my kidney is PACKED with stones! I had a UTI but that was treated in hospital when the stent was inserted... I am battling with my period,its like it just ran away or something... Can it just disappear? Like for 2months or longer?