Sore throat and lymph nodes

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611067 tn?1458591483 It is highly likely that the C difficile was due to the azithromycin and the diarrhea it caused, unrelated to your sore throat and lymph node enlargement. The sore throat and enlarged nodes may or may not be related to your pneumonia, but if the cause of the pneumonia were to be determined, that information might provide clues to the cause of your throat soreness and node enlargement.
Avatar f tn Also the same lymph nodes are in pain again. Are my lymph nodes swollen because of the sore throat or do I have something serious (ex. Lymphoma)?
Avatar n tn I have had sore gland on my right side,it hurts to touch but I don't have sore throat or signs of cold.Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I currently am suffering from a sore tongue and swollen gums and lymph nodes on the left side of my mouth. My tongue has bothered me for about 2 months, now my gums and lymph nodes on that same side has been swollen. Could you please tell me what I can do to help this go away.
Avatar m tn the infecting source causing enlargement of lymph nodes. Lymph node enlargement is usually due to infections like bacterial and viral. The source of infection for you appears to be your throat. Treatment is usually with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. So, consult your primary care physician for proper clinical assessment. Regards.
Avatar m tn I have read mixed things about them and am confused. I have heard that lymph nodes also swell when you have colds, sore throats, ear infections etc. I currently have a cold not sure if it's just a cold or hiv symptom but I have probably 2 little pea or bean sized lymph nodes that can be felt on one side of my neck which is also the side where the throat is sore. They don't look overly swollen/enlarged.
Avatar f tn At about the 12th day of antibiotics, I had a sore throat - still have it 10 days later and I was put back on antibiotics... and now lymph nodes are enlarged. Since prostatitis is a bacterial infection, is it a possibility that the sore throat and lymph nodes are related to prostatitis?
Avatar n tn This past summer I had my tonsils taken out and my turbonites shrank due to always getting sinus infections and swelling of my tonsils and lymph nodes in the front of my throat. After the surgery my nose got a severe infection and 11 months later is still going through infection. While my throat hasn't gotten sore at all, I am also still noticing a continous swelling of my frontal nodes. Sometimes it feels as if someone is squeezing my throat.
Avatar m tn By the way, how is the girl feeling, maybe she is not well either with a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes??
Avatar m tn One appeared 2 weeks after the sore throat ended and the skin was kind of hard but it went down after a week or so, 3 weeks later, same thing happened with a lymph node in the other side of my neck (still the back). They both went down in a week but I can still feel them - they're kind of rubbery very movable (i can literally move them around with 2 fingers), no itchyness, you can only see it if I extend my neck to the side.
Avatar f tn I have had a sore throat, the feeling of soemthing down my throat and some pain in neck. I am wondering why this is. It scares me as much today as it did back then. After having the one removed 10 years ago I am less inclined to want anything removed. i just want to make sure nothing suspicious was going on. I have had a few ENT look at it as well.
Avatar m tn In my twins, allergies do make them have runny noses, sore throats, and sore lymph nodes. The lymph nodes will be sore and swollen during an infection, it is what they are there for. They help you fight infection. Have a doctor check your throat to see if you need antibiotics, he can check your lymph nodes at the same time.
Avatar f tn what i want to find out is it just a lump or swollen lymph nodes? also i have been ill and have been coughing and have sore throat. could this be the cause? also i heard cancer could be the cause. is it true? also if they are swollen lymph nodes is there a cure to it if its caused by caused by infections like pimples , sore throats , cold and cough ?
242951 tn?1385485460 So much to the point you can actually see the nodes protrude. My throat is sore, but not the usual sore throat. I have Hashi and am wondering if anyone else has this happen and if it's associated with Hashi. After popping antibiotics for a few days, I feel much better.
Avatar f tn i have a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, diarreah, tight feeling stomach. i am a 26 year old female. would might this be?
Avatar m tn For another, if you have a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes, you MUST try to see a doctor. Try to keep your mind open, and don't try to diagnose yourself. Only a doctor can diagnose and treat an illness. Lots of juice, clear liquids, and try to avoid caffeine and sugary things. Vitamin C is important. But try to see a doctor, rather than ask the internet to diagnose you. The internet isn't nearly as reliable as a real doctor.
Avatar m tn stomach virus/fever in december, sore throat/fever in feb., sore throat/fever in march, and today low fever w/scratchy throat. she seems otherwise healthy but i always think the worst. is this common w/kindergarden age kids? can fevers be that common? any insight would be great. thanks.
Avatar m tn ( and I just got a cold and swollen lymph nodes but I also just got a negative test at 6weeks so it made me think either the cold and lymph nodes aren't anything to do with Hiv OR it could be but the test could be wrong so that's why I was asking about delayed seroconversion and reliability of the test at that time (though the dr at the place said that was the time to do the test, so it must be?
Avatar m tn From 3 months ago i started having a swollen lymph node in my neck. The swollen lymph node was also accompanied by extreme fatigue, sore throat and a low grade fever. i was put on antibiotics which did help the symptoms to go away but it never healed the swollen lymph node. From the very same time i started having a general discomfort feeling in my inner tights and under my scrotum. Its not really painful its just feels the skin has become sensitive.
Avatar m tn Just a small question, does hsv type 1 cause sore throat, Bilateral axillary lymph nodes? Have been suffering from sore throats and Bilateral axillary lymph nodes since last one week. The igg result is showing equivocal.
Avatar n tn One day after the procedure I acquired high temperature with muscle, joint pains and sore throat. I could not feel the sore throat but the doctor who examined me told me that I have a sore throat. After 4-5 days I developed a coated tounge, pink rash on my right cheek which had an area of a quarter coin and the other rash was on the back of my right shoulder and was bright red in color and stretched the length of a dollar bill.
Avatar f tn I was trying to feel for lymph nodes in my groin yesterday and I woke up this morning very sore in that area. Can poking around make the area sore? I have enlarged lymph nodes in my throat area -- I think from a cold. So my questions are: 1. Can poking around trying to find the lymph nodes make the area sore? I don't feel any lumps in my groin when grazing over with a flat hand. 2. I had sex with someone 5 weeks ago. These symptoms started at 4.5 weeks, can ARS start that late? Thanks.
Avatar m tn It happens to be the very same side as the lymph node and the cold sore. I am not sure if I had them before or not, but I just noticed (or just paid attention) to them. Here is a picture (throat pic, beware): The I read again that such bumps are a sign of throat cancer and now am I even worried. Can you please take a look and advise as I will barely be able to sleep because I am now really anxious.