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Avatar f tn I noticed a sore patch on the right hand side of my throat, there is no soreness on the inside of my throat. Certain actions cause pain like yawning. I have had part of my thyroid removed some years ago. There are times when I need the clear my throat and I have had a cough for a while now. I have also had problems with my ears of late. Anyone got any ideas please? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have had a persistent sore throat since early September. My throat feels raw as swallowing, coughing, or yawning are extremely painful and my voice sounds hoarse. I've been to see my family doctor 4 times. Three of the four times, I was told I had a sinus infection with laryngitis but the last time was different as I had only laryngitis. Now I feel a lump in my throat, more like the very back of my tongue, and it has become difficult to swallow food.
Avatar f tn ll stop making the crackling sound for a little bit when pressed again. Also getting pretty sharp pain by the ear and jaw area when yawning recently. If I press it torward my throat a bit, it'll hurt my throat. The doctors tell me it's mostly from smoking and stress. I also have a bit harder time swallowing saliva on that side, which the unaffected side I can feel the right side perfectly. Ever since this has been an issue , I have had a pretty sore neck as well.
518798 tn?1295212279 Yawning,,sneezing,,watery eyes,,stuffy and/or runny nose,,,sore throat,,swollen glands,,feeling like you have the flu,,constant urge to move,,cant sleep,,severe anxiety,,muscle spasms and crammping,,,upset stomach,,nausea,,puking,,headache,,and the feeling of going nuts,,,thats what I dealt with in my withdrawal of Methadone,minus the stomach problems
Avatar f tn Woke up on Saturday with a sudden severe sore throat. Hoarse/muffled voice, pain when swallowing/yawning, slight earache, swollen glands, dry cough, pressure around bridge of nose/eyes, feeling hot and cold and fatigue. Is it just a cold or do I have an infection?
Avatar m tn It is a wierd sore throat that is slightly to my left and in the front, it is a pulling type of pain and only hurts when i yawn or swallow, sometimes it may hurt when not yawning or swalloing, and when it does it fells like it goes up into my ears. Plz help.
Avatar n tn This hurts like heck and is the weirdest sore throat I have ever had. The pain moves around from below adams apple lower throat to up underneath where jaw connects to neck. Leaning on my neck makes it worse. I have no swollen or painful glands that I can feel. ????
Avatar m tn It sounds wierd but I have discovered that when I close my mouth and nose and try to force air up my throat it seems to escape out of this area. There has been minor pain at times when swallowing or yawning and sneezing. I have always been afraid to do anything about it or get it looked at by a doctor and it hasn't seemed to get any worse at all, actually seeming better at times, for a long time now. This has been a problem for several years now.
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Avatar n tn I have had some sinus issues for a while now burning eyes, sensitivity to light, one sided sore throat, and phantom tooth pain. All of theses symptoms seem to come, and go on a weekly basis. I have also spoken to a ENT about these problems. The throat he diagnosed as GERD, but the prilosec hasn't seemed to help. Sore throat comes, and goes. If it is a dental abscess I am pretty confident someone would have found it by now.
Avatar f tn I have had GERD for a couple of years but this new onset of breathing difficulty and having to clear my throat often and excissive yawning sometimes with moderate headache and eye pain. Ears ring high pitch and loudly. I need Dr House to compile all these new symtoms and tell us what is going on. I am 53 and have had few medical issues. Am I just getting old and menopause is causing all these changes?????
6017297 tn?1378390441 A lymphnode below the jaw or submandibular lymphnode can swell due to infections of head, neck, sinuses, ears, eyes, scalp and pharynx or upper throat (sore throat, pharyngitis). So if you have any such infection or even if it is something as simple as dandruff or poor oral hygiene or dental infection, then this needs to be checked. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn I had hypothyroidism and suffered terribly with thyroiditis. I am feeling nearly 100% better. However, I am having pain up in my neck (jugular region and beneath my chin). I am also having problems with tightness in the incision. It feels as though someone has their hand against my throat. I can eat and drink fine. I do have problems talking (longterm and at different ranges), with general swallowing, and yawning.
Avatar f tn Pain on the left side of my throat which spikes when swallowing or yawning, what appear to be small bumps in the back of my throat, redness in the back of my throat, a tightness that resembles a less severe sensation similar to that felt when yawning, and the capillaries are very visible (probably enhanced by the general redness). These issues come up what seems to be sporadically. They come suddenly and last either for hours or up to a few days.
Avatar f tn Yes, you can get chest pain (pain in your breast area) from throat infections. Throat infection by streptococcal bacteria can cause heart affliction too. Similarly throat infection can spread to lungs and cause pneumonia which can cause chest pain. If it is accompanied by fever then high pulse rate can cause chest discomfort. Antibiotics given during throat infections can cause acidity and chest pain.
Avatar f tn My throat has been hurting for the past 5 days. It hurts when I yawn or swallow. Also, my throat is pink in color and not swollen. Please get back to me as soon as possible. I have my choir concert on Monday and I need to know if it's ok to sing or if it will affect my sore throat. Please let me know what's wrong. Also, my boyfriend had strep throat about 8 weeks ago. And I didn't kiss him or anything until about 5 weeks ago because I was afraid I would get strep.
824295 tn?1241652549 I think I might me suffering from tjm and was wondering if there was anything I could do at home to relieve some of the pressure and pain in my throat and neck area? I notice when I lay down I clench my jaw really tight and sometimes have teeth marks on my tongue or cheeks. I also have a plugged right ear. have been to a reg dr and both say my throat is not sore and my ear not infected. Do have a dental appt.
1536858 tn?1292589149 ve had earache,unusual for me and its just like it is when your jaw locks,eating ,yawning hurts my jaw.No cold or sore throat just generally feel off earache feeling a bit better today but dizziness is horrible.Wondering if its anything to do with the Autonomic Neuropathy caused by the Diabetes.Glad for any suggestions,can't get Docs appointment till next wednesday!receptionist just said to go to A&E if it gets worse!!
8170270 tn?1413845335 I was just in the ER being seen mainly for difficulty breathing. The only way I could describe it was a yawning feeling but once I took a deep breath it wasn't enoigh. I've had this breathing problem with pain for about three hours. They said it wasn't related to my Hashimoto's but they said everywhere that was touched in surgery was around the "yawning headquarters" of your body.
Avatar n tn I cannot sneeze or yawn! I am just a kid. Right after I went to my bff's sleepover, at night, my mum gave me hot chocolate to drink. After that, I had trouble yawning. I can't stop yawning, and if I don't try to yawn, it just gets cramps it up my throat. Please help me in any way.
Avatar m tn Then by time the pain became more aggravated by mouth movements like yawning talking ... Then few days ago the pain became persistent but in a low grade pattern like a cold then it became again burning severe after eating and aggravated by the same factors mentioned before ..