Sore throat and kidney pain

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Avatar m tn As I am 4 weeks in I am going to get a full screening and checkup - For my anxiety, and also to maybe get some help knocking over this sore throat and whatever is causing the scrotum pain. As far as STIs/STDs go, am I able to test for everything accurately now except for HIV and Syphilis? which my understanding is that 6 weeks should produce a much more accurate result. Also given that these tests cost money, do clinics normally offer a service to just 'screen for everything'? Thanks again.
125112 tn?1217277462 in that dept but the UTI and kidney pain and now lower back pain brings it to mind ?? Sometimes a stone can cause a UTI esp. if it is "on the move".
Avatar m tn I had an oral intercourse and the next day I experienced a sore throat and high fever with intense headache at night though the fever was gone in the morning but still I went to see a doctor for a throat checkup The sore throat lasted for three days as I am taking some medicine the doctor prescribed me. Is there any relevant cause of the high fever, severe headache and sore throat with the oral intercourse I have had? Is this a sign or symptom of being "infected" of HIV?
Avatar m tn The area of the throat directly behind the uvula and the right tonsillar pillar was red and sore. Slowly, over the past few days, the uvula has shortened, but still rests on my tongue. The lower third of it is now grayish-white. The area behind the uvula is looking better and so is the tonsillar pillar, but my posterior mouth is so sore! It seems to be sore above my soft palate, posterior tongue, uvula, and throat. In looking at my mouth, it looks mildly red, not too remarkable.
Avatar n tn Hi! I wouldn’t say unduly worried but yes, you must give your urine and stool for testing. Also it could be viral. But possibility of urine infection and gut infection should be ruled out. Kidney stone is another possibility. Please consult your PCP for primary examination and treatment. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn Now, for the last three days I have had intermittent spells of severe kidney pain, nausea, some vomitting, and severe diarrhea. I had always had nausea and vomitting along with the pain and chills accompanying my previous stones, but I couldn't understand this diarrhea being my most prominent symptom----seemingly regardless of what I did or did not eat.
1183190 tn?1326112534 - one side of throat pain, not too much pain when swallow at times, but if i flex my throat and turn my head to 1 side, i can feel a distinct sore object lining the throat. Some spot everytime. So i know something is there. Sometimes it will throb just to remind me its there :p - slight aching lately in my upper chest and arms I too am heavy smoker. I do not think its mono or anything like strep etc. I believe Doctornee Medical is right. We may be having "smokers throat".
Avatar f tn I also took a very unexpected cold and sore throat viral thng and have felt constantly tired for month, can stress cause all of this as l am under a great deal of stress due to family illness, l have felt tired for months but dr said it was nothing, severe bedtime sweating etc,
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago my family returned from vacation, my husband, daughter and I ended up on z-pack for Laryngitis, sore throat and chest congestion. My son was treated for strep throat(his rapid strep test was negative but he had pus on his tonsils, fever, and very bad sore throat). I also had twinges of nausea. About a week later I got up to go to work(I am an RN) and although I was OK the day before I was very dizzy, short of breath and hypotensive. I stayed home the next day as well.
Avatar m tn I then was referred to an ENT, and he ruled out any throat problems, but I continue to suffer from this painful throat and sometimes I can't talk or swallow because i get a strain. Then the chest would be sore and pains on the neck down on the spine. I have pressure headaches right on top of my head and also my neck feels loose and creates sparking sound when I turn. Then I get muscles twitching and spasm all over the body and the GP suspects Fybromalgia.....
Avatar m tn I have had sexual health tests done and no gonorrhoea or chlamydia were present no penis discharge, waiting for urine and blood tests. It's been 7 day since first throat and urinary pain and I have only have 2 days of tablets left to complete the course and no improvement..
Avatar n tn He was having pain in his head, stomach pain, sore mouth/throat, fevers and lost weight. He had to receive chemtheraphy and reduce his anti-rejection drugs.
Avatar n tn I was referred to a teaching hospital 2 hours from my home, and we spent Feb-Aug 2006 trying to save the kidney without success, and ultimately both the upper and lower poles shut down. So the kidney came out...but they didn't note the cysts on my ovaries (showing on the CT's) until I asked about them...this resulted in a supracervical hyst/bso 2 months later (but no treatment of the endo).
Avatar n tn The first thing to be ruled out is a streptococcal infection, affecting the throat and kidney. This could cause sore throat along with kidney infection and pain in lower back. The other thing to be ruled out is pelvic inflammatory disease. It could also be due to pinched spinal nerves in the lumbar area. First consult an ENT specialist and rule out streptococcal infection of the throat. Then if this is positive, kidney function and status will have to be assessed by blood tests and ultrasounds.
Avatar m tn Then my back left kidney started hurting... not a really strong pain it just felt like a throbbing pain. So I went to get checked and see what was going on and they thought it was a kidney stone. So they took an x-ray and took blood and there was no sign of anything and they said the stone could be so small it's not seen in the x-ray. And there was also no bacteria in my urine. Yesterday I felt around my inner thighs, right above my groin area and both sides felt swollen.
799959 tn?1239296894 Hi im 16 years old and i had this really bad sore throat for the last 3 days it hurt when i swallow and everything , I have some ibuprofen that was given to me by a doctor for another reason but do you think i can take it for my sore throat?
Avatar n tn okay i had unprotected sex this last weekend and didnt help i was super super drunk not smart so i didnt use a condom and 2 days later i got like rashes that look like zits right under my stomach and ya scared me and then the 3 third day sore throut and tichy but what guy doesnt itch so yah need help is it a std or could it just be zits there not turing black and dont look like anything on google pics under herpes but still and im scared to go check in
Avatar n tn in the walk-in clinic I went to gave me a shot of antibiotics in addition to the prescription, and cautioned me about the dangers of strep throat. Are there any special concerns with this infection and a new homograft? I don't want to be a worrier, but I do want to make sure I protect my new valve. Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn My kids have given me a run this week!!!! Earlier in the week, my youngest son, 11 was up visiting my brother at his summer house, a little over an hour away. He called me after 10 at night and was crying saying he wanted to come home that he wasn't feeling good. I couldn't convince him to stay. He gets anxious being away from me and tends to do this a lot with sleepovers. He really wants to have sleepovers but he's just not able. But when he came home, he wound up pretty sick ...
Avatar f tn and recently some dry cough at night and dry throat. Other than that, no pain, no fever, no headache. I wonder besides strep throat, could there be anything else, too? mono, oropharyngeal cancer by HPV? I guess because I did not give her oral, it shouldn't be oral gono, right? I remember having cold sore when I was a child (6years old). Could the lump in the back of throat be any kind of herpes? possibly herpes type1. 2.
280418 tn?1306329510 # jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes); # fever, sore throat, and headache with a severe blistering, peeling, and red skin rash; or # increased thirst, loss of appetite, swelling, weight gain, feeling short of breath, urinating less than usual or not at all.
Avatar f tn and recently some dry cough at night and dry throat. Other than that, no pain, no fever, no headache. I wonder besides strep throat, could there be anything else, too? mono, oropharyngeal cancer by HPV? I guess because I did not give her oral, it shouldn't be oral gono, right? I remember having cold sore when I was a child (6years old). Could the lump in the back of throat be any kind of herpes? possibly herpes type1. 2.
1376367 tn?1319230027 I remember clearly that I had neck pain and thickness sensation, kinda of like being choked and now it's more tremors and renals are going a lot as well. Also I had kidney pain and it left and now my liver gets more spasms, so it seems to change. No doubt i'ts stressing me out and of course that doesn't help the whole merry-go-round. I need answers and maybe gets some on Thursday.
Avatar n tn 15 yrs. Been thru several gynecologists and med doctors. I am losing hope and need to put and end to this embaressing plaque. Can anyone in the medical profession help me?
1094370 tn?1317138425 Do you have constant throat clearing and is your throat sore? Do you think an ABX brought this on for you? Did you see an ENT and get confirmed LPR? Do you feel that you have GERD or other heartburn symptoms? Sorry for so many questions. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I've had all sorts of symptoms - pains where my liver and spleen would be, kidney pain, leg pain, weird pains at the back of my head, dry skin, some rash (which is less frequent), foot pain, etc... I have had every prodromal symptom of herpes and most ARS symptoms. Curiously though, I have never had a sore throat, lymph nodes were never swollen. Also...a few weeks ago, I drank two beers. It felt like my kidneys had shut down.
Avatar f tn He had a throat culture, and susceptibility testing, and it was shown to be susceptible to Azithromycin, and Clindamycin, as well as some others in my original post. I actually don't know where he got it. He had gone to a hospital just because he felt so bad from his initial illness.. I don't know if he already had it at that point. He said they did no invasive tests or procedures there.
Avatar n tn I took a couple of those tablets but the pain still isn't going away. I still feel some heaviness and mild pain behind my eyes.I dont have cold or sore throat anymore , and my sinuses aren't particularly a problem.