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Avatar m tn Constipated and also a rash on my arms and chest. Red skin, not raised and no bumps but did burn and itch. Sore throat lasted only 3 days, nausea lasted about 6. Rash and lymph nodes still there but diminshing slowly. Was this ARS? I would think it was too early for symptoms to start and no risk given the fact that it was oral.
Avatar n tn 5 months ago when i noticed that there was some sort of irritation in his throat.My baby started to press his throat and cry and there is also a slight cough.His pillow is also wet sometimes and he still has a sort of grunting sound he makes from his nose but the pediatrician said there was no nose block.The worst part is sometimes his milk drinking gets interrupted and he cries due to this {something in the throat} and it is only after sometime that he is able to resume.
Avatar n tn Drooling can occur when the tonsils and/or adenoids are too big for the area. Allergies can also be a culprit. What does the dr say??
Avatar n tn what would cause a person to start drooling so much at night that the pillow gets wet
Avatar f tn Its the only thing that makes my throat fell better. My ears hurt and recently my jaw is very sore almost feels weak. I am 31 years old and i know that they say it is worse the older that you get. My doctor said that the first 4-5 days would be the worst. I am almost twelve days after my surgery and i dont feel any better. I know that it has almost been a month since your surgery. I was wondering how you felt two weeks after or how long it took for you to start feeling better.
5652305 tn?1371692079 I woke up this morning to find no drool, only to return home from work and find him drooling again and even more lethargic but still eating. I hate to waste tons of money at the vet, especially when I'm told my cat is fine and it was probably just something that maybe my cat smelled that irritated him. My apartment complex has not sprayed. The vet also told me that maybe my cat got stressed out over something but he is an inside cat and nothing has changed in the home environment.
Avatar f tn I get a mucus buildup in my throat causing me to drool and not allowing me to sallow properly,therefore causing a drooling problem
Avatar f tn So I was sick a 2 weeks ago with severe burning throat pain and cough ( may have been strep throat ) took a round of antibiotics and was good after a few days. Then 6 days ago I suddenly developed extreme gum pain and tenderness in my neck. Then gum pain seems to be almost my entire mouth top, bottom, left and right. But sometimes it's just the left side. The right side comes and goes and that applies to both the neck pain and gums.
Avatar n tn When my alarm goes off, i wake up with a wet face, sodden pillow and a sore throat. please can someone suggest somethign that I can do? its realy getting to me right now.. Thanks.
596105 tn?1314580333 My cat just started drooling out of no where and he is drooling as lot....Any idea what it could be? Or what I could do at home if its some sort of poisoning...I wont have money till monday to take him to the vet....He seems active and he has appetite....Playful too...Just drooling puddles...
Avatar f tn My period usually comes on mon or wed of the 3rd week of the month. It's come before (a few times on Fri or Sat). My period tracker says it should have come on Thur but its Mon and I've gotten nothing. It's NEVER been this late. I took 2 test with negative results. One on Fri afternoon, one Saturday morning (levels are supposed to be higher). I have been very sleepy, gasy, my nipples are VERY sore, I've been drooling in my sleepy which I never do.
Avatar n tn While he eats most things today, he has periods of incessant drooling and runny nose that come and go during the day and night. His voice and speech are significantly impaired as well. The speech therapists have said there is nothing more they can do to help. Although he cannot walk and is in a motorized wheelchair, this is the worst part of the stroke. Has anybody ever seen these excess secretions and is there anything that can be done to give this man some relief?
Avatar n tn But after the first session she began to drool more and by the forth the drooling began to be excessive, and I had to apply frequent suction on her gurfling throat. I could not get a positive answer from the therapist on this, and I'm considering stopping the treatment until I could get a more positive answers from anyone who has had the problem. If anyone of you has had similar experience please let me know. It would do a lot of benefit to those on the blog too. Jariff.
Avatar f tn If possible, try to do a thorough inspection inside the mouth, look slowly along the teeth from front to back, outside and along the palate. Check the tongue and the underside of that also. Try to check the throat. Use a flashlight if necessary. Any chance he got into something like cleaning agents, meds, plants? Hope he will be ok and please come back and update. Good luck!
Avatar m tn My cat just hacked up a hairball (which was accompanied by a grayish fluid), started to walk away, but seemed to lose her balance and bumped into the wall on the other side of the hallway. She then sort of flopped onto her side with her tail puffed out. I petted her for a few seconds until she got up and shakily walked over to the living room. She sat at the end of the couch panting and drooling for another minute or two then jumped up into her window seat.
Avatar f tn Hi, the saliva and drooling does not transmit herpes but quite the contrary that saliva contains digestive enzimes that kill things. There needs to be rubbing lip contact to your genital area where is has a lip sore at the time to be at any real risk. And yes the first outbreak would be at point of contact not the thigh area.
Avatar m tn A few days earlier I had an accident and got hurt on my head. I had a CT scan and MRI and everything was normal. But now I am getting blood everyday in my my mucus while spitting, esp in mornings. It seems to be from nose, there was a little blood in my nostrils too some days back. I can even feel something at the back of my throat. I am really worried about this.
996946 tn?1503249112 I never knew cat's drooled until I got married and spent time with my mother in laws cats.. They are young and drool so I'm not sure it has to do with age really. Not saying it cant cause it but I dont think it's the reason they do. The cats here only drool when you are scratching or petting them. They are on cloud nine and start drooling haha.
5547079 tn?1370022240 They ended up removing them at age 3 because he kept getting tonsillitis and strep throat and after that he stopped drooling.
Avatar m tn I recently was kissing and received oral sex from a female, later discovering that she had the last reminants of a healing HSV-1 cold sore on her lip. Naturally (I think) I'm freaking out over the possibility of exposure, especially on my genitals. This all happened 4 days ago, and I have what I initially believed to be a cold sore forming in the very corner of my mouth.
Avatar n tn Now, she seems to be eating better because we give her appropriate food. But, she is still drooling and is missing a lot of her fur from her legs, some on her tail, and some on her ears and face. We can't take her to the vet right now because we don't have enough money. Can you provide any help on what could be causing the fur loss and drooling? What can we do to help her get better?
Avatar f tn Firstly, I think you need to do is to get him assessed by at least an ear, nose and throat specialist, solutions differ greatly depending on the causation, surgery,botox, therapy, skill set training etc will only benefit him if the underlying cause is being taken into account. IF he has Oromotor dysfunction, that is a dysfunction of the muscles that control the mouth.
Avatar n tn Luckily, we found him, but now he is drooling excessively, and he will smell the food and water but will not eat or drink. He is otherwise acting normally, running around, purring, playing, and doesn't seem to be miserable. Any suggestions? He did stink some right after I found him, so I gave him a cursory bath (he wasn't cooperative) and used oatmeal dog soap, but he seemed to be drooling before that.
Avatar n tn and a doctor responded saying that the epiglotis might be enflamed .. and when i read that ... i started to feel a little something in the back of my throat as well .. but thats it .. no other symptoms besides something being in the back of my throat and shortness of breath .. but if i did have these why wouldnt i feel it while playin basketball and whatnot .. i really should stop lookin for what it is LOL .. cuz everytime i search for something i tell myself .. yeah that MIGHT be it ..
Avatar n tn s office because they are scared), or drooling can occur with bad teeth or mouth problems, and uncommonly excessive drooling can occur with some seizures. If the problem continues continuously, or intermittently, your dog should be examined.
1752696 tn?1312247019 cant really stop it it takes tons of enegry to try to top -drooling -breathe fast and short to slow to deep -chills - rarely-- random shoting pains - ralely- numbness and tingling in hands.. part of the hands will go out.. and one finger and thumb will be okay. ---- Can anyone help? What the heck is this?