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Avatar f tn I've recieved two cortizone shots in my lower back three weeks apart. Within days of the second shot, white lesions appeared in my mouth/throat. Before I knew what was causing my sore throat, I masterbated several times with my own saliva. Itching, pain, and lesions in my genital area followed. Before this, I have never seen these lesions or experienced a cold sore. What scenario could explain this? Does this mean I've recently come in contact with the herpes virus?
Avatar m tn You can indeed get Herpes from kissing and genital contact if your partner was infected. Anytime you come in contact with the disease, you are at risk. Get tested and you will know. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn hello doc,i have genital herpes,which i caught with a condom 3 years ago,anyways i recieved oral sex from a girl over 1 month ago with a condom , the day after i started feeling ill ,all the symtoms of a cold and or flu had cough sore throat, sneezing,and lost around 5 pounds the very next day,i also had a few slight night sweats.,now 4 weeks latter i have a sore throat again and very bad headaches for days i also have like this bruning feeling in my chest or back.still have a few night sweets..
Avatar m tn Do you think it was actually an igg test? I did not have lesions in the groin but continue to have sore throat and enlarged tonsils for 4 months after encounter. I had an hiv test at 6 weeks through health department that consisted of viral load and antibody. It was negative. Also gonorrhea and syphillis test were negative. I did have 4 lesions on groin and two of them were viral warts and two were skin tags. The two that were warts were not identified as condyloma.
Avatar m tn Does she have genital or oral HSV1? If she has oral herpes, you performing oral sex on her is not a risk. If she has genital HSV1, it's very low risk, as genital HSV1 sheds very infrequently. Have you ever been tested to know your own herpes status? 1 out of every 2-3 people you know has oral herpes.
Avatar n tn you can get herpes in your throat. best thing to do is to see your provider today for proper testing.
Avatar n tn Husband had an affair 4 yrs ago and brought home genital herpes. We were both diagnosed on the first breakout. Have had a few since then, but can control them quickly with Valtrex. Here's the problem, though. I have had more sore throats in the past few years than ever. I get blisters on the throat. Up til now, I always get told that it's strep or a virus and I get sent home with antibiodics.
Avatar f tn I have a ?. I am 17 female with genital herpes. Recently i have had a sore throat for the last week, and it is not strep. I can see there are bumps in the back and it has been painful, is there a chance that this could be oral herpes??
Avatar n tn t developed any symptoms except that I had a sore throat and what seemed like a cold. ( again they say that hsv 2 in the genital area would not cause a sore throat) but my symtopms were more of a stuffy nose and sneezing so that could have just been the common cold. I have decided to go get tested just to know Forsure. And although it's a scary decision it is one that will put your mind at ease. So if you are worried that you may have gotten herpes. Just go and get tested.
Avatar m tn HI, Genital Herpes is usually caused by the Herpes simplex virus type 2 and sometimes type 1, which is the virus usually associated with oral herpes or cold sores. Herpes is characterized by recurrent bouts of genital vesicles, like small blisters, which rapidly break down to form small, painful ulcers. It is highly infectious and usually sexually transmitted. The first episode is usually associated with an acute feverish illness or sore throat.
9669583 tn?1437708663 I would agree that the sore throat is probably not related to the genital herpes infection.
Avatar f tn 4 days later I had to visit urgent care had a mild fever flu like illness body aches sore throat. The doctor said sore throat was due to all the lymph node enlargement. About 6 days after that I was out in the sun at bbq when I got home I realized I had a lump on my bikini line painful to touch eventually it popped yellow pus and blood and is mostly healed. Burning urination no other bumps I see and mild pelvic cramping. Does the timeline fit?
Avatar m tn Just as an update. My sore throat lasted about 2 weeks before it stopped hurting. The area in my throat was so specific that I think it had to have been an ulcer. I have lost some significant weight (30lbs) because I have developed a very sensitive gag reflex from that area in my throat and swallowing has become kind of disgusting because I can feel the food so well over that area. I did develop some thrush but I was on Amoxicillin for 10 days which can easily bring about thrush.
Avatar f tn I have a horrible sore throat...and my boyfriend has genital herpes. Is there any possibility that it was passed on to me and my sore throat is a herpes outbreak?
Avatar m tn Herpes is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, so the only thing you'd be at risk for here would be genital HSV-2, and that risk is small. Since it's been a month and you haven't had any genital symptoms then you most likely don't have HSV-2, and have nothing to worry about. Regarding your cancore sore, it is most likely a canker sore or some other infection unrelated to herpes.
Avatar m tn 8 days after her diagnoses, I end up getting a very sore throat, muscle pains, sore neck, ears, sore groin and then the bumps show up on me genitally. I go to the doctor and get my devastating diagnoses of herpes, Dr. also says I have influenza. I also had a blood test to confirm that I didnt have the virus prior to this cheating. Those test came back negative. I then noticed what looks like a pimple on the side of the outside of my nose.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed a two day dosage of valtrex and it went away, but my sore throat never did, this past week i have been freaking out about genital hsv1 because my lymph nodes in my groin were tender, i had pain/ numbness in my left leg from my butt to my knee, but so far no blister, no painful urination, no tingling in vaginal area..... what does this all mean?? Could i have been infected with hsv1 orally and genitally at the same time???
Avatar m tn This sounds like garden variety viral pharyngitis (sore throat). If in the preceding 1-2 weeks you had oral sex with someone with genital herpes, or kissed someone with oral herpes, it is conceivable that this is the problem. But far less likely than a standard cold virus. Initial oral herpes usually causes over ulcers (open sores), and not only in the throat but in the mouth and often on the lips. But see a doctor if you remain concerned.
Avatar m tn Also, you probably already have been exposed to it as most adults have been. And sometimes a sore throat is just a sore throat. All the other STD's there is no risk.
Avatar f tn When I was 20 I had vaginal sores and was tested for herpes but it came back negative. When I was 23 it happened again, was tested, and came back negative again. When I was 26 I had lots of sores on the sides of my tonge and tonsils and was found to have Monno. I'm 32 now.... Monday I had a high fever, head ache, and chills. Thuesday morning I woke up the vaginal sores and a sore throat. I went to the doc and was tested for herpes again but don't know the results yet.
Avatar m tn What are the odds that me having a sore throat and feeling a little rundown a symptom of herpes? Thanks everyone.
Avatar n tn it's very unlikely you got herpes that way, especially if she had no signs of outbreak. Oral HSV2 is uncommon. Gonorrhea is a real possibility though.
Avatar m tn Around the same time I developed swollen glands in my neck and a mild sore throat. Sore throat went away in about 3 days and the blisters (there were about 10) disappeared a week and a half later. Now I'm 4 weeks from initial encounter and I still have large sensitive swollen glands in my neck and less swollen around my groin. I'm pretty sure my body temperature has been slightly higher than usual for the last 2 weeks also. Is this normal for having contracted herpes?
Avatar n tn Chlamydia rarely infects the throat, but doxycycline covers that too. And since you have genital herpes (presumably due to HSV-2?), you can't catch HSV-2 again; people with HSV are immune to new infections with the same HSV type. Most likely you had a minor respiratory viral infection, entirely unrelated to the cunnilingus episode or any STD. If your symptoms continue or you remain concerned, continue to work with your doctor on it. But you can dismiss HIV and other STDs.
Avatar f tn have you ever been tested for herpes before to know your status? can you recall ever having had a cold sore before?
Avatar m tn t have pain or any lesions on penis but developed low grade fever and sore throat. Could it be herpes infection?
Avatar f tn It has now been five days he only complains of a severe sore throat. The sore throat will not go away and seems to be getting worse. Could he have oral herpes? Thanks Shannon This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/245279'>Male getting oral herpes through oral sex on female</a>.