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Avatar m tn I have been getting a sore nose. I have nose irritation on the inside, but this problem seems to be in the tissue and the soreness is on the outside, lower portion of the nose. One side could be sore for a couple days, then that goes away and the other side gets sore. Then it might clear up for a day or so, then it starts again. I can't afford to go to the hospital. Is there anything I can do, like over the counter medicine?
3455166 tn?1347510733 About four or five days after I was experiencing the swelling, I came down with a runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat and a cough. It only lasted a few days and now I don't have the swelling. I suppose mine could also have something to do with allergies, the last time I had bad allergies was about seven or more years ago like I said and haven't had any since then.
Avatar n tn Why do I have the constant smell of smoke in my nose. It used to be just an occasional thing, but lately it seems to be all the time. I am concerned that this is a symptom of something I don't know about. The smell is strong. I used to notice it about a half hour after taking my Allegra-D 12 hr. tablets, but now I smell it much more often. Am I going crazy or is there something to this I'm not aware of. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help?
Avatar f tn i had a white patch inside my nose and it wasnt sore - ive been using sterimar to try and increase the moisture in my nose as sometimes it seems dry in morning i have used nasal sprays in past - otrivine - beconase but decided to stop using them as sterimar is natural and kind enough for babies - so it hurts abit when i blow my nose on the side the sore it - the sore is on the inner side of my nose not outer is this going to heal ?
Avatar n tn very often at least one nostril becomes fatter as though a spot has formed inside my nose, even though it hasn't and my nose goes tough and sore - i got that dry nose thing (forgotten terminology) as a kid how it all crusts up and u cant breathe and even tho i never get ill i always seem to have a sore nose - :( x
Avatar m tn I have had a sore nose for several months now and cannot wear my glasses as it efects the bone i have been to the doctors he gave me some cream to put on it for 3 weeks this did not work he has sent me to the hospital to the dermatology department they say there is nothing wrong with my skin, this has been going on for 4months now i would like to be refered to ear nose and throat at hospital but it like banging your head against a wall with them.
Avatar m tn ) I cant really tell what the bumps looks like, but one of them is a fleshy red color closer to the back of my nose .. the other bump is closer to the tip of my nose and that one doesnt seem to look red, but its bigger and hurts. What can I do? I wanted to refrain from visiting the hospital tonight because I dont have insurance, but IF it sounds like I absolutely have to let me know...I hope you can help because Im nervous about what to and not to put in my nose..
150483 tn?1212172156 wich pretty much ANYTHING Tylenol Brand is OK to use during pregnancy) Simply Saline- This is a great nose spray to help clear nasal passages and moisturize. Safe to use while pg. I use it before going to bed, and then usually once more during the day, just to keep moisturization in my nose. My doctor also prescribed me Flonase (which I never got filled, since the Simply Saline worked for me) Benadryl- I used this in the early stages (at night) so I could get a good night's sleep, too.
Avatar n tn There is also an infection similar to creeping-herpes sore scabs up nose, where blowing seems to result in hard/large/sore pimples below the nasal opening, mostly on the chin area, there is a nasal ointment/antibiotic called CHLORISIG I think im sure it is labelled, extremely fast acting to kill nasties. Although pepper mint oil/essence is very good antibacterial, BEWARE, as some oils seems to feed the nasty herpe like pimples.
Avatar n tn It is not dripping out but if I blow my nose there is a bit of blood. The rest of my symptoms (cough, sore throat, stuffiness) have been improving but would people say I should go to the doctor again, or let this pass?
Avatar f tn Hello, Sinusitis is inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. Sinusitis can be caused by infection or allergies. The common symptoms are headache, facial tenderness, pressure or pain, and fever, sore throat and cough. Take some over the counter medications like chlorpheniramine or cetrizine for symptomatic relief. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Steam inhalation may provide some relief. If the symptoms are severe or persistent a clinical examination may be necessary.
Avatar m tn It started about 3 weeks ago when i had a flu. I just assumed my nose was sore from the constant blowing. My nose is quite tender and starting to swell and go a bit red on the outside. The scab on the inside keeps bleeding when it peels off or when i blow my nose. Some people have suggested it may be coldsores but after reading many stories on the net I've realised it must be a more severe case. Please update on any information you receive. I will be visiting a Dr.
Avatar m tn not wash your hands and maybe squeeze black heads or white heads, touch the eyes, nasal passages, etc..this is what happened to me. I applied abreeva to an open sore and without paying attention decided it was safe to attack black heads on my chin. Within a week or two, I developed what I thought was a huge pimple on my chin.
Avatar n tn Also, I did endoscopy of throat, ears, and nose when I had the worst pain and running nose, is carcinoma easily spotted? I mean would ENT see it? Cause he showed me insides recorded on video and said that all organs looked fine to him, the only thing he noticed was some redness surrounding vocal cords that looked like irritation to him and asked me if I were singing, and I do not sing even remotely :).
Avatar n tn Another thing I am woried about is his nose bleeding without any obvious reason.We thought that his capilars in the nose might be too fragile and when the blood pressure goes a bit up he bleeds.However,it does not seem normal to me this to happen so often.Almost every day,at times even several times a day. What would you suggest in this case?
Avatar n tn I am a strep carrier and have chronic swollen nasal passages that are most likely the result of lifelong allergies. Even though "strep carriers" are not supposed to become more ill than others, I always have a sore throat. The doctor says this is probably from post-nasal drip and possibly silent reflux, but I wonder if it is indeed because I am vulnerable to strep. I get sick about once a year with strep, and when I get it, I am very sick.
Avatar n tn The roof of the mouth is the bottom of the nasal passages and when water is drunk often it will come up and out the nose. If the dripping is not long after drinking, this could be your problem. If the drip is from only one side of the nose you can suspect that either the second is stuffy, or you can have leakage of spinal fluids. Spinal fluids are only from one nostrel, and smells. If you sniff the fluid and there is no smell, then it's not spinal fluid.
Avatar m tn Thankfully it is nothing life-threatening but it is making my life miserable most of the time. My symptoms are some kind of pressure at the top of nose (inside) that throws me off balance, dizzy, with a higher head temperature and several other symptoms. Generally, one of the nostril gets blocked too. The strange part is that I am having simultaneous pain in my stomach. As I get this sinus/nose pressure, I have a feeling of nausea, loss of appetite and poor digestion.
Avatar n tn My son is 16 months old and virtually has had a runny nose since birth. As an infant, he couldn't sleep flat because he couldn't breathe and would start choking/coughing. He slept in his car seat for almost 6 months. He has seen an ENT who thought he had sleep apnea but he doesn't. Once he started sleeping flat we were told to just keep an eye on him. He has had a runny nose pretty much his whole life and sounds congested most of the time.
Avatar n tn I have very constant uncontrollable nose bleeds, congestion, swollen and infected tonsiles, sore throat and head/facial pressure, persistent hacking cough, irritated and swollen nasal passages, weakness pain and stiffness and a constant tired dull/achey feeling. The nose bleeds are becoming very disabling and severe along with the very sore throat and other symptoms.
Avatar n tn Symptoms can include a headache or pressure in the area of the sinuses, a stuffy nose, achy teeth, an odor coming from the nose, postnasal drip, cough, sore throat, laryngitis, lightheadedness, constant low fever, and thick, yellow to green nasal drainage. This inflammation can block sinus drainage and cause increased mucus production. The mucus can drain from the nose and sinuses down the back of the throat causing a constant or intermittent postnasal drip and sore throat.
Avatar n tn I noticed about 2 months ago that my right nostril was sore. That went away and then the left nostril became sore. Now both are sore. I went to the MD and he said my nasal passages were 'cobblestone' gave me veramyst for allergy symptoms. One of the side effects of veramyst is nasal sores so I stopped using it. THe sores are still there and my left nostril actually bleeds when I blow my nose. What do you think?
Avatar f tn Well this morning I had gotten up choking on the mucus draining into my throat. I gently blew my nose (it's still a lil sore on the left side) and a nickle sized booger came out. Gross huh? It was partially dried blood and red blood to. I realized immediately that it was the cause of the terrible smell. I thought I would be sick! So far the smell is gone (for today) and I hope it doesn't return. Any ideas on what this could have been?
Avatar f tn Hi gals, i m 35 w n dd is 7th sept. I am havin running nose, sore throat and feeling quite low bc of it. I am tired of takin medicines from doc as i had som or d other prob durin my preg. Is anyone feeling so and can u ppl suggest any home remedies.
Avatar n tn Friday while I was bent over blow-drying my hair, bright yellow fluid suddenly started dripping out of my nose. It felt like a nose bleed and that's what I thought it was until I observed the color. I had never seen any fluid that color come out of my body before. The drainage was unilateral--left side only. I made an appointment with my doctor but cannot see her until Tuesday. Investigating a bit onlne I saw something that seemed similar--CSF leakages.
Avatar m tn Does anyone else experience a sore throat due to the tx. I have had a sore throat for a month now and it is becoming a huge burden. Is there nayone who knows of something to remedy this, I have tried everything inluding ant acids and sinus meds. over the counter meds and Homeopaths, I even tried a humidifier and all it did was make my throat moist and painful. Please someone help because it is not the tx that is making me depressed it is giving up hope in this pain that is driving me down.
495402 tn?1220621003 I have a water based nasal spray and a nasal gel with Vitamin E, olive oil and sesame oil that is fantastic for stopping the nasal passages and areas around the nose from drying out when my nose is really sore - like it is now. Nose seems to dry out a lot during the night when I am not drinking water and dehydrating. I take a complex vitamin B, flax seed oil,have a rigourous cleaning, flossing and rinsing mouth hygeine. I got to the dental hygienist every three months for cleaning.
Avatar f tn as if i had bad breath but instead of coming from my mouth it was coming from my nose..very embaressing as I work with customers every day and was sure they could smell it too. So I went to the doctor and he gave me a nasal cream called Naseptin and some tablets called Erythromycin. After only a day of using these the smell has gone! So there is a cure out there...its just finding the right one..
Avatar m tn I'm in dire need of help. I have had problems with my nose ever since i was 15; I'm 26 now. I broke it at some point when I was a teenager which caused a crooked nose and deviated septum. When I was 19 and 20 I had 3 different surgeries to correct this problem. However the bone wasn't straightened and the septum was just aligned with the bone causing a slanted nose and only slightly improving my breathing.
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!