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356929 tn?1246389756 Hi, I thought I'd start a new thread since the original one was getting a little long. I can't believe the number of posts with the exact symptoms I've been experiencing for 2 days. Started off with just a headache, then woke to this odd pain on the bridge and side of my nose. Hurts when you touch it.. just as though a pimple may be starting OR someone has punched me.Slight swelling and headache. There are no "internal" nasal symptoms except occasional runny nose.
Avatar m tn Now a year down the road I still have had an inflamed red sore on my nose that pops out. Any help on how to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn For the last few months Ihave had symptoms includiing daily internal tremor, loss of appetite, ( weight loss) fatigue, frequent urination, falling asleep by 8:30 pm and more. I have had blood work and so far all normal. I am not sureif this is anxiety, which I never had before or some neurological issue. I had something similiar a few years ago for a few months, and everything but the internal tremor went away. The tremor got milder and I was able to function for 4 years, now its back.
Avatar f tn My nose is very sore, like I've been hit, from the bridge to the tip. The pain is on the left side. I don't have any congestion, but I feel pressure and some pain behind my left eye and I have had a dull headache for a couple of days.
Avatar f tn i have a bump in almost in the middle of my nose ,its very sore when i touch it. do i need to see a doctor, or is it something that goes away,how can i get rid of it?
Avatar f tn Could it be that you have a pimple developing on or in your nose as well? This would make your nose sore and tender to touch.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old daughter's nose is very sore , and she cannot touch it ... maybe she is coming down with a cold , what could she do for it ?
Avatar f tn I have also recently started suffering from hayfever and now have little scabs inside my nose, which are very itchy and sore and sometimes bleed. I am too embarrassed to go and see my doctor about this incase its related to me taking cocaine and I wouldbe ashamed having to admit to the doctor that I take drugs. Does anyone think that this could be related to taking coke and does anyone know of any solutions I can try and clear it myself?
1580703 tn?1651904887 I've had this nose sore for a year that is a little painful. Nasonex doesn't work. Finally after neilmed solution 5 times in each nostril I started to have blood mucus and the area has scabbed up it feels like. my father was living in this house and came down with a fungal sinus infection that was incurable This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/410163'>Nose sore</a>.
Avatar m tn after a bang to right side of my head in 2004 Ive had clear smelly fluid leaking from my nose, worse on right side, the side I banged my head. Also nasal cavity is red and sore, again worse on right side. Fluid leaking from my eyes and eyelashes fall out as my eyes are gritty and sore. Have a dent on right side of my forehead where I banged it. Pain is horrendous. Had brain scan and CFC scan but both came back as clear.
Avatar m tn That pain was like you have hurt yourself slightly. It was like a sore inside the nose. Originally i did not pay much attention to it. However it started to "move" - meaning the original sore was healing (covered with some white lympha then getting drauhgt), but it seemed to infect further parts of nasal internal skin and finally it arrived outside. Here it healed after 3 days.
Avatar m tn The pain in my neck and sore troat will not subside . At over 100 days since possible exposer if the sore throat was due to acute HIV would I get a positive test for sure. And I've noticed white spots in my mouth on the sides down into my throat. They look like somthing a chewer of tobacco would have but I don't chew .
Avatar n tn My 9 yr. old son developed a cold sore right on the edge of his nose. Not a bad one or anything. A few days ago I noticed a sore ( a small scratch-like) on the side of his nose close to his right eye. I thought it might be from where he wears glasses but now it is a cluster of blisters that looks like they have burst and a scab ( a deep scab) have formed over some of them. I was wondering if it is impetigo, and if so, how do I treat it so close to his eye with him wearing glasses?
Avatar f tn I got my ultrasound yesterday morning, and I guess the woman doing the ultrasound pushed on me too hard. Even while getting it done, there would be times where I would be in a lot of pain. She said it's because she needed to see my sons kidneys. I feel really sore today, has this happened to anyone else?
Avatar n tn My brother and mom had a sore throat for a while and it went away, a little over a month ago i caught it, too. It started out as a sore, internal pain on one side of my throat when i swallowed. That went away in a week or two, since then, it has been switching between being dry or having a lot of mucus (not creamy, green, or infected-looking mucus). I like exercising, but the dryness is causing me to have trouble breathing. The doctor told my brother that it was not mono and not strep.
2109721 tn?1334131890 besides that she discovered that she has small sore at the opening of her anal. all this is quiet complicated and we have been trying out everything but, to no avail. "Can you from the above information identify the type of disease that causes all this complications and give your best advise as to how we can get the best treatment to cure such internal complications?
242516 tn?1368223905 The flu has passed epidemic rates in much of the country, and if you don't have a cold, I'm sure you have a friend who has the sniffles, fever, chills, aches and pains of a viral upper respiratory infection. This is different from a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. A viral infection doesn't improve with antibiotics as these infections do. A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread.
Avatar f tn sounds like you should take her to the vet asap....she might have internal damage that you can't see. i hope she feels better.
Avatar m tn i will test at 3 months mark but just i want to know that whatever symptoms(Sore thoat and running nose) i have are part of acute hiv symptoms. Because i have not read running nose is symptom of acute hiv.
Avatar f tn I woke up with a really tender & sore nose the bigger pain is close to the bridge. I eyes are really tired and I have really dark circles today. I have a mild headache going to my temples and the front of the head. I was not hit. Is there anything to worry about? What should I do to relieve the pain?
Avatar n tn i have been having a problem in the middle of the night and when i wake in the mornings. There is a deep internal tremor in my body that really worries me. There are times it is go bad that it awakens me. I really wonder what is wrong. I need some answers.
Avatar f tn Is the scar tissue internal or external? As Gym said, external scar tissue doesn't hurt, but internal scar tissue can cause inflammation to stay around and increase.
1399033 tn?1449587779 It started making my throat itchy again. Df and I were getting ready for bed and my nose started to bleed a little. After going to bed and waking up, my throat is sore. I can feel some discomfort when I swallow. I'm 6w 3d pregnant. What can I take for this soreness in my throat?
Avatar n tn it has scabbed over three times and i have got to the stage my nose is too sore to wear, the hospital will not issue me any alternative mask as u are only supposed to have 1 a year.
Avatar f tn Ive always gotten cold sores on my lips before and I think I just had cold sores on my nose. I went down on my parter and he also went down on me. Now I am worried that it could have spread. My nose didnt touch him or me, but we did kiss. If so when would it show, and does it always return on your genitals once it gets down there. If its HSV 1 does it always come back down below? I am so worried....please help!
Avatar f tn the condoms would hurt me so bad i was in agony i would be so sore and not wanting to have sex because of the pain they caused me. i explained to him that i hadnt been tested but my ex partner did and said everything was fine. basically im saying we ditched the condoms (my partner was previously tested and came back negative results also has never been with a woman without a condom prior to me).
Avatar f tn Hello again everyone Just wondering does anyone have facial discomfort? It's v hard to describe as it's not actual pain more an ache - like sinusitis but without the blocked sinuses. Can feel it under my cheekbones most pronounced today in the right side of my face and along jaw. Sometimes it affects my chin. It's almost a feeling of internal pressure and if I press on it i.e.