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Avatar m tn 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex. 8-9 days later I started getting a sore throat and had a very runny nose for a couple of days. The runny nose has gone away but the sore throat persists. I don't believe I had a fever, but it's been over 100 degrees F lately where I live so I'm pretty much always feeling hot. It's been almost 2 weeks now with a mostly mild sore throat. Just yesterday I noticed red bumps on the back of my tongue so I went to the doctor.
Avatar n tn ve got an ongoing problem with the redness in my nose, its always Bright red and sometimes i get a big spot like thing on my nose which then becomes even more red and very sore, if it pops it often bleeds, i have been to my doctor and he puts it down to acne and gave me a 6 month treatment which im nearly finishing, but i cant see how it can be acne because even when i dont have the spot my nose is always bright red and its quite embarassing for a 19yr old guy to have a rudolf like nose.
Avatar f tn For the past 3 days, I've had a horrible stuffy/runny nose combo paired with a sore throat. Swallowing hurts not only in my throat, but pain radiates into my ears too. I've had migraines and sometimes a bit of a higher temperature, ranging from 99-101. There's pressure in my temples and the bridge of my nose. I'm very tired and I have aches all over. I'm sensitive to cold objects and the insides of my ear hurt. I'm in a really terrible, irritable mood.
Avatar f tn Could it be that you have a pimple developing on or in your nose as well? This would make your nose sore and tender to touch.
Avatar m tn Just need help! I don't know if I'm crazy or possibly expecting. Earlier this week I started having a terrible stuffed up nose.. Worse than I've had in quite a while. Next came a sore throat. No fever all week but constant nose and throat pain. I think a week ago I wiped a couple times and there was a mucus blood type thing but that has been it. I normally start the 2nd-7th of the month.
Avatar m tn i will test at 3 months mark but just i want to know that whatever symptoms(Sore thoat and running nose) i have are part of acute hiv symptoms. Because i have not read running nose is symptom of acute hiv.
Avatar f tn My bridge of my nose is very sore and very red and swollen. Also about 3 weeks ago the left side of my nose was the same way but i could feel a bump inside. Then it finally went away. Also I went to the doctor about a week ago and had a urinary staph infection - hmmm related? Another note we moved into an old house and had never had this problem until after we moved.
Avatar f tn I was woken up with severe pain in my jaw, cheek and nose! A horrible burning, stabbing pain. It is so severe. It is only on one side of my face. Like I said this is my second attack of this pain, I have no idea what is going on. Any ideas would be great!
Avatar m tn This morning I noticed a bleeding sore on the roof of my mouth , there are two red patches on either side but only the one on the right is bleeding. Today was the first time this symptom has accrued. Almost four years i have had bad allergy and can not breath through my nose. Oddly the right side of my nose is almost clear sometimes.symptom Could this sore be related to my mouth being dry at night while I try to sleep. Other than the allergy's I am very healthy.
Avatar m tn After 11 days I had a dark red rash all over my chest. The rash was not bulge over my skin and would fade by pressing. I had a sore throat and after 1 day it cured by taking some medicine. I got a fever and my highest body temperature is 100 ℉. I also cough and had a running nose. Now, I'm very anxious. 1.Do I have the possibility of having HIV? 2.Does my symptom matches the HIV acute symptoms? 3.Do I need a HIV test?
Avatar m tn Hello, I had oral and vaginal sex with a call girl about three weeks ago, a condom was used. About 9 days ago I started suffering from post nasal drip and a sore throat. I've since became totally paranoid about HIV, I can't eat or sleep normally. The throat is very red and irratated. Would somebody please let me now if this could be a symptom. I know how stupid this can sound, but maybe someboady can help through this with some advise. P.S.
Avatar m tn Also my suspected inital outbreak was on the outter part of my thight about half way up the thigh above the knee. the doctor said folliculities cause i suffer from that anyway however what are the chances of catching HSV 2 with the inital outbreak being on the thigh?
Avatar f tn I'm 10w2d amd have the worst stuffy nose which is causing my sinus headache and sore throat from drainage. Any suggestions on what is safe to take?
Avatar m tn Within a few hours after having unprotected sex and oral sex with my girlfriend, I experienced a moderately sore throat. I noticed also some red bumps and white mucous 'globs' in spots... some stringy and a few blobs on the very back inside. They'd stick to my finger tip etc. Yesterday I went to a clinic and they prescribed a antibiotic (along with some pill they gave me one of right in the office). They did an RPR test for syphilis which came back non reactive.
Avatar m tn Red spot appeared that was a bit painful on the tip of my tongue. This was the start of my panic. Now I started to consult google, reading up everything I could find on STDs. At this point HIV was not on my list. I had one Azithromycin left from months ago (totally unrelated to STD) and so I thought at day one it might have a good chance of taking care of gonorrhea.
Avatar f tn These have been there for 2 weeks and have not changed any. Also, I just got another sore on the inside of my right cheek a couple days ago but this sore is painful. I have Fibromyalgia already so its hard to know what symptoms just may be from this and what may be something here goes. Symptoms: Mouth(sores(painful) and tongue sores(painless),dry eyes that burn, are red, feel dry and irritated and hurt a lot.
Avatar f tn On the end of my nose to the left I have had a red bump (it's very small - I'm sure most people don't notice it) for a long time now. I'm not entirely sure how long. It will become sore on and off and, since it appeared, I tried to pop it on and off. I put OTC acne cream on it, convinced it was some kind of pervasive pimple. My opinion changed today when, randomly, sitting in lecture it began to bleed.
Avatar m tn m a 20 year old male and about 2 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a female. About a week ago I developed a sore throat and then got cold-like symptoms (a stuffy nose and a slight "itchy" cough). The problem is I still have a sore throat, it becomes much more prevalent towards the evening/night, and is the worst when I wake up. It currently is centralized on the left side of my throat for some reason.
Avatar m tn I keep looking at it in the mirror looks like two small red spot in nose but the area just sort of burns. I am praying when I go to bed tonight it just disappears.
Avatar f tn So, a doctors visit is in order if you still have symptoms (usually with a viral cold, you get a sore throat that lasts just a couple of days and then is gone and other symptoms are more present like the runny nose and such). This symptom tracker may help you too|sore-throat|swollen-tonsils&symptomids=148|219|188&locations=10|10|10 Hope you feel better!
Avatar n tn This resulted in both my cheeks becoming extremely red and sore, and painful to touch. I thought the redness would go away soon afterwards, and although it is quite a bit less red the redness still is apparant after all this time and my face is still very sore to touch around the cheek areas only. Everywhere else is fine. Can you suggest anything to get rid of the redness and soreness? I think the skin has been damaged or something?
Avatar m tn Does a sore throat and mild stuffed nose 5 weeks past exposure sound like a symptom of hiv
Avatar f tn At this time it just seems a bit red and slightly swollen on my cheeks and above the bridge of my nose. A few days ago there were raised red rough welts. It comes and goes. Right now I am so used to the various aches and pains that I try to ignore them. But the one thing that is really bothering me are my eyes. Started to get real bad about 6 weeks ago. It takes me a long time to read and write these posts because I can't focus.
Avatar n tn I am a male who Had unprotected oral sex with another male couple weeks ago, now I am having sore throat and feel a little bit having a cold is that one of symptom shows I am having STDs?
Avatar m tn She does have HSV-1 which 60% of america has so no big deal through now i know that HSV-1 can in fact get on your penis. Well past couple days the inside of my nose started to really hurt then I noticed a large red bump forming. So I put some pimple creme on it thinking it would go away but then yesterday it came to a huge white/yellowish head about half the size of a dime and it wouldnt pop. Finally it popped last night and today it feels much better but its crusted over.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling itchey in my vagina for the past weeks (maybe 3 or more?") I use clotrimazole cream for it and it helps but then it starts back up.