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Avatar n tn I get that sometimes, not sure what it is but I've checked by a number of ENT docs. You might want to get it checked. I've found that using a saline nasal spray and putting some vasaline inside my nose with a Q tip when I go to bed helps.
Avatar f tn I have also recently started suffering from hayfever and now have little scabs inside my nose, which are very itchy and sore and sometimes bleed. I am too embarrassed to go and see my doctor about this incase its related to me taking cocaine and I wouldbe ashamed having to admit to the doctor that I take drugs. Does anyone think that this could be related to taking coke and does anyone know of any solutions I can try and clear it myself?
Avatar n tn sensitive tip of nose, slighly red, inside of tip of nose has pus/liquid come out that dries to form a scab-like cover until it is cleaned off---- cycle is repeated. I do not take any meds nor have any med condiiton.... this condition just appeared months ago..... any ideas on what it could be?
431531 tn?1254101806 I had that bad cold a while back. Sores inside my nose. Now, the tip is very sore and a bit discolored - first the right side and now the left. It doesn't look very good either. Very painful to the touch. It's been going on for about two weeks now. AGR....!!! If you find anything, please post. I am looking around the net as well.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a painful sore in my nose and am not sure what it is/is from!? I was really sick last week with flu/cold symptoms, and now I just have a cold, so I have been blowing my nose a lot, but I do not know if that would cause this sore (because I get colds a LOT and this has never happened). It is very hard to see the sore due to its location, but it it appears to be partial scab-like and partially "raw" too. It is just right inside my nose on the inner side.
356929 tn?1246393356 And never looked on Internet or asked anyone about it.everytime it has happened iv just cleaned the sore tip of my nose with hydrogen peroxide and eventually it went away. It took a few weeks to past but before it went away it developed a open sore on the I side of the left nostril. I cleaned it and put neosporin on it so it would heal faster. All these post that read described the exact feeling and painfull sensation but they don't help much with what to do.
Avatar m tn A day or so after pulling the hairs it started to feel like I was getting a pimple inside my nose. Then the pain started and the tip of my nose really swelled up and was red. I soaked it with warm compresses and it pretty much went away. Then I pulled another hair about a month later and boom - it started all over again. No, I'm not pulling hairs ever again. I was left with sensitivity in the inside of my nose and in the tip.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks and haven't had any complications.. My nose is SOOOOOOOO sore...
Avatar n tn Had a sore inside my nose for years bleeds and does not go away asked Dr. about it and was told to stop pickinkking it at nigh. I wear rubber gloves and still take them off when I am sleeping.
Avatar n tn very often at least one nostril becomes fatter as though a spot has formed inside my nose, even though it hasn't and my nose goes tough and sore - i got that dry nose thing (forgotten terminology) as a kid how it all crusts up and u cant breathe and even tho i never get ill i always seem to have a sore nose - :( x
Avatar m tn In early May 2012 I had this tingling and soreness on the tip of my nose. It starts out as tingling and within days will get sore and red this is the third time this has happened. I have been on antibiotics twice. The first time it happened I let it go thinking it was an in grown hair in the nose, a week went by before I received treatment. I finished the antibiotic and within the week the redness and soreness came back. I was on antibiotics for ten more days.
Avatar f tn i had a white patch inside my nose and it wasnt sore - ive been using sterimar to try and increase the moisture in my nose as sometimes it seems dry in morning i have used nasal sprays in past - otrivine - beconase but decided to stop using them as sterimar is natural and kind enough for babies - so it hurts abit when i blow my nose on the side the sore it - the sore is on the inner side of my nose not outer is this going to heal ?
Avatar n tn moved up to the middle part between my lip and nose, then moved the middle section that separates the nostrils and now I get them inside my nose. The are always on the inside part of my nose. I hope that makes sense. It's been a crazy ride with this damn virus.
Avatar n tn My nose has a somewhat scab/crust on the inside. It first started at the top tip of one nostril but now I have 2 more areas that have crust on both sides of the center part of my nose. This has been going on for over 8 months (not an exaggeration) and gotten progressively worse. Basically it started out at the tip of my nose in the center.
Avatar m tn the other bump is closer to the tip of my nose and that one doesnt seem to look red, but its bigger and hurts. What can I do? I wanted to refrain from visiting the hospital tonight because I dont have insurance, but IF it sounds like I absolutely have to let me know...I hope you can help because Im nervous about what to and not to put in my nose..thanks so much for your time to read our questions...
Avatar f tn Subsequent to this event, for the next 2 months on and off face tingling, sore lips, sore tongue (tip), sore roof of mouth. On and off symptoms with no sores on outer lip. Nothing inside I could feel. 3. Recently, my cheek inside felt bumpy all on left side then my tongue had taste buds slightly raised. Craters on side of tongue. Slight white appearance to tongue. Nothing was really red...same colour of tongue. Drs looked within 24 hours (didn't swab for HSV, swabbed for bacteria neg.
150807 tn?1194958915 My tongue and the inside tip of my nose are so sore i cant even sleep.....does anyone else have this while on treatment? Didnt have it till a couple of weeks ago and im about 13 weeks in treatment.
Avatar m tn I also started to notice flu like symptoms this day. The next day my penis was sore on the shaft and head, I assumed from overuse. I also was coming down with the flu for sure this day. Over the next couple days, most of the penis soreness subsided but I got a pretty bad flu. I have continued to experience some minor dull pain in the tip of my penis almost like its extra sensitive, mostly at my urethra sometimes just in the head of my penis.
Avatar n tn I would very much appreciate some information on what my symptoms could be and whether they are possible to treat and/or make more bearable. Firstly my nasal tip is growing (very bulbous). The only way to describe it is to say that it’s as if the cartilage is collapsing into a ball. The surrounding skin is very tight and sore (burning sensation). My top lip feels like – and I believe is – being pulled by my nose, and is getting so bad that’s its becoming hard to close my mouth.
Avatar n tn There is also an infection similar to creeping-herpes sore scabs up nose, where blowing seems to result in hard/large/sore pimples below the nasal opening, mostly on the chin area, there is a nasal ointment/antibiotic called CHLORISIG I think im sure it is labelled, extremely fast acting to kill nasties. Although pepper mint oil/essence is very good antibacterial, BEWARE, as some oils seems to feed the nasty herpe like pimples.
Avatar n tn it is in the cartilage not the bone (whice does not hurt at all) but where the two meet seems to be the worst place. the tip of my nose is fine. It is not inside the nostril either it is in the cartilidge itself. if it was a mechanical injury I would expect improvement as the days have passed but the opposite is true. I also have no knowledge of an injury inside my nose that could have allowed an infection to enter the the junction betseen my nose bone and the cartilage.
Avatar n tn My neutered cat was in a fight the other night and has since developed a sore on the inside of his mouth which has become infected. He doesn't act like he's in pain...I'm sure he is though. His eyes are bright and lively, has a normal appetitie, no other pockets of infection and doesn't seem to be running a high fever (felt his ears and nose...effective?). I know he needs antibiotics, but what can I put on his mouth sore to alleviate his pain?
Avatar f tn it has had a bump inside of it for quite some time now (years) and it becomes painful to touch with a q-tip. Also, I have had aches that run down from my ear to my throat, which come and go. Furthermore, inside my mouth, at the back-right side, becomes itchy from time to time as does that same ear. Is this an ear infection...because I have been in to a few doctors now concerning my ears and they say that there is nothing wrong... but these bumps, itches, and pains arn't normal.
Avatar m tn A lone nasal polyp (in the left middle meatus) that's now mysteriously disappeared Chronic prickly soreness in my nasal cavity and the back of my nose (nasopharynx) since my first nasal endoscopy almost 3 years ago Cold air worsens the discomfort Air conditioning definitely improves it Nose is swollen on both sides equally (at mid point of height of nose) so now there are nasofacial vertical (crescent-shaped) crease lines there Feels dry sore uncomfortable as if everything in my nose is n
Avatar m tn The worrisome part for me is the very tip of my nose is very painful to the touch. Not on the inside of the nostril like it's a topical open sore but touching it from the outside. It's not a boil or pimple either. Never had this happen before. Any ideas?
1230923 tn?1267552136 Does anyone have any ideas how to get a sore inside the nose to heal? I have had a rather large sore (at least it feels big to me) inside my nose for over a week now, and it does not seem to want to heal. I have not been picking at it, but it just does not want to go away. I have been using a steroid nasal spray (Omnaris) but it does not seem to do any good. I have also tried saline spray and even putting neosporin on it using a q-tip. I am at my wits end!