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Avatar n tn Would a chronic cough and runny nose going on for 5 months in anyway be a symptom of syphilis
Avatar m tn Earlier this week I started having a terrible stuffed up nose.. Worse than I've had in quite a while. Next came a sore throat. No fever all week but constant nose and throat pain. I think a week ago I wiped a couple times and there was a mucus blood type thing but that has been it. I normally start the 2nd-7th of the month. I have been peeing so much (but I also drink a lot of water) I also get bad acne before a period and my face has been clearer than normal.
Avatar m tn 1. Is stuffy nose a symptom of HIV ARS? 2. Now 4 week past, I am too worried and want to have hiv test immediately. The hostipal near my home use Cobas e601 to test hiv, which use the electrochemical luminescence method for hiv test. This machine tests both antibody and antigen, so how reliable is this machine for a 4 weeks result? 3. Am I at risk of HIV?
356929 tn?1246393356 And never looked on Internet or asked anyone about it.everytime it has happened iv just cleaned the sore tip of my nose with hydrogen peroxide and eventually it went away. It took a few weeks to past but before it went away it developed a open sore on the I side of the left nostril. I cleaned it and put neosporin on it so it would heal faster. All these post that read described the exact feeling and painfull sensation but they don't help much with what to do.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex. 8-9 days later I started getting a sore throat and had a very runny nose for a couple of days. The runny nose has gone away but the sore throat persists. I don't believe I had a fever, but it's been over 100 degrees F lately where I live so I'm pretty much always feeling hot. It's been almost 2 weeks now with a mostly mild sore throat. Just yesterday I noticed red bumps on the back of my tongue so I went to the doctor.
Avatar f tn I just got over a horrible cold. Congestion,sneezing, blowing my nose constantly. It all started with a sore throat. But I didn't have a sore throat during my cold.
Avatar f tn I was woken up with severe pain in my jaw, cheek and nose! A horrible burning, stabbing pain. It is so severe. It is only on one side of my face. Like I said this is my second attack of this pain, I have no idea what is going on. Any ideas would be great!
Avatar f tn First, yes, once you have had bronchitis, you can get it again. You do not have to have swollen lymph nodes to have a sore throat. Swollen lymph nodes (swollen glands) can cause your throat to be sore. Thrush is an actual yeast infection on the mouth and tongue. Post nasal drip is when the sinuses produce excess mucus and it accumulates in the nose and throat. Post nasal drip can be caused by a number of factors including a cold, sinusitis, or allergies.
778012 tn?1304905486 Nicole~~~I had that a few days ago, it didn't last long, but man it $UCKED! You can take benadryl, but I wouldn't take anything else, other than maybe tylenol if you get a fever.
Avatar n tn Feel burn but when I burp it feels nice... I also kind of feel some mucus stuck in the back of my throat. No sore throat though, I can swallow fine , but when I drink seems like just under my throat is burning. No running nose, temperature is at 98.7 - 99.6 (sort of up and down). No fatique, 1 dime sized unitchy non hurt blotch/ rash on my right lower arm. are this ars symptom at all?
Avatar f tn anyone experiencing? this is probably coz of change of weather.. Im 34 weeks and just yesterday I felt sore throat. I know that this is a symptom of having flu.. colds & coughing later. I already took hot water with lots ginger & lemon.. But still not feeling well.. ;( Any advise to stop this virus? It usually takes me a month to recover from this flu if it keeps going.. and Im afraid that I'll have flu while n labor and delivery..
Avatar m tn Slightly coated tongue and my throat a bit sore in am went away later that day, this was the case for many days. Day 11 - 20 Itchy scalp, some red spots where the itch was. Tenderness under my right arm comes and goes After taking the valtrex for 7 days, no changes, I then started to think it is not herpes, no break out and no change. Now my focus switched to HIV. Day17: Took the DNA early detection test, came back neg.
Avatar n tn Forgot to mention during the rash I have 2 nights of pretty intense nights sweats and a bleeding sore in each nostril. I felt great the next morning after the 2nd night sweat though (like my flu symptoms left).
Avatar f tn the other day my nose started feeling sore in the crease with my cheek, i thought i was just getting a spot or summit but now a lump has formed underneath the skin and it's gotten more painful. it's a hard lump, it's not visible but the area around it is a bit swollen. pleeeeease has anyone ever had anything like this that they could advise me???
Avatar f tn I'm 10w2d amd have the worst stuffy nose which is causing my sinus headache and sore throat from drainage. Any suggestions on what is safe to take?
Avatar n tn very often at least one nostril becomes fatter as though a spot has formed inside my nose, even though it hasn't and my nose goes tough and sore - i got that dry nose thing (forgotten terminology) as a kid how it all crusts up and u cant breathe and even tho i never get ill i always seem to have a sore nose - :( x
534785 tn?1329595808 It remained pink for a few hours in the morning, too. Now, I'd be inclined to say this was coming from my nose/nasal polyp/swollen nasal passages, but when I blew my nose this morning, it was clear...and my throat was hurting, almost near my tonsils and a little further down, too. I'm a tad bit worried about this, but I'll wait and see if it happens again tomorrow. I know what you're thinking...and NO I didn't eat anything red or pink colored last night, either.
614726 tn?1220980388 Thank you so much for your feed back, I guess it could be blood and for your question No i am not spitting blood any more the only symptom I have now is that when I shake my head side to side I get a weird feel in my nostril. Also I have not tried any medication yet, I am thinking of trying saline power flush. In addition I find out this condition is called Post-Nasal Drip. I am glad i found this web-site it is very helpful and sharing experiences makes all the difference. Thank you so much...
1499174 tn?1327234794 is it true that pregnancy can cause really itchy nose wev been TTCand for the past 2 days ive woke up at stupid o clock in the morning cos my nose has a really annoying ITCH what is going on ?????
237053 tn?1258832026 I've been getting a recurring sore in my nose. I had it a few weeks ago, and it went away. Now it is back. I can't see it, but it is right on the inside of my nostril and it hurts. It is in the exact same place as last time. I tried finding info on nose sores and lyme and couldn't find anything. All I could find is that it is a symptom of lupus. I've been tested for Lupus and auto immune and they were Normal. Is it possible to have Lupus with normal testing?
Avatar m tn i will test at 3 months mark but just i want to know that whatever symptoms(Sore thoat and running nose) i have are part of acute hiv symptoms. Because i have not read running nose is symptom of acute hiv.
Avatar m tn I discovered after the sex, some skin on my penis had peeled off (not a cut per se, but the top layer of the skin around 3/4 up the shaft had peeled). 6 days later I developed a mild sore throat, some tiredness and later a running nose (mild symptoms of each) but no fever. I don't have swollen nodes or a rash I know am at risk, have been stupid and can only know from being tested. Since I hae to wait 4-6 weeks until being tested, my question is could these be symptoms of acute hiv?
Avatar m tn Update For the ones who might chance upon this post suffering from the same symptoms, according to two ENTs and two Pathologists, my sore throat/ear is due to my allergies that don't allow my nose to ventilate adequately, thus causing the aches. I'm on Budesonide Nasal (1 spray each nostril, twice a day) and Xyzal tablet 5ml (once before sleep) for 20 days. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn However , just wanna know if this is a common symptom ? Or what to look for ? Also I have allergies and my nose is stuffed , sneezing , coughing here and there, and sometimes headaches .
Avatar m tn My question is last october 16, 2012, I started to have mild sore throat and clogged running nose, I thought it was alright, until October 27,2012, while taking a shower I felt a node on the left mid section of my neck about an inch in diameter. I already took over the counter medicines and until now my sore throat is gone, but still have cough due to sticky phlegm. This is the first time my cold lasted this long. I don't have fever and other stuff.
Avatar m tn Also my suspected inital outbreak was on the outter part of my thight about half way up the thigh above the knee. the doctor said folliculities cause i suffer from that anyway however what are the chances of catching HSV 2 with the inital outbreak being on the thigh?
Avatar m tn Does a sore throat and mild stuffed nose 5 weeks past exposure sound like a symptom of hiv
Avatar m tn minor fever, constant coughing, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, achy muscles, fatigue, runny nose,everything - My stupid body technically masked all my symptoms of HIV with the cold/flu or my body is actually fighting it and it just by concidence came at the most common season of when the cold/flu is present ***I feel pretty much nuts for what I've done, but if I see a rash, isn't it that I can test right now and know if i'm positive or not?