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Avatar n tn has allergies and she walked in the examination room and started sneezing sneezing sneezing and holding up her hands infront of her face infront of me.
Avatar m tn Antihistamines are much less effective in dogs than humans. Only 25% or so of dogs respond to antihistamines, including benadryl. Your dog may not be among the lucky 25%. Your veterinarian can try some other medications, such as Hydroxyzine, Temaril, or steroids to determine which is best for your dog, if the sneezing and coughing are due to environmental allergies. Your vet can also determine if the symptoms are caused by infections, or other causes, of course.
Avatar f tn Sneezing is the body’s natural defense to clear offending agents from the nasal passages. Sneezing occurs with upper respiratory infections, foreign bodies, allergies, etc. In small dogs, we will also see dogs do a “reverse” sneeze. This can be caused by post nasal drip. When a small dog stops and gasp for breath during activity or excitement, the first thing that comes to mind is collapsing trachea. These pets are fine in every other aspect and the episodes are often short lived.
1375427 tn?1278727130 Has he been sneezing? Sometimes sneezing can cause nosebleeds in dogs. Also, it might be possible that he is having 'reverse sneezing' attacks (which are quite common in dogs, and quite mysterious. No-one really knows what causes them. However if those breathing issues ARE reverse sneezing, that in itself is usually quite harmless. But of course it might not be. Dogs can and suffer from asthma-like symptoms. So I suggest you get his breathing fully checked-out.
Avatar n tn Sneezing dogs, this time of the year, is a sure sign of allergies (especially if they're fine throughout the rest of the year). What RedHed1973 said... Benadryl. We actually give ours the regular kind (non-drowsy of course). Works like a charm and stops the itchy skin, watery eyes, runny nose, eye boogers & sneezing. Late April through August is allergy season for our girls, so we stock up on Benadryl big time during those months!
Avatar f tn *sneezing. Does anyone else have this problem?
973741 tn?1342342773 As far as I know, dogs do not catch colds. But there might be something else wrong. There is nothing wrong with a dog's nose being wet. But if she is snuffling, sneezing, coughing or breathing in a strange way it's best you check her out at the vet's. Dogs can sometimes get foreign bodies lodged in their noses, like a grass seed, etc.
Avatar n tn I dont know much about dogs seeing as im a cat person but i did watch a show on breeds of dogs and they were saying how dogs (like a boston terrier) have breathing probs due to the face being smooshed in....
Avatar n tn appear to have reaction to moldy paper in bedroom
Avatar f tn I was VERY interested in the vet saying he could hear congestion in his nose... which goes with reverse sneezing. I was also interested in the report that the dog licks a lot. Well, our dog is blowing his coat at an unexpected time because we had balmy weather when normal is very cold this time of year. He licks his coat, of course, all the time, and we do our best to keep up with the big white clumps of fur coming off him.
Avatar f tn He has done this weird sneezing in the past and it stopped until it started up again last month. He stops at random times to just reverse sneeze for a minute or two and then he's fine. Does anyone know about this behavior and if he needs medical attention? He's fine, otherwise, so I don't think he's sick.
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694466 tn?1227677802 Hi. My name is Kayla and I had a question about my dogs health. My dog recently got home from a kennel last weekend. Since then she has been sneezing when she gets excited or runs around too much. She also has been hacking. At first I thought it was kennel cough, but heartworm also seems to be a possibility. How can I tell which it is?
1965902 tn?1328199193 Started with itchy nose in the morning. Sneezing all day long. Decided against cleaning which only aggravates condition and is very annoying having to stop every second to blow nose and having nose dripping over everything.
Avatar f tn m not sure about the hiccups but with the sneezing he is just getting used to the air that is in your house. My first born sneezed for months we had two dogs.
1149636 tn?1278253923 It had wheat and lactose in the ingredients.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I'm not sure if the normal sneezing, wheezing, puffy eyed symptoms qualify as severe, but I have always had the tingle sensation around dogs. My question is how effective is immunotherapy since I've been on it for approximately 1 year now?
Avatar f tn My dog is amix Papiyon, and a chiuahua, few days ago sudenly stoped eating, with exeption of few treats, it is worth noting that she has always been vey picky, she has always eaten our food , she rejects any dog food. yesterday she was sneezing all day, I don't know if she has a cold or waht. any answers please?
Avatar m tn This seems to be a very good web page for understanding and coping with reverse sneezing in dogs: This happens to my dog sometimes, though quite rarely. She always seems upset by it, and a bit panicked, but I just soothe her and gently stroke her and the attack passes in a minute or less. As far as I know, this "reverse sneezing" is harmless, but read up about it because there can be other issues which can complicate this.
1149636 tn?1278253923 I woke up fine. when I went to the kitchen, I started sneezing excessively. runny itchy nose, watery eyes, some tiredness. Pollen from plants outside could be causing this. I took some allegra around 6:20 am and after 25 mins, the symptoms went away.
Avatar f tn She is eating well and fine in all other respects. Should i be concerned?. She has not been in kennels recently or had much contact with other dogs. We do have 3 cats though who she plays with. Many Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn Sinus and upper respiratory tract infections, including kennel cough (tracheobronchitis) are very contagious, and can be easily transmitted by aerosol in any environment where dogs can congregate in groups, such as kennels, puppy day camps, dog parks, in multiple dog walking situations, and during hospitalization, etc. Dogs even have their own "common cold", which is viral. But a secondary bacterial infection can also be implicated.
Avatar f tn I recently adopted a Shiba Inu (primitive Japanese breed) from a foster home. This dog was rumored to have "carpet allergies" around the shelter, but the foster caretaker says she saw no manifestation of this in her home the 2 months the dog was there, and informed me it would be fine for me to adopt her to my carpeted home. When I picked the dog up (6 hour drive) the home was not very clean, and five other dogs lived on the property. All were energetic and appeared healthy.
549176 tn?1288528391 rolo slept in the kitchen, max and dodger slept in the cage, much better sleep.
Avatar f tn I lived in a granny flat on a property that houses two dogs and five cats (two of the cats are my own and live exclusively with me). About six months ago, my landlady adopted another cat whose owner was leaving town. Edward is about 2 years old and seems a bit depressed. My landlady's male cats were not neutered and became very territorial as they hit adolescence, marking all territory in sight. Edward has, on and off, lived with me - partly due, I think, to the other cats being territorial.