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377012 tn?1283969035 It starts right then too. I can breathe with it. It says it's Alcohol Free/Antihistamine Free/Sugar Free. I just needed something to help. Tylenol doesn't really help me at all. I've only taken it about twice. I'm kinda iffy on taking medicines anyways. I've always been that way.. I wear flip flops 24/7. Even during WINTER, and I've NEVER gotton a cold. But, the time I dont go anywhere.. I get one. STRANGE ISN'T IT! LOL. And it's HOT.
Avatar f tn plus watching videos can be too much for some to deal with..... I did not send the I can not watch them either....not sure I could have gone in for surgery if I had...... I keep track of my activities, weather etc and how I I can more easily see which ones may affect me more depending on weather or just the activity. I also would rest up when I knew a big event was approaching so I felt my best the day of....
541150 tn?1306037443 If Dillan has ringworm they might report that and take him away from me. Ringworm is extremely contagious. His UTI symptoms are only sneezing. The vet said she would not give me any meds to give Dillan because the cold is very mild. I am terrified my older cat will get infested. Keeping Dillan isolated is no use as Abby has already been exposed to it although he isn't showing signs of UTI (perhaps his immune system is strong enough?
Avatar f tn So I almost hit the year mark free of pills and I fell off!! I felt i did all the right things, meetings, therapy, surrounded myself with sober friends and I friggin relapsed!!! I came down with bronchitis about a week ago went to doc and was given hycodan cough syrup, as the doc was writing the damn script I was telling myself don't do it girl tell him you don't want it, but I didn't and here I am a little over a week later syrup gone in 2days and starting taking pills right where I left off...
Avatar f tn It wasn’t until years later that searched the internet and found other people with similar problems with people coughing and sneezing around them. This atleast confirmed I wasn’t crazy. 2. Symptoms/observations & remedies These are the main symptoms I’ve come to deal with and how I’ve tried to combat them. A: symptom B: (solution) A. Coughing, itching, sneezing, clearing throat around or in the same room as me. B.
5685035 tn?1423936569 I helped her(shes unsteady on her feet) to the bathroom several times, and I helped her bathe... I started a carb free diet today and I went down 7-9(depending on the floor)flights of stairs 3 times today!! I feel warn out physically mentally and emotionally. I cant stop crying. I have a bad feeling like I lost someone like death is imminent...IS THIS NORMAL?!?!?! I am so sorry guys I TRY to be the happy person you know, was even going to fake it tonight but I cant!!! I want to fake it!!!
Avatar m tn Check out youtube videos about it, for the many health benefits in addition to keeping me patm free. I take it twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime- about 1 tablespoon each time. Thank you, thank you for sharing your valuable information and results with the forum.
Avatar m tn I am having really bad hot and cold flashes, diarrhea, and I can't sit still, or stop sneezing. I have Xanax for my anxiety and have been taking .5mg here and there today to help with the anxiety I'm feeling. Since cold turkey wasn't the plan, I have no idea what to expect. Please let me know if there are any tips I can follow to help ease what I am about to go through.
Avatar f tn problem, we will be free from PATM. But, to begin with if you suffer this PATM, and you notice the people near to you are covering the nose or coughing or sneezing or rubbing the nose, i would like to tell you that certainly you have BAD ODOR ,it is either smelly body odor or bad breath. if your friend or family telling that your smell is okay, i bet they are trying not to embrass you. The reason is simple, if there is no smell, why they rubbing nose or covering nose?
1444453 tn?1287106737 But day three did get better and today at day 4 I seem to be almost symptom free - except for the insomnia! I feel like I haven't slept since I stopped taking my last 40mg oxy on Friday. I do have a bit of the restless legs and dry throat, sneezing still and headache. All that is liveable, but the insomnia is driving me nuts!! I've tried otc sleep aids and they did not help at all. I drift off for about a minute and then my eyes just snap open and I'm up again.
Avatar f tn People like selmaS are very helpful. They would answer it as best as they can and as and when they are free . Reg Drs saying that they will have to google . 1.*There is no surprise becoz till date Chiari.,/ its effects/ and co-existing conditions like EDS (name of a connective tissue disorder)/syringomyelia/Intracranial hypertension etc., are not known to many drs ...except might be chiari specialists who have successfully handled multiple chiari cases . 2.
Avatar n tn Within a few minutes of entering a room, people begin coughing and/or sneezing.(By the way, it's always 2 coughs in a row.) I am not sick at all but everyone around me becomes sick upon meeting me. Doctors have told me that it's just allergy season, but this has been going on for a couple years! Besides the endless coughing and sneezing, other symptoms that people develop include: itching around the eyes and nose, acne (on face and neck), sores on the outer lips, and fatigue.
Avatar m tn Hi ricart is awsome. Well yes I am one of those methendone people..I was on it for 12yrs..The hydo/oxy was the tip that lead me down the path. I was prescibed 6--10mg a day. Then I would run short and get them somewhere other then the doc. I went down & up, around & around. Got down to 30mg did that well. Down to 15mg no good started to add aderrall to make the script last a bit. Still ran short and found myself back up to 30 + took a cloazepam at night only...
Avatar f tn I feed him and pet him until my eyes water and I'm sneezing. He sits on my kitchen windowsill begging for comfort. Oh! I'm crying. Please help me to help him.
Avatar m tn You can make it or you can buy it already made. I suggest making it fresh. Google bone broth and you will get many videos on how to make it. I'm on my 10th day of my treatment I'm still suffering splitting headaches. The following are symptoms that are normal when taking this medication.
Avatar n tn I have forgotten how cheese, cream and butter taste and all dairy products that I consume are fat free (milk and yogourt 0% fat) Aspirin, however, is ONLY a blood thinner and an anti-infammatory drug, does not stop the formation of plaque. Garlic must be consumed in vast quantities to work.
232328 tn?1207093671 What pills were you taking? Im guessing most likely opiates of some type? I recently detoxed off methadone & have gone cold turkey off oxicotin & vicodin many times, & I was scared to, scared of withdrawals, & believe it or not, I feared being drug free, this was only because I had forgotton how to live without having something to mask reality.
Avatar f tn can’t breathe, muggy air(humidity), feeling hot, and of course the coughing, throat clearing/tickle in throat, sneezing, yawning/sleepy, hunger/thirst and many more. Now looking at mugginess specifically, it is caused my green house gases such as water vapor, CO2, methane, ozone and nitrous oxides. Mugginess contributes to difficulty breathing, sweating, asthma, hot air, and increase of allergic reactions to spores, dust mites, VOC’s etc.
Avatar m tn I didn't know what was going on and why my friends started sneezing, coughing, clearing their throats, etc. It was weird because everyone else in the crowds were as well, and when I got closer to them, the reactions were inbearable. A week went by, and I noticed it at work. Same reactions. I typed 8nto Google, "why are people allergic to me" and here I am. I'm currently doing alot of research. ..
Avatar m tn Day 5, morning, cant complain to much, everything feels ok, slept fine last nite , a few cold sweats, but i just rolled over and went back to sleep.
Avatar n tn First of all, I notice what is NOT there. No information about who produced it, who paid for it and why it was done. Anyone know? It is interesting to me that the primary source of testimony that psychiatry has not produced a single cure comes from the psychiatrists themselves. This concurs with what my own psychiatrist told me and has been repeated by every respectable practitioner I've ever known. From this, the video jumps to the conclusion that psychiatry is therefore a fraud.
Avatar f tn The worst will be over in about 3 days then you will slowly get back to the normal you. You can expect stomach issues,yawning,sneezing,lethargy, insomnia,anxiety and a depressed feeling. It will all subside as long as you push through it and don't use. I would get all pills out of the house before you do this and stay hydrated. Keep posting for support.
3184083 tn?1347405743 I know it was a synthetic patch put on my dura. I don't know beyond that. That would actually make sense, as I wasn't very swollen with fluid on the morning of my MRI and I don't feel swollen now. The way I feel right now, is the exact way I feel on Vicodin, and I'm allergic to Vicodin. I'll check with my NS. I asked my GP about getting tested for EDS, as I'm not only double jointed, but I've had a problem with my joints going in and out for years.
Avatar n tn When I used it, I experienced a detox reaction where I could sense a tingling sensation in my ears, experienced a lot of sneezing and came down with flu like symptoms (sinus pain). The beauty is that I started to discharge green, yellow phlegm which I did not realize was even there (I have been irrigating my sinuses for years before this occurrence so it shows how entrenched that stuff was in my sinuses, Eustachian tubes). I even blew out a solid chunk of yellow stuff.
Avatar m tn All of this is normal Oh and the sneezing... You will have to fight it. You can do this. Hang on. It is great to be free.
Avatar n tn i have a addictive personality, and suboxone was not a COMPLETELY pain free withdrawal, but i am completely drug free and loving life right now.....i thank god for my support group, going through something like this can show you who your real family and friends are, and for helping me to overcome this disease!!!!! I KNOW that each and every one of you will look back on these dark days and wonder how you ever made it through, but then you will smile because you did!!!
Avatar m tn `12th, since I’m going to be bed ridden for a few days you’d think that I would be out doing something, but nope, I’m on the computer watching videos and reading blogs on sinus surgery and septoplasty, geesh. This is making everything worse I can tell, I’m scaring myself out of doing it. I had to call the surgical booking to see what time my surgery is, and it is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow yikes. 8:00 p.m.
1126023 tn?1259970361 Go to Opiates.Com. Not 100% sure exactly what they do that stops a high but was talking to a nurse over the phone about it and this is what she advised me off. Also youtube "Waismann method" there are a few i'll put links up here... copy past that there are 3 parts. 2 parts to that