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Avatar f tn My little Poodle did that from when she was 8 mos. old & still does it. She is 9 now. It sounds like she is "honking" & can't breathe right & she walks around in a panic. I do NOT hear an actual sneeze though???? My Vet told me it's reverse or inward sneezing. He said many dogs do it & it is normal. He said she'll be fine & there is no treatment. Julie rarely does it anymore. When she does, I gently rub her throat & she calms down & it does go away.
Avatar f tn I was VERY interested in the vet saying he could hear congestion in his nose... which goes with reverse sneezing. I was also interested in the report that the dog licks a lot. Well, our dog is blowing his coat at an unexpected time because we had balmy weather when normal is very cold this time of year. He licks his coat, of course, all the time, and we do our best to keep up with the big white clumps of fur coming off him.
Avatar f tn He is definetly sick, I am thinking kennel cough since were he goes out to potty hundreds of dogs go too! Living in Chicago there isn't much room for your own spot. Please help me if you can? thnaks in advance.
Avatar f tn In small dogs, we will also see dogs do a “reverse” sneeze. This can be caused by post nasal drip. When a small dog stops and gasp for breath during activity or excitement, the first thing that comes to mind is collapsing trachea. These pets are fine in every other aspect and the episodes are often short lived. Conservative treatment would include minimize strenuous play and excitement, offer room temperature water, and use harnesses instead of collars.
82861 tn?1333457511 I also gave them the veterinarian dose of benadryl today (1 mg per pound) to little effect, so that lack of reaction seems diagnostic in itself. With both dogs hacking and sneezing snot everywhere, and DH adding his allergies and asthma to the chorus, I can hardly hear myself think. Maybe the vet can give DH a shot when he's through with the dogs tomorrow?
Avatar m tn The vet can't figure out what is wrong and just thinks it's allergies, but I've read more and more that dogs don't respond to allergies in this way. Aside from this though, her appetite is fine, her breathing is fine, she has no fevers and is as active as a 9 year old beagle probably would be. It's just hard to see her like this and not know how to help, and sometimes it's not very pleasant to be around her because she's always sneezing.
1491913 tn?1288490535 Do you think he could have something stuck in his throat? There is another thing that dogs sometimes do, and that's called "Reverse sneezing" Take a look at some videos of dogs doing this Reverse Sneezing (there are some on youtube) And see if the sound he makes is anything like that. Reverse Sneezing is harmless, and no-one really knows the cause, but many dogs do it.
572651 tn?1531002957 That meant Bomber, his new partner, would also be living in the house with us. K-9 dogs are also very much a part of their families. But Bomber is a 100 lb German Shepherd ... he is generally very docile around the house (unless someone he doesn't know comes to the door or breaches the perimeter of our property, lol), but we just were not comfortable introducing a small bird into the equation. Plus, Cosmo was used to being out of his cage whenever I was home.
Avatar m tn This seems to be a very good web page for understanding and coping with reverse sneezing in dogs: This happens to my dog sometimes, though quite rarely. She always seems upset by it, and a bit panicked, but I just soothe her and gently stroke her and the attack passes in a minute or less. As far as I know, this "reverse sneezing" is harmless, but read up about it because there can be other issues which can complicate this.
1375427 tn?1278730730 Sometimes sneezing can cause nosebleeds in dogs. Also, it might be possible that he is having 'reverse sneezing' attacks (which are quite common in dogs, and quite mysterious. No-one really knows what causes them. However if those breathing issues ARE reverse sneezing, that in itself is usually quite harmless. But of course it might not be. Dogs can and suffer from asthma-like symptoms. So I suggest you get his breathing fully checked-out.
Avatar m tn I have a continuous problem with thick mucous in my throat. I must clear my throat a hundred times a day. My larnyx gets so full of the thick mucous that I almost choke and it causes my eyes to water. When this happens I hack up about a quarter cup of the stuff. I went to an ENT specialist who diagnosed sinusitis due to restricted airflow because of a deviated septum. After two surgeries for this there is no improvment. I've tried Musinex and steroid nose sprays. Nothing seems to help.
Avatar n tn Are you affected worse during weather changes or rainy or humid weather? Or in summer or winter or all the time? I ask because I live in a mild sub tropical climate and mine used to be worst at the start and during winter which is dry, but the last couple of years I'm affected really badly when it rains and in the humid stormy summers.
Avatar f tn Anyway, he's fine now, it stopped after 2 or 3 times yesterday. So weird, maybe he is reverse sneezing due to allergies. We do live in the city, not too many plants around. Thank you again!!!!!
Avatar n tn This sounds very like what is called "Reverse Sneezing" . It is a bit of a mystery, as no-one knows exactly why this can occasionally happen. It has happened to my dog about 4 or 5 times since she has been with me (7-8 years) and she is very fit and well. So it appears whatever causes this symptom doesn't threaten the dog's health.
1622527 tn?1301648222 The only real advice I can give you is to take him to the vet for a thorough examination (Heart/Lungs, and bloodwork) That is the soundest advice I can think of, and if you could manage to find the cash to do that, one way or would be a wise move. However, it is just possible this could be what is called "Reverse Sneezing". Google "Reverse Sneezing You Tube" and you will come up with videos of dogs with this.
Avatar n tn I've noticed a couple times that my pug would suddenly begin grasping for air in the middle of his sleep. The struggle for air wakes him up and he begins to make snorting sounds for about 10 seconds before he is able to breathe regularly again. Is this a common problem with pugs or should I get him checked for respitory problems? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I think there are short videos on you tube of examples of reverse sneezes in dogs. Some dogs do it differently to others, but you might get the general idea. If it IS that, it is harmless and very common. But if there is any doubt at all, and it carries on happening, get him checked out by a vet.
Avatar f tn Yes it is called reverse sneezing and is totally harmless,=)
725248 tn?1316165845 Dear freebird63, A loud rhythmic sneeze like behavior that occurs intermittently and without ill effect is in fact known as a "reverse sneeze". The why of it is ill defined. My personal theory is that dogs inhale fluid or particles of food into the back entrance to the nasal passages and it irritates those membranes. The reverse sneeze is a reaction, either intentional or involuntary to that stimulation. It is a benign event. Puppies seem to do it more.
725248 tn?1316165845 Sometimes small dogs vomit in the morning due to bilious vomiting syndrome, a disorder of stomach hyperacidity. Feeding a small meal before bedtime can sometimes help, as can oral medications to reduce stomach acid production, such as Pepcid. You can call your veterinarian to obtain the appropriate dose of Pepcid for your dog's size, and purchase it over the counter.
Avatar m tn Was going to mention possible reverse sneezing too, not uncommon in those breeds. Your dog is a mix but I suggest you do a Google search on each breed to see what health issues they can have, might help you out. Often the National Breed club web sites will address health issues also and give you some insight. If you are treating for Giardia, good thing that was discovered. Often does not show up in every stool. Make sure you wash the bowls daily in hot, soapy water or diluted bleach.
447939 tn?1235065543 They can do some simple tests to see if her heart is ok, or determine if it is something similar to asthma that can occur in dogs. But she definately should be examined by a vet to be sure what's going on. If she was simply spayed 8 months ago, they wouldn't have done any special tests on her heart beyond listening to it. And that was 8 months ago, and things could have changed.
871111 tn?1248996572 I certainly see alot of pugs with allergies (to food or pollen/dust), usually with symptoms such as scratching, foot licking, recurrent skin rashes and recurrent ear infections, and less commonly sneezing and reverse sneezing. It is certainly possible that your pug has an allergic cause for the ear infection and the brown stains on the jaw.
Avatar f tn My Bischon was doing reverse sneezing and was fine and the next week, his nose started gushing blood for almost 45 min as i rushed him to ER vet. it's been 6 days now and no more bleeding. I walk him on a leash in my own yard. Now our Cain Corso Mastiff/Pit Bull is sneezing blood from his nose too and lots of it. What can be going on. I walk him on a leash in my own yard as well. It seems too much of a coincidence to be one that both dogs have experienced this within a week of each other.
Avatar f tn Heart Disease is NOT a death sentence.....It's rather common in dogs! Dogs can live many ,many years on medications just like humans can.....Meds. to improve function of the heart & also lasix to clear fluid from the lungs......An EKG or ECG can detect what part of the heart is having a problem.....They usually run around $100.....Some Vets will suggest this test, some will not...They will just go ahead and treat... Next- Kennel Cough- This is a virus and antibiotics will do nothing.....
415109 tn?1304893782 We have a 9 yr old Low Chen who for the past 2 weeks has been hacking and coughing almost constantly. He did have valley fever 2 years ago and was treated successfully and his titer is negative. He coughs but doesn't cough anything up-just sounds like he is going to choke or get something out. sometimes rubbing his throat gently and calming him down will make it quit but as soon as you stop he starts again. He is in otherwise good health.
404138 tn?1308945256 First, you need a firm diagnosis that it is allergies causing the reaction. I'm wondering if what you're seeing is a "reverse sneeze" rather than sneezing and wheezing? If the emphasis of air movement is more inward than outward, that's a "reverse sneeze" and it can be very frightening to witness but is basically harmless. Think of it as kind of a hiccup. If you rub the dog's throat and get him moving again, it will usually stop in a few seconds.
641243 tn?1235755684 Like Red said, a slight nose bleed could be caused by a few things, some more deep-seated, and some no more than a localised problem. All the sneezing could have ruptured a little blood vessel in his nose, that's true. He also could have got some grass seed or some small irritation stuck up his nostril(?) That might have caused the sneezing fit? This is very common as dogs have that habit of sniffing their way through life! The vet can put a small scope up and take a look. Poor Wentworth!
2164404 tn?1337024742 he started on 10 mg then had blood test after 10 days , his liver and kidney funtion were clear , he has small seizure on this dose then they highered it up to 30 mg then went back for antother blood test , but said still to high , all blood on liver and kidney were fine, he had another test done the dose was raised to 40mg, he seem fine other that a bad infection from the eye and nose so was really stress him out cus couldnt breath proper , he been on norvac antibiotics over this treatment time