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Avatar f tn I didn't think much of it because I've been getting headaches a lot over the past few weeks. But my headache got worse. I then felt a small lump under my left eyelid to the upper right. It feels like a very small ball, and it feels like I can move it around a little bit. I freaked out, of course, because "lumps" and "headaches" don't go so well together, health-wise. I tried to look at it in the mirror but I couldn't see it.
Avatar f tn my 3 years old kid is having a very tiny lump on the upper eyelid. unless you see it very nearly we cant find it. i dont know whether it is a stye or chalazion. it started suddenly after she got up form sleep. we thought that it may be an insect sting. the lump is there since 4 months. it is neither increasing nor decreasing. when i showed her to ophthal MD doc he said that she needs surgery. the lump is very small. without surgery are there no ointments or antibiotics for treatment?
Avatar n tn They weren't painful or red (although they can be), just small, hard, round lumps in my upper eyelid. In the early stages, a chalazion can be treated at home with the use of warm compresses for about 15 minutes followed by several minutes of light lid massage. If this doesn't reduce the size of the chalazion, a trip to th doctor may be necessary for draining, a fairly simple procedure.
Avatar n tn It went untreated then I got a bump on my upper eyelid and then a larger bump along my lower eye lid if I pull it down their is a head on it.. I figured those two are styes started using erythomiacin jell in the eye not helping, and just yesterday started hot pack to the eye for 5 minutes a few times a day..
Avatar n tn Hello. I have a small lump on the inside of my bottom eyelid on inside corner. I first noticed it in July. It is not noticible on me. I can feel it if I press on it with a finger and some times when I am very tired. When I peel the eyelid back, the lump can be seen and it is white. It really has not seemed to change in its size. Please let me know if this is something that may be life threatening. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn though if you didn't know me you would probably not notice, except that I have recently been experiencing mild yet very noticeable upper eyelid edema, which may be completely unrelated. My TSH is normal: 1.17).
Avatar n tn i too have had a small pea sized lump on my ear at the back, just near to the crease. (if you put your finger just behind the lobe and rest it in the soft part, it is just above there) it is tender to touch and has been there for nearly 3 months. i dont think it has changed in size and it isnt a different colour so you wouldnt see it there until you feel it. i have not had the chance to go and see the doctor mainly because im not that worried about it but im curious to know what it could be.
Avatar n tn the weird thing was that she did the same thing to a proper pimple and the same whitish brownish lump came out, oh btw what the lump seemed to be was the hard thing under the pimple.An way that was my input into this annoying epidemic. i also noticed that there was a brown line across my thumb nail as well as the pimpley things on my chest and under my armpits for about a month now. What i really want to ask is I'm fourteen years old should i do something about it?
Avatar n tn The pain began 2 years ago at which time I had an ultrasound and an upper GI done. Both of which returned little if no information as the upper GI showed mild gastritis and a small amount of fat in the pancreas which the doctor was not concerned about. I took some Prevacid for a while and it went away but has recently returned over the past 4 months.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar n tn I get dry, red, and itchy under my left eye with some swelling on the eyelid. A couple of days ago I woke up with a "welt" looking thing under my eye which was a new treat. I managed to figure out one thing that I know was causing the problem when it first started which was found in the indoor tanning cream I was using and is called "dihydroxyacetone".
Avatar n tn So interesting! I've had the same pain for a year. Upper left, just under ribs, around side, back, etc. Used to have trouble sleeping on my left side but that has imrpoved. I think stress plays a big part in this malady. Had a *very* intense case of chicken pox about 4 years ago (at age 42) and wonder if shingles could be a possibliity. I still have strange nerve sensations on my eyelid and nose in the same spots where I had the chicken pox.
Avatar n tn I found a small lump on my upper eye lid about 6 months ago. It is under my skin and is only visible if I point it out to someone or get them to feel it. In that same eye my lower eye lid has a red line on the inside of the eye lid and a small raising of the skin where the inner eyelid meets the outer one. A couple of days ago I felt on my other eye lid another small lump this time on my lower eye lid( different eye).
Avatar m tn I acquired irregular corneal astigmatism of -0.75 after ptosis repair & double eyelid surgery. Actually I reversed the surgery by removing all the sutures inside my eye after 5 days post-op, but still tight new double eyelid remains in my eye , and also there are thick long scar tissues across my eyelid. (I can feel thick long lump inside my eyelid under&near incision area) (It's 5.
Avatar m tn So basically, there's this small bump on my eyeBALL(at least I'm pretty sure it's on my eyeball, not eyelid), and does anyone know what's happening? I think I might be overreacting, but I feel like I'm in denial that anything could be wrong, so unless it's still there a week from now, or I start feeling pain or something, I won't say anything to my parents. Please help me!! Thank you for any help!!
Avatar f tn small cluster of 3 just above my lip, a small cluster below my bottom left eyelid and 2 on my upper right eyelid. I have been putting Canesten on them, some days the spots will fade in colour that it’s not visable but then a few days later come back red. Some are red raised lumps like when you burst a spot and have a red lump for a day or 2 and others look like tiny pin head spots but not burstable.
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Avatar n tn Hello, I just recently had my chalazion surgery done on April 6, 2009 on my left eye for both the upper and lower lid. The upper lid no longer has a lump but it looks drasticaly different form the other eye and it is also discoloured (dark/blackish) Am I doomed to look this way for life? Also, the bottom lid's lump is still there and it has only decreases from it's original size but about 25%. It is actually right in my tear duct area.
Avatar n tn As I type my right eye (the lazy crap one) is intensely irritating me. It constantly feels as though there is an object/lump under one or both eyelids. This started 4 days ago after a long hard day at college (IT student). Although I use computers everyday of the week for at least 4-6 hours (on average) and my eyes get pretty run down I never experienced problems that last as long as this.
Avatar n tn (he said it was possibly cancer) Two weeks after sex with him, I began having night sweats. Then I got a white lump under my eyelid. My vision became blurry. I had itching, swelling armpits. My back and upper arms began tingling. A week later, I got sick with what seemed like a cold, but with very sore throat, runny nose, and swollen lymphnodes. (no cough,no fever) I still have blurred vision and tingling.
Avatar m tn I also noticed a small lump at the back of my head close to my ear a few days ago. It feels kind of bony. On my lip is also one very very small growth which has been there since I was a kid. I guess I'm beginning to take note of these things now based on my symptoms. Also in the last one year, I don't eat breakfast but drink up a bottle of water between 8am and 12noon when I go for lunch and then I eat dinner kind of late around 9pm-10:30pm while bedtime is from 10:30pm.
Avatar m tn My symptoms started with swallowing issues (liquid in windpipe, small particles of food stuck in throat, occasional tired feeling of throat muscles below adam's apple) and very cold hands and feet. Within months I developed other symptoms: muscle twitching of thumb/index finger, lower leg, and eyelid; foot muscle spasms; and action tremors that worsen as the day progresses. Most of the time, these symptoms occur on the left side of my body - sometimes on the right.
Avatar n tn fingers with some still unknown, sometimes visible sometime not lump under skin around his chest. We've been seing doctors regularly mainly for Dermatologist. After 3 and half years, he start complaining for irregular pain around his wrist as lump as big as a peanut started appear. The dermatologist refer us to surgery department and for the first time we do MRI. From the MRI, the radiologist suspected it was an AVM.
Avatar n tn I've regained some feeling in places that there wasn't before but an area under my eye right side of my nose to upper lip are still efected. I can feel very little feelin. He said some nerve in my cheek was broken or something and that it takes time to recover.He said every week a little bit heals which is why it takes so much time. The most important thing is that he said i should get full feelin in a month or two. I'm scheduled to follow up with him in about 8 weeks!
Avatar f tn Normally the breast nipples have small bumps on them but if they are enlarged they could be Montgomery tubercules which are seen in early pregnancy. Have you checked yourself yet for pregnancy? The lump under your breast you should get checked out. It may all be hormonal. I am not sure here. The eye sounds like sun damage. We all get it but I think the brown area is the sun causes this and it is not harmful. Is the bump on the eyelid very sore? It may be a stye.
Avatar n tn Red burning skin around my eyes. At times, eyelid and upper eye area swelling. Sometimes just very dark red skin around my eyes. I have gone to 2 internal med specialists, 2 opthamolagists and 1 dermatolagist. Been treated for blepharitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and allergies. Whenever I start another treatment I have a short period of relief. It always comes back...longest time without symptoms 10 days. Like eveyone else, I have thrown all makeup, lotions, and soaps away.
Avatar n tn The bit in the corner of the left eye got better or in fact it all moved to the crease of my upper eyelid between the eyelid and the eyebrow, on both eyelids and there it stayed for the next few weeks. All the time I was applying the aloe vera gelly and some aloe vera gelly and propolis creme. It stung a lot when I applied it but I thought that must mean it's doing some good.
Avatar f tn A couple of days after this problem started I also noticed I had developed a small raised bump under my left armpit that looked like it was from under the skin. No difference in colour compared to my skin. I ended up seeing a different doctor (this was a week ago) and he diagnosed it as folliculitis. He also noticed the itchy skin and said it seemed to be eczema but he couldn’t do much for it. He prescribed me Keflex and I have now finished the course, although I didn’t notice much effect.
Avatar f tn I have headaches all the time, chronic fatigue, Cranial Pressure, Depression and recently I started getting tiny red bumps under my eyes after a bad night of headache and fatigue that in the morning leave very small dried blood specs where the bumps were. My best guess in something like (spirochete Borrelia) Lyme disease or possibly some strain of Herpes Simplex. I am tired and would certainly like to know what this is.