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Avatar f tn hello, ive got a ride sided lower quadrant stomach lump that blows up before a bowel movement and then completely disappears when i go. it is most predominant when i need toilet. i had blood tests incl. CA 125 and full blood count etc and all came back normal. i have no other symptoms. im due a scan on wednesday but i am terrified as i also suffer from very bad health anxieties. anybody kindly have any ideas please, desperate?
Avatar n tn if it does i would suggest its a hernia, if it doesnt' then its probably not, i have only had experience with ingrunal hernia's in your groin, you can get hernias in 5 spots i believe 2 sides of your groin (mostly in men), in your belly button (women mostly from child birth, or children born with them, however they are not uncommon in men) you can get them in your upper leg, and another spot on your tummy too....
Avatar m tn I am now 3 months post-partum and experiencing this weird pressure in my upper chest. Like a fullness, or that my stomach is too high in my chest (if that makes any sense!). If I wasn't really focussing on it, I'd say it feels like my breathing was not right too. But when I burp, I have acid or if I bend over sometimes I have acid taste in my mouth. Was wondering if meds (breastfeeding compatible) would make this sensation go away. It is making me quite anxious. 1.
Avatar n tn I just had a CT scan and a mass the size of a lemon was found in the upper stomach area. I original went to the gynocologist for my check up and I reported feeling a pulsating in the stomach area along with a feeling like a baby was kicking, I can sometimes feel a lump. I am a small frame woman weight 109 height 5'3. I had a ultrasound which showed something so I had a CT scan they found gallstones, and the mass. I am waiting to see a surgeon.
Avatar n tn Food upsets his stomach some and he feels pain in his upper stomach every once in a while. He pressed everywhere on his stomach area an it doesn't hurt. He said that when he has a bowel movement it burns and his stool is very light colored almost white. I told him that he should try to go to an urgent care, but haven't heard back from him. Does anyone know what could be wrong and should he go to the doctor right away or wait until he gets home (on thursday night)?
3198661 tn?1345247493 It went away for a few days then came back with a vengence! Massive lump in my throat, burning, some pressure and pain in my upper tummy which made me feel very anxious. They gave me Carafate, told me i had esphogal spasms and GERD(which i already knew) and sent me home. The Carafate worked wonders...but you know what else worked wonders? My klonapin for my anxiety. But i also can't get the heartburn to stay down...I've never had the camera down my throat..
Avatar f tn and now I'm feeling pain in my upper stomach...right under and in between the rib....and a feeling like something is stuck in my throat....I can swallow and eat okay...but the feeling is there all the time....
Avatar f tn For the past couple of months I've noticed a lump in my center upper abdomen that bulges out when I lay down or recline. It sometimes rises up and bulges out of my skin for a few seconds, then drops back down. It is not painful, even when I press on it. Today I noticed that when I lay down and press on the area, I can slightly feel it even when it isn't bulging. I've had problems with nausea the past couple of months as well.
Avatar m tn For the last two months, I've had a hard lump along the upper hairline, that is about the size of a golf ball. Originally I thought nothing of it, thought it was just some fatty tissue or something as a result of scarring from c-section/tummy tuck, but those were both 8+ years ago. Now it's becoming a little bothersome when pressing on it and possibly with intercourse.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what it could be but a couple of months ago i noticed a lump in the center of my ribs. About 2 inchs above my navel.It is about the size of a racket ball and hard. I have no soreness but i have been feeling faint and bruising very easy. My bowels are sometimes dark tar like bowels. If anyone has experienced this please tell. I don't feel it is a hiatal hernia but i'm not sure.
Avatar n tn Male, age 40. 5'10", 190lbs. No past surgery or serious illness. Symptoms began 3 months ago. Bowel movement mixed color (brown mixed with unusually light brown/tan). Sense of pressure under middle of ribs, mild nausea no vomiting. Fatigue/Flu-like feeling, no fever. Pain persists for 2-3 weeks. BM's continue to be light in color, mucousy, strange shape, texture. Fatigue/Flu-like feeling retreats. Pain moves to mostly right side radiating to back.
Avatar f tn I burp a lot and a lot of the burps have a nasty taste to them. I feel like I have a lump in my throat. It's not so bad that I can't swallow but it makes me feel a bit nauseous. Sometimes after I eat I get a lot of pressure through my chest up to my throat. Like I have a lot of gas stuck in it and it makes the lump feel a lot worse. There are days when I can barely eat a thing because I feel so bad.
529862 tn?1216611270 The one lump (and I mean the size of volley ball) on the left hurts real bad sometimes. When I push in on it in a certain spot it somewhat relieves the pressure and pain and I actually breath better. It's worse after eating. Today it's so bad it's pulling down it seems, and my ribs are sore and annoyingly tender, like if someone were to touch me I would be ticked off at them and the left side of my back hurts too!. now I have been freezing , but i have no fever, and I don't feel ill.
Avatar n tn On Saturday, 1/23 I was eating Chinese food and got choked on a small piece of chicken. While trying to clear my throat food came back up into my throat. For the last 4 days I have felt like I have a "lump in my throat" accompanied by minor upper chest pain. Whenever I swallow it is really an annoying feeling, but it is there all the time.
Avatar n tn Starting on Thursday I noticed a red lump on my upper right, above the penis, below the stomach. it's gotten slightly larger, and today had a little black spot on it as well. it almost looks and feels like a large zit. it's somewhat painful, but mostly from irriation I think rubbing against my leg and clothes. any advice??
1792792 tn?1315359324 First of all, I am a 16 year old female with no serious medical conditions (besides childhood asthma and multiple ear infections but it's been years since that), average weight and all in all, pretty healthy. For the past, hmm, year and a half now, I've been feeling like there is a giant lump in my throat. It gets worse when I drink milk or have dairy products (i.e. yogurt) and at night.
Avatar m tn For the past year I've been getting on and off stitch like pain in my upper abdominal area...and just below/under my right rib cage near the stomach...also tends to move around to the right. The pain is worse when I'm sitting and sometime when I'm lying on my side. It's now starting to come on when I walk. There also appears to be a lump on the edge of the rib cage...which when pressed is very tender. Whenever I went to the doctor, she was unable to find the lump...very annoying.
Avatar f tn Wow I have this same problem I keep getting cysts on my ovaries arm and now i feel them in my stomach its like a joke 1 hysterectomy 3 laproscopics to remove ovarian cyst and now i am scheduled for another laproscopic to remove 3 cyts and an ovary.
Avatar f tn I have NO pain, only pressure and sometimes feeling that I cant take a full breath/lump in my throat. like I may have a restriction on my bronchi or something, but no cough and no mucus/fluid. I'm just wondering now, what could it be? Would the ECG/Xray/CT scan AND ultrasound have missed ANYTHING that would involve my lung/heart systems? Would they have scanned my lungs, and not my heart? Any ideas on what the issue is? Maybe picked something up in Nicaragua?
Avatar m tn A few days ago i was getting out of a chair and as I stood up, I felt something kind of bulge out of my right upper groin area. I've had this happen a few times in the last 6 months, but it has always felt like it popped right back in a few seconds later, but this time it stayed out. It didn't really hurt when it happened, it just felt like an uncomfortable pressure in my groin.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if you think this is a bowel thing or a stomach thing. I am aware that it looks like an air pocket, but keep in mind that this lump has been there for 11 months and I have not been constipated or have been "backed up" for 11 months. Why whatever it is, would it be there for so long. And why is the lump getting bigger? It is hard to touch and does not feel like air or fluid.
Avatar n tn Has anyone have a bruised feeling in their upper stomach near the esphagus. Every so often I get this bruised sore feeling, sometimes a pinching feeling. Then is disappears.. I do have acid reflux and take prilosec 2x a day, I also have to have my esphagus stretched . Maybe this is what it is. But it scares me so much.
Avatar f tn Hi I gave birth to my daughter in Nov 2006 and when she was a few months old i noticed a lump in my upper stomach just under my ribs on the right. I of course went to the Dr who did an ultrasound and then a CT scan to check it out. However both times they came up with nothing. They can feel the lump but it doesnt show up on the scans. My liver was fine both times as that was my main concern. They came to the conclusion that it was muscular caused by pregnancy or childbirth.