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Avatar n tn I have noticed that there is a small lump in the area of my pubic area, hard to the touch but not painful. I thought that it may have come from age. 50 yr old male...thought it might have been a hair gone wild but after about a week of feeling it thats not it...
Avatar n tn I have found a small pea sized lump under the skin in my pubic region about 1cm above my penis. I does not hurt, there is no discomfort and there is no skin discolor but I am quite worried about it. It feels like an ingrown hair but it feels like it is a few millimeters deeper then the surface.
Avatar n tn I have a hard, pea sized lump under the skin in my pubic area (less than 1/2 inch above clitoris and slightly to the left). It's not visible at all and can only be felt by touch - I first noticed it about 1 1/2 months ago. Went to my obgyn and she quickly told me it seems like an ingrown hair and I should put warm compresses on it. She even said it looked like a white head was coming up. Well, the compresses didn't work.
Avatar m tn Around a month and a half ago I noticed two small lumps under my pubic hair about an inch above my penis. At first I thought they were just spots but after trying to squeeze them they became irritated and inflamed, so I left them. Since then the swelling has gone down and one has almost completely faded, but there is still a slightly red raised bit where the other one was, around 3-5mm across and flat.
Avatar n tn About 3 years ago i developed a very small hard lump in my public hair area, i assumed it was an ingrowing hair but it never went away. When i used to get waxed the lady said she thought it was a small blind boil probably caused by an ingrowing hair. Later developed another one just below it. Because of this i stopped shaving and waxing to prevent the problem. I havent had one for years the same two have remained, not causing any problems, not getting bigger or smaller, itchy or anything.
Avatar n tn I have had a lump of skin under the flap of my vagina too but its not like a boil or something you can burst, just a lump of skin, what is it??
Avatar f tn I usually just clean it with alchol and it burst on its own. I also noticed at times i'll get a lump on my bikini line. Its under the skin. Its not discolored or anything or red. If i mess with it like squeeze it or something it may hurt. Its not getting bigger it actually gets small at times when ever i do have it. I put alchol on it as well. Sometimes it will come to a head and sometimes not. It'll just go away on its own. Could this be from shaving or something more serious?
Avatar n tn Hi there, i'm new to this site/forum and i'm starting to worry about a problem i've come across. I've had a slight lump/bump in the area of my pubic hair, about 1cm away from the base of my penis and it is like the size of a pea cut in half. it seems to be growing underneath the skin and it does feel slightly sore when i touch it. if i press down harder on it it hurts more and does slightly go red.
Avatar m tn Then it got bigger then so on. It looks like a lump under the skin and it is hard. I think it is an ingrown hair and if it is, how do I get rid of it?
Avatar m tn I can't believe this, I jut found a really big and hard lump under my pubic hair! It is not red, you can't see a bump from the outside and it doesn't really hurt. I don't think it moves around either. It just sits under my skin and is so big (1.5cm probably), it is really scaring me. Too big to be just an ingrown hair. It's not round, more elongated. I'm scared this is cancer. Can anyone help, please?
Avatar m tn I have a small-mediumish size lump right above and to the left of my penis in the pubic hair region under the skin. I've had it for 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to be growing and it's painless, should I be concerned, what could it it be? I'm only 20 years old.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I knowticed a small red bump that resembled a inflamed hair follicle, but did not see any stray hair under the skin. The spot was in the pubic region towards the top of the pubic hair line. Playing around with it seemed to irrate it and soon a large cyst like bump formed UNDER the skin. I could feel it best using two fingers and could roll it around between my fingers. The bump was soft and fairly tender to touch.
Avatar n tn I have only been intimate with my boyfriend of 3 years and he does not seem to mind my problem and does not understand my embarrassment. I have small breasts and with a protruding pubic bone I feel like less of a woman. I hate shopping and finding clothes because of this. I really don't know what to do to make myself feel better about this issue. I don't think liposuction would be a solution. There is a little bit of fatty tissue, but even when I stretch the skin taunt my bone still protrudes.
Avatar n tn It may caused by blocked sebaceous glands, swollen hair follicles, or trauma to the skin and it mainly occurs in the area like scalp, face, ears, and genitals. It presents as painless small lumps or bumps which arises under the skin associated with redness and tenderness and increased temperature of the skin in the affected area. If it does get infected then it can become painful. Sometimes, a grayish white, cheesy, foul smelling material may discharge from the bump or lump.
Avatar f tn The follicle could be blocked and will form a small lump until the hair finally manages to brake through the skin. Hairs don't all grow at the same rate. if the lump gets quite big it could become painfull. If it's bothering u you could try giving it a gental squeeze after a hot bath or shower or just wait for the hair to brake through.
Avatar f tn It hurts when I press hard and I can notice 3-4 individual lumps under the swelling. There is a similar lump on the other side of my pubic area but it is much much smaller (I wouldn't have noticed it if not for the one on the other side) I have had a primordial abscess just at the top of my crack of my behind at the beginning of summer. I'm not sure if these are related but the abscess was not painful at first and got much worse quickly).
Avatar m tn I am a sexually active 19 year old, and two weeks ago i noticed an itchy red lump right in the hair above my penis. About a week ago it stopped itching and after shaving the hair off from above it there is brown scar-like tissue and a small bump beneath the skin.
Avatar n tn I thought that is what the lump was. The lump is solid and not painful. It is under the skin. There is no discharge or pain. What could this be? Does it sound like gential warts?
Avatar m tn They may occur anywhere on body but scalp, ears, back, face, and upper arm, are common sites for sebaceous cysts. They can also be found on the hair rich pubic area. Blocked sebaceous glands, swollen hair follicles and excessive testosterone production will cause such cysts and excessive sweating can be one of the reasons for such a cyst.
Avatar n tn Four days ago I found a small lump (half the size of a pea) growing near my vagina, where my public hair is. It feels hard to touch, and there's no pain when I press on it. I'm not in a sexual relationship, and haven't been for a few months. I have no other symptoms, but am terrified this could be a sign of cancer. I realize I'm probably over reacting, but after spending ages browsing the web, this seems to be the only place that I could get an answer.
Avatar n tn I woke up this morning and I had a small cluster of bumps near the top of my pubic area, in the hair there. They are really itchy sometimes and I tried to pop them but no pus or anything came out. Can someone please tell me what I have?! If I makes any difference, I do masturbate so could it be from the friction?! Oh please help!
Avatar n tn I found this site tonight while searching for information on what you all are talking about. I actually found this particular site by reading posts from last summer about this very topic. I too have these "lumps" on my inner thighs. The only thing that concerns me is that I have more than what it seems others have. At some points in time both my thighs look black and bruised. The first time my fiance saw them he freaked out.
Avatar n tn I too woke up yesterday morning and felt like i was bruised down south, today i notice a small lump under the skin on the right side of my inner lip. I really think it is a cyst . I don't have any insurance right now so i can not afford to go to the doctor. It is really red down there. What signs do i need to look for to know if it is infected? I don't have any unbearable pain of anything but like i said above it just feels like i have a big bruise there or something.
Avatar m tn Now, this morning I pulled out a hair from underneath the skin of the reddened area with my fingernails (I know, really stupid thing to do) and aside from a little bit of bleeding, there was a very small amount of clear liquid that came with the hair. There was no pus or yellow fluid that came out with it. I got a blood test a year ago that tested positive for HSV-1, and I have had one cold sore on my mouth since then, and it was nothing like what I have on my pubic area.
Avatar n tn However, if you squeeze the penis with two fingers placed on opposite sides of the penis, sort of on the left/top side when looking down, about halfway along the shaft, you can feel the small pea sized lump. I would say that it is about 1/2 the size of a pea. It is in the shaft and does not move with the skin of the penis. No pain, but if I keep messing with it over and over to examine it, my urethra gets irritated. When erect, you cannot feel the lum at all since the shaft is hard.
Avatar n tn I shave my pubic area. I did develop a bump on my bikini line a few months ago. It was not painful and has some flaking skin around it. I used an ointment for ingrown hair. It took away the flaky skin. The bump is still there, about the size of a pencil eraser, but it is hard to feel unless you push in on the skin.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem only it is recurring. I get them either in my pubic hair region or on my underarms. It seems like i get at least 4-6 a year. I am a 21 year old male, and all my sexual partners have been clean, if that helps. Someone please help me they are very painful, popping them hurts really bad and leaving them hurts really bad.
Avatar n tn I hate doctors, but it's getting to the point to where im about to say screw it and just go. It's a small lump under the skin, i can take my index fingure and middle fingure and move it. It's about the shape of a pea, maybe alittle bigger. I've googled it, and theres such thing as a absest? Im not insured and I really don't want to pay a furtune to go to the doctor...
Avatar n tn The same hormones are responsible for giving pubic and underarm hair their extra pigment, it's also why they are curly even if your other hair is not. Honestly, I don't think you should resort to bleach or whatever those creams are, the active ingredient causes cancer. It's not worth it, guys don't care/notice anyway. If they are naked with you and are busy staring at some slightly darker skin, they have bigger problems! Find a guy who isn't a waste of time, at least that's free.