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Avatar f tn I had some conjunctivitis eye cream ( I know you're not supposed to use human ointments) but because it was outside the eye I put it on the large lump on the eyelid and after a week it has gone! As you have suggested I will get the small lump removed when I go to the vet in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for your informative reply.
Avatar f tn my 3 years old kid is having a very tiny lump on the upper eyelid. unless you see it very nearly we cant find it. i dont know whether it is a stye or chalazion. it started suddenly after she got up form sleep. we thought that it may be an insect sting. the lump is there since 4 months. it is neither increasing nor decreasing. when i showed her to ophthal MD doc he said that she needs surgery. the lump is very small. without surgery are there no ointments or antibiotics for treatment?
Avatar f tn There is no visible/distinct LUMP that I can see, but I'm starting to wonder if I have a stye UNDER my eye...on my inner eyelid. When I blink, it hurts/is uncomfortable, and although the entiere eyelid appears swollen, it is MORE swollen (significantly) in the upper right corner, and that is also where it hurts the most "to the touch".
Avatar n tn Hello, my problem is a lump in the eyelid. I saw it this morning, when I wake up. It was all fine yesterday, so I guess something happen on the night. It doesn't hurt, but I feel small pressure on my eye. here is link to picture:
Avatar n tn I have white pimple like eruption on my lower eyelid. It is painless, but it seems to be increasing in size. I called to make an appointment with a doctor and must wait for 3 weeks. Does anyone have thoughts on what this could be. I suspected it was a stye, but with no pain or tenderness I am left to wonder. Thanks for any thoughts.
Avatar f tn I had a lump on my upper eyelid which has been there for at least 2 month. I now have 2 more small lumps. It is not painful or irritating...but looks bad and is causing me embarrasment.
Avatar f tn And now, after a month, although the itchiness on my right eye has greatly subsided, my left upper-eyelid still remains itchy, with a lump in the corner of the eyelid. The lump is not red, not noticeable unless when touched, not flaky, but still very itchy. My eye would not get watery unless I rub it too. The lump is on the corner or my upper eyelid, towards the nose bridge.
Avatar m tn I've a hard white lump in the corner of my eye, it's on the upper eyelid. I've had it for over 6 months and it doesn't seem to be going away. It doesn't hurt or itch. I want to know if I should get it checked out or whether I should continue to wait and see if it will clear up on its own.
Avatar f tn I didn't think much of it because I've been getting headaches a lot over the past few weeks. But my headache got worse. I then felt a small lump under my left eyelid to the upper right. It feels like a very small ball, and it feels like I can move it around a little bit. I freaked out, of course, because "lumps" and "headaches" don't go so well together, health-wise. I tried to look at it in the mirror but I couldn't see it.
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be a condition called Chalazion though this is rarely seen in the bottom eyelid, it is more common in the upper one. A chalazion is a lump in the eyelid that is caused by inflammation of a gland within the skin. A chalazion is caused by the oil in the gland becoming too thick to flow out of the gland. This oil that is too thick blocks up the gland, leading to the formation of a lump. A chalazion appears as a localized hard lump.
Avatar m tn I have pus coming out of a meibomian gland opening and a bit of the tarsal conjunctiva in my upper eyelid near the nasal side for almost a week now. I guess it must be an infection but I also have a chalazion-like lump at the same site of the infection.
Avatar n tn I have a white looking bump on the inside of my upper eye lid. It is painful when I blink and when I rub my eye. My eye also seems to be emitting more fluid lately. It is just irritated. Any ideas of what it could be? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello. I have a small lump on the inside of my bottom eyelid on inside corner. I first noticed it in July. It is not noticible on me. I can feel it if I press on it with a finger and some times when I am very tired. When I peel the eyelid back, the lump can be seen and it is white. It really has not seemed to change in its size. Please let me know if this is something that may be life threatening. Thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn After 2 weeks, i had Conjunctivitis again (Viral) which formed a new lump on my eyelid. I have now become really worried, but my Opthalmologist said not to as he doesnt see anything systemic causing it (after examining my eye many times). But after a week of clearing me, i started to have inflamed eyelid and some discharge, so I tried to see a different doctor and he said i have mebomianitis AND blepharitis.
Avatar f tn it alarmed me because one of the early signs are a swelling on the upper eyelids and i spent a whole day with a swollen upper eyelid. i'm pretty worried and so is my boyfriend. could it be mono?
2082010 tn?1332208038 Hello, The painless lump on the right side of back can be a cyst or a small benign tumor and the painless lump on the eyelid can be a small chalazion. A chalazion is a cyst in the eyelid that is caused by inflammation of a blocked meibomian gland, usually on the upper eyelid. Chalazions differ from styes in that they are usually painless apart from the tenderness caused when they swell up, and in size (chalazia tend to be larger than styes).
Avatar n tn It's not focused around the edge of the eyelid near the lashes, it's way back there. If I touch the outside of my upper eyelid I can feel the lump(s) as opposed to my other eye, which has none. I'm not bold enough to turn my lid inside out, but I can see it when I lift it. I'm also a contact lens wearer, which obviously puts me at risk for a battery of eye problems, but I wonder if it has anything to do with it.
Avatar m tn • Once you have a 2% h2o2 solution, take a Q tip or an ear bud with cotton wrapped at end and dissolve this in h2o2 (2%) solution. Rinse/Press this Q Tip on SEED AREA on eyelid and press it in such a way on eyelid that H2O2 gets absorbed through skin around SEED and area that is swelled. This is same as washing the eyelid with H2o2 solution making sure h2o2 is being absorbed through skin to REACH PATHOGEN. You would notice that PATHOGEN in seed is destroyed and you feel relief.
Avatar n tn Last night i thought i had something in my eye but when i looked i couldnt see anything. I could still feel it scratching so i looked under my upper eyelid and i have a long yellowish lump which is in the same area that would touch my contacts when i wear them and same size.I checked other eye i had one on that side too but not quite as long, and i dont feel anything scratching on that side. My eyes feel really achey and dry and ive not wore my contacts today to give them a brake.
Avatar m tn The 4 old ones are getting better without any medicines, but 2 more are observed on the groin area, one on lower cheek and one on the same eye but upper side. Pls advise about the diesease and what will be the remedies for the same. Thank You in Advance.
Avatar n tn My mothers eyelid has swollen with a small soft lump since last 4-5 years. she is diabetic and has blood prassure. The swelling is increasing (however it is not cancer). It is in the inner part of the eyelid starting from near the nose and spreading to the other side of the eyelid with some parts of the eyebrow also swollen along the top of the lid.
Avatar n tn though if you didn't know me you would probably not notice, except that I have recently been experiencing mild yet very noticeable upper eyelid edema, which may be completely unrelated. My TSH is normal: 1.17).
Avatar n tn While massage my left skull, I have noticed the lump located exactly on the left-side on the bone above my left-ear, as I pressed on it, the area seemed to trigger a point that made my migrane even painful, then noticed that it travels to my left eye and beleive it or not even my left sinus area. Ready to call the hospital for an appointment... Any suggestions on what to do in the meantime or anyone would know what this could be?
Avatar n tn i have in the past had a bump appear, only to shrink and harden and eventualy i will forget about it, i had one on my upper eyelid. back to the ear bump, physicaly i feel fine, the bump feels a little warm when i mess with it. i have recently used a foaming earwax remover, i dont know if that matters.
Avatar f tn when she was 6mths she had the bump on her upper eyelid. I asked the pedi and he at first thought it was a sty and it wasn't going away so I took her to a different pedi for a second opinion and they said it was an enlarged blood vessel. Finally when she was one I took her to a dermatologist and he also said it is an enlarged blood vessel, or so they think and just to check in every six months to monitor it.
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