Lump under lower eyelid

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1063764 tn?1272821064 The lump is not on the lower eyelid but below it like near the cheek bone. I can't see it unless I move the skin and when I do that it hurts.
Avatar f tn finally at two years old it seems to be going away in her left eye but it is still red in the lower eyelid with a smaller lump.,but now it is starting all over again in her right lower eyelid. she is taking amoxicillin again for this. I've been told many things by on what it could be from skin infections to tear duct problems. I have asked and demand a refferal to a ped optologist but it will take months and we may lose our health insuarance.
Avatar f tn Yesterday when he got up my husband's eye was really swollen underneath,like he had a black eye,and his actual eye was really painful, the evening before he'd said his eye was really hurting, like it was bruised, then yesterday the swelling came up.
Avatar m tn I never noticed them but the one in the upper eyelid has like a circular thing in the eyelid above the lump with a hole (still talking about the upper eyelid), its putting a little bit of pressure and will it go away over night?
Avatar n tn If your pink eye (conjunctivitis) is improving then I don't think you need worry now. A membranous conjunctivitis is a severe problem and the membranes are huge and yellow-white sheets along the upper and lower membrane. You could be seeing a white collection of oil like material called a concretion that frequently form along the back surface of the upper and lower eyelid. They usually have a smooth coat over them and don't hurt or cause problems.
Avatar n tn For the past several months (that I am aware of) I have had a small whitish/yellow lump inside my lower eyelid that extends to the rim, where it looks like an indentation. it's very small and mainly noticeable when i pull my eyelid away from my eye, though I can see the indentation on the rim. Could it be a sebaceous cyst - i know it's not a stye or a chalazion?
Avatar n tn It was originally like the little red area in the corner of his eye was a little swollen, now it seems to be growing nearly across his lower eyelid. Is that a stye? If not, what could it be?
Avatar n tn well, dosent chalazion mean a lump in the eyelid. if it does, his eye is not affected at all its a soft lump below the eyelid just below the eyes.
Avatar f tn t look like it affects the lower eyelid at all. (I mean, the soft tissue in the space on the face under the eye is considered lower than the actual eyelid, right?) Also, just FYI, I don't feel or experience anything from the twitching; I just notice it when looking in the mirror. It makes me self-conscious, but I also wonder whether my symptom still fits the description of typical eye/eyelid twitching.
Avatar n tn I've noticed a small lump on the corner of my right looks like a small round bruise but when i run my fingers over it its actually a small round lump. what could that be? Should i be worried. I havent' gone in to have it looked at.
Avatar n tn . Well, last Wednesday i woke up to a pain my eye as if i got punched in my come Friday my lower left eyelid was swollen, a red lump in the very inner corner of my eyelid. It's now Sunday morning and it still swollen (and the area around my eye it looks as if i have bags under my eyes), i can't tell if its gotten any better or worst. Is it a really bad sty ? or could it possibly be an infection? I dont have any discharge, its just really bothersome and sore.
Avatar n tn Today I noticed what appeared to be a large, discolored lump on the lower shaft of my penis. I squeezed the lump, and zit-like pus came out. I am also going through one of my HSV1 breakouts around my eyelid. Could I have transferred HSV1 from my eyelid to my penis if I squeezed the "penis zit"? I have never had sex before; I inherited HSV1.
Avatar n tn That went away. Then she got another bump under her OTHER upper eyelid, then lower, then the other eyelid and back again. This has gone on for 2 months. The doc said styes don't usually spread from one eye to another. He prescribed eye drops and her eyes were fine for a week or so, but now she has another one. Is something going on besides styes or chelazia (I looked this one up on the web)? Should I be concerned? Should I take her to an eye doc to see what they say?
Avatar n tn There are many possible causes of a white lump under the eyelid. One such possibility is a clogged oil gland which has formed a capusle, known as a chalazion. Only an eye examination will help determine the etiology. Please see an eyeMD to obtain a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn It went untreated then I got a bump on my upper eyelid and then a larger bump along my lower eye lid if I pull it down their is a head on it.. I figured those two are styes started using erythomiacin jell in the eye not helping, and just yesterday started hot pack to the eye for 5 minutes a few times a day..
Avatar n tn I found a small lump on my upper eye lid about 6 months ago. It is under my skin and is only visible if I point it out to someone or get them to feel it. In that same eye my lower eye lid has a red line on the inside of the eye lid and a small raising of the skin where the inner eyelid meets the outer one. A couple of days ago I felt on my other eye lid another small lump this time on my lower eye lid( different eye).
Avatar m tn I have kind of hard lump under my both eyelid, and I'm really concerning about them, also the one on my right eyelid grows more slow, and also they don't hurt at all, I can feel them and as i said they don't hurt, so pleas i really wan to know if there is any solution. because i don't like them on my face, so please tell what the best thing i should do, Thanks a lot for your help.
Avatar f tn Then today when I woke up my lower eyelid was a little red and it started hurting worse when I touch under my eyelid. My question is: could I have hurt the bone or blood vessels under my eye in my eyelid from the buckle?
Avatar f tn i have a problem in a lower eyelid... its fully in back color for both the eyes.. what could be the reason and how to avoid this.... its there from a very long time...
Avatar f tn Two nights ago a bruising feeling started in my lower eyelid of my left eye. Then next morning I woke up and there was swelling. I noticed two tiny black specks in the eye the first day it was swollen, and I carefully removed them without any pain.Since then the swelling has gone down a little bit, but it remains painful. The swollen "lump" is in the inside corner.
Avatar n tn It can become itchy at times but not severly,usually wipe it down and apply more neosporen. Again, this is just under one eyelid. Can anybody help me or explain what this might be? Is it a skin rash causing the inflammation and dryness? could it be some type of std? allergy?
Avatar m tn I recently had a 20mm long laceration to my left lower eyelid sutured, which involved disolvable stitches beneathe the skin and removable stiches above. After 7 days i had the stitches removed and the laceration seemed to be heeling successfully. After a couple of days i began to notice a lump had swelled up beneathe the laceration.
Avatar n tn I have had a bump under my eyebrow for about 3 years now. It has always bothered me and I have been self conscious about it. I went to a doctor but he was unable to do anything about it. I want it gone because it feels like it is weighing down my eyebrow and I feel it affects my appearance. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi, other a month ago I noticed this quite big lump on my eye lid. It wasn't red, sore, or anything like that, so I ruled out it wasn't a stye. Since then it has gone down, but has stayed there ever since. Like I said it dosn't cause me bother, but now I'm starting to panick and I don't know what it is? I have inherited HAS of my mam in the left eye, but I don't think that has anything to do with the lump on my eyelid, on my left eye.
Avatar n tn I've recently noticed a little hard lump under the crease of my top right eyelid feels like the lump is on my eye ball. When I roll my eye around feels like it's moving. It doesn't hurt just tender after I've prodded it all day. I noticed it while rubbing my eye which felt bruised. I've been to see an eye doctor and had all the tests, photo of eye, eye pump thingy and so on.