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Avatar f tn I didn't think much of it because I've been getting headaches a lot over the past few weeks. But my headache got worse. I then felt a small lump under my left eyelid to the upper right. It feels like a very small ball, and it feels like I can move it around a little bit. I freaked out, of course, because "lumps" and "headaches" don't go so well together, health-wise. I tried to look at it in the mirror but I couldn't see it.
Avatar f tn My dog has a little lump on the inner eyelid, that hasn't changed in about 1 year and doesn't seem to affect him at all. But in the last month he has developed a lump on the outer edge of the eyelid that is slowly getting bigger. I have signed him up for pet insurance, but I still have a couple of weeks before I can take him to the vet and make a claim. Can anyone enlighten me on what the lump might be? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I recently had a 20mm long laceration to my left lower eyelid sutured, which involved disolvable stitches beneathe the skin and removable stiches above. After 7 days i had the stitches removed and the laceration seemed to be heeling successfully. After a couple of days i began to notice a lump had swelled up beneathe the laceration.
Avatar n tn It's not focused around the edge of the eyelid near the lashes, it's way back there. If I touch the outside of my upper eyelid I can feel the lump(s) as opposed to my other eye, which has none. I'm not bold enough to turn my lid inside out, but I can see it when I lift it. I'm also a contact lens wearer, which obviously puts me at risk for a battery of eye problems, but I wonder if it has anything to do with it.
Avatar m tn My inability to keep the area clean now caused the infection I described of above. Now I have an infection related bump in the middle of my eyelid and the first bump on the corner of my eye from physical injury. I don't want to consulate a specialist unless I need to.
Avatar n tn i have a small white lump just above my right eyelid that looked like a spot and its been there a while what could this be?
Avatar m tn Strengthen the spleen to supplement qi and promote the discharge of pus. Initially it starts with a lump either on top of eyelid (external stye) or inside of eyelid (Internal stye). You can clearly see that there is a SEED (small lump) where pathogen or virus has taken residence and is causing surroundings to swell and create pus. It is this seed area we must deal with before going in for pus removal or taking care of swelling around eyelid.
Avatar n tn The top one is up under my chin and looks like a man's adam's apple, and then there's two just underneath it, with the bottom most one right above my collar bone. I can feel the entire thyroid, starting at the base of my neck and going all the way up to just under my chin - where incidentally I seem to have developed a double chin out of the blue.
Avatar f tn I regularly have severe headaches on the right side of my head and above my right eye. I found a Ophthalmology/Eye Care Services specializing in Oculoplastics, Thyroid eye disease and Eye cancers. Am I going down the right path? Should I be worried??
Avatar m tn It is not a stye. The lump is away from the eyelid margin and above the affected meibomian gland. I wonder why the pus is coming out just of a single meibomian gland opening. I guess warm compresses may worsen the blockage as on previous occasions.
Avatar n tn my husband notice my lump behind my right ear about, well almost a year ago now and it's growing, size of a marble now, it hurts. when im sleeping on my right side, i have to pull my ear out a little away from my lump behind it, because it hurts a lot when sleeping on it.
Avatar n tn My mothers eyelid has swollen with a small soft lump since last 4-5 years. she is diabetic and has blood prassure. The swelling is increasing (however it is not cancer). It is in the inner part of the eyelid starting from near the nose and spreading to the other side of the eyelid with some parts of the eyebrow also swollen along the top of the lid.
Avatar n tn usually goes away eventually but while I am experiencing the discomfort, I am ready to pull my eye out. I dig things into my eyelid, trying to make it go away. This is a slow means of torture to say the least. This last bout is leading to insanity so I am going to try to get into see an eye specialist again. The last time I saw him he pulled the eyelid back and wasn't able to find anything. The eye was good for almost 1/2 year from that time.
Avatar m tn I also feel like my swallowing is labored. Sometimes like there is a lump I am swallowing hard over. Over the holidays I went home and one morning I woke, took two or three steps and fainted. After a couple moments I woke up very dazed, sweaty and panicked. Similar, actually, to the feeling of near loss of consciousness I had the night of the weed episode. I ended up going to urgent care because I smashed up my hand during the fall and they sent me to the ER because I had lost consciousness.
Avatar f tn Couple of months ago I noticed a lump above my right eyelid in the crease (lacrimal gland). I keep an eye on it and became concerned when it became very visible. It is not infected or tender to the touch. However it is placing pressure on the eyeball and the area is heavy.
Avatar n tn I had starting feeling this vibrations in my pelvis today...just above my right leg. So many people have said exactly what happened to me. I was watering my grass and I actually checked to see if my cell phone was in my pocket! I can only feel it internally and its can't be seen or felt from the the outside. I started getting my heavy PMS symtoms today so I was thinking its related but I've never had it before so I decided to do a search and found this thread.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have always had headaches but lately they have gotten worse and i become very sensitive to light and when i stand i get an awful pressure in my head, underneath my right eyebrow above my eyelid has also started twitching - everyday. I also have a very sore lump on the back of my head - the doctor said it was just inflamed lymphnodes? But it hasnt gone away in two months and i cant think of what infection im trying to fight as otherwise i feel fine.
Avatar m tn I acquired irregular corneal astigmatism of -0.75 after ptosis repair & double eyelid surgery. Actually I reversed the surgery by removing all the sutures inside my eye after 5 days post-op, but still tight new double eyelid remains in my eye , and also there are thick long scar tissues across my eyelid. (I can feel thick long lump inside my eyelid under&near incision area) (It's 5.
Avatar n tn Very glad to have found this thread! My spot is just above the left knee, right where my ankle hits when I cross my legs. I've tried rubbing it, that doesn't work. Also chewed an aspirin, thinking it was a clot. However, I have a brain injury, and am already on Neurontin for nerve pain and to try to prevent migraines.
Avatar m tn My thoughts are that the condition is more brain-related than eye-related, but I won't have the chance to check that with the other posters as someone has thoughtfully deleted my email address above. Hmmm, annoying, especially as the medics treating me could possibly have gleaned some useful info from those guys. So, Mark, Nathan, Frog and Alex - if you see this and want to get in touch, send me a message using the MedHelp's messaging system - click on my username.
Avatar f tn Scoliosis, Bulge Discs, and Arthritis NEUROLOGICAL - Speech slurring for weeks -Tremor in left dominant hand -Burning feet, hips, upper back and neck -Bursts of random pain, face, stomach -Numbness/buzzing in foot, upper shin, both hands and above knee -Weakness in both legs - unable to move -Pressure in head / back of head pain with eye movement and without -Poor balance, dizziness, walking unsteadily on uneven ground -Lightheadedness for 8 months -Twitching lasting for months, thumb upper sh
Avatar f tn One is across from my chin and jawline area. The other one is almost touching the outside of my eyelids to my eyebrows. They do not hurt at all. The chin/jawline one has been there for about 2 yrs and the eyelid/brow one is only about 8-12 months old. I can move a ball around in them. I have tried to pop them, to no avail. People notice them right off the bat and I hate people looking at me because of it. I also have a raised red thing on my nose.
Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms it can be a lipoma or a benign fatty tumor. Treatment includes surgical excision or liposuction. I suggest you to consult a dermatologist and get it evaluated. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, I have recently developed some red spots/lumps on my face, they have appeared in 3 different places.... small cluster of 3 just above my lip, a small cluster below my bottom left eyelid and 2 on my upper right eyelid. I have been putting Canesten on them, some days the spots will fade in colour that it’s not visable but then a few days later come back red.
Avatar n tn i developed a small white lump around the base of the head of my penis, then one developed just above it on the head of my penis. The lumps are small and white. Also a red rash appears around the head of my penis after sex. The lumps are painless and don't grow or fade. i went to the GUM clinic and was tested for all STD's and i was clear, however the problem is still there. any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 48 years old and have had a twitch in my lower left eyelid for about 3 months. This can be 24 hours a day for many days at a time and then it becomes intermittent. In the last few days, my upper right eyelid has started fluttering intermittently as well. I have been on Topamax (100mg) per day for migraines since 2009, so I doubt whether this has suddenly become the cause. I am not stressed, but I do drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day. Can eyelid twitching go on this long?
Avatar f tn Then, earlier this week I noticed two spots on the white of my eye that were similar in color to the lump in my eyelid area. There are right by where I feel like something is in my eye. The color is gray-ish brown but it is hard to look into my own eyes. My husband and mother are sort of worried and I did make a call to the ophthalmologist but cannot get in until the 14th of April. My mom thinks this is too long to wait, I am not sure.
Avatar f tn She now has red sores at the corner of her eyes. And a lump above her eyelid. Although the vet thinks this might possibly be an immune response to the high dose of prednisone. He wants to see her in again, to check her lymphs and spleen.
Avatar n tn Throat discomfort, worse in the morning, possible post-nasal drip (doesn't feel like a normal sore throat attributed to a cold). (I haven't had any fever or any noticable swelling of glands in my neck.) I still have very heightened anxiety over this experience and I'm having trouble concentrating on anything else. Also, I have had un-protected sex with my long term partner since the incident and now I fear that I may have jeapodized their health.