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Avatar m tn I have a little lump on my upper left gum behind my molar but further back than I imagine my wisdom tooth would be. It is painless and I am unable to move it with my tongue but if if push it with my finger it moves slightly with a little click. I have made an appointment to see the dentist but was worried so thought I'd ask your advise. You can not see the lump just feel it.
Avatar n tn On the gum in between two of my teeth on my upper left middle set is a small (1 or 2 mm) painless white lump. To add to that the whole "piece" of gum that is between my two teeth looks and feels swollen. It almost looks as if i had had cut right where my gums go down between these two teeth teeth leaving this little patch of swollen gum. It doesn't bleed at all, even when vigourously brushing or flossing, nor does it hurt.
Avatar n tn my newborn baby has a semicircular lump over the upper border gum of lower incisor -left. It is semicircular , lateral extension is same as that of the gum of lower incisor -0.5 cm (this gum is little larger than others).color is same that of the is present since birth , does not interfere with feeding .. will this lump disappear on its own ? will this interfere with teething? what is this lump.
522336 tn?1215880809 Around April or May of last year I noticed a little bump just inside my nose. Since I've occasionally gotten small pimples just inside my nose I attempted to bust it. I actually got a little "white stuff", like one would get from a pimple, out of it but it was too painful to continue messing with. I left it alone after putting a cotton ball soaked with alcohol on it in the hopes that would dry it out and go away.
Avatar f tn have upper dentures. ulcer appeared on upper right gum above canine about 6 weeks ago. ulcer got worse & now theres an infected movable lump a little bigger then a pea inside the ulcer with discharge & pain.
Avatar f tn I have a hard painful lump on my upper, cheek side, gum. It is about 4 teeth wide and almost all the way up. It doesn't hurt all the time but mostly when I chew. It also has a littler color than the rest of my mouth. I have never really had any problems with my teeth before but once had a filling about 5 years ago. I'm not sure if it is something serious and worth consulting my dentist about.
Avatar n tn These can occur both on the upper or lower jaws. On the upper it is usually on the palate and is called a torus palatinus. On the lower they usually occur on the inside of the lower jaw and is called torus mandibularis. These are normal out growths of the bone. There is no treatment necessary for them.
Avatar n tn I had the tooth crowned about 6 months after the root canal, and in the process developed an infection that sits on my upper gum. My dentist put me through three rounds of antibiotics, popped the abcess three times now (after removing the crown, opening the nerve canal, popping it and injecting antibiotics into the area). This time, I'm on 250 mg x 2 of ciprofloxacin for 5 days (I was on clindamycin 150 mg x 3 previously all three times for 10 days with only mild results).
Avatar f tn A related discussion, painful lump on gum was started.
Avatar n tn My son is 7 years old. Since he was a baby there has been a large lump on his upper gum. At first, we thought it was a tooth growing in funny and then we thought it was a bone. As he grew older, the lump grew larger. Come to find out it is called an "odontoma". The dentist said that it is a mass of teeth,tissue,and bone fragments that have clustered together in his gum. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing and will they have to surgically remove it?
Avatar n tn Has severe ear infection, had a breathing treatment and possible cyst on gum.
Avatar f tn I have a lump on my upper gum for the last month. I had a crown removed three weeks ago. I've taken pencillian twice already. The pain and the lump is still there. When I press on it it hurts a lot. I cannot eat on that side. My Dentist took a couple of x-rays back then and gave me pencillian. Nothing has changed. Recently I notice a dark circle on the upper roof of that side. I touched it and it hurts. It has not grown in size..What to do next?
Avatar n tn I have noticed a small cluster of discolored white bumps (the size of small dots) on my upper gum above my canine or lateral incisor. It is generally painless and doesn't seem to grow in size since i've noticed it a couple months ago. Recently, i have been brushing over it. The white spots remain and nothing really happens to physical appearance of the spots when I brush over it. However, the brushing leads to a very odd sensation like a tingling and a slightly frigid feeling.
Avatar n tn my left side upper gum is sore.
Avatar f tn Sore suddenly appeared on cheek next to upper right wisdom tooth. No gum pain. Treat with ibu profin and mouth wash.
Avatar n tn My tooth is broken badly and I have no filling in my upper gum. I am agoraphobic and house bound in the UK.I now have a lump between bad tooth and gum which wont seem to budge! I am in no pain and all my swelling has gone down.What I would like to ask is if this could still be the abscess and the antibiotics are still working or could this be a gum boil? How long does antiobiotics take to leave my system when finishing them.
Avatar n tn i have a hard slightly painful lump in my upper gum under my cheek bone im not to sure how long its been there for but it is worrying me.
Avatar m tn I have a tiny pin size hole with white around it on my upper lip and it is painful when I touch it with my tongue or just my finger, I had to go to the dentist like three weeks ago and have my gums deep cleaned because I had a gum disease, thats about when it appeared along with two canker sores inside my mouth. The canker sore went away but this pinsize hole isn't. What is it? How would I get it to go away? Also I have been using numbing gel to lessen the pain.
Avatar f tn s bacterial? I have the same problem, although I only noticed the lump on my gum after having a root canal on tooth #14. The nerves had died though prior to the root canal. It's been two weeks since the root canal and I still have the lump and lingering numbness on the left side of my cheek and lips. After the first root canal procedure I took Cleocin for 5 days.
Avatar n tn I have had a lump on my lower jaw for about a year after some intensive dental work. What could the lump be? Also, I believe it is responsible for gum and tooth ache in that area.
Avatar f tn I have a bump/lump in my gums above the upper teeth, it is a little sore, what can I do
Avatar f tn I just noticed that I have a hard lump in my gum just above my upper right incisor. Is this something I should worry about? It doesn't hurt, but it is scaring me pretty good.
Avatar m tn I had a tooth extracted about 6 months ago, but a piece of the root was left in the gum. Recently I developed an abscess from the root and went back to my dentist. He gave me amoxicillin which I finished taking a few days ago, but the gum boil is still there. It's like a big lump on my gum. I've been referred to have the root fragment removed by a different dentist, but the appointment isn't for another 2 months. Should I worry that the gum boil is still there?